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Magnus does a little 'come here' motion with his fingers when he says 'you know whats not an understatement?' and i now im ded

you mean this little gesture here?

it’s actually not a come here gesture, idk how to explain it but it’s just a gesture he does when he’s talking and making a point LMAO, he kind of lifts a finger and swings his arm to the left. it’s really cute, though. he’s done it before in previous episodes, although i can’t recall which ones off the top of my head.

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How much does your color pencils cost anyway? Like Im planning to buy them too, and I just need to know

Oh!! Well, it depends on the set!! The set I have is the 132 set, which was over 200 dollars. My first set was a 32 set I think, and there may be a set inbetween.
All the sets are pretty costly, I don’t remember how much the 32 set was but it’s about $2 per pencil, so… yeh.

They’re pretty freaking expensive but they’re definitely worth it. These pencils have changed the way I approach and execute my artwork, And without them I don’t think I would have achieved the unique look that my art has gained over the years.

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Can you rec some Good Gay musicals??

yea man, these are listed in no particular order, some of them are extremely popular and some aren’t

1. Falsettos
After a father, Marvin, divorces his wife to run off with his gay lover, Whizzer, a dysfunctional family tries their best.

2. Rent
A group of friends who are poor as dirt just trying to survive.

3. Bare: A Pop Opera
Two closeted gay kids going to a Catholic boarding school.

The story of Lizzie Borden but with a lesbian twist (a rock opera with lesbains and murder…)

5. The Prom
When Emma and her girlfriend aren’t allowed to attend the prom together, they make national news.

6. The Color Purple
40-years in the life of a black family in rural Georgia. 

7. Fun Home
A musical about Alison Bechdel, featuring her discovery of her sexuality and her relationship with her gay father.

A lil about me

I was tagged by @better-off-rad to do answer some fun questions

Rules: Answer thirty questions, then tag twenty blogs you would like to know better.

1. Nicknames?
Bread, breadt, wonder bread, banana bread, breadstick

2. Gender?
trans masculine or trans man

3. Star sign?

4. Height?

5. Time?
11:40 PM

6. Birthday?
July 1st

7. Favorite bands?
Agh! I hate these kind of questions because I like a lot of music!! Lately I’ve been listening to Marina and the Diamonds, Melanie Martinez, ska music, and folk punk thanks to @gutterbabydoll

8. Favorite solo artists?
AGH! AGAIN! There’s so many D: 

9. Song stuck in my head?
Intro to Steven Universe…..

10. Last movie watched?
I saw Annabelle: Creation with @gutterbabydoll on Sunday night <3 <3 <3

11. Last show watched?
Friends & Steven Universe

12. When did I create my blog?
I want to say sometime in 2012, maybe 2013 at the latest. I was super gay/lez because I hadn’t yet identified as trans lol >.>

13. What do I post?
I shitpost a lot. Mostly just things I like, but a lot of animals, social justice, cool pictures, aesthetics, and whatnot. 

14. Last thing I Googled?
Episodes of Steven Universe & info about previous apartments I’ve stayed at

15. Do you have other blogs?
Yes, I have a NSFW blog @domesticqueerboy. Only interact if you’re 18+!

16. Do you get asks?
Sometimes, but I wish I got more. I love answering questions and engaging with those that follow me ^-^

17. Why did you choose your url?
Before it was shallowsguiltyconscience because my OC is named Shallow and I was trying to come up with something cool and unique. Then I realized it’s way too long. I switched it to bitter poseur trash because I am constantly bitter, I’m a poseur (kinda lol), and I’m trash.

18. Following? 1,527


20. Favorite colours?
hmm purple, blue, black, and red I suppose :) 

21. Average hours of sleep?
6 or 7.

22. Lucky number? 3! Anything that has to do with 3 is lucky to me :3

23. Instruments?
Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, clarinet, bells, xylophone, I know HOW to play the piano, I know HOW to play the trumpet (but I don’t know notes or anything lol)

24. What am I wearing?
navy blue button up with anchors on it, my binder, and red plaid boxers (I often take of my pants & leave whatever shirt I was wearing on until I go to bed haha)

25. How many blankets I sleep with?
my big zebra print comforter! I always sleep with it even if its hot. however right now I’m using to other blankets under me to add cushion to the floor I’m sleeping on

26. Dream job?
I am in school currently to work towards being a therapist for those in the LGBTQIA+ community. I want to do a lot of social work and more direct action if I can as well. My dream job is to also to support @gutterbabydoll in all that they do <3 we’re going to host shows one day where I serve yummy vegan breakfast, maybe get an info shop going, maybe start our own sector of Food Not Bombs, support their YouTube channel, and anything else they pursue! I’m also totally down to work at a dispensary if my friend ever opens one up north!

27. Dream trip?
I really want to visit Scotland because of the castles and the rain, but I’ll settle for a road trip to Oregan, Washington, or NorCal with the wonderful @gutterbabydoll

28. Favorite food?
PIZZAAAA!!! oh and desserts :D

29. Nationality?
GAY *insert rainbow*

30. Favorite song now? I’ve always liked this song, but I’ve had a certain fondness with it lately…I Am Not A Robot by Marina And The Diamonds

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