and at the same time during all this he saved everything katniss ever loved

Summer of Love Chapter 2: Movie Night

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Masterlist Part 1

Relationships: Peter Parker x fem!Stark!reader, Tony Stark x Reader (father-daughter)

Warnings: None really save for some light cursing and tons of fluff.

Summary: You offer to show Peter a movie to thank him for fixing your laptop and the two of you get to know each other a bit better. And both of you discover you have a lot in common, like being awkward around each other because you’ve never hung out with someone your age of the opposite gender before.

A/N: Hey guys! So here’s the next part of Summer of Love to make up for the angst that was in Partners in (Fighting) Crime! I hope you guys enjoy and I’ll see you in a week!

Peter ran around the obstacle course that was set up in the main training area for him. He jumped over walls and webbed other surfaces to swing out of the way of things that were being thrown at him. 

“He’s doing well.” Pepper says and looks over to Happy who was watching as well. 

“Yeah. He’s a good little fighter I’ll give him that.” Happy says. 

“I bet he’s happy you came to watch him train.” Pepper says and Happy rolls his eyes.

“I only came to watch that pain in the ass get beat up by something.” Happy says and as if on cue something hits Peter and he gets slammed into a wall. “Ah, now that’s what I was waiting for.” 

Pepper rolled her eyes as well and watched as Peter stood up to run the course again. Then she heard someone come out of the workout room and smiled when she saw you. 

“Hey there Y/N. How did your workout go today?” She asks and you came over and gave your adoptive mother to be a sweaty hug. 

“It went great! I’m getting better at that new routine I’ve been trying out.” You say then notice Spider-Man in the gym. “What’s he up to?” You ask and decide to watch him. 

“Oh he’s just running a course that Tony designed for him to train.” Pepper explains. You smiled and decided to watch. 

“Oh shit Y/N’s here! She’s watching me! Karen what do I do! I can’t mess up in front of her she’ll think I’m a loser!” Peter asks the AI in his suit nervously. 

“Then don’t mess up. Just run the course. I’m sure you’ll be fine.” Karen says. 

“I hope you’re right.” Peter says and prepares himself to do another run.

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Let No Man Separate

Author: @setoutwithme

Rating: T/M for Language and suggestive adult themes

Trigger Warnings: None other than an extremely brief mention of abuse. (If others please let me know)

Summary: Canon AU: A wedding ceremony that has the power to break Katniss and her heart.

AN: Honestly was thinking of this all week and procrastinated till the end. I don’t know where this came from but I just ran with it. Usain Bolt style. ;)

“If there is anyone here that thinks these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

The church was silent as the guests discreetly looked amongst each other. Yet, Katniss could feel the pressure of almost every eye falling on her as she stood behind the bride. Her posture rigid and frozen as she kept her head down and her eyes locked on the bouquet in her hands. The petals rattling as she tried to control her shaking that certainly had nothing to do with being nervous.

No. It had everything to do with the tremendous wave of anger, frustration, and betrayal coursing through her at that very moment. A consuming need to lash out at everyone around her against an intense instinct to bolt from her place to avoid the damage. Still, in her own misery she remained standing and hoped that the audience of this spectacle realized just how lucky they were that she didn’t carry her bow at that moment.

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Hunger Games Aesthetic Time Travel AU (Pt.6)

It amuses Katniss so she does it, does the whole shoot the apple routine again during the private demonstration sessions in front of the Gamemakers just because she can. It’ll only win her points, setting the stage for this year’s Games, and even if the Capitol doesn’t know it yet, it’s also a declaration of war, of defiance, a message to those in power that the world is about to change and they should be terrified.

Poor Peeta doesn’t understand what she finds so funny about everything. Effie scolds her right up until Katniss’ score of 11 shows up on screen, and then she does a one-eighty and beams. Haymitch just looks ten thousand percent done with her.

Which is a pity. Katniss really appreciated the thumbs-up the first time around, although that might’ve been mostly because she’d also been scared out of her mind. Stubborn and unrepentant but definitely still scared.

These days, well, it isn’t that nothing scares her anymore. Losing people, that still scares the ever-loving crap out of her, and she sees the faces of all the once-dead in her dreams every night. But at the same time, she’s almost… detached from it all, she’s seen too much, experienced too much, survived too much, to really feel true fear anymore. Especially since she’s already been through everything once.

And it isn’t that she isn’t taking this second chance seriously. She wants to save as many people as she can, if she can, though of course, her closest family and friends take precedence before anyone else. And she wants to bring down the Capitol and end these godforsaken Games, and even after having already done it once, it still seems such an insurmountable goal, especially if she wants less of a bloodbath this time around.

So she’s serious about this, but she also believes that if you haven’t learned to laugh in the face of disaster and death and danger yet, you better learn fast because it’s more or less impossible to keep moving forward – keep going without drowning in depression and despair – any other way.

Finnick taught her that, whether he meant to or not.

So maybe it makes her a little crazy, even a little heartless, but it works. She remembers Finnick and how he made her laugh, not often, not much, but the fact that he coaxed any sort of genuine amusement out of her was a hard-won feat in and of itself, and she’s pretty sure the smug bastard knew it.

Most of all though, she remembers how he was always joking around himself, for as long as he had the heart for it. Katniss didn’t understand that at first, didn’t understand how Finnick could bear it, could still live with a grin while under the Capitol’s thumb, and mean it the way he never meant all that stupid flirting.

Then she met Annie and saw them together, and everything made a whole lot more sense after that.

Make the most of the cards you’re dealt, stack the deck when no one’s looking, and take your victories where you can if you don’t want the House to win.

Here in Panem, it’s the only way for a slave to live.

OK Tho...

This turned out to be a full review. I write my thoughts in real time so if you have contentions and feel the need to post them read the entire post because I may have addressed your issues near the end. Spoilers. Obviously. And be warned this is pretty anti-Damon and anti-Delena.

1. I am four minutes and eleven seconds into this episode of The Vampire Diaries and Stefan tells Damon, “It’s not your fault. You’re getting a pass. Everyone understands.” And the show thinks it’s being so self-reflexive and smart by making Damon point out that their understanding is generous considering that he nearly killed everyone and stabbed “your pregnant girlfriend in the chest” as if pointing out the lack of consequences makes up for the fact that there is a lack of consequences.

2. So basically, Julian turned Mystic Falls into the set of the Fast and the Furious. OK.

3. More griping between Bonnie and Matt about Damon nearly killing them all. I like how no one has PTSD over the amount of times Damon has almost murdered them (because it’s been more than once).

4. Matt and Bonnie “matching” on and then Bonnie giving Matt advice on his profile picture, like is Bonnie just giving love/sex/relationship advice to everyone now? Also Matt and Bonnie would’ve been much preferable to Bonenzo (at least the way I would’ve written that relationship).

5. So Stefan and Caroline are on the phone while Caroline is setting up for her baby shower and Stefan is taking Damon around the new MF that Julian created (AKA Fast and the Furious: Mystic Falls Style) and Stefan isn’t going to be at the show but tells Caroline that he’ll get Alaric the baby book she made him pick out when he was drunk and then he promises her to stay in one piece and then Damon tells Stefan he’s whipped and I’m like … … if Stefan was whipped, Stefan would BE at the baby shower. Stefan would be reading up on baby books. Like Stefan is minimally engaged in Caroline’s life AT BEST.

6. I’m tired of the show acting like Stefan is completely ineffectual and Damon is the brains of the operation and that if Damon was out of the stone first, then Julian wouldn’t have taken over Mystic Falls when history has show than Damon does nothing but make a situation worse while Stefan knows how to compromise and forge alliances and create delicate peaces. Like STOP IT.

7. Since when did Damon EVER care about Mystic Falls? Him getting angry that Julian took it over makes absolutely no sense; what would make sense is Damon being mad indignant that Julian is the alpha male. Julian who is BASICALLY KLAUS.

8. I love how BOTH of Caroline’s exes are at her baby shower but Stefan isn’t.

9. I swear to God if Damon kills this black man…


11. Bonnie is fucking OOC this episode.

12. I think it’s sweet that when Stefan talks about hallucinating his hell he says the only constant was Caroline and then you see him talking to her about him having a nightmare about Damon but the way they’re navigating each other is still very friendly. If this were a couple and Stefan woke up from a nightmare as intense as the one he had was supposed to be, Caroline should be sitting next to him, touching his forehead, stroking his hair, when he goes to get a drink she should be at his back, her arms around him, like physicality is a big part of being in a relationship and they don’t act like they’re in love romantically, they act like they’re the best of friends.

13. It really fucking bothers me that Stefan’s pain is all about Damon.

14. Like even when Stefan throws a glass at the wall thinking Damon’s there and Caroline is yelling “Enough! It’s not real!” if this is the “madly in love” “better than SE” relationship the show says it is, then Caroline should be rushing to Stefan, hands on his face, “look into my eyes, it’s not real” and he should be holding on to those words.

15. And the show is really trying to push how much Stefan needs Caroline and I would honestly buy it if the actions were as passionate as his words or if his delivery was as passionate as what he’s saying. Damon’s ghost is tormenting Stefan so he tries to burn Damon’s actual body and Caroline is there like “you love your brother and I know you’d rather die than let him go” but everything is so calm and so muted, Stefan’s mental disintegration is very quiet and very monotone, Caroline doesn’t even look very concerned about his psychological fracture, like if Stefan was going crazy, MAKE HIM GO CRAZY and if Caroline was the only thing keeping him together, show some conviction. Give me some Peeta and Katniss shit.

16. I didn’t realize I missed Tyler until I saw Tyler.

17. Damon and his “my girl” shit annoys me. Elena is more than just your girl.

18. At least Caroline finally put her hands on Stefan’s face even though that lasted like a second. Fuck. Was that so HARD?

19. I am so sick of hearing how Elena held Damon back from being a monster when he was killing Whitmores while they were together, when he killed Aaron and kidnapped Jeremy and emotionally tortured Katherine while they were in their on again and off again phases. Damon was ALWAYS Damon, the only difference is the show decided to act like he wasn’t when he was with her.

20. Yes, Stefan. Your life WOULD be better if Damon wasn’t in it.

21. Bonnie being all I’m not going to let my friends die and we’ll stop the vampire huntress so they’ll live you mean there’s never a moment when Bonnie is just TIRED? The amount of times she’s DIED for these people, there isn’t a part of her that’s like you know what, I’m taking a break? Even Buffy had her moments of I’m not doing this anymore!

22. I also don’t understand why Bonnie is so pressed about Nora or Mary-Louise whichever heretic she has this weird fixation with for absolutely no reason. I think it’s Nora. I remember the ship name being Bonora.

23. Did the police have a search warrant for Matt’s truck or nah?

24. I’m laughing because they’re playing The Album Leaf during Alaric and Caroline’s moment and when I was a hardass Steroline shipper I used the SAME song in one of my best Steroline vids and I feel some type of way.

25. I’m pissed that Stefan’s job is to make Damon feel better but when the hell has Damon done that for Stefan? When has Stefan really got to unload on Damon and Damon be the shoulder to Stefan’s vulnerability? Like I’m done with how one-sided Defan is.

26. I would be excited about Matt being a sort of antagonist in the ff if he wasn’t also saving Caroline’s life at the same time, like my Matt Donovan would be DARK.

Eh. This episode was aiight.

anonymous asked:

Can you explain the ending of MJ when Coin gathers the remaining victors to vote on the final Games? What does Katniss mean when she says Haynitch truly understands me?

This is where you see Coin’s true face out in the open for the first time. She’s no longer trying to hide that she’s not that different from Snow. She’s willing to have the Games again even though that’s exactly something Snow would do. But she doesn’t want to take the blame if it backfires (in my opinion) so she’s leaving it to the Victors. So they can be to blame if anyone complains. Also, I think she was betting on everyone agreeing anyway, with all of them being angry over their losses. So it’s a win win for her. She gets what she wants, and doesn’t need to take the blame.

As a cherry on top of that is that she will get to test Katniss and see if she is loyal. Like Boggs warned Katniss in chapter 19 of Mockingjay:

“Here‘s as much as I know. The president doesn‘t like you. She never did. It was Peeta she wanted rescued from the arena, but no one else agreed. It made matters worse when you forced her to give the other victors immunity. But even that could be overlooked in view of how well you‘ve performed.”
“Then what is it?” I insist.
“Sometime in the near future, this war will be resolved. A new leader will be chosen,” says Boggs.
I roll my eyes. “Boggs, no one thinks I‘m going to be the leader.”
“No. They don‘t,” he agrees. “But you‘ll throw support to someone. Would it be President Coin? Or someone else?”
“I don‘t know. I‘ve never thought about it,” I say.
“If your immediate answer isn‘t Coin, then you‘re a threat. You‘re the face of the rebellion. You may have more influence than any other single person,” says Boggs. “Outwardly, the most you‘ve ever done is tolerated her.”
So she‘ll kill me to shut me up.” The minute I say the words, I know they‘re true.

So if Katniss doesn’t immediately side with Coin during the vote, Coin will know Katniss is not with her. I think that if Katniss said no, she would soon just have an accident or disappear.

During the vote, Katniss does say ‘yes’. But it is not because she wants another Games. She already decided she’d do something about it. I don’t think she decided at this point that she’ll shoot Coin instead of Snow, but she would’ve rallied people against her or do something else.

We know that she didn’t really vote ‘yes’ because right after she hears the preposition she thinks this:

Was it like this then? Seventy-five years or so ago? Did a group of people sit around and cast their votes on initiating the Hunger Games? Was there dissent? Did someone make a case for mercy that was beaten down by the calls for the deaths of the districts‘ children? The scent of Snow‘s rose curls up into my nose, down into my throat, squeezing it tight with despair. All those people I loved, dead, and we are discussing the next Hunger Games in an attempt to avoid wasting life. Nothing has changed. Nothing will ever change now.

She is thinking:”Are we the same as the people who started the Games? Has all of this been in vain? Has nothing changed?”

That is not the thoughts of someone who wants the Games to repeat.

After that she says:

I weigh my options carefully, think everything through. Keeping my eyes on the rose, I say, “I vote yes… for Prim.

She knows by now that Coin is to blame for Prim’s death. So she’s not voting for the Games for Prim. She’s deciding to do something against Coin for Prim.

When Katniss says: “This is the moment, then. When we find out exactly just how alike we are, and how much he truly understands me,” it means she’s hoping Haymitch will figure it out without direct communication with her that she’s not really voting yes, but that she’ll do something.

And Haymitch gets it it. He has always been like Katniss and he knows she would never vote for another Games, especially not for Prim, who she tried so desperately to save from the Games.

So Haymitch actually doesn’t say ‘Yes’, but he says ‘I‘m with the Mockingjay’. Meaning:”I’m with you Katniss” It’s a signal for her as well that he understood her.

My headcanon is that since Haymitch knew something would happen, he would be the one to calm Peeta down and tell him to go keep an eye on Katniss because something is about to happen.

I don’t think Katniss knew exactly what she will do until she stepped in front of Snow and remembered his words to her from beginning of CF: “Oh, my dear Miss Everdeen. I thought we had agreed not to lie to each other

But that’s not the only thing he said to her during that conversation. He also said:”Aim higher in case you fall short

So she does exactly that. She aims higher and saves Panem from another dictator.

TEG Tropes - Round Two - Entry Two!

Title: Where We Belong

Rating: M for language

Pairing/s and Character/s: Everlark

Any trigger warnings and/or spoilers: Coarse language, allusions to underage sex

Prompt suggestions: None

Summary: Returning to a hometown that seems the same, Peeta Mellark discovers some very big changes.

Fucking Panem. It’s my hometown, but I feel nothing but contempt for it. I’ve been away for ten months now, spending a gap year travelling and working in Europe. I’m not supposed to be back for another three months, when I’m due to start college, but my father has been begging me for months to cut my trip short. Two weeks ago, he finally confessed the reason why he wanted me to come home: he’s got cancer.

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The Ghosts of District 12

Prompt 2: Supernatural/unexplained phenomena Under the Dome-ish [submitted by @peetabreadgirl]

Summary: There are ghosts in District 12 and they want something from Katniss Everdeen.  Panem AU where Katniss and Peeta are not reaped.

Rating:  T for now, but will probably be M or E in later chapters.

Author’s note:  This is only the first chapter.  I can’t seem to write short stories without them exploding into something bigger.  Thanks to @peetabreadgirl for the prompt!  It’s not really Under the Dome-ish, but I hope you like it!  Also, this is has not been beta’d because I am a terrible procrastinator. :(  Please forgive me any glaring typos or mistakes!  

Katniss does not believe in ghosts.  Or spirits and angels for that matter.  And while she knows there are monsters in the world, she watches them every year,  she knows that those are manufactured and designed by the Capitol to be set upon children for their amusement.  And they are very real.  

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Things I liked about MJ2...

I watched MJ2 three times now and I must admit that every time I see it, it keeps getting better and better!

The movie is beautiful, it has everything and more. Sure it lacks some things but all in all it is nothing but satisfying.

Rather than reviewing it (other people already wrote awesome reviews and I wouldn’t  be able to make anything as good anyway…) I want to make a list of all the things I loved most about it.

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Skimming the Surface

A canon post-Mockingjay Drabble with theme requested by jamiesommers23.  Thank you to titania522 and peetabreadgirl for beta-ing:


Peeta awoke with a start, a shiver running down his spine as the cold, winter air ghosted over his exposed skin.  For a second, he couldn’t register why he was freezing.  Even though he’d only pulled his sleep pants on after he and Katniss had made love before bed, usually her heat was enough to keep him warm the entire night, no matter how wide he left the windows open.  He turned towards Katniss in confusion, a soft laugh escaping him when he saw her.  

She was sprawled out, the pillow she’d placed between her legs to keep herself from turning in the night still in place, but her legs were askew around it.  A foot was tangled heavily in the cover and sheets she’d somehow managed to kick off during the night, the clear culprit as to why he was cold.  Somehow Peeta didn’t mind, knowing how hot she got at night now.  His eyes lighted over his wife’s body, pleased to see that peaceful calm, an infrequent visitor to their nights, graced her sleeping features.  

Her dark hair was strewn around her head like a halo, and his fingers itched to run through her thick waves.  The cotton shirt that she’d stolen out of his drawer had ridden up high enough to expose one breast, her nipple dark against her lighter olive skin, and his cock twitched when he realized she hadn’t bothered to put on any underwear.  One arm was stretched out towards him, her hand resting as though she were waiting for him to slide his own in, the other clasped over the barely visible swell of her stomach.  Peeta’s eyes lingered there for a long moment, a smile bursting onto his face.  That little bump gave him a greater happiness than he’d ever known, a gift he’d never thought Katniss would be willing to give.  

He’d known her reluctance to have children long before their toasting, that wonderful day they’d bound themselves to one another officially for all time, and he’d accepted she might never be ready.  Nearly fifteen years had passed since their marriage ceremony, and in the few times the possibility of a baby had come up in that interval, Katniss had always reacted the same way, adamantly frightened that she could not carry a child into a world that had taken so much from her.  

So when she’d come to him weeks ago, terrified elation on her face, the possibility of a pregnancy hadn’t even entered Peeta’s head.  His smile broadened as he remembered Katniss’ grin over his utter shock at the news, and her laughter as he spun her around the kitchen before setting her down so that he could kiss her.  They’d nearly broken the table with their celebratory love making.  As much as Peeta wished it, things hadn’t been quite as easy since then.  

The news that a baby would be joining them in the spring hadn’t stopped his flashbacks from sometimes taking hold, though they were still thankfully so much less than when he’d returned from the Capitol long ago.  The tidings hadn’t ended the occasional bouts of depression Katniss sunk into either, and her fears for this new helpless life that she would be responsible for were sometimes more than she could handle.  And the nightmares would never fully end.  It was a fact both of them knew all too well.

But they also had each other, bound together since they were both eleven, when he’d tossed those burnt loaves of bread into the rain to save her, though they hadn’t known it then.  They knew it now, though sometimes he felt Katniss forgot it when her terrors took hold.

Peeta bent down to place a kiss in Katniss’ open palm before he flicked the small lamp on his nightstand on and reached into a drawer to pull out a small notebook.  He studied her quietly, making sure there was no disturbance to her sleep from the light, and began to sketch.  


Katniss woke up slowly, feeling like she was boiling, and wondered groggily how a baby that was probably no more than the size of a bean could wreak so much havoc on her body.  Confusion rippled through her when she saw the light glowing from behind her still closed eyelids and realized Peeta must be awake for some reason.  As she opened her eyes, she froze, thankful that she hadn’t moved yet.  Katniss so rarely saw her husband the way he was now, unaware that she was watching him as he sketched her.  

She gazed at his face closely as his stare followed the lines of her body, acutely aware of the fact that her shirt had ridden so far up she might as well have been naked, but it wasn’t something Katniss felt ashamed of.  When their relationship was still so fragile, those first years after Panem had been made anew, when they had still been growing back together, she might have felt that way, but at this point, Peeta knew her body just as well as she did.  So, instead, she reveled in the furious concentration his eyes always took on when he was drawing, remembering the long ago days when she’d watched him paint in her plant book.  

His eyelashes were still long, radiant in the sun, but made softer in the light of the dim lamp on their nightstand, and his pupils were as dark and vast as the deepest depths of the sea.  But the blue surrounding them was as limitless as the sky, and Katniss never ceased to be arrested by them.  She could see the innumerable, mysterious worlds that Peeta lived in when he sketched reflected in his shining eyes.  Some were terrible, containing echos of the hardships they had endured, and some were amazing, harkenings of a joyous future.  But no matter what, they were always wondrous.  Katniss oftentimes wished to join him in those places, feeling as though she had just begun skimming the surface of all that he was, but she always reminded herself she had an entire lifetime and beyond to find all of those secrets.  

Those eyes were where her heart and soul had come to rest, where she had finally found the hope she needed to survive, and the courage to have the little one now growing inside her.  They were here home, the place where love was always present, and the word ‘real’ meant everything to the both of them.  

“Are you cold?” he asked suddenly, startling her.  Judging from the smile on his face, he’d caught her staring at him quite a while ago.  She laughed.  

“No, I’m burning up,” Katniss replied.  She glanced over at the window and saw it was closed, turning back to him with raised brows.  “Were you cold?”  

Peeta nodded sheepishly.  “I didn’t want to disturb you, but the sheets looked a little difficult to untangle,” he said, pointing down to the foot that Katniss now noticed was the only thing keeping their covers on the bed.  “So I shut the window.”  He ran his fingers lightly along her arm.  Katniss shivered from the feeling, an amused expression crossing Peeta’s face as she did so.

“You sure you aren’t cold?” he teased, a finger now directed towards her nipples, which had peaked into tight buds at his touch.  Katniss did not answer but rather sat up swiftly and pushed her husband down onto his back, swinging herself over to straddle his hips as he laughed.  She grabbed the sketchpad still in his hands to see what he had drawn, shaking her head when she got a good look at it.

“I still can’t believe you see me this way,” she whispered, staring at the image of the woman laying asleep on her bed.  There was more serenity and beauty in this woman’s face than she’d ever seen in the mirror.  The scars that appeared traced along one side of her body were more like delicate lace than the thickened skin she hated to look at.  And the woman’s hand resting protectively over her abdomen brought her to tears.  She moved her hand up her body from the bed to mimic the drawing.  Peeta placed his on top of hers.  

“I always see you that way, Katniss.  Our daughter will too.”  

“Our daughter?”  

Peeta nodded and replied confidently, “Daughter.”  Katniss noticed the bright happiness of his eyes as he said that.  

Skimming the surface of all that he was.

The thought echoed inside Katniss’ head, joy bubbling suddenly inside her at the realization of the new horizon before them and the new layer of him she was going to get to see.  Things might never be perfect, but she would always have him.

She was ready.                  

Flashbacks (A Joshifer One-Shot)


This is a work of fiction. While they are real people, I do not claim that any of these situations/instances ever happened. This story came from my mind and NONE OF IT IS TRUE!!


I always appreciate if you like it if you read it! And I love feedback in my inbox!


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I s2g, I’m tired of seeing gifsets that are trying to prove the “Peeta understands a part of Katniss that Gale never will”-thingy by comparing Katniss’ hallucination in the woods to her nightmare on the train, and then presenting the fact that Gale will not obediently do whatever Katniss wants as an “unsupportive” behavior.

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I'll Fill In The Blanks

Katniss is working as a nurse in a hospital during the American Civil War in hopes of finding her husband Peeta but what happens when she does?

Prompt: War

Special shout out and thanks to Wario, Waluigi, Peach, Yoshi, Link - not Zelda, Boo, Whitney, and Toadette.  You all know who you are and I love you very much.  Thanks for always being so encouraging.  This is for you guys.

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