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Prompt: Nurseydex getting together in the style of Jack and Bitty with a graduation day realization that they want to spend the rest of their life with that dumb D-Man and a run across campus that culminates in a wonderful kiss.

My babs! Graduating!! I’m not crying, you’re crying!!!!! (yeah, nooooooo, I’m totally crying here.  My babs, all grown up!!!!!!!)

Thanks for the prompt! Enjoy!  :-) xxxx


“I can’t believe we’re graduating.   It feels like we just started college” Nursey said, as Dex joined him in the Reading Room.

“I know” Dex agreed, sitting down.  He’d been doing that a lot more with Nursey over the last few years.  They still fought all the time, but they were got along better now.  They understood each other more, and were definitely near Ransom and Holster levels of close, or even Jack and Bitty levels of close.

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here it is, the thing like two people were waiting for and one of them was someone’s mum: the members list for the trans & nonbinary hp network, aka noncishp!! members be sure to follow all the instructions, and await the message i’ll be sending out sometime after this is posted. thank you everyone for applying, we love you all!!

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The peace of love

I long for a love that will last, that will be fought for. A love where I can feel at peace and not worry about being too much or too little. A love that radiates peace and commitment. A love where we protect each other and are gentle with each other. Knowing that love is not something to be played with but to be nurtured.

After a few conversations with my mom over the past couple weeks, I was hoping that my parents would both prove understanding and supportive of what I want to do with my life. Apparently this was too much to expect.

I mentioned to my dad today, for the very first time, that I had been looking at and applying to art schools. I never finished my biomedical science degree, and while I don’t find it to be a problem, apparently my dad does. He didn’t say anything for a minute while I explained the application process for one of the schools, but then I think his brain caught up.

“Why don’t you finish at a degree school first before you go to art school? Then you’ll be able to actually work while you’re in art school.” Dad. I wouldn’t be going to a school to get nothing out of it. And I don’t expect to be able to handle the workload of working at a vet’s office (as he expects) and going to school of any kind. Hell, even working a relatively “simple” job and going to school will be hell, I don’t need to make it more complicated.

I tried to say that I didn’t care to finish my degree, though words weren’t working and it was hard to explain fully. The degree wasn’t holding my interest any longer, and the likelihood of going further into veterinary science wasn’t high. My grades have been bad consistently for years, I have serious problems with focus and attention, and I’m not good at remembering important things like medical terms that might be necessary to be a vet. I’d like to still help animals, but I don’t think this is the right way to do it.

Then came the “You don’t want to waste all that effort you already put in, do you?” And honestly, I don’t care. Sure, I’m in debt, and my parents are in debt, because of the school system. And I have put years into this degree. But I don’t see why I’m expected to finish something that I no longer want to pursue. 

I’ve been told multiple times that it’s okay if I change my mind about my major, a lot of people do. But apparently I can only change my mind to a “reliable” degree, a “useful” one. Art is not either of those things in my parents’ eyes, and while I was expecting this, it’s still hard to know that they aren’t as helpful and supportive as they claim to be.

shit i can’t stop thinking of for royalty au: a sort of lightning thief-esque plot. all the kings gather for some kind of feast or ball or whatever bc hey, we’re signing a peace treaty, and we’re going to get along tHIS IS OUR GET-ALONG-TREATY. except someone ~unsavoury~ and traitorous ( and probably planning an uprising ) sneaks in and steals shit from zeus and plants incriminating evidence in the other kings’ lands to turn the kings on each other :B

30 Day DA OC Challenge

|| Annalissa Trevelyan - Day 26: Skills ||

Annalissa is incredibly good at retaining information by rote memorization; to this day, she can recite the entire Chant of Light word-for-word thanks to her tutoring.  She’s also a very quick drinker, capable of out-chugging anyone in the Inquisition; thankfully, she also has a very good constitution, so she has a high alcohol tolerance.  She knows how to joust, and is quite good at it; she represented Ostwick in a few tourneys and acquitted herself well, becoming beloved and feared as the “Dragon-blooded Bastard of Ostwick.”  Going along with that, she has no small skill in horsemanship.  She’s a deft hand at stitching and sewing and often knits things to relax, although her eye for design leaves something to be desired.

Annalissa lacks many skills she wishes she had.  Foremost is the ability to grow things.  She inevitably kills any plant she touches, no matter how hard she tries.  She either over- or under-waters her plants, and sometimes her intense focus is just as bad as her negligence.  She just wishes that she could at least manage to take care of a small pot of flowers; she likes to see beautiful things bloom, and every failure is a reminder that her hands are more practiced at destroying than giving life.  She cannot lick her elbow, and if asked about it would blame the plate mail she wears.

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one of my fave details abt this show is how all the lions are a little beat up?? the paint is chipped in some areas, they look a little bit scuffed- which makes sense, since 10,000 years have passed and there hasn’t exactly been anyone around to care for them.

i just like the thought that these immortal, all powerful magic + science powered machines can also be worn down by time.