and awkward too

So im going to be drawing more shance now because @sir-scandalous has opened my eyes to the beauty of this ship. Also freaking love his art so why not tag him in my first shance piece lol

So um,,,

This one actually goes for @nellos12

I just wanted to draw something nice for u, so,,,


Pre Kerkeros fluff because you all deserve it after the stunt I pulled yesterday 

Tbf that was psy’s fault so…don’t kill me, haha

Look at how happy and cute they were before Kerberos… poor babs *hugs them*

Hope you guys enjoy~!

When you hear someone mention your fandom in public, but you’re too socially awkward to actually talk to them or anything:

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atla | zuko | wait for it

Sadly, this is as HD as the ATLA episodes get, but I hope you give the video a shot anyway and maybe experience some of the emotions I had making it.  Big thanks to @worddevourer for having this idea and my twin sister @splickedylit for consulting with me during its creation!

Song: Wait For It from Hamilton
Show: Avatar - The Last Airbender


he just wanted to see genji’s smile

A young adult customer told me that she’s “too awkward” to use the salad bar and asked me to make her a salad myself and like. How in the fuck can you be too awkward to use a salad bar but not awkward enough that you ask your server to make your salad for you

Hawkmoth, I swear.

So, new episode, right? I’m getting screenshots off of youtube, which is difficult as the video will freeze when I back it up sometimes, but I got this gem.

Hawkmoth, you doing okay over there? 

He’s just

He’s so done. 

This episode has great Hawkmoth shots, I swear

I, too, have that same reaction when my underlings don’t listen when I tell them to do the things that need to be done. Like, gosh danging darnit didn’t I just tell you to do the doggamn dishes.

um this is Jenna Goranski singing the Squip Song? if that’s alright?


@birbstille im tagging u because ur jennas mod

cover of: Be More Chill  ‘the Squip Song’

ehehe im so sorry this is isn’t the best eh

I couldn’t scream “it’s from Japan” because it would’ve destroyed the audio so sorry!!

just in case here’s the link if it doesn’t load

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The four stages of silence and

How introverts can use it to identify if the person sitting next to them is an introvert or an extrovert

1. No silence because they’re holding a (one-sided) conversation with you _ extrovert

2. Awkward silence interjected with their attempts at making small talk but you just can’t be bothered today _ extrovert

3. Blissful silence two people each in their own world who recognize/acknowledge the presence of a fellow traveler in this strange journey called life _ introvert

4. Oblivious silence are they still there beside you are they breathing are they even real or are you hallucinating is this some advanced holographic image are you dreaming who knows _ introvert