and baby peggy was adorable too

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STEVE HOLDING HIS NEW BORN BABY FOR THE FIRST TIME AND CRYING. Steve as a stay-at-home dad, Steve sending 24 pictures per day of his baby on the avengers groupchat, and when he tones it down a bit bc he knows that's kinda obnoxious Tony is like WHATS THE BABY DOING and Natasha is like WHERE ARE MY PICTURES and sam is like HAVE YOU LOST YOUR BABY ALREADY

Peggy’s back at work in like five days. When she comes home from her first day back, she tells Steve that they’d cocked it up so badly while she was gone that SHIELD is now a defunct organization and they’re going to have to start all over.

So while she’s working on that, he takes care of their new baby girl, Gloria. The first few days, he has a terrible time; he cries every time she cries, stands at her crib and watches her sleep for hours at a time, wrangles with his first diaper because he’s afraid if he pulls too hard he’ll hurt her.

She’s so tiny he can hold her in one hand. Most of her body fits on his palm, her head supported by his fingers. It’s kind of hilarious and really, really adorable, so he pulls out his cell phone and snaps several pictures. Reveling in technology, he sends it to everyone, except Peggy, because she’s busy and he can show her later.

After that it becomes a thing; nearly every hour he finds some new pose to send out, or accidentally snaps a shot of Gloria giving the camera the finger, or every time she opens her eyes and he gets to see that beautiful dark brown, just like her mother’s.

In a week, he’s sent almost four hundred pictures, and accrued several hundred more that he hasn’t sent out. JARVIS informs him that his phone won’t be able to store many more. And he realizes that his friends haven’t replied in a day or so.

He can’t bring himself to delete any of the pictures he’s taken, so he transfers them to his computer. He stops sending his friends everything, too.

Half an hour later his phone blings at him several times in a row.

Tony: whats sausage creature doing

Natasha: Everything okay? Haven’t gotten a picture in a bit.

Sam: dude what did you do, leave her on a park bench? pictures???

Clint: I need a new picture for my background

Bruce: HULK WANT PICTURES (Steve’s pretty sure Hulk didn’t send this, he hopes, Bruce has been getting better about joking really this is a joke right?)

Jane: Thor’s getting sad over here. Send help? Or pictures?


Tony: srsly sausage creature???/?? snapchat me smth is she napping is she pooping is she eating come on

He’s mid-reply when someone knocks on the apartment door. It’s Bucky, holding a really big knife, holy crap, and looking frantic. “What happened?” he asks, barging past Steve. “Where’s Gloria?”

“She’s fine,” Steve says. “She’s napping. In her room. Which is a knife-free zone.”

Bucky turns to him and glares, putting the knife—machete?—on the counter. “Where are my pictures?”

“Well—I stopped sending them. I thought you guys might be getting sick of them.” He follows as Bucky turns and walks away, heading to the baby’s room. “I didn’t even think you knew how to look at messages." His phone is going off again.

Natasha: Steve? Starting to freak me out here?

He types out a quick reply and sends it, including one of his more recent pictures, to placate her, because if he doesn’t she might just rappel down into Gloria’s bedroom and he just doesn’t need that kind of paperwork.

Bucky is standing over Gloria’s crib, looking intently into it. Steve comes to stand next to him, and for a few seconds they both just look at the sleeping baby.

Finally, Bucky reaches down with his metal arm and traces one of her very blond eyebrows as softly as he can. “I can see them. I just haven’t figured out how to reply,” he mutters. “Don’t stop sending them. I like them.”

"Of course you do,” Steve agrees. “You’re her godfather. It’s a requirement.”


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Modern AU: imagine Steve being embarrassed by Bucky showing Peggy pictures from when Steve was little

Steve had always hoped that Bucky and Peggy would get along, and they did. They got along like a house on fire. Of course, as much as he loved them both, he probably should have known better than to leave them alone.

“That’s adorable,” Peggy says, sounding entirely too delighted.

Bucky is, of course, going a mile a minute now that Peggy isn’t a stranger. “Right? He was the cutest little thing. Of course you can’t tell him that because he just gets mad. ‘I ain’t cute,’ he says, but he totally was. Is. I knew I was right.”

Steve stalks into the living room, feeling warm all the way to the tips of his ears, but he needs to nip this in the bud. They both react in unison, Bucky trying to shove the baby album under the hem of his shirt and Peggy shoving several loose photos into her bra. They look ridiculous.

“Jesus,” Steve says, embarrassment quickly exchanged for the chance to make fun of his best friend and girlfriend. “You two are the worst. Why do I like either of you?”

Bucky pouts. Peggy not-pouts. (“I don’t pout, Steve, don’t be silly.”)

Steve turns on his heel and goes back to making lunch. “You know what? Forget it.”

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More FitzSimmons family headcanons please!!!

  • I’m pretty sure it is 100% canon that Fitz calls their little babies his monkeys. And Jemma is like um no. But she can’t stop it. His will is too strong. And those curious george onesies really are adorable. 
  • Fitz tries to convince Jemma to name their son Henry. And she is like “After your giant stuffed animal um no.”
  • Everyone in the family, including mommy and daddy, have legally have the last name ‘Fitzsimmons’. 
  • They have a daughter named Margaret “Peggy” Fitzsimmons. 
  • There is a team wide competition in which everyone is trying to get Peggy interested in their field of expertise. Fitz is like um sure guys, she’s going to be an engineer sooo. And Jemma is like excuse you she clearly loves biochemistry, look at her face whenever we play with her baby lab kit. The competition gets cutthroat. May is trying to teach her toddler martial arts, Skye has her computer out nonstop. Coulson shows her pictures of Steve Rogers and tells everyone he is going to win (she IS named Peggy, soooooooo). 
  • No one is prepared when it turns out she LOVES ballet. Both Fitz and Simmons are like who was it? Bobbi? Hunter???
  • (As it turns out Natasha Romanoff helped May babysit once…..)
  • You better bet that any and all Fitzsimmons offspring are absolutely brilliant (and they know it).
  • The tiny little Fitzsimmons babies have so many uncles and aunts it is ridiculous. When they are babies they are just constantly in someone’s arms. Just so much love.