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  1. fluff. daveed. this is all i ask for. maybe a little smut?😏😏
  2. dom daveed SMuT pLS
  3. Diggs + smut = my request
  5. Daveed x reader where reader claims that she always has to fake orgasms when she’s with a guy and he says that he can change that and it ends it smuttttt

Word Count: 2711

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: SMUT and lots of it

“So a guy’s never made you come before?” Oak asked with his jaw hanging a bit open.

“Nope,” you said nonchalantly while scrolling through your Twitter mentions.

It was intermission of the second show of the day and you, Oak, Anthony, and Jasmine were all hanging out in Oak’s dressing room, talking about random topics. Now, the topic seemed to be focused on you because you had accidentally let the fact that you had never had a real orgasm during sex slip into the conversation.

“Ever?” Anthony pressed in disbelief, somehow not believing you.

“Never ever.” You confirmed, looking up to see all three pairs of eyes on you. “What?”

“Do you tell them what they’re doing wrong?” Jazzy asked.

“With the first couple of guys, yeah, but after a while, I just stopped because it wasn’t working anyway. I didn’t want to make them feel bad about themselves, so I just started faking orgasms every time. I just finish myself off after they go to clean up or something.” You shrugged.

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skystar720  asked:

Hey, Mama, what would the veterans and the 104th squad do if someone they were close to was depressed and suicidal? Sorry if this is a hard question.

Mikasa: Try to let the person know she’s always there for them and she loves them
Reiner: Hold their hand, look them in the eyes and say ‘It’s gonna be okay’
Bertholdt: ‘Please don’t kill yourself! You’re very important!’ wouldn’t really know much else to say
Annie: secretly do something nice for that person every day, like leaving flowers for them or their favorite sweets, so they can cheer up a bit
Eren: Give them a speech about how important they are for this world and how beautiful they are, then hug them to pieces
Jean: ‘Man, dude, no! You’re amazing! If you need anything let me know, really, I’m here for you, man!’ secretly overwhelmed, but would give a lot to help
Marco: Sit down with them and have a super long talk about what they can do to make them feel better in the long run, like what has to change
Sasha: Doesn’t really know what to do, but would tell them, next time they feel really down they should just come to her so she can take their mind off things
Connie: Would ask the person if they wanna move in with him for a while so they don’t feel lonely
Historia: Would look up a therapist for them and go there with them and help them do stuff, like cleaning up or whatever needs to be done
Armin: Would actually propose pretty therapeutic measurements so the person can feel better
Ymir: Speech about how they shouldn’t let themselves down and need to do shit
Levi: Ruffle their hair and go look after them as often as possible, to make sure they’re okay
Hanji: Gives them a speech how important to humanity they are
Erwin: Helps them out with things they need help with and doesn’t bother them with all the talk stuff, because he knows they know life’s gonna get better
Nanaba: Offers to make them feel good with delcious food and cuddles whenever they need it
Mike: Draws them a book with the good things in life
Moblit: Offers to go out with them whenever they like and talk it out over a drink or two

Additional to that all of them would ask them to see a doctor! 

Promptis Celeb AU, pt 10~

Previous parts: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

[Ao3 link]

(been sitting on this update a while, wanted to get it out before d23… see ya all later~) 

Did time always fly by so quickly? Prompto honestly can’t remember. There’s a distinct line in his life, and he can very easily separate things into pre-Noctis and now. Life on the ‘now’ side is so much better. Prompto’s busy, of course, with the usual. Work, and school, his visits to his uncle’s, and trying to work around Noct’s schedule. It hasn’t been easy, and lately, it’s been damn near impossible.

Before Prompto knows it, it’s the day before this fancy work event of Noct’s. He’s staring at his phone calendar, at the alert that he’s set for it. Prompto doesn’t want to admit that he’s nervous about it, but, well, he’s nervous about everything. At least everything where he’s gonna be the center of attention. And even though Prompto’s planning on sticking close to Noctis and smiling and nodding and maybe getting drunk. Or, well, maybe not the drunk part, because that doesn’t seem like a particularly good coping mechanism. Not to mention that Cor would be disappointed with him about that.

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gameoffish  asked:

I love your writing so much! If you don't mind, could you do (romanced & non) companions reacting to Sole, grimy and bloody after a fight, finding a clean pond or stream & stripping right down to bathe themselves with absolutely no shame. Bonus points if they have some really painful looking scars or something.

Thank you dear! It’s so nice to hear that some people do appreciate my work, I’ll try and keep it up! 

Cait: She keeps out of sight. “Holy shite” she mumbles, keeping her eyes fixed on Sole’s blood-covered and grimy back as they began to wash themselves. Cait had no shame in watching their muscles, now drenched in water, flexing to remove the dirt from them. What a sight.

Romanced!Cait: “Hey, beautiful, taking a dip?” she asks, folding her arms with a smug grin. They quickly turn their head to look at Cait in shock. “Mind if I join ya?”

Curie: Sole was really going to clean themselves up? Here? The water may be clean but what if something was to sneak up on them and launch a surprise attack? “E-Excuse me.. Sole?” she stammers out, shuffling towards the edge of the pond. They look around in shock and tell her to get away.

Romanced!Curie: “What are you doing?” she asks, “You might get hurt!”
They turn around in surprise, covering themselves. After a while and when the awkwardness calms, Sole asks if Curie wants to join them with a wink.

Paladin Danse: He innocently stumbles on the scene and pauses dead in his tracks as he stares on at their body. He wants to look away but something isn’t letting him do so. He realizes that his actions are very unprofessional and he clears his throat before walking away.

Romanced!Paladin Danse: “Uhm, Soldier, you do realize that this isn’t the safest place to cleanse yourself? You should head back to the Prydwen.” Sole notices Danse at the edge of the pond and splashes some water towards him. “Come help me Paladin..” they mutter, looking into his eyes with everything exposed.

Deacon: “Okay, Boss, this probably wasn’t the best place to stop off but… I’m coming to join you” he says, wading into the pond, the water coming up to his waist. He grins and waves to Sole as they cover themselves. “Deacon! This is meant to be private! Go away.”

Romanced!Deacon: Deacon comes into the pond and surprises them by wrapping his arms around their bare waist. “Guess who?” he whispers into their ears. Sole grins and rests their hands on his. “Want some help babe?”

MacCready: He’s walking around, trying to find Sole and he stumbles across a clearing - Where Sole is washing themselves in some sort of pond. Immediately knowing he was treading on ground he shouldn’t, he turns to walk away but he looks over at his shoulder at them. Damn, when did they become so hot?

Romanced!MacCready: “No way, I ain’t going in there. It’s too cold.” MacCready complains with a small huff at the end of his sentence, folding his arms. Sole laughs and rolls their eyes before walking over to the side of the pond and pulling him in. “Hey!” he shouts as he drops his hat in the water. “Great…”

Hancock: Hancock finds Sole, drenched from head to foot and covered in blood and scars on their back. Some of that shit looked like it hurt a hell of a ton. He crouches down to avoid being seen and watches for a while as Sole cleans themselves, singing a small tune. He quickly, however, becomes uncomfortable and he has to leave. 

Romanced!Hancock: “Ouch trouble, you look like you’ve been hurt real bad…” Hancock says, suddenly appearing beside Sole in the pond. “Hancock,” they breathe out, “Where’d you come from? I didn’t see you come in”
He places a finger to his lips and shushes them, before proceeding to help them wash themselves. “Don’t worry about it…”

Preston Garvey: “General? General…” he shouts into the wilderness, looking for Sole. Where the hell were they. He calls again before stumbling upon a clearing in the woods, with a pond in the center. It looked pretty clean. In the middle of the pond stood Sole, drenched in grime and blood, cleaning themselves off. Preston mumbles an “Oh man..” and he turns and walks away. Yeah, it was best not to bother them.

Romanced!Preston Garvey: He couldn’t believe Sole dragged him into this pond, it was absolutely freezing. “Why couldn’t you have just waited until we were back home?”

Piper: When she sees Sole in the pond she quickly hides behind a tree, trying to remain hidden. Did they see her? Oh god. She really, really didn’t want to invade their space. Cautiously, she peers around the trunk and checks to see she wasn’t just imagining things before resuming her hidden position. Okay, she just had to wait until they left, easy peasy.

Romanced!Piper: “Hey Blue, uh, you sure they’re isn’t any prying eyes around?” she asks, stepping close to the edge of the water. Sole looks around, not expecting Piper to be anywhere near them and covers themselves. “Don’t look at me” they mutter, trying their best to hide their wounds. Piper immediately starts fretting and wades into the water much to her discomfort so that she can clean the cuts in case of infection.

Nick Valentine: As soon as the fight finished he knew that Sole needed to take a break, the only thing was that Nick had no clue where they disappeared to. He takes a quick look around before hearing them singing. He follows the sound of their voice before he comes to a pond (Which he had to point out was very clean despite the usual filth of The Commonwealth) where he sees them bathing. Their body seemed dirty and bloody and he was pretty sure he could see some open wounds. Nick leaves to give them privacy and hopes they aren’t too badly hurt.

Romanced!Nick Valentine: He follows Sole straight after the battle and asks if they are okay. He says that it’s best that he doesn’t get in the water, it could affect him. They go into the river and Nick lights a cigarette, watching on as they wash themselves, making sure that they took extra time to look good. After they come back out and they get dressed again, Nick gives them a kiss and they go to the nearest doctor to get Sole patched up.

Strong: Strong folds his arms and watches as Sole washes themselves. “Human is wasting time! Strong want to do more fighting!” 
Sole almost jumps out of their skin at the sound of Strong’s voice and shouts at him to go away. He trundles off into the woods in a bad mood.

Romanced!Strong: “Nuh uh, Strong no like water…” Strong says, closing his eyes as he folds his arms to prevent Sole from dragging him in. Sole convinces him to have a go and he only stands in the most shallow part of the pond. Strong notices the wounds on Sole and asks if they are okay. “Human is hurt, but Strong will find someone to help. Do not worry.”

X6-88: When Sole goes missing X6 goes on a hunt for them and surveys the surrounding area, looking for any signs of where they could have gone. He could’ve sworn they were here five seconds ago. X6 finds them in a pond, stark naked and covered in wounds from the previous battle. He clears his throat and grabs their attention. “When you are finished, we have some important business to attend to, so please do hurry up.” he says simply.

Romanced!X6-88: When he finds Sole at the pond, he offers to help clean the wounds, in case of increased infection. For a couple of moments it does get a bit hot despite the freezing temperature of the water they were standing in. But X6 finishes cleaning them before giving them a short kiss as extra medicine. 

anonymous asked:

While searching through wreckage of a recent war site, Hanzo/McCree/Lucio find a person who begs them not to bring them to a medical place. The stranger somehow persuades them to just go to their home and as they clean up, the man sees that they have huge bird/bat wings and the person has become almost fully healed from being injured in a matter of hours! Thanks! {Angel Anon}

(Oh hello again, Angel Anon~ So nice to hear from you! This kind of sounds like an OC idea? Are you planning an Angel OC? I can totally help match them for you if you want. This one turned out to be pretty long, though, so I put it under the cut.)

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A lovers’ quarrel

Originally posted by kimthwriter

you and Hoseok had been in a constant fight for a few weeks. Just non-stop arguing about the smallest things. It started because for two weeks straight because you had to clean up after him and the other boys when they came over. He used to make them clean up after themselves; but he just let them make themselves at home now.

It wasn’t that you didn’t love when the boys come over, it was always so much fun; but They would trash the apartment and Hoseok would just let you clean up the mess.

It was annoying and you wanted him to do better; it was all you asked him to do, was make sure the boys didn’t make a mess and he blew up

He was pissed and said you were being too controlling.

It made you angrier so it ended up being an even bigger problem. Hoseok left in the middle of the argument. He was staying at seokjin house for two weeks. Every Time you’d call him or text him it would start another argument.  

You couldn’t make up; because he was being so aggravating.  

“Hoseok, are you coming home?” you’d ask him, every day and he either wouldn’t answer or he would start an argument,

“Are you going to stop nagging me about every mess?” he would start and then it would go from there.

He got you so heated and then he would stop responding to your texts. You loved him to death; but you could choke his ass.

When your birthday came around, Hoseok didn’t say a word to you.

It made you angrier

You went out to the club with your friends. Well actually they dragged you out.

You were pouting in bed, watching forensic files, in your pajamas, and eating ice cream. They some how broke into your house, and dressed you and dragged you out to a club.

You couldn’t help but think of hoseok. Part of you was pissed off and the other part of you was sad, because he was so mad he forgot your birthday.

You downed 3 or 4 drinks; before you decided you wanted to go home. Since your friends were partying on the dance floor you slipped out of the club and took a cab home.

When you managed to open your door, your feet were bombarded with balloons. You turned the light, and the entire hall was filled with them. You giggled softly, probably because of the alcohol, you figured your friends had done it. Because they knew how much you loved balloons.


You picked one up and gently bounced it up and down in your hands as you slipped your shoes off. You let your jacket drop to the drop the ground and you softly hummed as you followed the trail of balloons. As you got to the entrance of the of the living room you smelled steak. You looked around and saw the entire room filled with balloons.

It was dimly lit by candles and standing in the middle of the room was hoseok.

 it smelled like steak and your favorite scented candles

He was holding mic, with a big smile he started sweetly singing happy birthday. You pouted as he walked near you.

 he gently handed you a small ring box. “whats this?” you asked.

“your engagement ring.” he smiled.

you looked baffled.

“y/nnnnnnnnn!!! Did you honestly believe i forgot my baby’s birthday?” he asked.

You nodded quickly, jumping into his open arms.

He fell back into the large pile of balloons that covered your couch.


He rolled you over on your back and happily kissed you.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist.


“I thought you were that mad at me.” you pulled away from his kiss, looking into his eyes.

He laughed and kissed your cheek. “Baby that was just a prank so that i could surprise you.”

You looked shocked at him “I’ve been setting this up for months. That’s why the boys became really messy.”

You smacked his shoulder, pouting. “I thought we were in a real in a fight.”

“I even had your friends take you out so I can set up your balloons” he said.

It made him laugh more because he really fooled you.

You hugged him tightly.

He gently kissed your neck, gently caressing your sides.

“I’m sorry baby” he kissed your neck slowly, moving his hands down to your thighs, gently squeezing them.

You ran your fingers through his hair slowly rolling your hips against him.

“Happy birthday baby girl” he said against your skin. His hands squeezing your ass.

It was sudden, and probably do to the alcohol you had a while before, but you wanted Hoseok so bad.

You let him hike up the skirt of your dress. You went to pull down his shorts but he pinned your hands over your head. “Nu-uh baby. Just be still and let me take care of you.” You bit your lip as you watched as he lifted up off your body and took off his shirt, slowly unbuttoning each button to tease you. You lifted your hips and ground them against him to urge him to hurry but he didn’t do so.

He took his time stripping off his shirt and shorts.

Just as you were marveling at his body he flipped you onto your stomach and started unzipping your dress slowly, also clearing the balloons so you could rest your head on the arm of the couch.

Two fingers slowly rubbed your clothes clit.

You let out a soft moan, arching your back and grinding on his fingers for more pressure and he gave it to you.

“Fuck I missed you. I almost gave up on my plan just to be close to you again” he said as he moved your panties aside.

He slipped to digits into your entrance. I louder moan left your lips.

You shut your eyes tightly embracing the pleasure he was giving you.

His fingers moved quickly, in and out of you.

You gripped the arm of the couch tightly. You threw your head back in pleasure, as he pounded his fingers into you.


Your eyes rolled back, he was sending you over the edge and it was just what you needed.


You very suddenly came, with a loud moan of Hoseok’s name.

Just ask quickly as his fingers left you, he filled you up with his cock.

He started moving his hips quickly, holding your tightly. Pulling your hips back as he pounded into you from behind.

His fingers massaged your clit and pinched your nipples.

It was like he was trying to drive you crazy.

So many sources of pleasure, you couldn’t handle it and you came again.

Hoseok’s hips gradually slowed down. He gripped your ass as he slowly pumped in and out of you.

You bit your lips softly in the pleasure as hoseok ground into you as he came.

You grabbed his hand  and held it tightly as he wrapped his arms around you and you each caught your breath.

And as you slowly drifted off to sleep you heard him softly singing, “happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you” into your ear.

Living in the Bunker....

- You would hate when Dean and Sam were away, the bunker was so empty and quiet without them constantly making noise.

-They love when they come home though, because you are always so glad to see them, and your smile cheers them up even when they are returning from a bad hunt.

-You are always the one who researches for them when they are on hunts. They really appreciate it too because you know where all the useful books are in the Bunker’s library.

-While you do hate when they are away, you also kind of like when they are away, but only because you can play whatever music you want in the bunker and not have to listen to the nagging of the boys.

Originally posted by frozen-delight

-You cataloged everything for the boys too, that way when you are away and they need information on a supernatural object or being they can just find the name and then a list of sources that would be useful, which they really appreciate.

-”Remind me when [Y/N] comes back, to tell her I am gonna make her a pie.”

-”The last time you tried that she got mad cause she had to clean up the kitchen after you.”

-You always make sure that the Dungeon is always prepared for surprise guest… 

-You are an expert at drawing all the symbols used in the supernatural world, even though you aren’t a hunter.

Originally posted by itssamforyou

-On the days off you always make sure to make the boys a good home-cooked meal, which the boys really love.

-You also make sure that the boys don’t overwork themselves, so when they call them, you always ask the ‘Mom questions’.

-”So did you boys eat today?” “Yes.” “Did you get at least four hours of sleep?” “Yes.” “Did you take a break to do something not work related?” “Yes Mommmmmmmmmm” “I am not your mother.” “Sureeeeee” “Shut up Dean.”

Originally posted by theres-no-gods-who-can-hear-you

-Dean made sure to buy you a memory foam mattress when you agreed to move in with them as a researcher.

-When Dean is home he always asks if you wanna listen to rock music with him, or help him do something with Baby.

-You make him a homemade pie about once a week, to return the favor he goes out and buys you whatever book he thought you would like.

-Sometimes late at night you will hear Dean having a nightmare, which results in you sneaking into his room and comforting him.

-There are nights that you find yourself sitting on his floor with him, he shows you all the old pictures of his childhood, and talk about his past. He really trusts you and you are one of the only people he fully trust with his feelings, and thoughts.

-You always make sure when you get stuff for the bunker from town that you have enough beer and whiskey for Dean. You go in there so often that the owner of the liquor store knows you by name.

Originally posted by brothersinsync

-You and Sam always binge watched tv/netflix shows when they got a day off.

-He is happy that he has someone to discuss literature with, you both have read all the same books so after one of you finishes a book the other has read you normally stay up all night discussing everything about the book.

-The most recent book was The Great Gatsby, which you have read a thousand times

- Just like Dean, if you hear Sam having a nightmare you will go in there and comfort him for as long as he needs.

- You support his rabbit food diet, always making sure that once a week you go get fresh vegetables for him to snack on, or that he has a premade smoothie to drink.

-You have both been unsuccessful at finding a good long term partner, so sometimes you will both talk about what it would be like to be in love with someone, or if you or Sam have just returned from a date or one night stand, you will both discuss it with each other. You have also made a pact with each other that if you are both single and alive at the age of 40 you are both going to Vegas and getting married. 

Originally posted by supernatural-imagine-fanfiction

-Kevin loved having you in the Bunker, you were the only one who didn’t pressure him constantly about translating the tablets.

- You always made him a PBJ sandwich when you could tell he was getting stressed, and if he was extra frustrated you would get him a cup of tea. 

-When it was just the two of you in the bunker, it was his favorite time cause you would just sit yourself at his table and read silently, only talking when you were acting like a mom with him.

- “So do you wanna go out to the diner for lunch, promise I won’t tell the principal and superintendent?”

- When he died you tried to push Sam away from him, but he threw you against the pillar.

- You were the one who figured out that he was haunting the bunker, and when you reunited him with his mother you cried.

Originally posted by frozen-delight

-Castiel likes having you around, mostly because you make sure the boys are always okay, which he can’t always did.

-You were the one who made Cas a room in the bunker, which made him smile

-”Hey FeatherAss, wanna come in here and use your angel mojo to cook this pie?”

-”That is not how this works.”

-”Then can you at least peel these Apples for your boyfriend’s pie.”

-Always teasing Cas about his profound bond with Dean.

-He appreciates when you make him a plate at dinner, and even though it just tastes like molecules to him he still eats whatever you make for dinner.

-He once walked in and handed you a book, turns out it was a original copy of The String of Pearls.

Originally posted by stayclassysupernatural

-As much as you are supposed to hate Crowley, you always bring him a glass of whiskey when he is in the dungeon.

-He has nicknamed you Blue Jay, none of you can figure out why, but you have nicknamed him pain in the ass.

-He knows that when you are around the Winchesters will see that his plans aren’t that horrible, but that is just because you tell Dean and Sam why,

-You tried to save him from Rowena’s attack dog curse, but it didn’t work out as you planned (Cas apologized for a month for throwing you against the wall).

Originally posted by deanisaved

-you loved living in the bunker.

anonymous asked:

May I get a comfort ask? With shinsou please. Maybe cheering up his partner after a long day at their work.

Yes, of course, anon. I hope you’ve had an okay day, and if not, I hope this makes it a little better *hugs*

As soon as they walked through the door, Shinsou knew. He got off the couch and went to meet them at the genkan, taking their hand as they slipped their shoes off and stepped into the house. It was evident in the way they carried themselves that they were worn out, that it had been another long, bothersome day at their workplace.

He pulled his lover along to their bedroom and down onto their bed, then allowed them to wrap themselves around him.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Shinsou asked.

“If it’s alright with you, yes.” They answered.

As they began to talk about their day, Shinsou ran his fingers through their hair and listened attentively, responding to what they said every now and then; they’d been berated by their boss over something that wasn’t their fault after a coworker threw them under the bus, someone had broken the coffee machine in the break room and gotten glass everywhere, a toilet in the bathroom had broken and they ended up having to clean it up, it had been a busy day and they’d had no backup to help them with their workload.

Once they’d gotten everything out, Shinsou gave them a kiss and grabbed a book of menus out of the nightstand’s top drawer.

“Pick anything you want.” Shinsou told them, handing them the book, “You can order as much of whatever it is you want, you deserve it tonight.”

“You mean I don’t deserve it every night?” They joked, looking at him and smiling softly.

“You always deserve it, but especially tonight.” Shinsou responded as they opened the book, “Unless you want me to make something for you instead.”

“I think it’s a takeout kind of night, we eat too healthily most of the time.” They said, their laughter shaking him.

As they looked over the various menus they’d collected since they began seeing each other, Shinsou continued to play with their hair, and give them gentle kisses on their cheek. When they decided what they wanted, Shinsou called the restaurant and placed the order, and the two of them stayed together in bed until the delivery person arrived with their dinner.

Shinsou divided their food in the kitchen while his partner waited in bed for him, and then he brought dinner to them in bed on the one dinner tray they had in the house. They watched late night game shows while stuffing themselves full, and afterwards Shinsou did the dishes and allowed his partner to relax.

Once the tidying up was done, he drew a hot bath for them and ushered them into the bathroom. The two of them spent half an hour in the bath together, with Shinsou giving them a gentle massage in the hot water. They had been quite tense even after everything he’d already done for them, and he wanted to pamper them. He was going to make everything that had happened that day go away.

When they were both ready for bed, they got out of the bath and curled up together under the covers, with Shinsou holding them close and gently rubbing their back as they rested their head on his chest.

“Are you feeling better now?” He asked as he began to feel drowsy.

“You always know just what to do…” His partner answered, yawning and holding him tighter, “Thank you, Hitoshi…”

“You don’t need to thank me, it’s what I’m here for,” Shinsou responded, sighing, “I love you.”

He continued to gently rub their back until they fell asleep, after which he himself began to doze off.

anonymous asked:

Hi wondering if you'd do a-z with Sasuke? Like all of them teehee

Hiya Anons. Thanks for the alphabet asks about Sasuke.

A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

If the sex is with someone that he likes he would make sure that they were comfortable afterwards and would most likely clean them up if a mess was made. Or enjoy the view as his partner cleaned themselves up.

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

I always thought Sasuke’s favorite body part on himself would be his eyes since he’s probably proud to have the Rinnegan from Hagoromo. As for his partner’s I would say their hands. He would probably like the feeling of feminine hands on him.

C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)

I would imagine that he wouldn’t be that messy of a person to get it everywhere.

D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)

He has a thing for femininity. Just a bit of it and he’s over the edge.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

Sasuke wouldn’t be very experienced since he’s only really had one or two lovers although almost every girl his age would jump him no problem.

F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)

I could see his favorite position being something like doggy where he could nip and kiss at his partner’s neck and shoulders just to hear them moan.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

He really is quite serious in bed whether or not his partner would like it, although you could probably get a smile and a chuckle out of him if you really worked for it.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)

Sasuke would be well groomed for his partner. He really likes to keep up appearances even in the bedroom.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…) 

If he really likes his partner he would be more inclined to be romantic with them. If it’s just sex then it’s just sex and don’t expect anything extra.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)

He probably wouldn’t even on missions. It’s not that hard to find a partner out there. Although if he was already with someone he probably would since he would be loyal to them.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

Tying up his partner would be a kink for him although he would let them go if it got to be too much.

L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)

In the bedroom after starting on the couch.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

Sasuke would be turned on by his partner running their hands on his chest or just doing sexy little things to get him to notice them.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

Pretty much nothing will turn him off once he gets going. If he shows interest in you then it’s for a reason and he’s not likely to turn away.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

I could see him being equally willing to give and receive. His skill though wouldn’t be that good but he’ll learn what his partner likes eventually and keep going with that.

P = Pace (Are they fats and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

He would be fast and rough if he had no emotional connection with the person but slow and sensual if he did.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

He would be inclined to do a quickie after just getting back from a mission since his missions can take forever. He probably wouldn’t be inclined to do them otherwise.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

Sasuke would not be inclined to do any experimenting at first, being too shy and would rather learned what his partner liked first. After a little prompting from his partner he would start to open up and be more open to the prospect of experimentation.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

I always thought he would only last a single round of about 15 minutes (minus foreplay) before having to stop and rest. He would probably be up for multiple rounds though.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

If there’s any toys his partner would have to be the one to buy them and then he’d probably feel insulted and feel like he’s not doing his best to please them.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)

Sasuke loves to tease his partner. He loves the sight of them squirming under him.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

He wouldn’t be very loud but you would hear grunts and soft moans from him.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

He would be about average size. Nothing too special about him there.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

It would be about average although a little higher after a longer mission.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

He would make sure his partner was comfortable first and then probably drift off. His sleep though would be light, keeping an ear out in case his partner was moving around a lot. He would, at that point, probably snuggle up with them.

So Anons, I hope this was what you were looking for. I didn’t know what to put in for W so you’re going to loose out on a random headcannon but other than that, have fun reading.

Mod Liz, signing off.

Home Sweet Home? Part 1/5

Originally posted by marvelprincesspants

Warnings: None Yet

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Y/N - Your name, Y/F/N - Your Full Name

A/N - Reader is roommates with Nat and the twins move in with them. 

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5

Y/N was having the week from hell. She had just spent the last 36 hours in the lab trying to get the EMP burst to incorporate into the electric batons but only on command. An unwanted EMP burst could be deadly especially on the jet. She finally had a breakthrough and decided to head home for a nap and a shower. Nat had come by at some point during the night and let her know she was back from mission. Y/N had barely heard what Nat said. She thought that she reminded her of something but she couldn’t remember what it was now. She would have to ask her when she got home. Nat and Y/N shared a house and took care of each other. Nat makes sure Y/N eats and Y/N make sure Nat sleeps. It’s a good system. Maybe that was what she was reminding her to do, eat?  Y/N shut off the lights to her lab and headed out of Stark tower. She hailed a cab but before she got the chance to get into a cab, a courier came up to her.

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anonymous asked:

How about headcanons for the La Squadra boys with a s/o whose normally delicate and proper and lady like, but when push comes to shove, they turn into the most vicious, brutal little thing? And then after the fight's over, they go back to being their normal selves.

Alright, I’m gonna do an ask tonight! back from the dead kinda!

-Risotto isn’t as surprised as s/o thought he would be. Truly, he’s better at reading people than he receives credit for, and he had picked up on his s/o’s protective and intense nature over the course of their relationship. What did manage to get an eyebrow raise out of him was how savage they were during the attack. After the fight is over, Risotto will calmly offer to help them clean themselves up, maybe only making a slight comment to the tune of “that was quite a show”

- Prosciutto is more surprised than Risotto, but he does a pretty good job of hiding it. He had not picked up on this side of his s/o at all, but he is glad to see that when needed, they can handle themselves in a fight. When they’re done he casually asks whether or not this would be a one-time thing.

-Ghiaccio is almost short circuiting. He never ever saw this as something his sweet s/o could be capable of, and he can’t contain his alarm. He’s screaming almost as much as the person s/o is beating to a pulp. Of course, he’s not afraid, just shocked and berating himself for not noticing. After the fight, his s/o will have to try and get him to relax.

-Melone is relatively surprised, and he’s not very happy. He want’s to protect his s/o, and it’s hard to do that if this is how they react to being in a fight. Watching them, he gets very quiet and pensive. After the fight, he pulls his s/o close and tells them how much he loves them and how he doesn’t want them to be exposed to that kind of violence again.

-Pesci is very impressed with the drive and confidence that his s/o shows in this moment. He is very pleased that they are so capable and so ready to fight for what they think is right in a time of crisis. He roundly congratulates them after the fight.

-Formaggio would be lying if he didn’t say he felt a little bit threatened, he has to take some time to remember that their relationship isn’t a competition. He’s a little worried about his s/o’s blind rage and if that’s going to be a problem in the future. He doesnt say much after the fight, just giving his s/o a small smile and a wink.

woo im trying to get in the swing of things again

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Insert weird little heart 3 for the meme*

Send me a ღ and I’ll fill this out about a ship

For Gladiolus/Prompto aka Promptio or Glompto, thank you so much for asking me to do this pair, bae. You’re too good to me. XD Why do I ship this pairing too I suffer for this ship I am a multishipper so I suffer for all my ships yet I’m still willing to fill this out for every single one of them. I dare you all to ask me for any ship. Mind you I am not procrastinating, I am practicing my writing

  • Who’s the first to wake up in the morning: Gladiolus. He does this to get his morning workouts and protein shakes in before he starts the day.
  • Who’s the one to make breakfast: Gladiolus. He makes the best blueberry pancakes hands down, most of the time from scratch. He compliments a hearty stack with bacon and eggs too.
  • Who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed: Prompto. Though Gladiolus makes breakfast, Prompto would not want to get out of bed right away even at the sentinel’s threats there won’t be anything left for the gunslinger. So Prompto, roused from the smell of breakfast and not wanting to starve until lunch, hurries out of bed to the kitchen. For those times Prompto gets out of bed before Gladiolus, he would bring a bowl of sugary sweet cereal to Gladio in bed. The gesture always brings a smile to Gladio’s face every time.
  • Who would suggest a quickie in the morning before work: Gladiolus.
  • Who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day: Prompto. For those days that Gladio doesn’t need to work, but he intends on using those days off for exercise, Prompto has to be the one to force Gladio to lie down and not to lift a single finger. Prompto doesn’t force him to do this all the time but he reminds Gladio that it’s important to relax every once in a while.
  • Who chooses the movies: Prompto. Even if the movies were cheesy as fuck Gladiolus relents and watches the movies with him.
  • Who initiates kissing during the moving, thus distracting the other from the movie all together: Gladiolus. So that he won’t have to suffer watching through said movies.
  • Who orders lunch: Both of them. They have similar tastes so it’s easy.
  • Who steals food from the other’s plate without asking: They are both guilty of this. The “look over there” and “made you look” tactics they fall to gets them every time. But it is a pretty casual thing to swipe stuff off each other’s plates that they don’t even ask, “Babe, do you want my (food in question)?” They just take what they see. Gladio once took a ghost pepper and suffered the consequences. Prompto took a whole glob of butter that he mistook for mashed potatoes and suffered the consequences.
  • Who curls up next to the other and falls asleep due to a full tummy: Both are big eaters and after a full meal, Prompto would collapse on the floor, couch, or bed right next to Gladio, complaining about how he couldn’t take another bite or that he was going to explode. Gladio would jab him in the side, telling him to move over, saying, “Nobody forced you to take a third helping.” but Prompto was already gone in a food coma.
  • Who distracts the other from trying to work at home: Gladiolus. Prompto is tinkering on something and Gladio is distracting him and it works.
  • Who asks to go get ice cream like a five year old: Prompto.
  • Who takes pictures of their partner eating ice cream: Prompto. Of course, without Gladiolus’ permission.
  • Who makes a sexual joke about the dripping ice cream on their partner’s face: Gladiolus.
  • Who cooks dinner: Either Gladio fires up the grill or the two of them go see what Ignis had made. Prompto is also good at having take out on speed dial and cooking instant ramen and the couple both eat directly from the pot.
  • Who cleans up the kitchen afterwards: Ignis forces the both of them to clean up after themselves. The duo makes a even bigger mess.
  • Who stays up until 2 reading: Prompto. Gladiolus would wake up in the middle of the night and look under the sheets to find Prompto reading manga or a comic book by flashlight. He would ask why the blonde’s awake and the latter would put his finger to his lips and say, “Shh, I’m at the good part.” “Don’t you have any idea what time it is? Don’t be rude, bro.” Gladio would kick him before diving under a pillow.
  • Who stares at their partner while their sleeping: Prompto. When Gladiolus is the first to fall asleep, Prompto would run his fingers on his boyfriend’s face and brush his mane from the nape of his neck.
  • Who kisses their partner while they sleep: Gladiolus. He would gently peck his freckled chocobo. All the freckled areas, shoulders, torso, chest, and finally, his face.
The Little Tunnels - part 2

A/N: So I said I was going to do a part 2, but as I was writing something about the story changed and now I think there’s going to be at least a third part, but only if you guys want it.

Pairing: ClintxReader

Word Count: 2248

Warnings: None (if I’ve missed anything please let me know!)

part 1

“Did you find her?” Steve asks anxiously as Clint shuffles to the kitchen to get some coffee. Clint doesn’t answer and Steve starts to worry. “Well? Did you or didn’t you, Barton?”

“I can’t tell you.” He mumbles, lifting the mug to his mouth to muffle the sound even further.

“What?” Steve asks, his voice worried and slightly angry.

“I said I can’t tell you,” Clint repeats. Setting his mug down heavily on the table before dropping down into a chair. “And I’m not going to.”

“Why not?” Steve questions.

“Because I won’t betray her trust.”

“She belongs here and we need to bring her back.” Steve says, nearly slamming his fist on the metal surface of the table.

“She doesn’t feel like she belongs here though, Steve.” Clint refuses to be intimidated. He knows everyone’s been stressed and worried since (Y/N) left, and Steve is no exception. “She left because she felt like she wasn’t needed and that she wasn’t useful to the team.”

“Why would she think that?”

“Do you know how long she was a part of this team?”

“Ten months, why?”

“Do you know how much she did on missions?” Steve sits there quietly, brow furrowed. “Nothing, Steve. She did nothing.”

“That can’t be true. I remember when we were in germany six months ago she took out that Hydra soldier with the grenade launcher who was behind me.” Steve says, running a hand through his hair.

“She left the quinjet twice in the ten months she was with us. She went on probably 100 missions, and she only helped out twice.” Clint says, frustration seeping into his voice. “Banner hulked out more than she backed us up.”

“I never realized…”

“Neither did I, Cap, but it hit her hard. Harder than any of us could have ever known.” Clint rises from his seat, coffee in hand. “If we want her to come back, we have to be patient. We can’t force her into anything.”

Bruce, Natasha and Tony all wander into the room in a group. They look between Steve and Clint, somewhat confused. Natasha is the first to realize the development.

“You found her, didn’t you.” She says, her eyes lighting up.

“Nat…” Clint says softly.

“No, Clint, you found her. You found (Y/N), didn’t you?” She repeats.

“Wait,  did you?” Bruce asks. Clint doesn’t answer and Tony becomes frustrated.

“Spit it out, Barton. Do you, or don’t you know where she is?” Tony snaps.

“I do,” He answers. All of their shoulders seem to rise, like a weight’s been lifted. Clint doesn’t want to continue, to give back that weight, but he has to. He looks to Steve, who just shrugs in defeat, before opening his mouth again. “But we’re not going to go get her.”

“Why not?” Bruce asks, cautiously.

“She doesn’t want to come back.” Clint answers. “Not yet, at least.”

“Fine.” Tony says, running a hand over his weary face. “How do you wanna go about this?”

“I’m going to do this by myself.” Clint looks away from the group, taking a swig of his coffee, knowing the team wouldn’t like the idea. He was right as everyone around gasped quietly and nearly collectively. “What?”

“Are you sure you’re up for that, Barton?” Tony questions, cocking an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I am.” He says, nodding in response. “I mean, I… I-”

“We haven’t got all day, Clint, just say it already.” Natasha says, slight irritation slipping into her voice.

“I love her, okay?” He says, setting his mug down on the table. “I love, (Y/N), and there’s no way I’m going to chase her away. I know you guys want her back, but I can’t lose her again.”

His words are met with wide eyes from Steve, Tony and Bruce but Natasha just nods. She’d known how Clint felt about (Y/N) before even he did, but it wasn’t until now mthat he had admitted it to anyone. She would never admit it, but she’s proud of him.

-Readers POV-

Tonight was was a surprisingly slow one for a movie theater on a Friday. Usually there’s still hoards of people here at midnight, but not tonight for some reason. Regardless, I just keep on with my tasks for the night.

I finish up with the last person at the concessions stand and head empty the old popcorn from the machines, sweep up what’s fallen on the floor and mop up the various liquids from the counters and floor. I drag the boxes of candy back into the storeroom before grabbing a broom and rolling trash can and heading for the empty theaters. The sheer amount of garbage people leave behind after they’ve been asked for years by cinema’s everywhere to clean up after themselves is absolutely astounding. Within three minutes of being in theater thirteen I’ve gathered up a large tub of popcorn that’s still 75% full, four large soda’s that still probably have a quarter of their contents left in them and about twenty five unfinished boxes of candy, and that’s even before I sweep up. Do these people ever think about the fact that we employees have to clean up after them?

I grumble to myself as I clean the next six theaters, switch out my full trash can for an empty one and then move on to tidy up the next five. I have to wait for the last movie to let out before I can clean up the theater, so I just stand around outside, absentmindedly sweeping up the stray bits of candy and popcorn that have fallen from people’s clothing as they exit the theater.

As people trickle out, I weave my way through the crowd and into the viewing area and sigh loudly. The place looks like everyone collectively decided to empty their popcorn buckets onto the floor. Looking back at the teenagers who just left the ones who were smirking at me on my way in, I know that’s exactly what happened.

“Those little shits never have any respect for staff in places like this…” I growl angrily, beginning to sweep up the crumbling, greasy mess that is the massive piles of popcorn in the first third and seventh row. “It’s almost like they plan these stunts.”

“You want some help with that?” A familiar voice calls from the corridor leading to the entryway of the theater.

“What?” I whisper. No sooner had the word left my mouth when a dog comes trotting over to me, one eye gone and his tongue lolling out of his mouth. He looks up at me expectantly and I almost immediately recognize him. “Lucky?” I stoop down to scratch behind his ear. “What’re you doin’ here, buddy?”

“He came with me.” The owner of the voice that had previously spoken steps out from the shadows cast by the hallway. It’s Clint. I should have expected this much.

“I didn’t expect you to be back so soon.” I say, my voice even. I pat Lucky on the head a few times before rising and continuing my sweeping.

“When did you expect me to be back?” He asks, cocking an eyebrow.

“Well, I was hoping for never, but I guess I was overshooting.” I answer, not looking up at him. For a short while, neither of us speaks so I take the initiative to start the conversation again. “Why are you here, Clint?”

“What do you mean?” He asks, leaning on the corner of the wall.

“I mean why are you at my workplace? The movies are over.” I say, gesturing to the mess around me. “You could have just waited for me at my apartment. You already know how to get in.”

“Is a man not allowed to visit his friend at work?” He inquires, sarcastically clutching at his heart.

“You know how late it is, and I know that you know that you’re not just any man.” I retort.

“Oh? Then what sort of man am I?”

“You’re an Avenger, Clint.” I say, slamming my broom into the garbage can angrily. “You have to think about the good of the many, and not just what’s good for you. You have responsibilities, and you visiting me at this ungodly hour is not helping you uphold said responsibilities.” I stalk up to him and jab him in the chest with my finger. “You should be more concerned with the people out there than the one person in here. The people out there,” I say, gesturing towards the streets, the volume of my voice rising. “They’re the people who matter. They can’t take care of themselves. If you would focus on them and not on me it’ll be a hell of a lot easier for you guys to move on. Heaven knows it’ll be easier for me.”

“I don’t want to move on, (Y/N)!” Clint cries. “I don’t want to forget you, and don’t want to lose you again!” He places his hands on either side of my face, his eyes boring into mine. “Dammit, (Y/N), I love you. I love you. I can’t give up. Not when you’re right here, and I know you left because of me.”

“Y-you… you what?!” I cry, backing away from him slightly, incapable of believing the words that just came out of his mouth.

“I love you, (Y/F/N)(Y/L/N).” He repeats.

“I heard that,” I pull his hands from my face and back away even further. “What I don’t understand is why you said it.”

“Because I couldn’t stand you not knowing anymore,” He doesn’t move closer to me, sensing that I’m uncomfortable. “And you were right. Last time we talked you said that I didn’t realize what I had until it was gone, and you were right. I took you for granted.”

“Clint I-”

“I don’t care if you don’t feel the same.” He says, cutting me off. He runs a hand through his hair, not meeting my eyes. “I just couldn’t keep from telling you any longer. I just need you to know why I want you to come back. I don’t even care if you do come back to the tower because at this point I just need to know that I won’t lo-”

I cut him off, grabbing the collars of his shirt and jacket and pull him towards me, pressing my lips against his. He freezes up momentarily before one of his hands comes to rest on my waist and the other tangles into the hair at the base of my skull. He kisses me back gently, his lips moulding softly against mine. When I pull away he uses the hand he’s got at the back of my neck to gently pull my face back to his to rest his forehead against mine before letting out a shaky breath.

“You talk too much, Barton.” I say quietly, smoothing down his collars. “I mean, really, too much.”

“I-I…” He stutters, pulling back from me slightly to look me in the eyes. “What was that?”

“I love you too, dumbass.”

“Wait… what?”

“I feel the same way, Clint.” I roll my eyes, a small smile tugging at the corner of my mouth.

“How long?” he asks.

“About ten months if I’m remembering the specific time I realized that I loved you.” I answer.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?”

“Because things always seemed to come up.” I smooth over my hair before continuing. “We’d have to go on a mission, you were off training new recruits, I had stacks upon stacks of paperwork. We were hardly ever in the same room at the same time, and when we were it wasn’t alone. Any other time I just couldn’t get up the courage.”

“I had no idea.” He breathes.

“That was kind of the point.” I pull away to go back to my work. “Can we talk about this later? I still have a job to finish up here.”

“Sure, yeah.” He nods, whistling to get Lucky to come back to him. “When… when do you wanna do that?”

“Meet me at my apartment in an hour?”

“Alright, I’ll see you then.” He nods, a bright smile gradually appearing on his face. I nod in return and he waves Lucky over to him and turns to leave. The dog pauses at my side and I scratch him behind the ears before nudging him towards Clint. He only whines in response. “Come on, dog, you’ll see her in an hour.” At this he immediately perks up and trots off after Clint.

“That dog.” I whisper to myself before getting right back to work.

I quickly busy myself with sweeping up the popcorn and other debris. When I’m done I gather up the bags of garbage and my things and leave the theater. As soon as I’m out the door I lock up, chuck the trash into the dumpster in the alleyway and head off in the direction of my apartment.

It’s not long till I’m ascending the stairs and unlocking the door. I had expected to see Clint lounging on the couch with Lucky, but I’m met with a completely different sight. Clint is standing just in front of the couch, every part of him is tensed and his eyes are filled with anger. Between Clint and I is a group of people who I hadn’t planned on seeing for a while longer.

“What do you think you’re doing here?” I growl.


part 3

Thanks so much for reading! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

A/N: So, do y’all want part 3? It’s kind of already in the works, so if you guys want it, then I’ll get right on it!

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Comfort - Jason Todd x Reader

A/N: So I decided to combine prompts with this one. I thought the cuddling prompt worked really well for where the story was going so I slipped it in. Hope you all enjoy! :)

Prompt: Solace was so good!!! Could you maybe do a pt2 (requested by anon)

“Person A & B fall asleep next to each other . Person A wakes up and after seeing that person B is asleep, they cuddle really close to them but unknown to them person B is actually awake and smirking/smiling to themselves” with Jason :)?? (Person B is Jaybird per anon request) (requested by anon)

Part 1

“Are we ever going to talk about what happened?” You asked Jason while he was sitting around the cave cleaning his guns. It had been almost a month after Jason had broken into your apartment and pulled you out of your fear toxin induced hallucinations.

“What’s there to talk about?” He asked dismissively.

“You came to check up on me. You were worried about me. I didn’t think you cared that much.” You admitted remembering the way he held you and anxiously cared for you throughout that night as the effects of the drug started to wear off.

“As much as we fight and annoy each other, you’re still important to me, [Y/N].” He admitted.

“I didn’t know I meant that much to you.” You said softly. Jason’s gaze softened slightly and his lips quirked up in a slight smile.

“Well, you do.”

Eventually you get back into the swing of things and after some time you begin to feel ready to hit the streets again. On your first night of patrol since that night you wind up on a fluff stake out job with Jason. It was by no means a two person job, but the others wanted to ease you back in and wanted someone with you just in case the trace levels of toxin left in your body flared up.

Jason watched you carefully when he thought you weren’t looking but eventually the two of you lapsed into a comfortable conversation that developed into your constant ribbing of each other. You chatted most of the night and while the two of you did tease each other it wasn’t as brutal as before and you found that you actually liked being with him when he wasn’t being an utter ass.

Late into in early morning hours, the stakeout was still unsuccessful and you fell asleep against the tree that you and Jason were leaning against. Sometime during the night your head fell to rest against Jason’s shoulder. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer to him so that you were more comfortable.

Figuring nothing was going to come out of the stakeout after this much time had passed, Jason decided try and crash as well. He rested his head against the tree and tightened his hold on you ever so slightly.

Jason’s movement by your side cause you to wake up. You looked up at him to see that his eyes were closed as he held you. You smiled, thinking to yourself that Jason looked very handsome while he was sleeping. You found that you didn’t want this moment to end with him so you decided to angle yourself so that your head was snuggled against his chest. His calming scent washed over you and lulled you back into a comfortable sleep without nightmares for the first time in forever.

After you fell back asleep, Jason carefully peeked his eyes open and smiled down at you. He had almost been asleep when you decided to cuddle against his chest but he was glad that he was awake to see the sight of you willingly taking comfort in his arms. He smiled warmly down at your peaceful form and pressed a soft kiss to your temple.

You woke up screaming sometime near dawn. Another nightmare had plagued you and this time around you dreamed that you had a happy life with Jason. It was perfect and everything you could have hoped for in a relationship then it all quickly went to shit. Jason left you, spewing cruel words before running off with a beautiful woman, taking the children you had together away from you. In all reality that nightmare shouldn’t have been as terrifying as you made it out to be. You weren’t even dating Jason for crying out loud! That didn’t seem to stop the dream from troubling you down to your very core.

Jason woke up at your screaming and cradled you gently in his arms.

“Shhhhhhh, it’s alright [Y/N]. I’m here.” He reassured gently stroking your hair. You let him hold you as you cried against his chest.

“I’m so tired, Jason.” You cried against him. “I don’t want to be afraid anymore.” You cried. He held you tighter in his arms and rested his cheek against the top of your head.

“I’m here [Y/N].” Jason reiterated. “I won’t let anything or anyone hurt you ever again. I promise.” He swore taking your face in his and looking deep into your soul.

“Why do you care?” You asked incredulously. You couldn’t fathom why he cared so much for your well being. Yes, he was your friend but the way he looked at you wasn’t the way friends looked at another.

“I lo- I just do, ok?” He said running a hand through his white streaked hair before sighing. “I get nightmares too, [Y/N]. I understand what you’re going through and I don’t want to have to do it alone.” He said taking hold of your hand in his firm comforting grasp.

“My nightmare was about you, Jason.” You admitted in a whisper.

“Oh.” He said, his entire face sinking in disappointment and shame.

“Oh no! Not like that!” You hurriedly qualified. You could see in Jason’s eyes that he thought a darker version that he had once been was the subject of your nightmare, You knew he wasn’t that person anymore but that didn’t stop him from thinking about himself that way.

“Then what?” He asked.

“We were together and we were happy for a while, believe it or not.” You revealed. His eyes lit up with an emotion that you didn’t quite recognize on his face.

“That doesn’t sound much like a nightmare.” He insisted shaking his head.

“It wasn’t. It was actually really nice.” You said with a small laugh.

“What went wrong?” He encouraged gently.

“I caught you in bed with another women. You left me for her and took our children away claiming that you never actually cared for me. That you just took pity on me but now that you had a real woman in your life you couldn’t stand to be near me anymore. I was completely heartbroken and I wasted the rest of my life away lonely and depressed. I died alone and nobody cared.” You explained every harsh detail of your nightmare to him. In a way it helped to get it off your chest but you also worried what Jason might think of it.

As soon as you were done speaking Jason pulled you to him, lifted your chin and pressed a warm soft kiss to your lips. Your eyes widened in surprise but you soon melted into his embrace even taking to move your lips hesitantly against his.

“I would never do that to you [Y/N]. I don’t think I’m physically capable to hurt you that way.” Jason swore. “I love you.” He said pressing another kiss to your lips.

“You do?” You asked incredulously. The words sounded so natural coming from his lips but after the nightmare you had you regretfully found yourself hesitant to believe him. You wanted to believe him, God you wanted to.

“Of course I do.I know you can’t say it back right now and I don’t want you to. I just needed to put it out there.” Jason said.  “You’re not alone in this world, [Y/N]. As long as I’m breathing you will always have me in your life. I don’t care if I’m your friend, boyfriend, lover, or enemy; you can’t shake me off that easily. Like it or not, you’re stuck with me.” He said with a gentle smile gracing his lips. You laughed lightly through your tears and hugged him.

“Thank you, Jason. I know I can’t tell you I love you right now, but thank you. You’ve always been there for me. I’m a lucky girl to have a guy like you in my life.” You said snuggling your head against his chest. He wrapped his arms around your shoulders and pressed a kiss to the top of your head.

“I’ll always be there for you, [Y/N].” Jason promised and as he held you securely in his arms, you believed him.

Adorable Clint is my favourite Clint - but you’ve gotta have some sass in there or else it’s just not cricket. Anyway, this was requested by about 3 different people - @hawkmarta, @carleyynicole, and @thepurplephoenixfeather. I combined them into 1 long fic to try and reduce the number of requests I’ve got. Hopefully, I’ve done alright. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: Well,i asked for a sassy Clint….Other avengers caught reader and Clint together having a cute/lovely moment,but Clint still stays sassy to others…. 

Can you write a oneshot where Y/N, a very close (and very rich) friend of the Avengers takes the time to clean up after them (after battles like AOU), and help people? Maybe avengers asking her to go eat with them and learning about her habits? 

About the clint imagines, could you do one where the other avengers set them up, like they trap them somewhere together until they confess their feelings or something???


The Avengers always returned from battle looking weary. Yet their faces lit up when they saw you. Always there, always waiting.

You’d practically wandered off of the street into their lives but you never intended to be as close to them as you were now. Nobody ever imagined themselves being an asset to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. However, you were the best asset they had. After Natasha taught you how to fly a Quinjet, you were there after every battle.

And even when you were back at the tower, you nursed wounds, made sure they ate, even bossing them about a bit if it meant they all got the proper care.

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Cloud Nine (Chapter Two)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: Jumin/MC (you)
Rating: Fluff
Summary: The RFA members say that MC was trapped, but how could anyone claim to be trapped when she said so herself that she was in heaven? Retells the events of MC visiting Jumin in his pent-house. Set between days 7-11 in Jumin’s route. (* spoiler alert!)

[Chapter One] | [Chapter Three]

Chapter Two: Another Side (Of Me)

After MC stepped out of the bathroom in her newly changed clothes, she meekly walked out with her bag in tow. Upon re-entering the living room area to join Jumin, she quietly set it down and she had to stop herself from running into anything after their eyes met.

“I do apologize, by the way. I said that I was going to wait for you before I called the chef, however, I realize that I’d forgotten to eat lunch.” Jumin said to her as she walked closer to him. “I hope you like Lobster Thermidor.”

“Anything is fine.” MC softly complied, even though, truthfully, she had absolutely no idea what exactly that was. She had to constantly remind herself that this was Jumin Han that she was about to have dinner with, and she was expecting it to be nothing short of extraordinary — that was for sure.

“What material is that, by the way?” He caught himself eying her colorful, distinctly patterned pajamas. “I don’t think I’ve seen that kind of look in our clothing line.”

The brunette was slightly taken aback, having secretly hoped that he wouldn’t make a comment. All she could hope was that he did not have a clear distaste for them, for these were honestly one of her best sets. “Cotton…? I think?”

“Personally, I cannot sleep if I am not dressed in all-matching satin, myself.” Jumin continued to observe her attire, not because he was displeased but rather from feeling intrigued more than anything.

“I mean, in my opinion, who cares about style, when comfort is the obvious winner in this situation?” MC shrugged casually, not trying to look terribly insecure of herself in front of him regarding his remarks. She was already turning to make her way back to the bathroom. “I do apologize, though. I didn’t realize that we were going to have such a fancy dinner. Had I known I… wouldn’t have changed so soon. I don’t mean to respect you, sir… Mr. H—… I mean… Jumin… I…”

He immediately grabbed ahold of her wrist to stop her, to which it took her by surprise. “Please, MC. Don’t worry so much, and anyway, I told you to feel at home. Actually, if it makes you feel better, I’ll even change into mine.”

MC’s eyes lit up, amazed at how polite and willing he was to adjust even the smallest things to make her more comfortable. As she watched him turn his heel to swiftly walk to his bedroom, she was still in disbelief on whether she was in a dream or if this was reality.

When he came back, she felt like she had to hold herself back from letting her jaw hit the floor as she reveled in his perfect figure hugging the jet black fabric of the satin pajamas that he said he wore. She looked down for a moment and sighed, feeling rather ordinary in comparison.

“Is there something wrong?” Jumin asked as he knelt down to her in order to better read her expression, worry quickly spreading his face.

“Be honest, Jumin…” She hung her head low, playing with her fingers before proceeding to point at herself. “Do you think that what I’m wearing looks… tacky?”

“Are you joking?” His expression practically aghast. “Was that all? MC, come on, you look good in anything. If you’re talking about your pajamas, though, then I’d say they’re absolutely adorable.”

“You’re kidding…” MC laughed, a dismissing hand waving across her face displayed her insecurity and denial of the truth behind his response. “I bought these for fifteen bucks at the Mall-mart just a week ago. They’re hardly compared to anything you own, I’m sure.”

Jumin shook his head, a small smirk peeking through the side of face as he winked at her. “Stop that. You know better that money doesn’t buy good looks — or happiness, for that matter. In fact, I’m actually looking forward to having dinner in our pajamas.”

“You mean it, Jumin?” MC gasped happily, watching him nod in response with crossed arms. “I’m sorry if I don’t have much to offer, but I still hope we can have a good night together?”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” He couldn’t believe how hard she was being on herself, his smoldering, gray eyes softening as he stared deeply into her own. “How silly of you to say that. Just having you here with me is enough to make the rest of my night that much better. Come. Dinner will be ready soon.”

After some time, MC watched curiously as she watched his chef promptly prepare dinner and set the table for them both. She could hardly believe his keen, swift hands as he worked. She and Jumin eventually joined each other as they sat opposite of each other once he was done, with only freshly made food, an unopened bottle of white wine, and a handful of newly lit tea candles between them both.

“Really… This is too much, Jumin.” MC’s eyes widened to the size of saucers, unsure of how to react at the spectacular presentation. “A-Are you sure about this?”

“Are you forgetting who I am?” smirked Jumin as they managed to meet each other’s gaze again within the dim lighting.

“I didn’t question your capability. I was referring to my own self-worth.” She clarified, smiling sheepishly back at him.

And this response certainly took him by surprise, for sure. His elbows touched the table as he twined his fingers together. He seemed to be focusing his full attention on her now.

“MC… How do you do it?”

“Do… what?” She raised her eyebrows in confusion.

Jumin felt a strange, fluttering sensation in his chest. He had to catch his breath as he caught a glimpse of her nose wriggling slightly. After a moment, he sighed, shaking his head as his soft smile peeked out once more. “Never mind, let’s eat.”

MC was practically culture-shocked as she stared at her plate. This was the fanciest dinner that she’d ever had in her entire life, and meanwhile this had probably been a typical evening for Jumin.

Jumin popped the bottle of wine open as he served them both, talking extensively about each other’s taste in liquor as they gradually helped themselves to their meal. After some time with small conversations in between, they finished up in silence. Once MC cleared her plate, she got up from her seat, blew out the candles, then began gathering the dishes and silverware together.

“What are you doing?” The young man asked with widened eyes, also getting up from his post.

“The dishes…?” MC said matter-of-factly as she promptly walked over to the kitchen sink.

“Leave them. I’ll have my maid take care of it in the morning.”

“You already got dinner, so I should clean. It seems like a pretty fair deal to me.”

“Don’t, please. You’re my guest.” He insisted, taking the dishes from her hands in one fell swoop.

“Which is exactly…” She took it back from him just as quickly. “…why I have to do them.”

“MC… Don’t do this.”

“But Jumin, I want to.”

The two of them continued this playful tease for a while, going back and forth between who was going to get the other to cave in first. When he saw MC hold the plates above her head with both of her hands, Jumin went for the opportunity to attempt at grabbing them from behind her, but she drew back quickly out of surprise and it caused her to fall backwards onto him.

MC gasped, feeling the force of her own body come in contact with Jumin’s. He, too, was certainly surprised, for he stood frozen in his tracks. She could feel her heart thumping against her chest, unsure of what to do next. She lowered her head as she put the plates down on the counter to break the silence, feeling Jumin’s arms retreat back to him right after she did so.

Jumin had opened his mouth to say something, but his thought was quickly withdrawn as he felt his phone buzz in his pocket. “I… have to take this call. I’ll be right back.”

Heaving a sigh of relief, MC watched as he turned his heel and walked down the hall to another room to attend to this private manner. She decided to leave the dishes be for now, walking over to the couch and taking a seat. Crossing her legs, she pulled out her own cell phone, logging into the RFA app and checking to see if anybody was on the messenger for the meantime.

To her surprise, MC saw that Seven and Jaehee were online, and she opened up a new chatroom. She explained to them both that she made it to Jumin’s place safely and that she was being treated well.

707: But MC, isn’t it really late?

Jaehee Kang: I thought that too… It’s my fault.

Jaehee Kang: Things were so hectic that I didn’t even check the time.

Jaehee Kang: I should have asked you to go tomorrow morning.

It’s okay. I’m glad I got to see him sooner.” MC smiled as she glanced over at the room that Jumin headed off to after typing this out to them. She took a moment to detach herself from her revelry and fixated her focus back onto the messenger app on her phone.

707: MC,

707: do you plan to stay the night there?

Jaehee Kang: …No way. ^^;

MC decided to stay quiet about her plans to sleep over, secretly excited to be at a place aside from Rika’s apartment but, more importantly, also to be in Jumin’s residence, with him. Her mood deflated significantly as there were then talks about Glam Choi and the tabloids that spread like wildfire all over television shows and social media sites everywhere. She expressed empathy at the stress that he must’ve been undergoing, wishing that there was more that she could do for him.

Seven then went on to explain to the two women about how if even more shocking news ended up replacing the currently trending story, it would be possible that it could steal the lime-light away from Glam and Sarah.

707: After a night filled with roses,

707: MC is seen leaving Jumin Han’s house, with her hair still wet.

707: As soon as she gets off the elevator to go home,

707: the paparazzi takes a photo! The first page on next morning’s news

707: Jumin Han’s new woman, MC!

707: Instantly buries the story about Sarah!

MC blushed simply at the thought, seeing herself with him in this beautiful visual image that suddenly blossomed in her mind. It was almost as if he were a perfect fit for her, and her fantasies of sweet-nothings and marriage dissipated as quick as it came.

That can’t be good for Jumin’s reputation…” She sighed a little sadly as she said this instead of how her original feelings told her to respond. She felt at peace, however, feeling like there was possibly some kind of hope for them, but not quite right now while things were hectic.

Her eyes rolled as Seven continued to crack his usual set of jokes, noting Jaehee’s apparent irritation throughout their conversation. MC later expressed her concerns of Yoosung getting to Seven’s place safely, as the red-headed hacker began to explain his busy-work spent apparently wrapping boxes full of Honey Buddha chips for his friend — among other nonsensible topics.

When he swiftly left the chat without much warning shortly after, MC stayed and talked to Jaehee about her hopes that Jumin returning to work the next day. After she reassured her that she would try her best, she bid her good night.

MC heard the muffled sound of Jumin still talking to the person on the other line, though not clearly enough to decipher the conversation he was having. She didn’t want to bother him, but also didn’t want to touch things without his consent. After some time, she settled with comfortably staring out at the night sky from the glass doors leading to his patio, taking in the view as she let her thoughts quietly settle in her mind.

Suddenly, she felt her phone in her pocket go off again, pulling it quickly thinking she was getting a call. However, it was just a notification of Zen starting up yet another chatroom. She decided to enter it, in hopes that she could convince him further with reassurance of her safety and get him to stop bugging her so much about her being at a man’s house.

Zen blatantly expressed his concern of MC being at Jumin’s pent-house from the get-go, however, to which she already expected. She snickered at this, knowing full well she was going to have to repeat herself plenty of times again that night. After some time, it appeared that Jumin, himself, went in to the chatroom on his own smartphone, which let MC know that he had just finished up with his call. It wasn’t long before they began bickering continuously, just as they always did whenever they were in the same chatroom. He continually lectured Jumin about treating MC like a lady and to not come onto her before she were to leave the next day.

ZEN: If you have a conscience at all, at least send a photo.

Jumin Han: A photo?

ZEN: Yeah!!! A photo of you two together!!!

ZEN: I have to check with my own eyes that MC’s safe

Jumin Han: No.

ZEN: What…

Jumin Han: I don’t want anyone else to look at her.

lololol Jumin, you’re cute.” MC’s face turned cherry red as her grin widened in tow. If her hands weren’t holding her phone, she would probably be hiding her face in them.

Jumin Han: I’d like to sincerely thank her for taking the risk to visit me

Jumin Han: Is there anything she wants?

She heard footsteps, and before she could even blink, Jumin came from behind her and took a seat next to her on the couch. He looked over at her expectantly, to which she gasped lightly in turn.

ZEN: Are you ignoring me?

MC dropped her phone despite it blowing up with notifications of Zen spamming the chatroom, burying her head into her now free hands as she tried hard to hide herself away from Jumin. She couldn’t let him see that she was clearly falling for him.

She still looked up at him eagerly, however, and their eyes remained fixated on one another. He rested an arm on the back of the sofa, scooting himself closer to her as he began typing again but with only a single hand.

Jumin Han: I’ll make strawberry pancakes for you tomorrow. What kind of tea do you like for breakfast?

MC: You don’t have to… I can cook.

Jumin Han: No, you’re a guest. I can’t make you work.

Jumin Han: I’ll prepare everything that you need. Just stay by my side.

I don’t know why, but I instantly felt better.” Jumin says this aloud as he also proceeds to type the same response on the messenger after some time, explaining to her that she helped him significantly.

MC giggled after he said this, backing away a bit as the two continued squabbling about matters again, that especially of topics involving Elizabeth the 3rd. Jumin regrettably wished that he continued to ignore Zen instead of speaking to him again. Somewhere in between, she made attempts to convince Jumin to go back to work, to which he spoke to her directly outside of the messenger as something that they would discuss for later. She backed him up against Zen calling him out as the “Trust Fund Kid” born with a golden spoon shirking his responsibilities like a negligent coward. This was getting old.

The brunette slowly reclined farther and farther back as the conversation continued. Her feet began to dangle from the sofa, as she made a huge yawn. Her arms proceeded to outstretch above her head before she took her hands to her eyes to rub them.

Jumin Han: Oh.

Jumin Han: MC seems quite sleepy.

Jumin Han: I should put her to bed.

P-Put… me to bed…?” Her mouth agape as she glanced over at him once more, feeling sure yet unsure of what exactly he meant. He looked her straight in the eye as he worked on putting up his reply to the messenger.

Jumin Han: Of course.

Jumin Han: I can’t let you sleep alone.

Jumin Han: I’m going to go to the kitchen. I have some things to organize. Wait a sec.

[Jumin Han has left the chatroom.]

MC watched as he rose to his height and placed his phone on the table, turning only to have a quick glance at her as he walked off to the opposite direction. She practically forgot that there was another member in the chat, although she couldn’t help herself from rereading the last few messages that Jumin sent for the members to see. Did she really deserve to be treated like this?

ZEN: MC, are you really okay?

ZEN: Still… you’re alone with a guy…

MC: I trust Jumin.

And she says this with absolutely certainty, a wave of relief flowing through her. Still, Zen continues on with his repeated “big brother” lecture before eventually expressing his need to take a shower after a long day, and bid a good-intentioned farewell before taking his leave.

MC then followed Jumin over to the kitchen, who stared out deeply in thought as he rubbed a finger underneath his jawline. Her pace slowed, hoping to not be interrupting anything. However, she stopped where she was when he turned around to face her.

“Jumin, what are you thinking about?” MC tilts her head to the side in attempts to take a better look at his forlorn expression.

“Oh, it’s nothing…” He dismissed whatever thought in his mind rather quickly, his eyes directly at the brunette. “Just… old memories. Aren’t you sleepy? If you are, you can sleep on the bed. I’ll turn off the lights.”

“Where will you sleep?” MC asked, concerned. She definitely noted the sudden change in topic.

“It’s fine. I don’t think I’ll sleep.” He squeezed his fingertips along the bridge of his nose. “I have some things to think about. But nothing for you to worry about. Just rest up on my bed.”

She obediently followed this as she gently climbed onto his bed, for she had had a long day, as well. The thread count on his sheets must have been through-the-roof ridiculous and his pillows must have been touched by an angel — or something along those lines — because she had never felt something so comfortably luxurious before in her life. Her eyes watched as the young man began dimming the lights in the room.

“If you feel uncomfortable at the change of scenery… do you mind if I read for you?” She caught his eyes as it sparkled from the city lights that found its way in through the patio’s glass sliding doors.

“Please do. I’ll feel more comfortable if I hear your voice.” MC admitted, hoping silently that the lighting was dark enough for him to not notice the hint of pink in her cheeks.

Jumin took his place at the edge of the bed on the same side that she laid on, a book in his hand. He had a firm hold on the burgundy leather binding, flipping to a specific page as if he memorized the entire story like the back of his hand. “I’m glad that you want to hear it…”

Her breath slowed as she saw him scooting rather close to her, the wide smile on her face especially harder to hide now. But his own face seemed to soften as he returned the same look back at her. She caught him letting out a light chuckle as he began to read.

Jumin’s voice was softer than his usual tone. He earnestly explained to her about how the book was from a special “friend” – Rika, to be exact. He talked about how he put off finishing the story when she asked him what exactly it was about, because he didn’t want to end it knowing its sentimentality. From there, he continued to recite more lines from the book. MC tuned in intently as she let his sweet voice find its way into her mind — her heart. She found it soothing the way he gently, yet eloquently, he spoke. It was like music to her ears.

“I feel as curious about you as I was with her.” He turned his eyes away from the pages as he found himself bringing Rika back up again. “It’s amazing to feel the way that I do right now. I’d love to know more about you.”

“M-Me?” She pointed at herself, shocked at the quick transition he made.

“Yes, you.” Jumin grinned, clearly amused. “I didn’t realize when we were just talking on the messenger. But now that you’re right beside me, I really want to know you, MC.”

He continued to open up in a way that she didn’t expect. They hadn’t known each other long, but in the few days since she joined the RFA, she knew for a fact what she was getting into. The rest of the gang warned her about pursuing a relationship with Jumin, and that the ice in his cold heart could not be melted. MC was uncertain on whether or not she had actually gotten him to his point quite yet, but she knew that she was willing to keep on trying — for him, maybe even for them, if he allowed it.

“You made me turn all my focus on you… Thanks to that, I’ll be able to stop thinking about all those troubles. MC, thank you so much for coming. I feel so good that you’re here.” He brought his face tantalizingly close to her, his voice lowering to a near-whisper now. “I… never want to let you go. One day, once I finish reading this book to you, feel as if all my threads will untangle.”

While trying really hard to decipher what exactly that meant, he stopped her thoughts abruptly as he pulled away, gently placing the covers over her body and closing the blinds to his patio door. “It’s getting late, though. I apologize for keeping you up this long. Sleep well, MC.”

“Get some kind of sleep too, Jumin.” She told him worriedly, watching him walk off.

MC sighed happily as she let the waves of sleep lull her into a sweet slumber, hoping for Jumin to appear in her dreams…

*Bangs fist on the table*

Jack finds out he has a kid AU.

Imagine Jack who ended up having a kid around his twenties because of a careless night or something but didn’t know about it.

He is now in his third year in the NHL, Bitty has moved in after being in a long distance relationship since Jack’s graduation. Things have been tense and it took a lot of work and close calls to get to where they are. They are looking forwards to finally being properly together and then BAM.

Congratulations it’s twins! (I couldn’t decide between girl or boy so fuck it, both.)

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Friends: Surprise! (Part Two)
Chris Motionless x reader
​Warnings: Language, ​​Smut

“Chris? Why is Balz asking me to hang out today?”

Chris sinks a little lower on the couch, sipping from his bowl of cereal instead of using a spoon.

“I dunno.”

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anonymous asked:

headcannons for levi having a noble s/o? i feel like this could be hilarious. his s/o's lack of knowledge about things like cleaning or how to dress themselves without assistance just pissing levi off while simultaneously making him love them more in a way bc of how adorable they look when they ask him for help with such simple things.

  • He has tried like a million times to teach them how to clean properly but they never seem to get better at it. But when Levi comes back after some time away, he can see that they tried their best to clean for him even though they failed. He thanks them, though once they’re asleep he gets up and properly cleans everything.
  • They like to wear intricate dresses that they can’t put on or off by themselves. He likes to untangle the laces on the back painfully slow letting his fingers brush their skin sometimes, he can feel how their breathing gets faster and loves making them suffer a bit in return for making him waste his time with this kind of thing. 
  • They’ve been learning how to cook for a while and even though he has no problem being honest about the results, he does his best to eat whatever they make. He has started to learn recipes just to help them not mess up when cooking.
  • He helps them tying their hair up. He pretends he hates it but he noticed how much they like it and how his hands smell like them afterwards.