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I gave a Marvel phone case to Jungkook and he was like “Ah, it’s Malbeol, Malbeol!” [Because he noticed that] I kept thinking about it by myself [he explained] “Do you know what Jiminie-hyung said this was? Jiminie-hyung called it Malbeol~” It was cute.

Translation Notes: Marvel in Korean is spelled 마블. But Jimin apparently pronounces it as 말벌, which means a wasp or a hornet.


look at how cute shawn is, my heart is melting

miraculous au? young figure skating prodigy viktor nikiforov has always been homeschooled by his coach, until he manages to convince him to let him go to a normal college… and somehow ends up a superhero

  • [Killing Stalking chapter 19 last scene]
  • Sangwoo: So, do you regret it?
  • Yoonbum, smiling: What should I do? Even though I did that... I don't feel anything at all...
  • Sangwoo:
  • Sangwoo [inwardly]: Oooh boy, he's crazier than me.

Yes anon I agree with you, I first had in mind this with this scene:

Seems like he is alone in :re but it could be a continuation of the first day he went to it since he is wearing the same clothes.

In Mutsuki’s records of this scene he is not wearing the coat but it could be something intentional because in one of the original’s panel he is not wearing it too.

But then here is the pic who changes everything

He is not with the same clothes and I coudn’t be happier. What scares me is the fact Mutsuki has this memory, I wonder how many time he went with Haise to :re and hated Touka wishing her death ‘-’