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Andreil Quits Smoking

so i somehow messed up answering your ask directly, but this was requested by @vexingcosmos! i’m sorry it took me forever, but i actually did some research because i know NOTHING about smoking. also, this got long. like…really long. 

  • it began as most things do, where the Foxes are concerned: with a bet
  • it’s a Friday night and the Monsters have come to Columbia, and for once, the upperclassmen were allowed to come along
  • Matt’s birthday was on Wednesday, and he just wants to hang out with his best friend and favorite human Neil okay let him live
  • so Neil *asked* Andrew and well…we all know how that goes
  • the whole gang is having a grand ol’ time
    • Aaron, Nicky, Allison, and Dan have been on the dance floor practically since the second they walked into Eden’s
    • Allison dragged a reluctant Renee out to join them within the first hour, and this girl can DANCE don’t fight me on this 
    • Kevin has been drunk since before they even left Sweetie’s (snuck in a flask, the little troublemaker)
    • he’s so far gone that he couldn’t even tell you who the first striker in Exy history to reach 1,000 goals was. he may or may not be aware that he is swaying.
    • Matt has been hanging out at the table with Neil and a rather annoyed Andrew
  • Matt has convinced Neil to take way too many shots for his tiny body to handle, but Andrew is there, so he’s trying not to worry about it 
  • sometime around the seventh shot, the rest of the gang makes their way over to the table
  • Andrew’s hand is on Neil’s thigh, and his pointer finger has been tapping incessantly for the past twenty minutes
    • and Neil can only take so much, even from Andrew
    • he stares at Andrew as subtly as he can (i.e. not very) in an effort to catch his attention
  • Andrew eventually drags his gaze over to Neil and lazily cocks his head to the side, as if to say what could you possibly want at this moment in time, Neil
    • Neil looks pointedly to Andrew’s hand and then jerks his head towards the exit
  • Neil is, of course, very unsubtle with all of this
    • Kevin turns to stare at them and says, in a barely intelligible voice, “if you’re gonna hook up, you could at least wait until we’re back at the house and i’m passed tf out”
    • Nicky laughs and says, “aww Kev c’mon, let the munchkins have playtime whenever they want”
  • Andrew is about to turn his whiskey glass into a weapon for the munchkin comment when Aaron suddenly pipes in
    • “nah, Andrew needs to take care of his other habit”
    • it is now very quiet in their group of normally very loud people
  • everyone looks to Aaron for him to clue them in on what he means
    • everyone except Renee, who has silently moved closer to Andrew just in case he really does decide to use that whiskey glass
  • Aaron continues: “you know what smoking does to your body over time, right? i assume i don’t need to go all Bill Nye on your ass and draw you a picture”
    • Aaron becomes Dr. Minyard when he is very drunk. trust me.
    • Andrew doesn’t say anything, just stares at Aaron. is he even blinking? probably not
  • “who am i kidding. you don’t care. you’ll just let this ruin you. i bet you couldn’t quit even if you tried” 
  • that gets everyone’s attention
    • Nicky: “did he just say the B word”
    • Allison: “looks like it’s that time again where i get even richer”
    • Matt, softly: “oh shit”
  • Neil is about to jump in and open up a can of whoop ass on Aaron when Andrew’s steady voice comes from beside him
  • “fine”
  • everyone, collectively: “WHAT”
  • Andrew rolls his eyes. “fine. i bet that i can quit completely within a week”
    • complete silence. everyone just stares. shock. disbelief. 
  • Andrew gets up and starts heading towards the exit, dragging Neil along with him 


  • Neil decides to join Andrew in Operation Quit Smoking
  • but two days into it, they’re both at their wits end
  • they definitely aren’t about try anything medication-related, for obvious reasons
  • after doing a bit of research related to natural methods like adding more of certain vitamins into your diet, Neil confronts Andrew
    • “you know we have to. we don’t have another choice”
    • “fuck you, i’m not doing that”
    • “Andrew. it’s our last option.”
    • [after a long, defeated sigh] “fine. but you have to ask him”
  • so Neil does the one thing he wished he’d never have to do with anything that isn’t Exy
  • he asks Kevin to help
  • when they wake up the next day, Kevin has printed out color-coded meal plans for both Andrew and Neil
    • Andrew Minyard does not cry. But let me tell you. Looking at that list of food options…it was an extremely close call.
    • on every single day, the breakfast item was a green smoothie
    • Andrew thought he’d rather just pay the entire $500 betting pool off himself
  • but Neil. precious, precious Neil. tells Andrew that they can definitely do it, and wouldn’t it be great to prove Aaron wrong and make him lose money that he probably would have spent on Katelyn?
  • so they pull themselves up by their metaphorical bootstraps and follow all of Kevin’s rules. every. single. one. 
  • halfway to their deadline, Andrew finally wants to kill everyone slightly less than he did yesterday. he marks this as massive progress. 
  • Neil didn’t really smoke in the first place, but he’s still having trouble finding something to replace that feeling he gets from the smell
    • he’ll be okay without it, he thinks. he has Andrew to keep him steady, to ground him when he feels like he could float away from reality for good
  • by the following Friday, the Foxes have gathered in the girls’ room to hear the final word and settle their bets
  • Kevin has become the official referee of this particular bet
  • everyone waits in suspense, heartbeats flying at the thought of all the cash they are either about to lose or gain
  • Kevin takes his role seriously, as he does everything else
  • “i declare that, as of this day at 4:27 pm, Andrew and Neil have gone three consecutive days without one cigarette. i predict that they will be able to continue resisting, if they keep following my suggested guidelines”
    • the last bit is said with a hard look at Neil and Andrew. of course.
    • Allison, Matt, and Dan don’t try to hide the smug looks on their faces as Aaron and Nicky hand over entirely too much for a bunch of college students to bet with
    • Renee chose not to participate, but her new bruises say that she’s been helping Andrew cope all week
    • Aaron grudgingly looks back to Andrew, holding out his hand with his share of the winnings
    • Andrew just stares at him. blinks. turns around and walks out the door. 
  • Neil edges out of the room to follow him up to the roof while everyone is arguing over who gets Andrew’s share, since he’s obviously not taking it
  • Neil reaches Andrew and sits beside him with their shoulders touching
  • they’re looking out over campus when Neil turns to Andrew
  • “i’m proud of you”
  • Neil gets a disgusted scoff and a hand pushing his face away in return
  • “you’re still a junkie”
Exchange Romance - Part 3

Part 1 - 

Part 2 -

A/N - Me again. Sorry for the two week break but I went on holiday with my host fam so not really that sorry. I am sorry however for giving you ugly links again though because I haven’t had time to figure out how to make them pretty. This is un-edited but I’ll edit it in the morning. Shout out to the lovely @marieherondalebookfangirl because she is the absolute cutest. On a more content related note, I did some research and couldn’t find out when Betty’s birthday was so it’s now November 16th in this universe. If her actual birthday has been said somewhere and I missed it, sorry!

Summary: How will Betty’s birthday go down?

Word Count: 4,631

A ringing noise filled Betty’s room early, really early. She reached over and grabbed her phone. The bright momentarily blinding her as she fumbled around trying to lower the brightness and answer the call at the same time.

“Elizabeth, happy birthday!” Alice’s chirpy voice seemed about fifty times too loud for Betty’s ears at this time in the morning.

“Thanks Mum. You know it’s 5:30 in the morning here, right?” Betty croaked in the direction of the phone, her eyes still not functioning properly.

“Oh no, have I screwed up the time difference again? I was wondering why you were looking like that. Should I call back later?”

“No, no it’s fine Mum. I’m already awake so we might as well talk now,” Betty replied, ignoring her mother’s dig at her appearance while she tried to sit up. She rubbed her eyes to try and get rid of the sleep stuck in them.

“So, Elizabeth, any big plans for today?” A smile crossed the sleepy blonde’s face as she thought about today. It was finally her birthday, her favourite day of the year. Jug was coming over later to hang out and then they were going to catch up with Ronnie and Archie to watch movies and eat takeaways. It wasn’t anything major but she couldn’t wait.

“Nothing special. V and I are gonna have some friends over for movie and takeout tonight but I’m not getting up to much during the day.” Although Betty had never been the best at lying to her mother, it was a whole lot easier when she was thousand of miles away.
“That sounds … nice. Have you been using that face cream I sent over? You’re skin is looking a bit irritated, you need to drink more water.” Alice pointed out. The screen froze momentarily, giving Betty enough time to roll her eyes without her mother noticing.

“Of course Mum. I’ll grab some water when I get out of bed. 5:30 in the morning remember?” Betty retaliated, hoping that it wasn’t too obvious how irritated she was at her mother for already putting her in a bad mood. Typical Alice Cooper.

“Well everything is going well here thanks for asking Elizabeth. Polly is coming home in a couple of weeks but she’s already on holiday. Honestly, I swear they are always on holiday at that university of hers. This is why you’re over there Elizabeth, remember that. I want something better for you than what Polly has.” Betty felt  homesick at the mention of her beloved sister. The emotion quickly passed as it was replaced by disgust at her mother’s opinion of Polly’s education.

“I know Mum, I’m sure you won’t let me forget it.”

Alice continued to fill her youngest daughter in on various things happening in back in Wellington but Betty stopped listening after a while, having perfected the art of nodding and mumbling generic response at a very young age. A while later she broke out of her daze and interrupted her mother while she was complaining about a neighbour who had supposedly stolen one of their recycling bin.

“Sorry Mum but I need to go. Kevin was planning on calling me in ten minutes so I should probably get up and out of my pyjamas.”

“Of course Elizabeth. Happy birthday again. Don’t forget to drink some water before your friends call. I love you, have a great day.”
“Thanks Mum, I will. Love you too,” Betty said before quickly hanging up.


Betty’s phone rang again at exactly 6:30. She hurried over to where she’d left it on her dresser and answered it quickly.

“Happy birthday Betts!” Her friend’s voice greeted Betty as her face broke into a huge smile at the sight of her best friend.

“Aww thanks Kev, you’re the best.”

“Betts, Imiss you so much, you have no idea,” he exclaimed, the corner of his lips turning down in a fake pout.

“Trust me I know,” Betty replied as she sat down on her bed. “I did talk to you guys two days ago though.”

“Yeah we know but it’s not the same,” whined Kevin. “Anyway, on a lighter note, how are you going to celebrate the big one seven?”

“Umm, well I’m spending the day with Jughead and then we’re gonna watch movies with Ronnie and Arch tonight.”

“Oooh, Betty. And what exactly are you planning on doing with a whole day alone with your handsome prince, hmm?” Kevin waggled his eyebrows in question, reminding Betty of a cartoon character as she burst out laughing.

“Probably nothing even close to what you’re thinking in that screwed up little heads of yours Kev.”

“I’m hurt.” Kevin held a hand up to his chest in mock offense.” “But seriously, what are you doing.”

“I don’t actually know,” Betty confessed. “Jughead said he was planning something but he hasn’t let anything slip.”

“How intriguing. Be sure to fill me in on everything, and I mean everything.”

“I always do Kev.” Betty joked. The topic then turned to more trivial things as Kevin filled in his best friend on the various gossip that was currently circulating. The conversation kept flowing and Betty started to feel like she was back at home, sitting in her pink room on the phone to Kevin as he talked her ear off. It was a strange feeling, to be going through such a familiar routine but feeling so detached from it. Kevin eventually had to leave but Betty sat there for a long time. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she stared out the window.. All she really wanted in that moment was to be able to talk to Kevin for just a little while longer. To slip back into that bubble of familiarity instead of sitting here in isolation. To go home.


Jughead strolled into the Lodge’s apartment at nine o’clock with a bunch of flowers in one hand and a small present in the other. He walked straight to Betty’s room and knocked softly on the door.

“Come in,” Betty’s voice sounded small and broken, forcing Jughead to open the door faster than he thought was humanly possible.

“Betty,” Jughead’s heart broke at the sight of her. She looked so small. Her hands quickly came up to her face to wipe away the tears but they just kept coming. He placed the flowers and the gift on top of her dresser before sitting down next to the broken blonde and hugging her tightly. He placed a soft kiss on the top of her head as she collapsed into him. “What’s wrong Betts?” Betty could hear the worry clearly in his voice as she pulled away from the hug, trying again to dry her teary eyes.

“It’s nothing, it’s stupid. Don’t worry about it Jug. I’m fine,” she replied with a fake smile. Jughead looked at her cautiously before resting his hand on one of her legs, his thumb moving in soft circles.

“Betts, come on, I know you. You don’t cry over nothing. What’s going on?” He asked again. She looked down at his thumb as the smile fell from her lips.

“I just … I’m just kinda homesick. I talked to Kevin this morning and just had this unexplainable urge to go back home,” Jughead’s hand moved from her leg to her check, brushing away the tears that had started to fall again. “It’s not that I don’t love it here, I mean it’s honestly a dream come true. In fact, I feel like this is a dream, like I’m not really living, you know? I feel like I’ve just hit pause on my life but no one else has. Everyone else is still carrying on with their everyday routine but I’m here on the other side of the world and no one cares. Everyone back home just assumes that I’m having the time of my life and everything is so easy and I’m living the ‘American dream’ or whatever. Everyone here just treats me like the new kid and makes fun of my accent. I just want things to be normal.” Her tears had dried up now as anger replaced her loneliness.

“Betty, it’s absolutely fine to be homesick. You’re allowed to break down sometimes. You’re allowed to cry and be angry and scream and kick stuff. You don’t need to be strong all the time. I don’t know how to help you with all of that stuff but I will personally beat up whoever makes you feel like you’re unwanted ok? Nobody should ever have to feel that way, especially not you.” Jughead pulled her into his arms again and this time she didn’t pull away. They stayed that way for a long time; Betty curled up around Jughead as he stroked her hair and whispered sweet nothings into her ear. A while later she sat up and looked out the window.

“It’s snowing,” she said quietly, her voice still hoarse from crying. She walked over to the window and Jughead couldn’t help but think how pure and innocent she looked. Her eyes were wide with wonder and she looked out at the white blanket falling over the town. Jughead got up slowly and stood next to her.

“Happy birthday Betts.”


Betty had become too entranced by the snow to register that she hadn’t yet eaten. He offered to grab some breakfast and she nodded absent mindedly, not fully registering the question and the white flakes drifted past the glass. He chuckled under his breath before exiting the room in search of food. Veronica was in the kitchen making coffee when he arrived. Jughead was planning on making some toast or finding some cereal but there was already a tray full of pastries on the bench. He searched the cupboards for a clean plate before loading it up with pastries and fruit.

“Hey Jug, is B ok? I thought I heard her crying this morning but I didn’t really want to intrude.” Ronnie asked before taking a sip of her coffee.

“Yeah she’s ok. Just a bit homesick. It’s kind of hard for her, being away from her family and friends on her birthday.” Jughead replied while filling up two glasses with orange juice.

“That sucks. I know how much she was looking forward to her birthday but I didn’t even think about that. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.” Jughead smiled up at he in response before continuing to empty the kitchen of various breakfast foods.

“Actually,” he said, stopping what he was doing and turning around to face the dark haired girl. “I do have an idea but it might be kind of hard.”

“Anything for B. Just name it and I’ll sort it out.”

“Ok, so…”


After their huge breakfast, Betty and Jughead put on their winter coats and stepped out into the snow. Jughead couldn’t stop smiling at his girlfriend. She was running and spinning and jumping around the streets as they walked. Despite his hatred of cellphones and what they did to society, Jughead couldn’t help himself when he pulled his out of his pocket and took some photos of the carefree blonde.

“You would think you’ve never seen snow, Betts,” Jughead quipped. He shoved his phone back into his pocket before she turned around.

“Well, I haven’t really. I mean, I’ve seen snow but I’ve never actually been outside while it’s snowing. Wellington gets cold but it’s right next to the sea so no snow for us.” Although her tone was slightly sad, Betty was beaming at the magical scene surrounding her.

“I guess I never really thought about that. Do you want to stay outside or should we find something to do indoors?” he asked her as her wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pulling her tight.

“Outside, definitely.”

“Ok. I know somewhere we can go.” With that, she was off. She ran down the street, leaving Jughead far behind. Her laughter bounced around the deserted street and Jughead started to wonder if maybe snow was a bit magical. It had to be to turn the crying, broken girl he saw this morning into this playful, carefree Betty he was now chasing through Riverdale. She kept running and laughing and he kept chasing after her, street after street. Betty disappeared around another corner and Jughead followed not long after, his heavy breaths visible in the frozen weather. Once he turned the corner he stopped; Betty had disappeared. He looked around the empty street for the giggly blonde. He couldn’t see her anywhere and was just about to call her name when he felt something cold and wet on the back of his jacket. Sure enough, Betty was standing at the other end of the street, snowballs in hand.

“Watch out Betts. Remember you’re the one who hasn’t been in proper snow before!” He called out to her playfully as he crouched down to make his own snowballs. He managed to roll up two before he felt another one of Betty’s hit him, this time on the back of his head. He stood up to retaliate, only to find the street empty again. “Hey Betts! I got a present for you!” He yelled out while walking towards where he’s last seen her. He heard a faint giggle from behind a large letter box and slowly walked around it before throwing both of his snowballs at her, hitting her shoulder both times.

“Juggie!” She squealed before hitting her with her last ball. They both crouched down to make more, smiles wide on their faces and the sound of their laughter echoed off the houses. Several minutes later they were both soaked. Jughead had one snowball left and Betty tried to run away, only to be stopped by his arms wrapping around her waist and picking her up. Jughead put the snowball down her jacket and she squirmed and giggled as the snow melted down her back.

“I warned you Betty Cooper.” Jughead set her down on the ground in front of him and brushed a strand of hair back behind her air.

“That you did Jughead Jones.” Betty wrapped her arms around his neck and looked up at him for a second before pressing her lips to his. The kiss was slow but heated, soft, but passionate, all at the same time. He wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up, spinning her around as she giggled against his mouth. Jughead put her down gently and pulled his lips away slowly. His eyes stayed closed as he leant his forehead against hers, trying to remember every second of this perfect moment. He opened his eyes slowly to see her looking up at him expectantly.

“Happy Birthday Betts.”


Eventually the smiling duo ended up at Sweetwater River. They held hands as the strolled along the snowy banks of the water before finally stopping at a large rock. Jughead sat down on the edge, Betty sitting right next to him and leaning her head onto his shoulder.

“Is this where you wanted to take me?’ Betty asks without turning her head. Her voice is soft so as not to disturb their peaceful surroundings.

“Yeah. This is kind of my spot,” Jughead replied. He reached over and put an arm around her shoulder before leaning his head on top of hers.

“It’s beautiful here, even with the snow. I don’t know why I haven’t come here before,” she wondered aloud. Jughead chuckled before replying.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Ron isn’t really a big fan of nature.” Betty chuckled as well at the thought of Ronnie coming into the forest.

“Definitely. I can’t really see her in anything less than three inch heels, let alone sneakers. Plus there are way too many creepy crawlies for her liking.” They fell into a comfortable silence, watching the snow slowly dissolve in the half frozen river and listening to one another breathing. There weren’t any birds around but Betty could imagine the music they would make in warmer weather. Despite them both being soaked from head to toe after their snowball fight, neither of the felt the cold when they were wrapped up in each other’s arms. Betty was so caught up in the their surroundings that she didn’t notice Jughead slide his phone out of his pocket and take another photo of her.

“Before I lived with Archie I used to come here a lot.” He barely broke their silence. His voice was so soft that Betty thought she’d imagined it. She shifted slightly to look up at his face once he moved his head off of her’s. “Once my mum left with my sister, my dad used to come home drunk more and more often so I’d come and sit on this rock. I don’t know why it was here but it made me feel safe. Archie and I used to come here every day during the summer when we were kids to go swimming or fishing and I guess it just reminded me of when things were simple. When my family all lived under the same roof. When I didn’t have to worry about my dad’s drinking. When I was happy. I used to sit here and write. I wasn’t much good but it kept me distracted. Being able to come here and sit in the quiet was so … it was what kept me going. Once I moved in with Archie I kind of stopped coming. I still write but it’s not the same. I used to make up stories about princes and dragons and far away kingdoms.” He chuckles and a small smile plays on his lips as he remembers his own innocence. He’s still looking straight ahead, his gaze locked on the moving water of the river before them. “Now it’s darker, more realistic. I feel like my writing kind of shows how I’ve changed, you know? How I used to be this little kid with dreams and fantasies but now I’m this screwed up teenager with such a pessimistic outlook on life that I can’t even let myself be happy because I feel like it’ll just be taken away from me.” Betty reached up and held his face between her hands, forcing him to look at her.

“You deserve to be happy Jug. You deserve it more than anyone else that I’ve ever known. You’re kind and smart and so much more. No one should have to go through what you’ve been through but you did, and that sucks. Look at you now. You’re not this scared little kid running away from your problems anymore. You’re so much more than that. I’m so grateful that you have come into my life and allowed me to see this side of you. The soft side of you that you choose to hide from the world. I know that you’ve been hurt by people you love Juggie but that doesn’t mean that everyone you love will hurt you. That just means that those people who hurt you are idiots because they didn’t realise what an incredible person you are.” His expression softened as he looked into her eyes and saw her determination, her pain, and this light that was purely Betty.

He kissed her, hard. So hard that she fell onto her back on the rock, his body following her’s. The kiss only lasted a few seconds but Betty swore she saw fireworks. Jughead pulled back first but kept his body hovering just above her.

“Thank you Betts, for everything.” She placed a quick kiss on his lips before pushing him off her and sitting up.

“How about you shout milkshakes at Pop’s. It is my birthday after all.” Her green eyes now sparkled playfully, any hint of pain that she felt after their previous conversation had disappeared without a trace.

“Anything for you Betts.” He helped her up and the kept her hand held in his until they saw the familiar red glow of Pops through the blanket snow.


They got back to the Lodge apartment at about 7pm, takeout from Pop’s was still warm in their frozen hands.They’d spent many hours sitting in their regular booth, laughing over milkshakes as their clothes dripped onto the red vinyl. The walk home had been quick, their clothes will still damp and the wind had picked up, chilling them to the bone. They tumbled through the door, a mess of laughter and melted snow.

“Happy birthday!” Archie and Ronnie sang out from the living room. Ronnie hurried up the couch and hugged Betty tightly, catching the blonde by surprise. Archie followed in a less urgent manner and gave Betts and awkward half nod instead of a hug. Betty returned it with a chuckle.

“Thanks guys. We brought Pop’s for dinner.” Jughead held up the bag before walking over to the living room to set it up. “I’m just gonna go and put on some dry clothes, be back in a minute,” Betty said over her shoulder as she walked out of the room. She returned minutes later in sweats and a t-shirt. “Ok, I’m all good. You guys ready t-”

“Surprise!” Her three friends yelled from their spot by the coffee table. They stepped aside to let Betty look at what was on the table. She gasped and her hands flew up to her face.

“Oh my god! Guys, this is so cool! Oh, you shouldn’t have.” On the table in front of her stood all of things to cure her homesickness; marmite, pineapple lumps, hokey pokey ice cream, ANZAC biscuits, the list goes on. All three of her friends stood in front of her with smiles on their faces but Jughead’s was by far the largest. Betty wrapped her arms around his neck and then jumped, wrapping her legs around his waist. He reached his hands up to her face and kissed her hard. Both of them were smiling widely, pulling away from each other only to be pulled straight back in.

“Ok, ok. I get that you’re excited B but you’re room is literally right there.” Betty kissed Jughead once more before unwrapping herself from Jughead.

“Very funny V. Thank you guys, so much. This is honestly the best birthday I have ever had.” She bounced over to Ronnie and hugged her tightly. “Thanks Ron. I know that Jughead didn’t do all of this by himself. You’re the best.”

“I know B. And honestly, don’t worry about it. You know I’d do anything for you.” The bubbly blonde let go and then walked over to Archie. They looked at each other for a second before Betty stood up on her tiptoes and hugged him briefly.

“Thanks Arch,” she said quietly. He looked down at his feet before giving her a small smile.

“No problem Betty. I didn’t really do much, it was all these two really. I just helped carry stuff from the elevator.”

“Well thanks anyway Arch. Are you guys ready to watch a movie? I don’t know what to watch so you guys can pick if you want.” She was still bubbling with happiness and love for her amazing new friends.


The rest of the night was spent with good food and even better company. They ended up watching ‘Titanic’, much to Jughead and Archie’s disappointment. The girl’s shared a knowing look but kept quiet when they saw their boyfriends with wet cheeks after the movie. The pineapple lumps were finished as soon as Betty opened the packet but Archie didn’t quite understand how to eat marmite properly.

“No Archie! You need to put less on the piece of toast otherwise yes, it is disgusting.” They were all laughing at the strange faces that Archie was pulling. Jughead and Veronica were still refusing to eat the black spread which their kiwi friend was consuming at speed.

“I don’t know how but your accent seems to get stronger when you’re speaking this weird stuff you like to call food,” Jughead teased, receiving a playful punch on the arm from his girlfriend before she kissed him on the cheek.

“Haha, very funny. You wish that you could have this accent,” Betty retaliated, trying to play it cool. The squeal that left her lips gave her act away as Jughead pulled her onto his lap and peppered her neck with kisses.

“I think that’s our queue Archiekins. Happy birthday B, don’t stay up too late,” she said with a wink as she dragged Archie towards the door.

“Don’t worry, I’ll cover for you Jug. Happy birthday Betty,” Archie called over his shoulder before the door slammed behind him.

“A whole apartment all to ourselves, Juggie. Whatever could we do?” Her tone was playful as she leaned back against him.

“Well, I still haven’t given you your present yet. Do you want it or should I save it for the next cute blonde with a funny accent that waltzes into my life?” She kissed him softly in lieu of a response before hopping off Jughead’s lap. He took her hand and gently led her down the hall to her bedroom.


The parcel and the flowers were still sitting on the dresser where he’d left them this morning. Betty went and sat in the middle of her bed, legs crossed and hugging one of the fluffy pillows which Jughead had never really seen the point in. He walked across the room and sat down facing her, shoes hanging off the edge of the bed.

“Happy birthday Betts,” Jughead whispered as he handed the gifts over to girlfriend. She kissed his cheek before looking down at the present in his hand. Betty unwrapped the paper carefully, finding a piece of paper folded up inside. She started to unfold the paper but stopped when she felt Jughead’s hand on her wrist.

“Not yet, ok? I don’t really want to be here when you read it.” He gave her a shy smile before looking down at the bed and picking at a non-existent thread. She placed the note carefully beside her and then cupped his face in her hands, forcing him to look at her for the second time today.

“Thank you, Juggie,“ she said softly. Their eyes met for a brief moment before his lips were on hers. This kiss was different from all of the others that they had shared. It was soft but needy, saying all of the words they couldn’t yet. Jughead pulled back slowly, leaning against her forehead.

“I wouldn’t thank me yet, you haven’t even opened it,” he said jokingly, but Betty could see the uncertainty in his dark eyes.

“Thank you, Juggie,” she repeated. “Thank you for a birthday I will never forget.” Betty kissed him once more before falling back onto the bed and pulling the covers up around her. She was still holding his hand as he carefully removed his shoes and jacket before slipping under the covers beside her. She falls asleep with Jughead stroking her hair and a smile on her lips as she remembers her perfect day.


Betty wakes up to an empty bed. She rolls over in search of Jughead but only finds a piece of paper in his place.

Had to go and meet Fred. Sorry I couldn’t wait for you to wake up. Pop’s for milkshakes later?

She smiled as she read his messy writing. Betty sat up and picked her birthday present from Jughead off the floor. She sat back down on the edge of her bed. By the time she reached the end of the letter, her eyes were filled with tears. She read the letter four more times before grabbing her phone off the charger and texting her boyfriend three little words.