and at the end pretending it didn't happen


“The problem was that the creatures who had managed to survive the city he’d made were a new kind of misery entirely— Brekker, his Wraith queen, his rotten little court of thugs. A fearless breed, hard-eyed and feral, hungrier for vengeance than for gold.”


#schwabweek day 3: favorite relationship

“I read somewhere,” said Kate, “that people are made of stardust.”
He dragged his eyes from the sky. “Really?”
“Maybe that’s what you’re made of. Just like us.”
And despite everything, August smiled.

Injury for this one! (Please tell me I’m not the only one hella shook from that season finale.)

It had been two days since Jughead accidentally slipped down a few steps in the Andrews’ house when neither Archie nor Mr. Andrews were home. His foot had twisted uncomfortably with the fall, but he figured he could walk it off. He was wrong, severely wrong.

Since the fall, his foot had swollen to triple its size. He could hardly slide his boot over it, but he would force it over the swelling anyway with a sharp wince. When he was alone, he would examine the blues and blacks painted over his pale skin with furrowed brows. He would ghost his fingers above the injury, and the heat that rolled off from his foot was concerning.

His mind supplied a simple ‘hospital,’ but he couldn’t. He didn’t have the necessary funds to pay a visit to the hospital, and there was no way in hell he would ask Archie or Mr. Andrews. He was already burdening the two enough as it was; he had no intentions of adding to that.

Jughead took pride in his ability to hide ailments; however, hiding his foot injury was becoming increasingly difficult. By the fifth day, the pain was unbearable, and it took every ounce of his willpower to not walk with a limp. Taking the stairs multiple times a day was going to be the death of him, and he was just in the middle of contemplating an excuse that would support his decision to sleep on the couch for a while when Archie accidentally backed up and stepped on his injured foot while they were in the kitchen for breakfast.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PARENTS AU! I especially love the Junkomikan content. I like to imagine that they sometimes forget that they aren't married (or even really dating) and do couple stuff (morning kisses, petnames, saying "goodbye, love ya!" before leaving for work) like it's super normal. And then they realize what they just did and end up in this awkward situation where both of them try to pretend it didn't happen.

Junko mostly allows herself to show affection for Mikan when there is no one watching. 

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They had better not be about to make lena a villain. I'll scream. That end scene in the office after kara left. Pretending it didn't happen.


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Okay but your fake laf au makes me rlly uncomfortable but also makes me laugh, because when I was younger I was dating this girl, but sometimes he twin sister would pretend to be her? And we didn't find out until I brought up some stuff that I did with the twin. And we ended up breaking up because her sister went out of her way to fuck with me, and I just?? Anyway, keep up the good work, I love your art!


studyblr blog rates + url icons!!

hi everyone 💛 i’m going to do blog rates tomorrow!

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keith wants to hate lance. he wants to take his shapeless anger and lash out until he feels like he's not the only one getting hurt. but he can't even pretend that he's anything other than lovesick, and that the very fucking sound of lance's laugh doesn't make him feel warm. so he hates himself instead, for letting the jealous remarks slip out, for lying awake thinking about the way lance said 'nope. never happened', for the stupid part of him that let him think he'd ever be deserving of lance

WOW ANON u like to make me suffer…..blease tell me this has a happy ending ;;

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In the soulmate au I would imagine victor seeing the words in yuuri and being mostly disappointed but also mad at the person who dared to insult yuuri by calling him piggy. And later he found out that he was the one and had to always look at it and felt guilty and sad, but yuuri decided to tattoo over the words and add something else victor said and after that victor did the same. Or they didn't cover them and rather kept them as a reminder to not to screw up.

I think they would both keep them because it’s an important part of their history and they need to remember it to make sure they don’t repeat the mistakes of the past now that they’ve learned and moved on rather than trying to pretend it never happened. But I think they’d both also get new tattoos alongside to show that even though that might be how they started they’ve come so far and ended up so happy  

Despite being my patron I never draw Kanaya enough. I absolutely love more alien designs for trolls so I decided to test things out with Kan. It went really fast and really well surprisingly???? 

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As always it was a disappointing ending, I think it would have been better if Scott hadn't healed, and they hadn't pulled that true loves kiss heals all BS. I honestly believe that was a Jydia thing from s2, and it should not have worked at all with Scott and Malia. So I'm gonna pretend it didn't, that he's still blind. There was no real sacrifice on Scott's side, there never was. There has gotta be a fandom re-write out there that fixes this mess.

Everything bad that ever happened to Scott–even getting killed that time–was over again by the time the ad break finished. 

His sacrifices were barely minor inconveniences in the plot, and they have the according dramatic weight. As in, none at all. 

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In the recent Naruto episodes (novels adapted) we had Sasuke being asked why he works for Konoha after everything they did to his clan, and he basically replied that he did it for Naruto. Then in the recent episode Shikamaru explained that a ninja running away from their country because they doesn't like the ninja system of their country is considered "going rogue" and to be killed on sight by their former allies. The gross military BS didn't change at all after the war.

You serious? this is hilarious. All these pro ending people try to defend the ending and the manga by pretending the changes happened off panels or they argue we’re just reading too much into it the political stuff. And Kishimoto/anime writers crushed their delusions and basically proudly admit Naruto is a nationalistic propaganda and they endorse fascism, the state is above reproach. Nothing have to be changed cos the status quo is what the series champions, it’s to be preserved and observed. 

SNS is truly toxic now, cos the show makes Naruto a defender of a oppressive regime and Sasuke a Konoha dog because his relationship with Naruto.

I hate Shikamaru now, what a brain dead “genius”.

Harvey kisses Mike for the first time outside of Danbury prison, just moments before Mike walks through the gate to begin his two year sentence.

It’s a simple pressing of lips, and when he pulls back Mike grips the front of Harvey’s suit and says, “You just couldn’t help yourself, could you?” with a laugh that turns into a sob.

“Promise me we’ll do whatever it takes to get you out of there. No matter what,” Harvey says desperately.

“I promise.”

“And look after yourself in there.”

“I will.”

Harvey looks so determined when he says, “I’m gonna get you out, Mike.”

Mike smiles softly. “I know you will.”

Mike kisses Harvey, and then he turns and walks into the prison without looking back.


Drugging Mike is not Harvey’s finest hour. He can admit that. But desperation makes a man do crazy things, and he needs Mike out of that prison, out of that headspace. He needs to remind MIke what is waiting for him on the outside, and so he takes Mike back to his apartment.

Mike’s mouth is on his the moment the door closes behind them, and they don’t even make it to the bedroom. A trail of clothes lead to the sofa and they waste no time, Mike letting out a soft sigh when he’s fully seated in Harvey’s lap.

“I know why you got me out,” Mike says, as he starts moving, pulling a moan from Harvey’s throat.

Harvey doesn’t deny it. “Is it working?”

Mike leans down and kisses him, their bodies moving with an increasing pace, until all Mike can do is breathe into Harvey’s open mouth, “I hate you.”

Harvey laughs. “I’ll take that as a yes.”


It feels like old times, and if it wasn’t for the stubble on Mike’s jaw and the denim prison garb Harvey could almost believe nothing has changed.

Harvey doesn’t hesitate to openly praise Mike to Sutter, and he can’t wait to get this prick, not only because he’s an asshole but because he so obviously doesn’t think Mike should be here. Harvey knows he won’t feel that way for long.

So Harvey and Mike do what they do best, and soon enough Kevin and Sutter are at each other’s throats. Kevin storms out and Harvey can’t help the quick wink he gives Mike before Mike stands and follows Kevin out.


“I can’t do it.”

Harvey swears his heart stops beating. “What are you talking about?”

“I can’t do it. I can’t convince Kevin to testify.”

If it wasn’t past visiting hours Harvey would be in the car on his way to Danbury by now. He suspects Mike waited until now to call him for this very reason.

“Why not?” Harvey grits out.

There’s a pause that feels all too loaded. “Would you ever turn on me, even if I’d done something wrong?”

“Of course not.”

“Exactly. And that’s why Kevin will never testify against Sutter.”

“Mike, what are you talking about?”

He can hear Mike sigh, and then he says, “I’m sorry, Harvey,” before hanging up.

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The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Blindspot fanfic. Jeller.

Since we know the season is going to end horribly, I’m just going to skip ahead to the next one, okay? Save myself some pain and angst. I’m kind of obsessed with the idea that Jane becomes a vigilante, trying to piece together both her personal history and her former organization’s mission, while seeking revenge for Mayfair’s death. And in the process, making life extremely difficult for one Assistant Director of the FBI. 

Also, I blame @kate-dammit-run. She’s the one who said it would come to this.

It was well after midnight when she showed up at his door.

“Pellington is dirty,” she told him when he let her in.

He exhaled and scrubbed his hand over his face. If he’d gone to bed twenty minutes earlier, he might have been asleep deeply enough to miss her knock.

That would have been so much easier.

“He’s my boss, Jane. I can’t go investigate him.”

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A brief history of Digimon fandom reactions, 2001 - present
  • ===2001===
  • Toei: Okay, guys, we know you're sad about 02 ending and all, and let's pretend that the... reaction... to the epilogue didn't happen, because NEW DIGIMON!
  • Fandom: YAY!
  • Toei: We're showing a group of kids who are actually Digimon fans like you! We're going to explore new, more mature themes and show a different digital world with a lot of new lore, but first we'll be starting off in the human world. This time, the Digimon are going to be actual characters and we're completely moving on from Adventure-
  • Fandom: Oh. Meh.
  • ===2002===
  • Toei: All right, so maybe you didn't like spending so much time in the human world. So we're going to set an entire season in the digiworld like the original with a smaller group of kids. Oh, and we're trying something new! This time the kids turn INTO Digimon, which seems a little weird, but it'll give us more time to focus on the human characters! Also, the digital world is one of the richest and most detailed we've ever develo-
  • Fandom: BLASPHEMY. Give us more Adventure! We don't WANT to try new things!
  • ===2005===
  • Toei: We have this movie called X-Evolution you might li-
  • Fandom: LOL NOPE
  • ===2006===
  • Toei: So Agumon-
  • Fandom: YAY
  • Toei: -has a new, slightly different design...
  • Fandom: BOO
  • Toei: We didn't even say anything about the plot! Anyway, here's our kickass new protagonist!
  • Masaru: Sup.
  • ===2010===
  • Toei: (It's been four years, maybe they've calmed down by this point.) We're trying Digimon again! It's got a bunch of continuity references! We got all your death threats so the protagonist has goggles again! The Digimon are fully-fledged characters, and the show is written by one of the top shonen writers of this decade! It's a new chapter in Digimon history! ...guys? Where'd the fandom go?
  • *sound of crickets chirping*
  • Toei: Oh come ON!
  • ===2014===
  • Toei: *sigh*
  • Toei: Hey guys... we're making a third season of Adventure.
  • Toei: *reaches for hard liquor*