and asked to be turned into a gifset


“ooh touchy touchy.” Cheryl grinned, eying you go into the behind scenes cinema area Jughead worked in. “looks like our Jughead has a lady friend.”


“Jughead stop, talk to me.” Archie said, “Stop avoiding my questions.”

“you’re asking if i have a girlfriend and i said no.” Jughead stated.

“but are you talking to a girl? i had to hear it from Cheryl.” Archie sighed.

“so what if i am? im a teenager i can do teenager things.” he turned and whispered “at least she’s my age.” under his breath. thankfully Archie wasnt listening.


gif credit (x) original gifset (x)

anonymous asked:

Hey, Jess! Have you seen a gifset of the moment where Alex turns towards Maggie when Kara is saying she agrees with J'onn, like asking Maggie for support, and Maggie stands up, backing her. I loved that moment so much!


okay but really, i love that moment because maggie just knows the look on alex’s face. She needs her. Alex looks at her like, “PLEASE HELP ME” because she is so frustrated that Kara isn’t siding with her. Alex just needs somebody on her side and Maggie sees that. Just like their conversation at the bar. She knows alex needs that emotional support from her gf.

Maggie was perfectly content with this being between alex and kara until alex gave her that look. It could be back up emotional support or backing her in the situation. Either way, her body is naturally drawn to alex out of concern as soon as alex looks at her. But she still tries to close herself out of the situation by crossing her arms, looking at the floor, and keeping her distance. You can tell she wants to respect their conversation while still being that emotional support to alex.

UGH i love maggie sawyer.


What’s Sherlock doing here? I thought maybe he was checking out his phone but he asks John what’s the time so that can’t be it. He clearly stays with his back to John after he had that thing with Mycroft and only turns around when John gets close enough. In the second gif, after they cut to John talking to him you can hear a loud snort or inhale. Is he.. doing coke?

Fic Masterpost

Note: All of these live on the My Fic page, linked from my header.

Organized by category, with the most recent listed first in each.


He Is Risen
Easter morning, revival era, sweet fluff w/creamy center

There Were Others;
Ed Jerse wasn’t the only one

Sunday Scully
A sweet ficlet inspired by art by @flurgburgler

Melting With You
From the fic prompt: “It’s just rain, you aren’t gonna melt.”

I’m a Very Lucky Girl
Scully overhears some chatter in the ladies’ room at the Hoover Building

A Very Dirty Way to Get Clean
A hot & smutty shower, the day after the first night

The Things She Carries
Master post w/all parts
Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9
A long misunderstanding about one hot night

Truth, Dare, and the Scientific Method
my entry in the Undercover fic challenge; Scully talks blowjays

Shoved; Then Jumping
post-SUZ smut & conversation

She Can Just
XF Fic Writing Challenge Prompt: Redemption; cancer arc

Even pathologists can party - but she misses him. Aww.

In Which “Laura” Takes “Rob” Up On It. Alone.
XF Writing Challenge Prompt: Release

Titan Arum
XF Writing Challenge Prompt: Tension; sometimes the past catches up with us all at once

XF, a/u or non-canon-compliant:

Anyone Who Disappears Is Said to Be Seen in San Francisco
Writing prompt: Things you said on a streetcar at 1 a.m.

Sirens, Coelacanths, and Other Sensitive Topics
Writing prompt: Things you said when you met my parents

Maybe Not As His Partner
Part 1 , Part 2
A question asked, then answered

Fictober: In Flagrante Parento
They thought the kid was at baseball practice …

RPF (or is it?):

Under That Dress
She still takes his calls, even in a situation like this

Just another aspect of an intensified, enjoyable adult friendship
a wee meta-fic drabble

Rest Easy, Little Ones
Our duo get news of one of them dating someone else

Five Emails a Year: 2006
Inspired by @avocadoave’s brilliant pic/gifset, which in turn was inspired by a post from @skywalkrr

Touched Out
After a long day appearing at a convention, she’s been touched enough

This is for the lovely @sembell‘s shy anon, who asked if I had or would make a list. 

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In that gifset you reblogged of Isak and Even after they made out in episode 2, Isak looks so turned on lol. Gotta give kudos to Tarjei there because it seems so real.

Originally posted by skamaddict

i mean,,, isaks legs were literally shaking and also his boyfriend is really hot??? i don’t blame him for getting turned on tbh

and tarjei literally deserves all the awards for his acting, i don’t know how he does it. its magic, it has to be

or maybe its *cue henrik holm* the natural connection

anonymous asked:

please do a gif set of when Amy holds Sheldon's hand in The Alien Parasite Hypothesis and now in the new episode where they they go to the bed room 😍

So, this was such an enlightening request, not so much for the gifset itself (which turned out great btw) but, it made me revisit The Alien Parasite Hypothesis. Season 4 Shamy.
I didn’t realize this 6 years ago (already been SIX YEARS, God it’s been too long), maybe ‘cause I was still a casual viewer then, maybe ‘cause none of us really knew where they were going with Sheldon and Amy, if they were going anywhere with them. But I just realized (6 years later, lemme repeat that), this was such a pivotal episode for them.
This is the first time they see each other as potential “mates”, at least from Amy. Let me show you what I mean.

Contrary to what we got for most of this show, I think Sheldon was way more into Amy than Amy was into him, at least at the beginning. 

I feel like at first Amy took it as ‘this is just me pleasing my mother by going out with some guy’, and it’s especially clear to me by how much more affected Sheldon seems to be about Amy ‘leaving’ him than she is.

Getting a bunch of cats to replace her?

The same thing Leonard suggests after Penny rejects him in the very 1st season of the show?

Oh boy, someone’s getting soft.

Anyway, my point is, Amy, up until the point she broke off her shell, if that’s what you wanna call it, was pretty reserved about her feelings for Sheldon.
We had the whole “boy slash friend” thing going on but I think she didn’t really think of actually dating Sheldon. 
Until this episode happened.
It starts off with her getting all hot and bothered by Zack’s bottom.

Which, by the way, isn’t it great that it’s now canon that Amy’s a butt person? LOL.

She rejects it at first, in typical “female Sheldon” fashion but eventually accepts it, and right where you’d think Sheldon would stop being interested in her because of her expressing sexual desire for another human being, he helps her.

He calls Zack, sets up a date, gOES WITH HER?!

Now, I do 100% believe Sheldon already had feelings for Amy (see cat talk a few paragraphs above) but I don’t think he realizes what this means until Amy walks over to Zack and leaves him alone.

It’s such a small moment and gets interrupted by his disgust that his hand’s been stamped, but I think that it’s actually very meaningful, he’s saying goodbye, not to her, but the idea of ever dating her.

Thankfully Amy realizes that she prioritizes someone’s intellect more than their looks, and decides to ‘reject’ Zack, so to speak.

Sheldon is definitely relieved.

Once they leave the bar, Amy seems to finally realize what we’ve all seen the second they met. Maybe Sheldon could be a potential mate. If she prioritizes intellect over looks (not saying that Sheldon’s unattractive, just that it wasn’t an instant “hoo” moment when they met for the first time), and Sheldon being one of, and possibly THE smartest person she knows, then, it makes sense that she would think about “experimenting” and seeing if she really does feel anything for him.

One of my favorite parts about this scene, and I’m sure, yours as well, is that Sheldon’s first instinct is not to grimace and pull away (which would be 100% in character for the Sheldon that we knew then) but rather, his first reaction is to hold her hand back.

By the end of the scene we get that she didn’t feel anything, but still, this marks the first time Amy truly thought of Sheldon as more than just a boy who is her friend.


you stepped into the room. you hadent been a werewolf long and Scott had been careful about you meeting their ‘risen from the dead ex killer.’ Theo’s eyes locked on you the second you entered the room.

“who’s that?” he asked.

“Y/N. she’s new.” Scott answered. then Scott turned to Theo, “no you can not date her.”

gif credit (x) original gifset (x)

scriptscribbles  asked:

Hell yeah, you love Lego Batman, too? Both Lego movies so far are among my favorite films ever tbh they are genuinely well made and clever postmodern joys and the Lego Batman Movie is also really gay


legit when me and @itsbeanefun came out of it we were like “I can’t believe Lego Batman invented cinema”

I’ve seen it twice at the cinema and now thanks to you making the gifset turn up on my dash I’m now going to go again on Friday because my best friend still hasn’t seen it

  • entirely around the importance of found family
  • genuinely hilarious like we were laughing out loud the whole fucking time, I’ve seen it once in a cinema of mostly adults and once with a cinema of mostly kids and the adults were laughing more, this movie is not juvenile in any way that isn’t wonderful
  • Batman sings a song while beating people up and that sounds like it should suck but it’s the best thing ever somehow
  • Excellent running jokes
  • Badass female character
  • the entire plot is…. literally a gay best enemies romance like the entire dialogue is cliched romantic dialogue with reversed language for hero/villain dynamic
  • it makes you emo about an emotionally constipated piece of Lego like, fuck, how did it do that
  • 100% my favourite Batman movie, like, I love Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises but like… yeah. this one is my fave. 
  • it’s so fucking gay oh my god how did they get away with it were they all just pissing themselves laughing in the writer’s room
  • Jemaine Clement aka half of Flight of the Conchords and your fave shiny crab from Moana is the one who voices Sauron
  • “I don’t have [feelings], I’ve never seen one”
  • *while flopping up some stairs* “no no no no no no no no no” what a fucking mood 
  • seriously how is Lego Batman the most relatable character I’ve ever seen

I have one complaint and it’s… if Ralph Fiennes was already in the cast playing Alfred, why the fuck doesn’t he also voice Voldemort?!


the entire time you explained the plan people kept interrupting, Jace, Alec, Izzy… but not Raphael. he stood there. oddly silent. 

you recapped the plan, “Raphael will pretend im his prisoner which will allow me to infiltrate the lair-”

“thats if he agrees.” Jace stated. everyone turned to Raphael.

“will you do it?” you asked.

“lead you into a situation where you could get killed?” he retorted, “no. i dont think i will be doing that.”

“but-” you started to protest.

“Dios Mio Y/N!” Raphael sighed in exasperation, “im not going to intentionally put you in harms way!”


gif credit (x) original gifset (x)

‘Dios Mio’ means oh my god :) well… says google translate

The results are in...

The votes have been counted, and we’re thrilled to announce the themes for this year’s Stormpilot Week!

Day 1: Feb. 13th - Modern AU / Historical AU
Day 2: Feb. 14th - Finnpoe+ pride / Domestic Fluff
Day 3: Feb. 15th - Finn teaching Poe something / Meeting the family
Day 4: Feb. 16th - Favourite quote / Favourite scene
Day 5: Feb. 17th - Hopes for episode VIII
Day 6: Feb. 18th - Any AU
Day 7: Feb. 19th - Fanwork appreciation day

A few quick notes about the week:

1) The slashes

On a few of the days where themes were more specific, we’ve included two themes. On these days you can choose one or the other, or both if you feel like it, to inspire your work. In addition, we’re aware that, for some content creators, some themes may be more challenging to fill, so we’ve tried to ensure that each day includes an option for everyone! 

2) Fanwork appreciation day!

This idea was suggested a prompt, and we absolutely loved it! The final day of the week is devoted to the celebration of other fanworks, whether that’s creating art for a fic, writing a fic for a gifset you love, or even just quoting your favourite fic, reblogging art with a heartfelt comment, or tagging your favourite creators in an appreciation post. Whatever it is, spread love!

3) Content creation

Now that themes have been announced, it’s your turn! We want all of you to  get creating and make gifsets, fanfics, art, and whatever else you can think of! We do, however, ask that you make sure all of your content is stormpilot-centric, and does not focus on one character at the expense of the other! We want to explore their relationship, and we don’t want either of them to become two-dimensional to further the plot of the other! Aside from that, go wild!

4) Tagging

Make sure you use the tag ‘stormpilotweek2017′ or ‘stormpilotweek’ or tag us when you post so that we can find your content and reblog it! Also make sure to tag your works with ‘stormpilot’ and ‘finnpoe’ to ensure that the tags see the same boost. The goal here is to create a surge of content in the tags to revive this fandom!

5) Triggers

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We look forward to seeing what you create, and don’t forget, if in doubt, send one of our mods an ask!

Kaisoo Analysis | Water Park Date

Hey guys! Here I am again to make a Kaisoo anaysis, this time about their moments at the water park. I’ll talk about my opinion about some events showed there and everything I say will be based in my interpretation of facts. I advise you that I’ll try to be rational, but sometimes I won’t. Just deal with it. After all, the Kaisoo shippers are destined to be desilusional inside EXO fandom. Really, it doesn’t exist more desilusional shippers than Kaisoo ones oh, the irony. And my english is terrible, I’m sorry about that.

First of all, I need to say how I loved every minute of it. It’s amazing to see the guys relaxing and having a free time, even if it’s for commercial purposes. I think all of them had fun, and could express themselves pretty well: Jongdae as the one who talks the most between the three of them, Jongin being excited and cute all the time and Kyungsoo smiling like a fluffy ball of sunshine. But I saw a lot of interesting things about Kaisoo that I want and need to point out for you, guys!

1. How different they act when they’re together and when they’re not.  I noticed the difference, and some other people did too while watching other parts of EXO Second DVD, like Kyungsoo in Spain and Jongin in England. When they’re apart,they’re more reserved, don’t talk much and don’t participate very much of things happening around them. But, at the water park, they made a unspoke alliance and teased Jongdae together a lot, stayed side by side almost all the time and were in their little world sometimes, it was very cute.

2. Their clousure almost all the time, including while at the park attractions. This was pretty obvious, come on! But I enphazise just because I don’t want anyone to forget.  

Kyungsoo and Jongin at the speed boat and looking at each other’s reaction, so cute! And Jongdae having fun by himself, poor boy~

3. Some Kaisoo moments didn’t capture by the cameras or subs: I saw this account (I guess a lot of people saw her comments before the DVD videos were released) and she, as a person who lives in Korea and talks the language, she noticed some moments that weren’t subbed or they weren’t on focus, but you could hear/understand what they said to each other.

I actually heard Jongin talking (it’s his shorts that appear on the frame), but, thanks to this beautful person, I get what he said to Kyungsoo <3

You can see when you watch the video that the first person Jongin looks after falling into the water and worries about is Kyungsoo.

This wasn’t captured by the official subs as well.

4. Kaisoo inside their little world + Jongdae as the thirdwheel: In a fifteen minutes appearence of these three, Kaisoo had a lot of moments that just paid attention to each other. I felt pity for Jongdae, really.

You can cleary see Kyungsoo and Jongin paying atention only for each other and Jongdae smiling alone.

You can see the bubble around them? Yeah, me too.

Jongin suddenly changed his mind and choose with Kyungsoo another thing to do and ignored Jongdae completely. 

Jongdae was totally forgotten behind Kaisoo, poor soul! 

5. Kaisoo unspoke alliance to tease Chen: I just loved this Kaisoo side! I don’t know if they planned this before, but they were really teasing Jongdae together, sometimes in a “subtle” way, sometimes in a obvious way. They’re so mean when together, I like it!  

Kaisoo wanted to go to Blob Jump, but they sent Jongdae to go there first.

Jongin shaking the bridge on purpose to make Jongdae fall and treat them dinner. NOTE: while watching the video, you can see Jongin jumping on the trampoline when Kyungsoo walks, but I think the movements he made there didn’t interfere much (at least, that’s the impression I had). But, when it’s Jongdae’s turn, Jongin jumps rapidly and it result in Jongdae’s failure. But see the videos to make a conclusion of your own.

Look at this! They were ganging up on Jongdae. Kyungsoo’s smile was the best part, because he didn’t planned this with Jongin. And seeing him teasing Jongdae and being mischevious (kind of) makes him laugh, how cute! Here is the link of the gifset.

6.  Kaisoo complementing each other: I noticed this when Chenkaisoo said they were hungry.  When Jongdae asked what they wanted to eat, Kyungsoo answered: “I want to eat ramyun”. Jongin complement him telling that he wanted ramyun and fried chicken. Some minutes later, Kyungsoo repeat his and Jongin’s tbh wishes to eat chicken and ramyun. Maybe this doesn’t mean anything, but I found it cute like everything they do, I need help.

7. How they worry about each other’s health and safety: Kyungsoo and Jongin don’t only play around and laugh with each other! They’re both there for each other, pulling them up and asking if they’re okay (you can see some moments above if you missed it). 

Kyungsoo didn’t need to help Jongin, considering that Jongdae had already helped him, but there he was, just to making sure he was okay without using words and holding his elbow two seconds longer that necessary.

Jongin’s reaction when it was Kyungsoo’s turn to try the Blob Jump. He looked so concerned about his hyung’s safety and he mumbled “omo” and it was so cute! Here’s the gif for the full gifset.

This is so important, you have no idea! I think Kyungsoo could lift himself pretty well, like Jongdae did, but Jongin (in my opinion) volunteered himself for lifting his hyung, you know, just to show how strong he is. He ignored Jongdae completely (again) while helping Kyungsoo, but, when he realized that he was heavier than he previously thought, Jongin for Jongdae’s help and everything became a litte chaotic. So chaotic, that Kyungsoo’s head was between Jongin’s legs for two seconds, everyone saw that. Link for the gifset.

Well, to end this analysis/spam/whatever, I just want to say how I love Kaisoo’s interaction. In every one of them, we can see different sides of them, and how can they can be conforable and understand each other’s easily. It’s a deep relationship, and I adore it very much!


“whats going on with you and Y/N?” Josh asked. the whole Chimera pack turned to look at Theo, they had all been wondering about this for a while. a smile like yours was hard to miss and its absence was obvious.

“we’re working through some issues.” Theo stated.

“did she find out that you’re Shady AF?” Tracy giggled.

Theo sighed, “that might be part of it.” he paused, “or all of it.”

gif credit (x) original gifset (x)


Oke so here we go. I was watching an omelia hug gifset on Tumblr in SLOW motion and I realised that when the elevator bell rings Owen turns his head and so does Amelia and they break the hug. I THINK THAT AMELIA INTITIANTED THAT because the second they are apart that’s where you can see Owen’s hand going forward to touch her again and ask her if she is ok and THAT’S the exact moment Amelia breaks down again thus telling him she is not ready. And this is why he said ok when he was leaving. HE GAVE HER SPACE. HE WASN’T TRYING TO SUFFOCATE HER . GO WATCH THAT SCENE AGAIN AND TELL ME THAT I AM WRONG. @jordan202 ding dong you were wrong WIG IS MISSING

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paperjam-bipper  asked:

(1/2)concept because your tags on that gifset made me laugh: moana and maui are going off against some baddies back-to-back style like they're used to. there's not that many, so the threat isn't that big, which is why maui is very confused (and lowkey panicking) when he hears the sound of moana dropping to the deck behind him. He turns to check on her only to find that she wore herself out so much fighting that she literally collapsed from exhasution.

Did you mean like this? ;)

Maui’s fought beasts before, monsters of the type that humanity can’t even fathom - crabs with hundreds of legs, jellyfish with thousands of stingers and arms that could loop around Motunui three times and still have venomous thread to spare. Beasts like those belong in the deep, deep sea, far from mortals and even farther from wayward boats held together only by wood, rope and seafaring determination.

This - octopus or squid, one of the two, Maui’s focused way more on the tentacles than the actual head - has entirely too many legs. He’s going to have words with Tagaloa once this fight is over, because honestly this is an ungodly number of limbs on any creature, especially one that can survive so close to the surface. Stinging suckers by the thousands and an apparent insensitivity to sunlight? That’s where Maui draws the line. If it takes him, the Demigod of the Wind and Sea, more than a couple hours to beat it, it’s too powerful.

At least Moana’s enjoying herself. She’s swinging the oar down with so much force (even though he’s personally and painfully aware that she does not, in fact, sharpen her oar) that she has on a few occasions severed a limb or three. Then, even if it doesn’t come quite all the way off, she leaves a sizable dent in the offending leg, and that’s good enough for him. Also good enough for the creature to rear back for a few seconds, giving Maui enough time to drive the pointed edge of his hook into the nearest sucker.

Another thing to talk to Tagaloa about - purple blood on monsters? Bad idea. The artful splatters clash horribly with the bright green of his lavalava, and he really doesn’t appreciate the look.

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VMHQ Meg Week

Well this is a bit embarrassing.  Between cheerleading, my anchor position on the Navigator news show, and playing lead in the spring musical, I totally missed the notification that it was my turn as Character of the Week on VMHQ.  

Originally posted by veronicaneptunes

Veronica said it would be fine to post now.  

Or was that, SUPERFINE

I have to admit, this is more exciting than a locker-full of purple-faced monkey orchids, and to think, I didn’t even have to audition for the honor.  I’m not sure if I should thank my fairy godmother, or that one person who keeps sending the librarians anonymous messages about how kewl I am.  

Originally posted by kim-jiho

During the week of April 17th through the 23rd, I’m asking YOU to post content about me, meta, head canons, fanvids, fanfiction, gifsets and fanart.  But please, I beg of you, no purity tests!

Don’t forget to tag your posts with #VMHQ Meg Week so the librarians can find them and reblog.  

So if you secretly - or not so secretly - admire me, how about sparing Wallace from embarrassing jock-strap related hijinks and talk to me directly?


“we could go get coffee.” the man asked you.

“im really busy, but thanks.” you said, turning and rushing to get to a meeting you had.

Pietro turned to Wanda, “huh.” he said.

“she just rejected you.” Wanda said, just as shocked as Pietro.

“well you know what i have to do now.” Pietro sighed.


“make her fall in love with me of course.”


gif credit (x) original gifset (x)

big thank you to this tumblr gif maker for letting me use their gifs! they are stunning <3 <3 <3