and assume it speaks for all boys

Class 3-E Doing A Project

Nagisa: Gets all the right information, writes a lil report up but unfortunately. “we’re going to be learning about william shakespeare’ *everyone groans* *smol snek bby gets frustrated BUT CONTINUES* ends up playing an episode of horrible histories. everyone calms down.

Karma: ‘HEY DATS BOIS AND GIRLS, WAIT DID I JUST ASSUME YOUR GENDERS LMAAOOOOO’ fuckin’ pointless. he doesn’t even have a presentation, he’s just reading of the back of his hand, which is another meme.

Kayano: ‘people at the back can’t hear you! speak up or grow taller’ RAGE MODE ACTIVATED UR GETTING A KAEDE KAYANO BEATING B U D D Y YOU BETTER RUN PAL she makes a cute report on broadway actors and everyone’s like??? dat you??? and she like what no

Nakamura: Her report is similar to Karma’s but waaaaay more elegant. She sips some tea while she goes through the kermit memes. The History of Memes, as she puts it. Calls herself a Meme Lord while Karma is a Meme Dealer. very classy, a good presentation and not boring.

Okuda:gets stage fright so she starts talking WITHOUT FUCKING BREATHING OKUDA MY MAN R U OK??? (her report is about sport animes and their shipping dynamics. everyone loves it bc everyone’s gay, ok??)


Maehara: ‘for our next meme, we have……oh shit waddup?’ his first presentation is memes and when he’s told to change, he switches to one THAT IS VERY SIMILAR TO ISOGAI’S, MAEHARA HIROTO WYD? when’s he’s accused of copying the ikemen, he switches to his last presentation. ‘Flirting 101′. Starts spewing all these facts about how the brain acts when you talk to someone you like. Miss Bitch calls him her favourite male student and how she can ‘reward’ him ‘thanks miss but i like dick’

Chiba: Makes his on Gerard Way/Frank Iero and why Brendon and Sarah Urie are power couple goals AFF. blasts ‘teenagers’ by mcr to finish off and hOLY FUCK THE EMO KID IS SCARILY AGRESSIVE. (he is full of rage sa ve him)

Itona: The most normal report ever. A good amount of slides, not too much not too little. Chooses a good subject ‘Dinosaurs’ but HE’S REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT? HE STARTS OFF THE PRESENTATION LIKE ‘THE LAND BEFORE TIME? MORE LIKE THE LAND OF ABSOLUTE FUCKING LIES LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS’

(i’d include gakushuu in this (even though he aint class 3-e) but we all know how disgustingly perfect his ‘why i hate karma akabane: a brief synopsis’ presentation with 50+ slides would be)

This is going to be a really messy ramble and it isnt consistent BUT It’s really sad to look back at Philip and Lukas first little fling because you can tell Philip assumed all he was going to get from Lukas was sex. Next to episode 10 where he asks Lukas twice if he was sure he was ready for this, compared to episode 1 where Philip was like “boy howdy here ya go.” How Philip reacts in the first episode really plays into this background where he never really had anyone look at him for anything more than sex. Honestly, episode 10 was so important because we see that their relationship has just grown so much and Philip sees that it’s more than that between the two and that he! is! important!

Headcanon #16
Submitted by: @prismatic-bell

Johan hates flying. HATES it. But when you’re an internationally ranked duelist, it comes with the territory, and so he does more than his fair share of gritting his teeth and getting “randomly selected” by security.

He’s doing one of those all-fluff-thirty-seconds-of-substance talk show interviews to promote a new dueling circuit right around Valentine’s Day, and so of course the host is asking everyone about the most romantic things their partner does for them, etc. Johan, in a moment of “who lets this boy speak other languages he can only get himself into trouble in,” gleefully announces “he just leaves me alone!” while everyone stares at him assuming a breakup is imminent. Yubel intervenes before the new circuit can be overshadowed by ANDERSON ANNOUNCES SPLIT FROM BOYFRIEND to be sure Johan explains that what he means is that flying gives him migraines, and Judai is a very chatty person by nature, but when Johan arrives home after a long flight Judai just goes down this checklist–ibuprofen, sinus medication, hot tea, kiss on the cheek–and then loads Johan’s stuff in the washer while Johan takes a nap to let the headache pass.

Absolutely nobody understands why Johan would call anything about this “romantic.” He ends up having to explain via Twitter that the most romantic thing is acknowledging your partner’s needs, not just shoehorning in the things Hollywood thinks you should do. Judai reads his tweets and, with a shit-eating grin, suggests that what he really needs is a few booster packs. Johan, feeling much better after yet another of those brief after-plane naps, swats him on the leg and suggests what he really needs is something else that makes Yubel cover their eyes dramatically and catch the string on the blinds, because neither of the others ever remembers.

Judai is happy to comply.

anonymous asked:

AU: High Fantasy


- Quite obviously the Dark Lord and ultimate evil to the hero archetype. The prince that killed his father to assume the throne or the sorcerer that killed his teacher or both. The Boy King but known to be the kind of boy you dont fuck wit. Rules over wherever he rules over with an iron fist. Dissent isn’t tolerated, would rather be feared than loved, long live the king blah blah blah.

- He’s known to be a charmer - has all kind of genteel skills and is super polite and cordial - he can draw, hunt, play multiple instruments, speak multiple languages, can dance - but is also a bit batshit. Does covet the magical artifact that will give him immortality, does practice the dark arts in his spare time, is constantly trying to ressurect the dead, something something blood of virgins.

- Did I mention he’s into the unholy arts? He is. Some necromancy shit or something. I love warlocks.

- There’s a prophecy that a certain hero is gonna kill him, but he does something fucking stupid like instead of killing the person he casts them out to sea or something. “But king,” his advisors say “wouldn’t it be better to just kill them outright?” He just chuckles and then has them executed for questioning his authority.

- He has a super huge crazy suit of armor. He had built. He’s imbuing it with magic and eventually that’s going to backfire when it becomes bound to him and he becomes immortal but also can’t get out of it but for now it’s just cool and he looks at it wistfully a lot.

inspired by this post by @dereknursey

listen, nursey is black and pakistani and i am a certified pakistani so let me tell y’all all about black, pakistani derek nurse (i’ll probably add more later)

  • growing up pakistani and black was hard for nursey, there’s a lot of anti blackness in the south asian community so he didn’t fit in well with the rest of the asians because he didn’t look “pakistani” enough (as if that is an actual thing)
  • he tries his best to join in with them but they just assume that he doesn’t get all their inside jokes and when they speak punjabi, they translate it for him even though he insists that he knows it and it’s not long before he gets sick of it and moves on with his life
  • eventually nursey finds friendship in a pakistani hijabi who people tend to be wary of because she wears a hijab
  • her parents are skeptical of him but then they meet nursey and say that he’s a nice pakistani boy (which she disagrees with because 99% of the time she gets into to trouble because of him)
  • most of the time they just talk shit in punjabi and catch each other up on the gossip they heard from their aunties 
  • something they do is make white kids think they’ve offended them in some dumbass way (”what the fuck, susan!? i can’t believe you just added yoghurt to your curry, that is so racist.”)

this got long so the rest is under the cut

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Woozi: Busy Bee

anonymous asked:  Woozi angst with a happy ending? Thank you!

Summary: a moderately long scenario feat. composer Jihun

You couldn’t help but wonder where it all went wrong. Was it something you did? He was never around to give you the answers, so you could only assume. Or ask someone else.

“Does Jihun ever talk about me?” You asked the tall boy one day.

“When he’s not busy, sure.” Seungcheol said. You frowned.

“But he’s always busy.” You said and he shrugged.

“Not all the time. This burst of busyness is new. He’s never been like this before.” Seungcheol said, looking over at the door that had been shut for three days straight. Sure, Jihun had spent days alone in his studio before, but never had he spent three days in a row without speaking to anyone.

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that former boy hater tenko is dead. couldn’t care less…
but dangan ronpa me is dead noooo

(reposting as I wrongly assumed that tenko was a feminist. someone on yt said she was? oh and I can’t speak japanese shut up)

(EDIT 2: so tenko’s character does develop throughout. I guess it was all because of kaede’s death. totally misunderstood her 😅 thanks to @brambleberrie for explaining via pm)

Soundtrack under thoughtsMeg Myers – Desire

What the hell is happening… 0.0  It’s getting hot.

I have the feeling that in their heads going on the hard sex. I feel like heating up the air between them. In this pair there is something crazy, pure passion, an unquenchable desire. 

I think Jungkook likes the way Yoongi speaks, moves, feels. This attraction is difficult to describe, it is born simply because it is deep under the skin. Yoongi likes the way Kookie responds on him and worships. Before his eyes he grew from a little boy in man whose impossible not to want. * Time to reap the rewards*

Their desire is like a powerful element. I assume, that Kookie a priori  like people older than him because he wants to feel safe and to gain experience. And Yoongi can give him all of this and more…     

Jasico ‘we take the same elevator every day and due to a misunderstanding I assumed you didn’t speak english and I’ve been talking to my friend about how hot you are for three weeks and apparently my friend has known from the start but you agreed not to tell me bc you both think its hilarious what the fuck’ au


There he was again. The same curly black hair and dark, almost black eyes. The boy’s hands were in the pockets of his aviator jacket. I still wasn’t quite sure why or how he was able to get into the building. After all, this was a place of high-fly cooperate business and this kid looked to be a teenager. A too skinny but still beautiful teen but still.

 I held the door as Percy rushed in, tie crooked again. “Thanks Jace, I owe you.” The doors closed with a ding as I swiped my security card and punched in the 34th floor for myself and Percy. “Triton said if I’m late again he’s cutting my workday short to dock my pay.” I saw the boy push the button for the 40th floor.

“Owch.” I replied in sympathy. Percy was chronically late due to him sleeping too late. Especially if his fiancé Annabeth was over. Percy’s sea green eyes darted to the younger boy and back at me, a grin plastered on his face. “Oh shut up Perce!”

“I’ve said nothing.” was the sing-song reply.

“It’s not my fault he has the cheekbones of a model and hair that looks so soft it should be freaking illegal.” I muttered tersely. “Besides, he can’t understand me AND he’s probably a minor. I refuse to be a cradle robber no matter how bad I want to pin him to the elevator wall sometimes.”

“Aww, that all?” Percy teased.

I sighed in frustration. “How the crap can a teenager have such smooth-looking skin?! I mean, shouldn’t he have zits or something like everyone else? It’s like he’s one of those gorgeous gothic statues come to life it’s not fair.” I noticed out of the corner of my eye the boy shuffling uncomfortably as my voice had gotten louder. I winced. “Oops, too loud. Now he’ll think I’m angry. Or some crazy person.”

“But you ARE a crazy person Jason.” Percy laughed. “Oh my God if you knew…”

“What? Tell me!” I pushed, gaze boring into Percy. “I swear if you’ve been recording my stupid love-struck rants…”

“More like he didn’t tell you I could speak English.” a new voice piped up quietly. I turned around and saw the teenager looking at me. “He thought it was too funny so I played along.” I felt my face heat up.

“W-wait… you mean…”

“I can speak English. Fluently in fact.” He smirked then and I swear my heart skipped a beat. “Though Italian was my first language.”

Percy burst out laughing, clutching his side. “Oh my GOD Jay these have been the best three weeks of my life, just so you know.”

“You KNEW?!”

“Dude! We’re been friends and next door neighbors since we were kids!” Percy snorted. “Of course I knew.”

I turned back to the teenager. “But wait… how are you able to access the building?”

“Aidonus is my father.” Aidonus. One of the three founders of the Olympia Company alongside my own father Jupiter and Percy’s dad Poseidon. I felt the blood rush from my face.


“I’m Nico.” He held out his hand to shake. I took it and felt smooth yet cool hands. “And I’m not a teenager; I’m 20.” He was only 4 years my junior.

“Um… I wouldn’t suppose I could take you out for coffee as an apology?”

“I prefer tea; Americans can’t make coffee for shit.” He let go of my hand. “And it’s a date Jason Grace.” The elevator dinged and Percy pulled me out as I was too stunned.

“He’ll pick you up at seven Neeks!” Percy called over his shoulder as the elevator doors closed.

 “I’m going to kill you Jackson.” I growled at Percy, finally snapping out of my stunned stooper.

“Yo man, I got you a coffee date. Well… tea date but whatever. You owe me lunch, not a punch.”

I Choose You: Part 23

“Well, I assume you’ve both enjoyed being reunited,” The boy said with a smirk, “It’s too bad neither of you can move.”

You snorted, and earned a warning glare from Pan. You cleared your throat, and before you could speak Pan cut you off.

“If we could move, you idiot, I wouldn’t be here,” He began, allowing a menacing, vengeful and quite scary look appear on his face, “And believe me, you would be dead.”

The boy laughed, obviously enjoying the fact that Pan was powerless. Of course, his assumptions were false, and you knew that it was taking all that Peter had not to rip that boy’s head off. The boy turned to you, and bent down. He moved his hands toward the rope, and you felt your heart beat quicken in an instant. Peter watched, a curious and slightly worried look on his face. 

“Well, looks like someone tried to get herself lose”, the boy said, standing back up, “Why don’t you come with me, then? Since you’re so eager to get out.”

You looked up at him worried, “I wasn’t trying- ”

He cut you off, grabbing you at your throat. You felt as though your throat had suddenly closed up, feeling pain that caused your hands to grasp at his to let you go. “Do you think we’re stupid?” The boy asked.

He released you, and you faltered slightly, coughing and trying to regain your composure. You massaged your throat lightly, giving Pan a look to let him know you were okay.

“What does any of this have to do with me?” Pan asked, annoyed and angry.
The boy laughed, “Everything has to do with you, boss.”

You could see Peter grit his teeth, as the boy grabbed your arm and directed you outside. Peter winked at you, letting you know that whatever you were being led to, he wouldn’t be far behind. 

There were about six other boys around you when you were led out, and each one of them had the same angry smirk. You wondered how they could possibly think they would win against Pan, and you thought about Felix, who was probably out in the woods somewhere trying to find you both. 

“Well, I guess Pan was a bit enthusiastic about his big saviour, am I right boys?” One of the boys said. 

You raised your eyebrow, not wanting to let them intimidate you, “Saviour?”
“He claimed he had someone stronger than him that would come save him. We assumed it was you, and not one of his useless lost boys.” He answered.

You grinned, amused, “Weren’t you one of those useless lost boys before?”
He took a step towards you, raising his weapon at you, “Watch it, I’m the one that’s armed here, remember?”

You looked him in the eye, “I’m not scared of any of you. You’re just a bunch of angry boys who don’t know who they’re dealing with.”

“This again?” He said, “You really think Peter Pan can defeat us while he’s tied up and powerless? Haven’t you seen what we’ve done to him? Blood suits him, don’t you think?”

You rolled your eyes, “If you think that’s going to make me beg and cry for our freedom then you’re mistaken. When you lose, I’ll make sure to remind you of how absolutely idiotic you all are.”

He smirked, walking closer to you. Without warning, his hand came in contact with your face. Things had happened so quickly that you hadn’t even been prepared for the hit. You could taste blood in your mouth, and your hand immediately went to your cheek. You were surprised when you saw blood on your hand, realizing that he had hit you hard enough that you had a small cut.

You wanted to fight back, but you saw that behind the boys, some of the lost boys had arrived. They were standing behind them, quietly, ready to attack. You wondered what they were waiting for, and you understood quickly as Pan, still bruised and injured, emerged from where he was tied followed by Felix.
You smiled, despite the searing pain. 

The boy who had hit you looked at you as if you were crazy, “What the hell are you smiling about? You want me to hit you again?”

“Well, what do you know!” Pan spoke, loudly and smugly, “You really are as stupid as you look.”

The boys turned towards Pan, and although you couldn’t see their faces anymore, you could tell that they were terrified. Their weapons dropped to the floor, and all of their confidence vanished. 

“Well boys,” Pan said, “While I enjoyed my stay here, I think it’s about time you pay for what you’ve done.” 

“Peter…” You said, walking towards him, “May I have a word with you?”

He looked at you questioningly, “Right now?”

You nodded, “Felix, tie these idiots up and make sure you all have them secure.”

Felix smirked, not being used to getting orders from anyone but Pan. Felix looked over at Pan who just shrugged. 

“What is it?” Peter asked as everyone walked away to do what you’d asked.

“You can’t kill them.” You said simply.

Peter looked at you incredulously, “That’s ridiculous.”

“Peter!” You said, “The reason these boys tried to kill you is because of who you are. You told me yourself that you’ve done terrible things.”

“These boys tried to kill me,” He said angry, “And they hurt you!”

“Yes,” You said, “But killing them will make you just like them.”

He sighed, “What do you want me to do with them?”

“Send them away,” You said, “Send them back home to where they came from.”

“You mean, send them away to a place where they were even more miserable then they were here?” He said, smirking.

You nodded, trying not to smile, “There’s an idea.”

His hand moved to your cheek, brushing your cut slightly. His eyes grew concerned.

“I’m okay.” You said. 

He smiled, “I know. And apparently, you’re even more twisted than I am.”

You laughed, “Come on, let’s go back to your camp so that I can check your wounds.”

“Check my wounds?” He asked, “Don’t you think I can take care of myself?”

You rolled your eyes, “Yes, I do.”

You took his hand, and directed the both of you towards Felix who was waiting with the tied boys. The lost boys were standing around them, making sure they couldn’t escape. You led the way with Pan, both of you still holding hands. 

“But Peter?” You said, finishing your earlier thought. He glanced over at you waiting for you to speak, “You don’t have to do this on your own anymore.”

Pan didn’t answer, but the small smile on his face spoke loudly enough for you. Felix snorted in the back, “Well this is going to be interesting.”


AN: I know, it’s been forever. Please forgive me. And no, it’s not over. :) 

Technically speaking, no one in the Avengers has a Secret Identity™, at least, not in the traditional Clark Kent/Superman model - mild-mannered reporter by day; alien superhero after a quick phone booth change.

Tony pretty much considered that for all of thirty seconds until the infamous “I AM Iron Man” press conference. 

Natasha has multiple Secret Identities™ but they’re only really assumed at need for spy missions in which Natasha will inevitably kick ass and be awesome. 

(Clint is NOT a Bond Boy, thank you.)

Also, nobody is going to mention the Secret Barton Family or Doom Will Befall Them.  So Clint, technically has a Secret Family, not a Secret Identity.

At this point, everyone knows that you’re not supposed to make Dr. Bruce Banner angry.  Really.  Just don’t.

Thor needs no Secret Identity. 

For the newer Avengers - everyone also knew the names of ex-paratrooper Sam Wilson, Colonel James Rhodes, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff and Vision. 

Which, of course, left everyone’s favorite Super Soldier Boyfriends.

So, the Secret Identity Thing really came off from a conversation between Natasha and Bucky, because Bucky maintained that Steve had an excellent poker face and knew how to lie if he had to.

“Look, idiot punk here lied several times to get enlisted.  Pretended he was from fucking Paramus the last time, God help us.  Would’ve gotten away with it too, if he didn’t have too many health problems to begin with.”

“I got four words for you, Barnes.  Honeymoon. In. New. Jersey.”

“He does better at lying when he’s got his whole story sorted out!”

“So basically, you’re telling me that Captain America can do undercover work.  With a complete back story and everything.

"Shit, yeah, he can.  The two of us played at honeymooners.  In Austria.  Nobody had a clue he was really a fella underneath those skirts… and he looked really good in ‘em too.

"That’s it.  Rogers, I’m gonna send you undercover.  You’re going to build a secret identity, the works.”

“Don’t I get a say in this?” Steve said plaintively.

“No,” was Bucky and Natasha’s response.

And that was how “Chris Evans” became an art student at a certain New York University, roommate to Peter Parker, a great-grandson of Jim Morita. 

“Chris” was dragged into the theater group by Petey’s friend Mary Jane and it was COMPLETELY BY ACCIDENT that he got cast in the new Captain America movie that Marvel Studios was going to produce.

—  I may be expanding on that NOPE NOT RPF ‘verse I have in this here Blanket Fort….

Everyone is on about how amazing the opening is but I can’‘t begin to emphasize how disappointing it is? I think anyone that doesn’t know Riley is the main character will easily assume M*ya is from the opening, since after all she is the one kissed by the two boys, she’s also the one that kisses Topanga, who btw is Riley’s mother and it seems that all the focus is on her, so where does Riley fit into all this? Just M*ya’s sidekick? If that’s the direction the show is taking, then I’m quitting it.


** Justin Bieber Imagine for @imabieberfan4ever **

{ Contains Mature Language }


School wasn’t exactly a joyride for you. You did everything you were supposed to do and that was it. Yet, people were always teasing you for being you. You would always come home upset because of the cruel people at school. During lunch one day while you were minding you own business wait for you friend to come to lunch a guy came up to you. He had been teasing you since middle school and it still hadn’t stopped.  He started calling you names like “ whore, loner, nerd, and bitch” . He had all this anger because you rejected him in middle. While he spewed insult you heard someone from behind you.  You assumed it was your friend but was Justin. You hadn’t talked before but that was only because he was so popular.

“ Don’t speak to her like that, man.” He said seriously

“ I’m Just telling it like it is chill..”  the boy shrugged

“ No, you’re being a dick. Leave her alone. “  Justin started to get angry

“ What ever , man. I’ll leave her alone .. she ain’t even worth it. “  he walked off

Justin turned to you and looked you in the eyes “ Are you okay? You don’t deserve that.” 

You could see how sincere he was.  You couldn’t even speak so you nodded.

“ He’s such an ass. “ He said obviously still fuming

You spoke up “ Thank you.” 

“No problem. No girl should be disrespected like that. What’s your name, sweetheart? “ He grinned

“ Y/N.” you said softly

“ Well, Nice to meet you. If he gives you any problems let me know.” he said putting his hand gently on your shoulder.

“I will.” You looked down

He began walking away then stopped and said “You should come sit with me sometime. “

You nodded and smiled.


I really want there to be an episode where they incorporate the fact that Marinette is half-Chinese (assuming she can speak the language as well) and that Adrien can speak Chinese.

Like Mari could be talking with her mom, and her mom (not knowing Adrien can understand) could be all “Hey isn’t that that cute boy who you have a ton of pictures of in your room” 

Or an episode where Chat and Ladybug are fighting an akuma and they have to speak the language and are surprised that the other can understand it.

I just really want them to incorporate that somehow into an episode

A Message To All DirkJake Shippers

i love u all. dirkjake is great. u are great. keep on shipping them boys. 

Write those fanfics. Draw them however you want. I wanna see the boys in fluffy moments, I wanna see the boys in angsty moments, I wanna see the boys doubting themselves and projecting their own issues onto each other and then I want to see what canon never gave us, the boys talking to each other honestly and sincerely about what they both did wrong and working through it. I want to see the boys relying on their friends to check them instead of isolating themselves, and relying on each other to speak up instead of stewing and assuming the worst about themselves. I want to see them recognize the mistakes they’ve made and choose to be better people, choose to let themselves make each other better. 

Most of all I just want to see all the nuances and difficulties of conducting a relationship ostensibly between an extreme introvert and an extreme extrovert and I never want y’all to be shamed out of loving these boys with all their issues because some fucking people on tumblr can’t keep their shiphate out of our shiptags. 

BTS Reactions #1

Hello~ Nice to meet you all ^^ I just had some inspiration to do that so here is it. 

“How would BTS react to you answering in Korean when they speak to you in English ? (They didn’t know that you could speak Korean)”

  • Plot : You just met the guys and they wanted to introduce themselves to you. Assuming that a lil’ foreign girl like you couldn’t possibly know a word in Korean, the boys were decided to do their best in English to “help you”.

Jin : “Hi, nice to meet you.” When you introduced yourself in Korean with a pretty good accent, his jaw dropped and it takes him a minute to come back. He was really shocked and you could see that he was blushing a bit.

“Well, you speak a better Korean than my English….”

Suga : “Hi~ Min Suga !” He was in one of his “hyper” moment when he suddenly raised his hand, shouting his name while coming in front of you by little jumps. You just said your name and noticed that his shoes were untied so you told him, all of it in a really good Korean. Not showing a single sign of surprise, he laughed out loud and put his arm around your shoulders.

“Oh yes ! Not speaking English anymore ! RapMon, beware, she might be smarter than you XD”

J-Hope : “Hey ! I’m your Hope…” Being childish, you just finished his signature sentence in Korean in his own place. You knew that showing-off wasn’t a very nice move but the face J-Hope made was really worth it. He almost fell while stepping back, eyes and mouth wide open. You gave him your hand and he shook it but with a suspicious look, to finally lift you in a hug because it was a really great surprise ^^

“You funny thing~”

Rap Monster : “Nice to meet you, I’m Bangtan’s leader, Rap Monster…..” RapMon’s introduction seemed to take forever and everyone was just wishing he could be less talkative in English. That’s why you interrupted him with a cute  "Understood oppa, what about we talk in Korean so everyone can join ?“ in Korean of course. 

He looked at speechless and for a minute you thought you just made a mistake but the others were cheering you so loud that you knew you spoke well. And with a wink, RapMon answered, a voice filled with interest : "Ok…girl…sounds good for me ;)”


Jimin** : “HelloI’m JiminDo you love Korea ?” That fluffy ball of sunshine was so proud of himself (and maybe afraid of doing a mistake) that his smile almost blinded you. You answered very nicely in Korean, and you could see his smile fade for a second, he looked a bit lost for a second like “WTF ? What’s this language ? Oh shit ! It’s my own language ? Really ?!” then his smile was back as he turned to face the others, giggling : “She speaks Korean so well ! How come ?!”

**V **: “Hello ^^ How are you ? Friend ?” You chuckled a bit seeing that he was doing his very best to speak with you, no matter how hard English was for him. He was so cute, you decided to make it easier and answered in Korean. What have you done ? He seemed suddenly really shy and an awkward silence began…Oh well, false alarm. He was probably good finally since he was already taking you somewhere else with a big shiny rectangular smile.

“We’re going to be really good friends ^-^”

JungKook : “Hello, my name is JungKook, I’m the youngest.” You replied calmly in Korean and you swear to God, you’ve never seen an Asian guy with such big eyes ! He looked at the members just the same way he would have looked at them if Apocalypse was right here. He went back to them and you could guess he wasn’t going to say anything else. You were a bit worried but the others smiled at you and gave him a “pat-pat” so you assumed that he was ok.

“Don’t worry, he’s fine. Our baby is just worried about having a rival for the gold~XD”

Done ! Don’t know if it’s good or not but well…

Anyway, gifs are not mine ^^

“Oh, we were worried our son might be autistic, but you [refuse to eat a lot of foods because they feel bad] too and you’re fine, so I guess there’s no need to speak to the doctor after all.”


Oh boy. So many ableist messages here.

Translation: “Oh, we were worried our son might be autistic, because autism is so bad and burdensome right?

But, you do similar traits and we don’t think you look or seem autistic! We are grasping at all straws here. I mean, no, we don’t know your medical history, and we are not experts on autism, and we have no idea what else you go through or how you are treated for actually being autistic, but we will assume you are not autistic anyway so we can hide from the horrible truth that our son might be autistic.

We think autism is an awful disease and believe in the stereotypical presentation of it.

Oh boy are we relieved. Now we can ignore all the traits our son presents and not get him an evaluation after all. So, now he can spend his life being mistreated and unaccommodated while not having a supportive community of people like him.”