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Hiyori is one of my favorite characters and I disagree when people say she’s useless or “doesn’t do anything”. Hiyori is a vital catalyst for both Yukine and Yatos development and survival. If Yato is forgotten, he vanishes and presumably, so does Yukine. He can only exist as strong as he does in the near shore because of Hiyori. Their attachment is so strong that she is the only follower he needs. Maybe those people haven’t made it up to date in the manga, but Hiyori has some serious balls. Yet she’s also kind, considerate, tough, and loving. She always thinks of her boys. She’s also incredibly perceptive to them. She knows that Yato needs reassurance that she won’t forget him when he starts avoiding her and that Yukine needs support as early as his first few days as a shinki. And “doesn’t do anything”? What’s she gonna do against gods? Despite the fact that her life is over if her cord is cut in battle, She at least tries to back them up and fight. And support is hiyoris main task. She’s supportive when her boys are falling, and she’s also there to light a fire under their asses when they need it. She’s my baby. Fight me


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Habs Squad
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The baes
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Perfect people
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