and back away slowly


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Do this and you will be honored among wizards. Forever.

Graves pulls Credence into a hug, which, with his hand on Credence’s neck, seems more controlling than affectionate. Credence, overwhelmed by the seeming affection, closes his eyes and relaxes slightly. Graves slowly backs away, stroking Credence’s neck. Credence keeps his eyes closed, longing for the human contact to continue.


From what you know about Negan, he never gets angry, the shit eating grin a part of his face like his eyebrows or something.
Until that day.
“Negan, stop.” You say, slightly in panic as Arat presses her knife against Rosita’s face. “Let me see her.”
Suspiciously he stares down at you before showing you the hole in Lucille.
“She’s angry..”
“Fuck yes, she is.” Negan snarls, sending another death glare towards Rosita.
You nod understanding and take a deep breath before wrapping your hand around the barbed wire until blood trickles down the bat. His eyes widen surprised as he watches your hand almost with fascination.
“She likes that, doesn’t she?”
You both breath heavily as you slowly pull the hand away, biting back a painful moan.
“Let’s get you a bandage for this.” He says and glances over your shoulder, the grin is back. “Rick, look who’s saving your friends asses.”
Frightened you turn to your friend and leader who seems shocked, tears floating in the blue eyes.
“You should feel fucking blessed to have her.” Negan continues and pats Rick on the shoulder. “Maybe I should take her with me after she treated my Lady with respect..”
Strange waters - chapter 2

That night as the rest of the crew slept Mako slipped away from his duties, he found an axe to hack away at the chains and locks keeping the mermaid sealed, it was a little dull but with Makos strength he was sure the chains wouldn’t withstand.

“Remember your end of the deal..” Mako says

“I promise..” He could hear excited splashing in the barrel. He doesn’t hesitate to lift the axe over his head and in one heavy swing it chops through the thick metal chain, breaking a link and causing the chains so clash to the ground noisily around the barrel.

Mako felt a bead of sweat run down his forehead, slight fear, some uncertainty.. this was a monster he’d released, who knew what it would do when out of its confines.

There was some high pitched giggling coming from the barrel, Mako backed away from the ominous noise as the lid slowly lifts off, the end of the monsters tail flops out having been cramped up against the lid.

Some water sloshed out of the barrel, fingers curled over the rim as it pull it’s self up.

It was the first time he’d gotten a decent look at the human proportions of the mermaid. It looked sick, eyes and cheeks sunken in, skin looking like it’s never been in sunlight. It had blond hair, with bald spots. He didn’t know how much was the mermaids natural traits, and what was caused by captivity and mistreatment.

The thing flopped onto the ground, it’s tail never seemed to end as it slowly pulled out of the barrel. It struggled to breath, ribs protruding, clearly malnourished. There was a gross looking gash through its bright orange tail where the harpoon had hit, white puss leaking from the wound, the surrounding scales looked dull. The wound was much smaller before, clearly it had spread

Mako moved closer to get a better look, which startled the creature, it looked straight at Mako, with wide eyes.

Before he knew what was happening the creature pulled itself up with its arms, using them to drag it’s body up the stairs, it was damn quick for something with no legs.

“Wait!” Mako grabbed at its tail to try and stop it from escaping, only to be thrown back into the barrels of pickles and eggs. He heard the monster hiss. As it disappeared to the top deck.

Mako jumped up and ran after it, but by the time he was on deck he saw the end of the orange fin falling over board, followed by a splash.

Makos nose was bloodied and broken, his eyes swollen near shut. The crew was unforgiving, knowing full well they’d never have that sort of luck again.

He wasn’t surprised that they planned to kill him, honestly he expected it the moment he realized the mermaid had lied to gain it’s freedom. He was foolish to trust it, he tried to look forward to his death, tried to see it as being free.. but he couldn’t see it that way, he couldn’t die at peace, not when Captian Staves was alive, not when all these bastards were alive, he wanted them to suffer and die at his hands, he wouldn’t know peace until that day

he heard the rattling of chains against his ankle, the other end attached to a canon ball. As soon as the canon was pushed over the edge he watched the loose links slowly being pulled down with it. He took one last breath of fresh air before being pulled violently into the water.

He disappeared under the waves, feeling the rush of water around him as he was pulled deeper. He struggled in his binds, watching as the water’s surface got further away. The pressure building on his skull was immense and only increased as he sunk lower into the darkness, it hurt. His lungs burned as he tried to breath, sucking in the salty water that surrounded him.

He could see a black shape circling in the distance, long and slim, as it dared to get closer it became clearer what it was. The orange tail from before, the mermaid that had betrayed him and left him to die.

He was unsure what would kill him first, the pressure building on his skull, the water in his lungs drowning him, or the monsters sharp teeth and appetite.

The mermaid swam under him, and suddenly he was no longer sinking, the pressure on his ankle stopped and he watched the broken chain fall out of existence to the bottom of the ocean without him.

The monster swam behind him and slashed his binds, freeing Makos arms who began to slowly swim to the top desperate for air. The mermaid circled him before Mako took hold of its shoulders, and he rocketed to the surface faster, dragged along with the fish.

As soon as they broke surface Mako coughed up water in his lungs, before breathing heavily, sucking in air with desperation.

He grabbed onto a peice of drift wood that was waiting for him on surface. His eyes were stinging from the salt, his chest burned and his head was spinning. He set his head flat on the surface of the plank until he could no longer feel the world spin.

“What happened to helping me?!” Mako spat into the water, the salt was coating his mouth and tounge, disgusting. “What happened to giving me a ship, the ocean?!”

The mermaid had a guilty smile across its face, he looked nervous but amused. “I lie.. but come back..”

Mako wasn’t surprised,he knew the stories, mermaids were tricksters, thives, assholes. “What if they had just shot me, then what?”

The fish sunk in the water a little more, it shrugged “I eat Mako”

Mako kicked in the fishes direction, causing it to be startled and dive under the water, leaving Mako to clear his head and come to terms with his near death experience.

The mermaid had disappeared, it wasn’t until a few hours later that Mako saw the top of its head peeking out of the water a generous distance away.

He was left with no paddle, subjected to the harsh elements. He figured the fish must have gotten he drift wood from a near by island, if only he knew the way, but every direction looked the exact same to him.

“Hey!!” He called loudly before a small salt enduced coughing fit. The Mers head dunked under water again, startled.

Mako punched the water, frustrated at the fish, but luckily it didn’t stay gone long. It peeked above water again, a bit closer

“Where did you get this?” He knocked on the board he was floating on.

The fish looked around before pointing it’s stump arm in the direction he’d gotten the plank

Mako used his hands to turn the plank the right direction, then began to kick, he slowly began moving the way he was told.

To his surprise the mermaid wasn’t making its retreat. It followed behind, a safe distance, quietly watching Mako “bad swimmer” the fish giggled, Mako rolled his eyes. “Shut up”

“So slow.. never get there..”

Mako ignored him, glaring ahead of himself, watching the big open ocean, this things voice was getting on his nerves.

After about an hour the mermaid must have gotten board as it swam off again. Returning a few hours later, putting little clams on the plank of wood infront of Mako. The man looked at the offerings, knocking them back into the water dismissively. The mermaid went under again.

It came back with a fist full of seaweed, putting that infront of Mako instead. Swimming backwards infront of him.

“This is your fault” Mako shoved the seaweed off into the water. This thing almost got him killed, it had gotten his face beat in, and standard in the middle of no where.

He could see a dark island shaped silhouette in the distance, hoping it wasn’t just the salt water he’d injested playing tricks on him. He hoped there was food on the island, sweet coconut water, bananas, actual food.

The island was decent in size, thick with trees and wild life. He recognized some of the foliage there, definitely fruitful. Mako abandoned the plank once he could touch ground and dragged himself out of the water into land, his shirt and pants were heavy and drenched, he was weak from the heat and exhausting swimming

Mako left the mermaid in the shallow waters, hearing it clicking in distress as Mako left the beach and went to cool off in the trees, feeling the effects of heat stroke from a day in the sun.

He couldn’t remember ever eating as good as he had this night, the island was untouched and the fruit was all big and ripe, he drank from coconuts and washed off the salt in a fresh spring that was in the middle of the island.

The waterfall served as a little watering hole where he watched a family of feral pigs drinking. They weren’t wary of Mako, they must not have many predators here, seeing how relaxed they seemed.

Mako whistled gently, crouching slowly towards the family. He held out a palm full of blue berries, feeling the mama pigs snout sniffing his fingers then taking the offering.

Mako smiled softly, some of the berries fell to the ground and the piggies sniffed around for them, Mako pat her back, her fur was rough to the touch but they all looked happy, it made him happy.

That night Mako slept in the fluffy grass, still feeling the illusion of waves he’d let rock himself to sleep for years.

He woke up late to the relaxing ambiance of the island birds chirping and bugs humming. It brought him back to his island, they were both very similar.

The thoughts caused an ache in his chest, missing his home, his people. Even if he could return his gramma, his mother and father would be gone by now, would his friends even recognize him? There would be a whole new generation, he wouldn’t belong anymore, that strong sense of community no longer included him.

Mako tried to sleep, tossing and turning until his rage caused his body to shake, his knuckles white, hands clenched into fists.

He used up all that negative energy by going for a long walk back down to the beach. He felt the sand between his toes, watching the waves gently caressing the shore.


He sighed, he just wanted to be left alone, was that too much to ask. He looked towards the tree line where he heard that irritating clicking sound. He saw shuffling in the bushes. The moon shone enough light to see the pathetic creature had gotten it’s already damaged fins stuck in some branches and twigs.

Mako was surprised to see a fish willingly out of water “What.. are you doing?”

Roadhog amused himself with the idea of leaveing it there to dry out, but ultimaty his hands got to work carefully pulling the delicate fins from the twigs, trying not to rip them more then they already were.

“You didn’t come back!” It said

“So you beached yourself? Stupid”

He put an arm under the mermaid, and threw it over his shoulder. It felt dry already “don’t you have other mermaids to annoy” Mako threw him into the water, managing to toss the fish pretty far out, but it still swam back, dragging itself into shallow water with its arm, still deep enough to have its tail covered.

“No! I not seen others, I kill if I see!“ The gills on its neck fanned out.

Mako were these creatures territorial? so much for those stories about a magical Kingdom under the sea. “You don’t need to hang out with other mermaids. But you can’t hang out with me. Find someone else to annoy” Mako walked away from the water line again.

He used what he could remember from his home to set up a small fire on the beach as the night got cooler. He watched the stars, finding he had gotten closer to his island then the last time he bothered to measure them.

There was an internal debate clouding his mind.. should he go back, would anyone be happy to see him or would he just be a outcast in an otherwise tight knit community?

He couldn’t help but notice the creepy little creature staring at him from the water, just the top of its head watching ominously, it probably didn’t know how weird it was being, clearly it didn’t have a good grip of social ques. Roadhog turned his back to the water, finally managing to get a little sleep.

Seokjin: aren’t you little too old to be dressing up as a pikachu and playing video games?
Jungkook: aren’t you a little to old to be alive?
Taehyung: yes is this 911? I have just witnessed a murder

Another thing that gives me heartburn when I think about it:

-Sherlock’s eyes going softly closed and all the tension draining out of his shoulders, leaning down into it, when John kisses him for the first time.

  • Random No-Maj: *stares*
  • Tina: Oh, hey! We're rehearsing a - a scene for the upcoming community play called, uh, Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me!
  • No-Maj: ...
  • Tina: It's a musical?
  • Newt: *Nods*
  • Tina: *starts singing* Put that thing back where it came from or so help me... *nudges Newt*
  • Newt: Oh, right!
  • Newt: Bom, bom, bom, bom!
  • Tina: So help me! So help me, And cut!
  • Tina: We're still working on it, it's a work in progress but, hey, we need ushers!
  • No-Maj: *slowly backs away*

a list of things that caused significant [internal screaming] about yoi EP 12

  • viktor fucking crying studio ghibli tears
  • remains salty A F while crying
  • celestino’s ~f a b u l o u s~ hair while training smol!JJ
  • YOI somehow managing to cram an introduction, fall and redemption for JJ in two episodes
  • all the skaters watching on livestream
  • phichit continuing to be the most pure and precious bean
  • hamster hats
  • victuuri shaking while hugging
  • yuuri’s free skate. the end. 
  • michele crispino’s teary eyes @ yuuri’s free skate (#same)
  • victuuri selfie > chris l ol 
  • chris’ little smile and sigh of acceptance at his result
  • otabek and yurio’s friendship/love/support language (headcanon: the first time one of them confesses, the other breaks out finger guns and backs away slowly whispering ‘davai’)
  • applause to otabek’s costume designer
  • viktor putting aside all that happened at the beach and both making himself vulnerable and humbling himself by hugging yurio
  • yurio being the one to see through viktor’s talk about a comeback and zeroing in on the main point, which is viktor’s desperation to prevent yuuri from retiring
  • and yurio understanding this and skating the skate of his life, wanting to keep yuuri skating just like viktor does
  • but also running on ANGER AND INSULTS
  • yuuri cheering yurio on from the stands
  • yurio’s tears ; ___ ;
  • viktor “no chill and also thirsty A F” nikiforov
  • yuuri has the lower back flexibility of one of these things (look how far back viktor made him bend damn son)
  • the hug that lasted longer than the cleaners
  • yuuri landing MORE QUAD FLIPS during stammi vicino, it wasn’t just the one-off!!!!
  • pink ears :3333333

listen, how often do you think magnus and alec sit together on the balcony, all cuddled up just listening to each other talk about their day and laughing together. how their hearts skip a beat when they see the other smile and they can’t help but lean in and softly kiss one another until they slowly pull away and go back to cuddling, feeling completely content and happy and loved

  • shiro back on earth and drinking a well deserved glass of wine: *sigh* finally
  • Keith, plucking the glass out of his hand: whoa whoa little man i know it's been a while but minors still can't drink
  • shiro staring at his empty hand: keith....if i don't have that drink back in my hand in the next ten seconds i swear i will steal your diary and a bullhorn and recite every corny poem you made about lance's 'azure eyes' in front of the garrison outside lance's dorm room
  • keith: don't know where my--
  • shiro: it's in a panel behind your bed
  • keith, putting the drink back and backing away slowly:
  • keith: geez someone forgot to take a nap today
  • shiro: *tosses the wine back in one gulp*
soft again

Sterekweek’s prompt for Day Six is “Wolf!Derek” and because that means soulmark AU with me (see of dogs and deer darcy and fully grown, which is at 25k currently, wooh!) I started writing just that. 1k later I had to admit that it just wasn’t working like I wanted it to, so instead have 600 words of complete and utter fluff! Enjoy! (Oh, and it’s also a fill for “being unable to open their eyes for a few moments afterward” for my kiss meme)

When Stiles comes home from college there’s a wolf in his bed.

Now, normal people would either scream and run away or bite their tongue and back away slowly.

Stiles throws his backpack into the corner, changes into sweats and an old, threadbare shirt with washed-out orange and blue stripes, and climbs into bed with the wolf.

He wraps his arms around the warm body and presses his face into the soft fur. He breathes in and out, and slowly relaxes, the last remaining tension from too many exams and papers draining out of him. He’s almost asleep when his living pillow shifts underneath him.

“Welcome back,” Derek says and Stiles grunts, bites Derek’s tattoo in retaliation.

“You are no longer soft,” he pouts and Derek laughs and turns so that they are face to face.

“That’s true, but if I was soft, I couldn’t do that,” he says and leans forward to kiss Stiles softly. Stiles kisses back for a moment and then breaks the kiss because:

“If I was soft, I couldn’t do that? Really Derek?”

Stiles snorts and Derek rolls his eyes, but he can’t hide his ears turning red and the flush spreading across his cheeks. He’s just so cute that Stiles has to kiss him again. This time the kiss lasts longer, Derek’s nose nudging against Stiles’ as he moves closer. Stiles tilts his head and slides his hand into Derek’s hair. The kiss stays chaste, lips closed and dry, but Stiles still has to keep his eyes closed for a few moments afterwards, just breathing, breathing Derek’s air and Derek breathing his.

“I missed you,” he whispers after a few more deep breaths, eyes still closed. Thus he doesn’t see, but rather feels Derek moving and is surprised when the next two kisses don’t land on his lips, but on each of his eyelids, followed by one pressed to the tip of his nose.

“You saw me last week,” Derek replies and Stiles can tell that he’s smiling even with his eyes closed. He stubbornly keeps them shut even now, happy in this little cocoon of him and Derek, not ready to face the outside world again yet.

“Last week was ages ago, Derek, are you telling me you didn’t miss me then?” he demands, lower lip slipping out in a - mostly fake - pout. Derek takes it for the invitation it is and tugs lightly at it with his teeth, then soothing the sting with his tongue. A nuzzle of nose against nose makes Stiles giggle, followed by a yawn.

“Nap time?” Derek asks, and Stiles nods, demanding:

“Soft again now, Derek!”

Derek laughs and then Stiles feels him shifting again, until he touches warm fur instead of warm skin. Derek moves around a little more until he’s comfortable and then nudges Stiles with his cold, wet snout. Stiles yelps and shoves him playfully.

“Bad wolf,” he scolds teasingly, and Derek nips at his fingers in retaliation.

“Nap now,” Stiles insists and Derek lowers his head obligingly, allowing Stiles to snuggle into him and hide his face in the soft and warm fur. Derek runs hot enough that Stiles doesn’t need a blanket, and he hasn’t ever needed his pillow as long as Derek was in bed with him.

“Love you,” he mumbles, sound almost entirely lost in Derek’s thick fur, but a soft rumble that he doesn’t really hear as much as feels it in the vibrations underneath him shows that Derek still heard him. After that it only takes a few more minutes before the only sounds that fill the room are the soft breaths of a boy and his wolf, asleep.

  • reaper: Now remember you must make sure no overwatch agent enters our super secret hideout. Got it?
  • widowmaker: Understood.
  • sombra: Pfft please reaper, widowmaker is like the sharpest soldier we have here she wouldn't let-
  • tracer: *smashes through window*
  • widowmaker: (◉_◉)
  • tracer: (⚆_⚆)
  • tracer: *slowly backs out the crashed window*
  • widowmaker: (◉_◉)
  • sombra:
  • reaper:
  • sombra: About that statement-
  • reaper: I got it.