and aw jaxon


[knock, knock, special delivery for Mrs.Simth…]

Jax: “Ma, I can’t believe you got Voidcritter’s Battle Station for us! That was super fast! Gimmie Big Hugs! You’re the BEST MOM EVER!”

B: “It’s called Prime son; and YOU know your hugs save the world.” [squeezes].

B: “Alright kiddos listen up, no foul play, no cheating and no poor sport. In this corner we have the heavy weight champ Jax Simth! Annnnd, in this corner we have the undefeated champion Jordyn Simth! Man your battle stations! ARE… YOU… READY?!”

[click, click, click, Peeuwn, Poof, click, click, click]

B: “Victory goes too [drumroll] Jaxon!”

Jordyn: “Awe Man!”

Jaxon: “It’s OK brother, I’ll let you beat me next time.” [hugs]

B:  [notes to self] “I really AM the best mom aren’t I?” [smirks]