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I’m all for characters at their worst, but can we talk about Character A walking in on Character B wearing their sweater, eyes glassy and nose red

Prompt by @itisasign (the last thing I reblogged)
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Shiro hasn’t heard from Lance the entire day. He felt bad leaving Lance home alone when he wasn’t feeling well, but Lance had insisted he was fine. ‘Just a small head cold.’ Was what he said.
Lance normally had Monday’s off from his retail job anyway, so it wasn’t like he had to call out. But still…
Shiro worried about everything.

On his way home, Shiro tried to call. He wasn’t all that surprised when he didn’t get an answer, but that still didn’t make him any less worried. Shiro doesn’t bother with knocking, simply pulls his keys out and unlocks the door.

“Lance?” Shiro calles as he walked into the living room. When he doesn’t get a response after a few moments, he heads towards their shared room and calls out once more “Lance? Are you in there?”

Shiro doesn’t want to knock and risk waking Lance, so Shiro cracks the door open slowly . NOW Shiro is surprised. Because in all his beauty stood Lance in nothing but one of Shiro’s sweaters.
And yeah Lance looks like he’s gotten much worse since this morning, his face is much more pale, his nose is red and irritated, and his gorgeous blues are dull and glassy. But that doesn’t mean he’s any less beautiful in Shiro’s eyes.

Lance is at the dresser, looking for an article of clothing but couldn’t seem to have enough energy to do much than push some shirts around. The boy hadn’t even noticed that Shiro walked in.

“Lance?” Shiro says somewhat louder than before . Lance’s head pops up at the sudden noise and starts coughing. Welp. That’s not what Shiro wanted to happen at all. Shiro goes over and rubs small circles into the others back as the fit racks through him.

“I didn’t realize you got back” Lance says, once he finally calmed down and could breath properly.
“I tried to call but you hadn’t answered,” Shiro says “but I went and got you some soup and medicine anyway.”

Lance couldn’t help but smile a little. “Thanks” he mumbles as he leaned more into Shiro’s warm body. Shiro’s eyebrows furrow with concern at the heat radiating from the other. When he places the back of his hand on the others cheek, he can’t help but wince at what he feels.

“Let’s get you back to bed now love,” Shiro says. “I’ll get you something to eat in a little. You should drink something too, I can already guess you didn’t drink anything while I was gone.”

“Okay, okay mom.” Lance says with an air of a laugh but then coughs.