and asking them out

if you have a crush on someone and you know theyre aromantic/romance-repulsed, but you’re still gonna try to ask them out romantically anyways thinking you’re gonna be an exception then: fuck you™

the signs drunk
  • Aries:no I'll tell YOU when I've had enough I'm fine I wanna do another shot
  • Taurus:yeah I got this entire outfit online isn't it great? *pulls out phone and puts it in friend's face* here's the website
  • Gemini:*doing impressions and roasting their friends*
  • Cancer:guys I'm just so happy I'm with all of you. You're my best friends in the world and I want you to know that
  • Virgo:*doing really pretty braid in friend's hair how do u do that while drunk idk but virgo can*
  • Libra:*asks out bartender* *asks out person next to them* *gets rejected*
  • Scorpio:okay okay calm down, people. there's plenty of me to go around ;)
  • Sagittarius:should we get Taco Bell after this? McDonalds? KFC might be good. Do they still have the mashed potato bowls this late? LISTEN TO ME THIS IS IMPORTANT GUYS
  • Capricorn:I have work tomorrow, I gotta bounce. *pretended to drink but didn't actually drink*
  • Aquarius:*drunk texting S/O with conspiracy theories*
  • Pisces:*sob* I don't know why everyone keeps calling me a fish! *sob* Why is it that I'm always getting fish-related posts someone please hold me *munches fish sticks*

i had a dream that i was interviewing fall out boy and i asked them to describe pete in one word and they did but then pete asked me to do it too so i said “emo” like joking and he told me to shut the fuck up 

I get a lot of messages from people asking about deities reaching out to them. How can they tell if a deity wants their attention? How can they tell who it is? How can they verify if a deity is reaching out to them? Can they still worship if that deity hasn’t reached out to them? 

And I feel kind of bad, because my answer always come across as a more elaborate version of “You either know or you don’t, but what’s it matter anyway?” So I wan’t to try and organize my thoughts on this a bit.

How can I tell if a deity is trying to get my attention?

It depends entirely on you, and the deity in question. The way any deity approaches a mortal is going to be different from one person to the next. So even with the same deity approaching multiple people, there are differences among each one. With different deities doing the approaching, the differences are likely to be vastly different. Some people experience dreams or visions. Some people just seem to notice a bunch of stuff drawing their attention to that deity. Some people feel a sudden connection and the desire to pursue it. Some people feel like there’s a presence with them, guiding or protecting them. The list goes on and on. 

 Apollo may give you straight up visions because he knows you can handle it and that’s the best way to communicate with you. The Morrigan may cause crows or ravens to appear around your house because she knows it’ll catch your interest. Thor may call to you with an intense feeling during a thunder storm because it’s the only way you can hear him. But alternatively, Apollo may call to me with a field full of wildflowers in bloom and a feeling in the pit of my stomach. The Morrigan may feel like I need to turn my TV to the news just in time to see images of war in order to find my way to her. Thor may call to me through divination because that’s how I listen to entities. It’s going to be different for every single person, and with every single deity.

How Can I tell which deity is calling to me?

Look at the signs. Are you seeing a bunch of ocean related stuff? Might be an ocean deity is trying to get your attention. Storms? Might be a storm deity. You can try divination, but deities don’t always answer. You probably just have to knuckle down and do some research until it clicks. Sometimes it’s clear as day, other times it takes a lot of work and time. I played this ridiculous game of “guess who” with Dionysus for over a year before I figured out who he was.

How Can I verify a deity is reaching out to me, and it’s not just my imagination?

Honestly, you can’t. You can try divination, you can ask others to divine or decipher signs for you, but none of that is proof. This is the same concept that leads back to the famous question of “How do I know that deities are real?” It’s belief, not knowledge. And I don’t think it matters if they’re “real” or not, because the experience we have, the lessons we learn, and the way we grow from the stories, lessons, and perceived existence of deities is real. And even if you’re perceiving signs from a deity where there aren’t any, it can still lead to a fulfilling relationship with a deity. Which leads to the next question.

Can I still worship if that deity hasn’t reached out to me?

Yes. Absolutely. A thousand times over. 

With the only exception being closed cultures. If you feel drawn to a deity from a closed culture then you need to find the appropriate religious leader to seek their advice, and respect their decision on whether or not you can join up.

Beyond that, you do NOT need to wait for a deity to reach out to you. Many people never feel a deity reach out to them. People follow a religion and a deity because it means something to them, not necessarily because they felt divine intervention. Some people experience something that they perceive as a sign, but many more don’t. The idea that you must receive a sign in order to worship is elitist, and a way for some people to put themselves above others. A person who’s drawn to a deity isn’t any more special than one who seeks that deity out of their own accord.

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okay but LISTEN this boy I swear to god he was SO PREPARED for this to happen. He was just waiting for someone to FINALLY ask what happened between Hayden and Liam in 6th grade. He has all evidence on his phone just in case someone asks about them.

He just whips out his phone and is like ‘yo check this out exhibit A exhibit B I’m so glad you asked i’ve been waiting to talk about this since literally the day that fight took place’ I love this kid so much

What I learned from working at Pizza Hut

Dessert pizzas aren’t on all menus but most stores carry the ingredients to make them and they are delicious. Ask which ones are available. 

Always ask for your breadsticks to be cooked fresh. They cook a big batch of breadsticks to be reheated as people order them, so the breadsticks you get could have been sitting around for an hour or more. If you ask for them to be cooked fresh you’ll get fresh out of the oven breadsticks. 

  • friend:you know these problems are actually pretty simple if you would just stick around and deal with them
  • friend:and maybe ask your friends for help instead of freaking out alone about them
  • me building a portal into another reality to escape my problems:sorry can't hear you, too much panic
The Poro M!A Has Ended!

With another flash of light, Ekko returns to his human form, as if the greyface magic never hit him. He jumped up in glee as he looked at himself in the mirror. Oh, how he missed having hands.

//The M!A might have ended but I just want to take a moment to acknowledge ALL OF THE AMAZING ART THAT PEOPLE DREW

The Wonderfully Cute Porkko Icon by checkoutmysmashhits

The Badass and Adorable Porkko with his Mini Sword by ask-bron-nashor

The Grumpy but Insanely Cute Porkko by typical-piltover-brilliance/i-shattered-time

Thank you all so much for the art! I never expected to actually get this much! ;-; 

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I bet this invisible coin that you are a Kuudere

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Silent, cool type huh?

My aura may be mysterious and cold, but waiting for you underneath is beast ready to be unleashed~~~~

lol how’s that for my own otome description :p yay i’m basically chikage from EITM

throw back to when i made these (this isnt all of them)

fuck man i remember way back when i posted these on my old blog in 2013 i got an ask asking if people could print these out and give them out at some convention or whatever. i said yes, obviously, because i was 12 and i loved having attention.

i think the post that had all of these on them got like 20k+ notes and idk thats a record for me. but that was on my old blog so i have no idea if that post is still floating around or not. but just. im proud. 

apparently the fanmail spam/virus bots are coming in pairs now wtf

if you guys receive any suspicious fanmails/messages asking you to do a survey/check out a video game for their company/summer program, DON’T CLICK THEIR BLOG or fill out anything they’re asking for. BLOCK THEM AND DELETE THE ASK. Stay safe! <3

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Have Nymph!Steve and Bucky christened the entire Tower yet? I ask because Sam was yelling at them to get out of the kitchen...What does Jarvis think of the questions about places being Stucky porn free? I doubt that is what he was created for...Who is in the Avengers? I know there's no Captain America, and I don't think the twins have been mentioned.

oh, Nymph!Steve and Bucky have most definitely christened…well, at least most of the Tower. There are probably a few places they haven’t gotten to yet. XD

JARVIS probably finds the question tiring since it’s asked so often; he probably deigns not to answer a few times just to get people back.

As for who’s in the Avengers for this ‘verse, there’s: Tony, Thor, Sam, Natasha, Bucky, Bruce, Clint.

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Sting x Rogue (brotp if you'd rather do that) for #18.

18. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.” 

Red eyes narrowed listening to his friend droll on about some stupid idea.

“And then I could pull out some flowers and ask them on a date!” Sting exclaimed, wide smile spreading across his face, clearly proud of his plan.

“So you have a crush on this person and you plan on asking them out by singing and flowers?”

“Exactly, short, sweet, and to the point.”

“And you need my help because?”

“Uh…I need my best friend for support..?”

Rogue frowned not understanding what exactly he was supposed to do, but the excitement shown clearly in bright blue eyes.

“This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had,” he sighed, small smile on his face noticing a pout had formed on Sting’s face, “Of course I’m in.”

A toothy grin would spread across the blonde’s face, standing up from where he sat, extending his right arm out towards the other, “You’re the best.”

“I know,” Rogue said, laughing hearing Sting snort before taking his hand. Pink dusted his face as he was drug out of the guild by an enthusiastic Sting, pondering over just who exactly this person could be? Nearly running into his friends back when he stopped abruptly.

“What the hell Sting?!”

Eyes widened as a red faced Sting turned around, what was…happening?

“O-Okay screw the p-plan,” he stuttered out, causing Rogue to quirk an eyebrow at the flustered boy.

“Rogue w-would you…Would you go on a date with me?” Sting shouted, hand raising to cover his mouth realizing he had been loud. Wide crimson eyes stared with his mouth agape, did Sting actually ask him out? Did…Did he not know about the crush he’s had on him for years?

“Y-Yea, that would be f-fun,” Rogue spat out, cursing at himself mentally for stuttering so much. 

“Oh my god, just make out already!” Minerva shouted from where she sat in front of the guild, along with most of the other guild members with knowing smiles on their faces.

Both would turn bright red before Sting would grab Rogue’s hand and drag him away from the guild. 

For once it seemed a stupid plan had actually led to something better. Something that could turn into an amazing adventure. Love was quite stupid after all.

I Love You || Evansberry

Nate has never been in love before. He’s never even had a girlfriend before. All he really knew was one night stands and he was okay with that. No girl has been able to hold his interest for anything other than sex and even that got boring. There was only one girl who made him want something more. Not just sex, even if it was awesome. He wanted a relationship and everything that came with it. He didn’t know when or even how it happened, but he’s fallen in love with Amelia Berry; and tonight was the night he told her. 

In order to get everything ready, he ‘accidentally’ let the puppies out and asked Amelia to go get them. It was a good thing he knew that they would never leave their floor, otherwise he would have found another way. As his girlfriend chased their puppies through the hall, he pulled out the dinner he made from the oven (lasagna recipe he found online) and placed it on their table. He then lit up candles he set up around the apartment and dimmed the lights. Now all there was to do was wait for her to come back in.

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hey Bianca! I hope you are having a lovely day so far, I just need help with something. I am always the one to ask my friends to hang out ALWAYS all the time no matter what, so lately I've kinda stopped doing that and not once has one of them reached out to me to ask me to hang out or anything they only call me if they need anything. I don't know what to do and I feel like they haven't been including me in anything signed and idk this prob makes no sense

It makes sense, I get messages like this all the time!! My biggest and only advice I can really give you is to cut them out of your life. You want to be around people who are going to give the same amount of effort that you are giving. You can choose to keep being friends with these people and be miserable or you can choose to be alone for a little while you make new friends. I can promise you, it’s better to be alone than be around people who treat you like shit.