and asks if she can get a pic with liam

anonymous asked:

I'm convinced when sofa and liam are out and we get these lq pics "fans" take of them, it's actually paddy taking them with his phone. He's always with them so when i don't see him im like ok he took that pic.... also dang why did u keep asking why sofa wasn't at the shows now we got her back on tour. U know they check ur blog jalyn!! Work ur magic so she can go away aha

ahahaha nice– headcanon accepted.

well i was expecting more sophiam though!! she goes to uni in birmingham so i was ready for a whole thing!! i got sophiafact shut down i think… they’re set to private and have deleted most of their recent posts. they didn’t even get today’s breaking vids and mall pic. ahahhaa.

so they gave us videos of liam looking like he was being arrested and a mall ho stroll. but also! gave us pics of sope supposedly there in puerto rico last year. you know… the vacation that liam and zayn had to fill each other in on…

but… is that even sope?

look at that hair length…that’s a BIG difference…