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hello! long time no speak! i’m back after an unintentional hiatus, mainly due to an overload of school work & a reluctance to address my upcoming gcses… but i have returned! hopefully more active than previously, and i have an exciting idea for my (small) milestone i am about to hit - stay tuned…

photos from my studygram - @supernovastudying


The thing is that my tablet (well, more like just the USB) broke a long time ago, and like you should know, wacom don’t sell usb (or at last not here in my country), so I had to search and try with a lot of usb and TODAY FINALLY ONE WORK OUT AND IM SO HAPPY LIKE GOSH THANK YOU JESUS 
I also was very busy (and stessed) because of my studies, this is my last year btw, so i have to work even hard, but i know i can manage it and make it work so, i a few words, I’LL START uPLOADING AGAIN
I was just goint to upload my draws again without saying nothing, but when I left I just have like 1k follower (follower who I appreciate and love ofc <3), but now I have MORE THAN 5K, HOW; WHEN, WHY (ALSO THANK YOU SO MUCH BECAUSE IT MEANS THE WORLD FOR ME BUT DUdE)
So, you all really deserve a explanation about what happend. 
Also, maybe a lot of people don’t know me yet so i’ll introduce myself as well.

My name is Coco (but you can call me senpai), I’m 16 years old tiny artist, hardcore shipper, silly, and soft stan. WELCOME TO MY TUMBLR, I hope you have fun and like my art (also please, if you gonna repost please ask first <3),
here you probably will fin a lot of silly comics, gay ships and pop colors, so you’re warned. 
Finally, thank you all for you support even when I was gone, I really really appreciate all you comments and ask (WHICH IM GONNA REPLY RN I SWEAR PLEASE SEND MORE I LOVE READ T¨HEM),
Since the bottom of my heart 
Thank you so much <3


iKON's group chat
  • Bobby: so guys how did you save my number in your contacts?
  • Hanbin: dumb #2
  • Jinwhan: Jiwoniee <333
  • Yunhyeong: 95line bro
  • Donghyuk: Bobby hyung that i love so much
  • Chanwoo: the enemy
  • Junhoe: who this??????????

This sucks.

This sucks.

I’ve been trying so hard to balance my studies and my writing. But it’s not working, and I need to be able to concentrate on my course over the next few weeks. There are several deadlines coming up, crucial ones, and I want to be able to enjoy holiday break without these assignments hanging over my head. Which means I have to finish at least 90% of them before I leave, and that’s going to be difficult as is without splitting my focus like I’ve been doing. And if I’m being honest, I’ve been giving most of my attention to the blog, because it’s fun and I love the community and I love writing, BTS and BigBang, and I feel happy and young when I’m here rather than beat-down and old and jaded like in the real world. But I have to be an adult about this for a few weeks. :(

I’m going to finish Yoongi’s a brush of silk. And then, after i post it, I’m going on a writing hiatus for three weeks. I’ll still be around responding to asks or reblogging every now and then, but I will not be posting fics or updates until I’m all squared away on my assignments. I hate to do this with just Jin’s fic left in the StS series, but I have to be firm about this. 

I’m going to keep writing. I’m going to work on updates and fics when I have the time, and I’m going to save them until I can come back free and happy in December. And then I’m going to make it rain on you. Updates, drabble request openings, and new series will open in December, like Santa dumped his mystic bag of presents all over this blog. When Jin’s fic finally drops, it will be worth the wait. I promise.

I’ll be back soon. :) I hope you can understand.


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Many people asked me when will I come back from war lololol
I’m so sorry I’m in hiatus for months ; v ; I want to draw kiribaku so baaad but unluckily I don’t have time orz

I finally achieved my dream and I’m studying a videogame designer degree at university. I couldn’t be happier! But those studies are really expensive —REALLY EXPENSIVE— so I have to work mid-time to be able to pay it (my parents help me though ;; I only pay the 50%, but it’s still a lot! I owe them so much… aff ; v ; ).

I’m working on the kiribaku dojinshi when I have some spare time, usually on weekends, but with all the university work, classes and my part-time job I don’t really have time to draw the ask-blog or other stuff.

But I’m REALLY HAPPY!! ⭐⭐⭐ I finally study a degree I love. ❤❤ This guy up here is part of a class project I’m working on. Now I have to do an animation of him for Thursday! AFFF /goes back to work.

I’ll come back for Christmas though~ 😣

Get Things Done Wallpaper

Hi guys! I’m back on my Tumblr after a long hiatus.. Anyway, I’m doing some spring cleaning of my physical room and my virtual room (aka desktop), created a custom wallpaper in the GETTING THINGS DONE style but I tweaked them a little. 

This wallpaper features:

  1. Inspiring quote from Stephen King
  2. Most Important Tasks under Inspiring Quote to stay focused
  3. Folders sorted according to context. 

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update: pseudo-hiatus

I have 5 final exams next week starting Monday (on my birthday, the world is cruel) so I’ll be studying like crazy this weekend and throughout next week. I have some random screenshots/edits that I’ll queue so my blog isn’t entirely silent, but I’m not going to be online as often ;____; 

(I’ll be online to announce the giveaway winners, though, so don’t worry about that). 

My quasi-hiatus will start today because I have a review session after class from 4pm to 7pm PST (lmaooo kill me). My last final is next Friday but I have a final project due the following Monday (3/27) so I wont be back in the swing of things until Tuesday (3/28).

As always, feel free to send in asks and messages but keep in mind they’ll take me a bit longer (than they already do omg) to answer.

I love you all <3


[ 4.9.16 ] HELLO EVERYONE IM STILL ALIVE!!! I’ve been busy studying and revising for exams so I haven’t been on as much so sorry for that!! I really liked this week’s spread so ta-dah here it is. this week consisted a lot of studying till 2am and getting up at 7am to study again ;-;;;;
GOOD NEWS IS I HAVE ONE WEEK OFF AFTER MY EXAMS for me to chill for a bit before hardcore studying for my IGs *sobs*

Hope September will be a great month for everyone!!


‘16 aug 9 6:55pm
1/100 days of productivity
long post //
I’M BACK FROM MY HIATUS YALL. (and restarting my productivity streak) so much has been going on and my summer was SERIOUSLY SO BUSY. a lot has changed– i moved in with my stepfamily ((from an only child to a stepsister of four)) and had to change high schools too. I’ll admit it. it’s tough as hell. I miss my friends and think about going back home everyday. on top of school stress i have to swallow all the bitterness and envy and pessimism. it’s harder than anything I’ve ever had to go through alone day to day, and I’d be IMMENSELY happier at my old school. but you know what? I’m still happy. I have hope, though alongside resent, hope.
I’m a week into my junior year and so far, at least it feels quite less stressful than my old (competitive af) school LOL. I know it’s just the calm before the storm, and hell is soon to break loose. in the meantime, I’m not being as productive as I’d love to be, but I’m confident I’ll get there.

Hello, ttoba here! 

I’ll be on a hiatus for a while because I really have to focus on getting my university applications ready and studying for my IB exams! 

I might post few arts when I’m free, but I can’t promise how often. I really hope I can come back with a good news to share with.

Thank you so much for the love and support you’ve given me. It means so much to me, really! I wish you all have a wonderful day/night! <3

graphic battle vs. pstl-pcy 

→ round one: exo-k bias