and asked to be turned into a gifset

I just remembered something after seeing that gifset from TAB….

John, asking a question, Mrs Hudson standing in the doorway, replying with exactly the same No after which she turns around and disappears inside the house.

There are two options:

A) Moffat and Gatiss are lazy, reusing the same elements, despite the fact that the first time it happened, it was inside Sherlock’s Mind Palace and therefore seeing a similar scene second time is weird, to say the least.

B) We’re still in Sherlock’s Mind Palace.


“ooh touchy touchy.” Cheryl grinned, eying you go into the behind scenes cinema area Jughead worked in. “looks like our Jughead has a lady friend.”


“Jughead stop, talk to me.” Archie said, “Stop avoiding my questions.”

“you’re asking if i have a girlfriend and i said no.” Jughead stated.

“but are you talking to a girl? i had to hear it from Cheryl.” Archie sighed.

“so what if i am? im a teenager i can do teenager things.” he turned and whispered “at least she’s my age.” under his breath. thankfully Archie wasnt listening.


gif credit (x) original gifset (x)


Anon asked: Could you make a gifset where it shows how Lexa was the one person who completely understood Clarke and knew what it truly meant to be a leader (and the burdens they carry because of it). How she was the only one who never made her feel bad about her choices because she was aware of the fact that being a leader meant making the hard choices.


What’s Sherlock doing here? I thought maybe he was checking out his phone but he asks John what’s the time so that can’t be it. He clearly stays with his back to John after he had that thing with Mycroft and only turns around when John gets close enough. In the second gif, after they cut to John talking to him you can hear a loud snort or inhale. Is he.. doing coke?


Mason texted you. you showed up to the class room and pushed past everyone, seeing Liam immediately. “what are you doing?!” you screamed, drawing their attention, “Stop!” 

Nolan turned to you “you can’t stop us.”

“oh, you’re going to hit me?” you asked, trying to push past him to get to Liam but he was able to hold you back. you knew you couldent help Liam yourself so you ran from the room to the coach’s office, he’d be able to help, you knew it.


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anonymous asked:

Hey, Jess! Have you seen a gifset of the moment where Alex turns towards Maggie when Kara is saying she agrees with J'onn, like asking Maggie for support, and Maggie stands up, backing her. I loved that moment so much!


okay but really, i love that moment because maggie just knows the look on alex’s face. She needs her. Alex looks at her like, “PLEASE HELP ME” because she is so frustrated that Kara isn’t siding with her. Alex just needs somebody on her side and Maggie sees that. Just like their conversation at the bar. She knows alex needs that emotional support from her gf.

Maggie was perfectly content with this being between alex and kara until alex gave her that look. It could be back up emotional support or backing her in the situation. Either way, her body is naturally drawn to alex out of concern as soon as alex looks at her. But she still tries to close herself out of the situation by crossing her arms, looking at the floor, and keeping her distance. You can tell she wants to respect their conversation while still being that emotional support to alex.

UGH i love maggie sawyer.

it-s-un-natural-super  asked:

sorry to bother you, but in your gifset of the cockles gagreel (seen all the versions a 100000times) I realized I haven't payed much attention to the 'drinking beer at the table' gif. Jensen is turned away from the camera and Misha starts to laugh after he looks his way. wonder if Jensen somehow provoked that outburst. (yes, of course, as always)

You’ aren’t bothering me :) Sorry for the delay on answering this, I was on my phone and I don’t like answering asks there :/

This is the gif you’re talking about

Jensen totally provoked Misha’s outburst. I cropped the gif to focus on Jensen and Misha, but you can see that Jared has his back to Jensen, so he doesn’t see what’s going on. Jensen is clearly doing something, and when Misha looks, he just bursts. And also, look at Jensen’s pleased smile. He was aiming for Misha’s laugh.

These two assbutts :’)


Royal Albert Hall 2011 - Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess, Hadley Fraser

Special mentions:

#1: Sierra touches her neck - it seems like a foreshadowing to the choking
#2: Sierra first uses her hands to defend herself, then she holds Ramin’s arms
#5: Ramin forces Sierra to look back at him after she turned to Raoul
#7: Ramin first doesn’t dare to touch Sierra’s hand on his deformity
#8: Hadley wants to go after Ramin (and Ramin just took off his jacket)
#9: Sierra kisses Ramin’s hand
#10: Sierra looks back to Ramin

I was asked some time ago to do a RAH gifset and didn’t know how to do it because there are too many differences in the blocking - I can’t ignore them, they are important for the atmosphere of this interpretation but I also wanted to point the subtle acting choices out. Therefore I decided to do two gifsets, in this one you can see the acting choices that don’t have to do anything with the different blocking.
(The other gifset is can be found here)

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Yo that gifset of Alec's nerves reminded me you can see Magnus doing his nervous thumb rubbing tic as well these poor boys they're so in love

LOOK AT HIM, THIS SCENE REALLY KEEPS ON GIVING (also that consistency, harry pls)


you stepped into the room. you hadent been a werewolf long and Scott had been careful about you meeting their ‘risen from the dead ex killer.’ Theo’s eyes locked on you the second you entered the room.

“who’s that?” he asked.

“Y/N. she’s new.” Scott answered. then Scott turned to Theo, “no you can not date her.”

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Fic Masterpost

Note: All of these live on the My Fic page, linked from my header.

Organized by category, with the most recent listed first in each.


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Easter morning, revival era, sweet fluff w/creamy center

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A sweet ficlet inspired by art by @flurgburgler

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From the fic prompt: “It’s just rain, you aren’t gonna melt.”

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Scully overhears some chatter in the ladies’ room at the Hoover Building

A Very Dirty Way to Get Clean
A hot & smutty shower, the day after the first night

The Things She Carries
Master post w/all parts
Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9
A long misunderstanding about one hot night

Truth, Dare, and the Scientific Method
my entry in the Undercover fic challenge; Scully talks blowjays

Shoved; Then Jumping
post-SUZ smut & conversation

She Can Just
XF Fic Writing Challenge Prompt: Redemption; cancer arc

Even pathologists can party - but she misses him. Aww.

In Which “Laura” Takes “Rob” Up On It. Alone.
XF Writing Challenge Prompt: Release

Titan Arum
XF Writing Challenge Prompt: Tension; sometimes the past catches up with us all at once

XF, a/u or non-canon-compliant:

Anyone Who Disappears Is Said to Be Seen in San Francisco
Writing prompt: Things you said on a streetcar at 1 a.m.

Sirens, Coelacanths, and Other Sensitive Topics
Writing prompt: Things you said when you met my parents

Maybe Not As His Partner
Part 1 , Part 2
A question asked, then answered

Fictober: In Flagrante Parento
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RPF (or is it?):

Under That Dress
She still takes his calls, even in a situation like this

Just another aspect of an intensified, enjoyable adult friendship
a wee meta-fic drabble

Rest Easy, Little Ones
Our duo get news of one of them dating someone else

Five Emails a Year: 2006
Inspired by @avocadoave’s brilliant pic/gifset, which in turn was inspired by a post from @skywalkrr

Touched Out
After a long day appearing at a convention, she’s been touched enough

This is for the lovely @sembell‘s shy anon, who asked if I had or would make a list. 

My experience at the HVFF

This is going to be a very long post about my experience at the HVFF (sorry for my terrible English).

So, when we arrived, on our left, we saw Milo Ventimiglia and we almost fainted in front of him because we didn’t expect to see him so close to the entrance lol Infact we were shocked when we saw John Barrowman few seconds later on our right too haha

Then my friends and I went immediately to Robin’s stand and when we saw him we all freaked out -damn, he’s so good looking and he seems like 28, not 39 :O- So we stood right next to him (not in the queue) and when he saw us he waved and smiled at us (his smile is so bright and cute, I almost melted).

Then I met Em, Julia (@robinllordtaylor) and Jen (@christopherpaulcolfers) and they’re absolutely adorable ;-; I’m so happy that I’ve finally met them -I love you so much girls!

Then we all went to Robin’s photo-op and when I saw him I asked him if we could hug and he said ‘Of course, sweetie!’ and he smiled again. So I picked up my bags and I showed my hand to my friend -because I was literally shaking- and Dickie (Robin’s husband) saw me and he laughed -lol I was sooo embarrassed!

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so @robertsuggers tags on @rbertsugden‘s amazing throwback gifset really hurt me and inspired this.

my biggest monster: 

Aaron’s left the milk out and it’s unusable now. It’s ridiculous but that’s what starts it.

Robert’s tired, like his bones ache and he feels his eyes sting and everything is heavy around him, and Aaron’s just gone and left the milk out.

It shouldn’t matter but it does.

Because Annie’s not going to get to sleep tonight without her formula and that means neither is he and he needs to get a few hours before he’s back at it again tomorrow, smiling at another dickhead in a suit who he needs to sign a deal.

Robert gulps hard as he shuts the door, slams it more like and Aaron’s turning around to him.

Annie’s in his arms and he’s rocking her back and forth. For a second Robert’s heart melts but then he thinks about the fucking milk and everything else and it all turns heavy around him again.

“You’re late.” Aaron says, comes over and presses a kiss to Robert’s cheek before pulling away. “What’s wrong?” He’s asking, because he can sense it already and it makes him frown. “Have you had a -”

Robert passes Aaron and pulls his tie off. “You’ve left the milk out.” He says, doesn’t even raise his head as he kicks his shoes off and walks towards the kitchen.

He sees the look on Aaron’s face, his cheeks redden like he’s embarrassed and it makes Robert’s chest jolt.

“Oh shit.” Aaron says quickly, puts Annie down and rubs at his head. “I’ve had a really long day I -”

You’ve had a long day?” Robert snaps, and it’s a problem between them. It has been since Aaron decided not to go back to work for a while, decided that Annie needed at least one of her dads with her for the majority of the day.

They both ignore the fact that it’s really because Jacob had meningitis when he was three months old and it was Chas who was with him. Both of them had gone back to work, accepted the help which was readily available.

And Aaron completely broke down. He switched off and Jacob was the only person in the world he allowed himself to care about.

It was more than just a little bleak.

Aaron looks uncomfortable and then gulps. “Yeah as it happens.” He says and Robert just scoffs at him. “What the hell is your problem?”

Robert shakes his head, tries to pass Aaron again and this time his husband stops him.

“Robert.” He pushes out, hard, fast. He’s worried, he has been for days because Robert keeps closing off and shutting down.

Aaron tries to say something and then Robert shakes his head. “I’m tired alright?” He snaps, makes his way towards the stairs and then nearly trips on Jacob’s toy car. "For fucks sake.“ He screams and it makes Annie start bawling her eyes out, makes Robert feel guilty suddenly.

He goes to get her and Aaron is there quicker. “You need to go take a breather.” He’s saying, voice cold and distant and Robert pulls back. “I’m not having you around our kids when you’re -”

Robert scowls, feels his heart hammering in his chest as he picks up his keys, charges towards the door and -

“Just talk to me about your dad’s headstone and then we can move on from it.”

Because it’s been at the back of his mind. Aaron knows, he knows that Robert cried in the shower out of nowhere and made Aaron want to cry with him.

Robert gulps hard and turns around, face reddening as he hears his husband.

The headstone was ruined. And Aaron was partly to blame. At least in his mind.

Lads we’re fighting, Aaron weighed in, pushed one of them back and -

It was already in need of repairing, falling away and then some stupid kids went and made it worse and Robert couldn’t ignore it.

“It has nothing to do -” Robert tries to push out, he tries to lie basically and it’s hard because this is Aaron and Aaron knows him better than anyone else in the world.

Aaron comes closer, “Just be honest with me. You haven’t been yourself since Vic told you about having to get it completely re-done.”

Robert’s eyes sting again, he has to pull a hand over his forehead and then he’s thinking about when he went to see the damage. He went alone. He shouldn’t have because it meant that he felt able to react honestly and it shocked him to the core. Somehow he felt like he was looking at his father, what was left of him and it was broken and tainted and -

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Robert’s shouting and Aaron sighs hard, forced to put Annie back down and gently kiss her nose as she starts to become restless again.

“Yeah, I think I get that.” Aaron says sarcastically. “But I do, and I’m sick of you dealing with whatever you are all by yourself.” He pushes out, comes closer to his husband and lightly pushes at his chest. “So talk.”

Robert squints hard, hates himself because this should be easy but it isn’t and Aaron’s making it worse. “I’m not dealing with anything, stop being so dramatic Aaron.”

Something flickers over Aaron’s face, it’s hurt. “You can’t keep going on like this.” He says adamantly, a hand out as Robert pushes his head down.

“Yeah?” Robert raises his head. “Like you’re suddenly Mr. Open. God, I can’t even *mention granddads without you flinching.”

And he doesn’t even mean it, he feels awful as soon as he says it because it’s the worst thing he could throw at Aaron if he wanted to.

And Aaron, he loses it.

“How fucking dare you?” Aaron’s hissing, face red, eyes filled with tears. “You - you’re really comparing yours to mine? Are we really fucking doing -”

Robert shakes his head hard. “I didn’t mean that.” He’s saying, “You just - I don’t want to to talk about him alright? I don’t want to -”

Aaron frowns, “And that’s my fault?” He’s saying, voice ragged as he steps back and then Robert’s holding his arm. “Get off me Robert.” He bites.

Robert doesn’t, instead he just sighs. “You just keep pushing and pushing me and -”

Aaron pulls away from Robert’s grip and something breaks in his chest. “Go then.” He shouts, “If I’m such a bloody nag, just do one.” He says, and he’s completely done, drained from days of trying with Robert and getting absolutely no where.

Robert frowns, takes a step back. “And you’d love that wouldn’t ya? You can practise your ‘I’m Aaron and I can do it all on my own’ act that you just -”

The sight of Jacob by the stairs makes Robert twist his head around. He’s wearing his train pyjamas which are a size too big for him and make him wear them like Aaron wears his jumpers, all stretched out at the arms.

“Daddy giant read me a story.” Jacob’s asking, swinging a little on the stairs and looking down at his dads.

“Not now Jakey, go up to bed.” Robert says, there’s still anger in his voice, it’s all directed to Aaron for wanting him to leave, for digging about Jack, for leaving the fucking milk out.

Jacob frowns, “But I -”

Bed.” Robert says, firm, almost cold and Aaron’s eyes widen.

“It’s okay baby, just - just go back up to bed.” Aaron’s always so soft, too soft, gentle and loving in a way Robert has always secretly struggled with at times.

Jacob looks like he’s going to burst out crying, little hands firm around the banisters and Robert can’t look at him.

“Jacob go.” Robert says, looking towards the floor, feels something stretch and tug in his heart and then Aaron’s in front of him.

“Don’t take this out on him.” He’s shouting, “Don’t take it out on my little boy because -”

Our little boy you - you pri -”

His eyes let him down, they travel to where Jacob is and he sees him sitting there with a tear rolling down his face and it guts him completely.

He’s seeing himself. He’s seeing a little boy who’s dad wasn’t listening to him, who was just being loud and aggressive and shouting and taking everything out on his mum who was only trying to settle him and -

He sat there through it all, felt his dad roughly push past him when it was over.

And he’s done it to his own boy, he’s made him cry over him fighting and -

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Robert says, his feet sliding across to where Jacob is sitting. He’s so small, smaller than Robert had been and he doesn’t ever deserve to see that.

Aaron feels his heart do something mad and it doesn’t take long until there’s tears in his eyes and he’s watching Robert hold Jacob close and kiss his head.

“I’m so sorry buddy.” Robert presses a kiss to Jacob’s head and shudders, he doesn’t want to cry but he is, he’s fucking breaking down because he’s turned out just like his dad hasn’t he?

He doesn’t want to be like that.

He doesn’t want to be like that.

He doesn’t want to be like that.

Aaron kneels down beside them and looks at Jacob softly, “I think daddy needs some cuddles.” He tells him, watches their boy hug at Robert’s neck and bring him down a little so that he can reach him.

“Shh don’t cry daddy.” Jacob whispers, his little hands rubbing at his father’s back and he’s always had this kindness about him which Robert knows comes from Aaron.

“Me and daddy, we didn’t mean to make you cry.” Robert whispers, raises his head finally and looks away from his son, looks towards Aaron. “Because I - I love you both so much.” He whispers and Aaron sniffs, nods his head.

“And Annie.” Jacob says, the best big brother Aaron and Robert could ask for.

“Of course.” Aaron whispers, strokes at Jacob’s hair and then sighs. “Me and daddy need you to be a big boy and go up to bed by yourself whilst we make friends again.”

Robert smiles at his boy, “And then I promise I’ll read you a story.” He says and that’s all it takes for Jacob to be climbing the stairs again and disappearing out of sight.

Robert stays where he is for a few seconds and Aaron gives him space, goes towards the sofa and cradles Annie who’s somehow managed to stay content with a play toy during it all.

He waits until he hears footsteps approaching him and then sights Robert sliding next to him on the sofa.

He doesn’t cry, but he had done on the stairs with Jacob.

It makes Aaron worry more than he should.

“Is it me?” Aaron says, chews at his lip and gulps.

Robert frowns, a hand over Annie’s cheek, “Is what you?” He’s asking, his voice soft and gentle again and he resents how horrible he was before. He hates himself.

Aaron clears his throat, tries not to get emotional. “You said all I do is push and push and - I know it’s been difficult recently with Annie and - and having to look after Jakey as well but I’m trying Rob.”

It makes everything prickle in Robert and he presses himself closer to his husband, shakes his head. “It’s not you.” He whispers into his ear, sees the way Aaron’s shoulders relax. “You’re doing amazing okay? You - you are amazing.” He says, like it’s a promise. Aaron raises his head, he doesn’t believe it but he doesn’t say anything.

Robert blows out a breath, feels unsteady.

“Seeing the headstone like that, it just threw me. I’ve been walking around with all these memories and - and I’ve been thinking about what he’d say and,” he drops his head and he’s a kid again who just desperately wanted his father to be proud of him for something. “It shouldn’t even matter to me.” He raises his head and Aaron’s got tears in his eyes.

“It’s okay if it does.” He whispers, hand over Robert’s. “He was your dad Robert. It’s okay to - to think about -”

“Look what happens when I do.” Robert waves out a hand. “I make my own son cry.” He says, looks at Aaron and holds his face. “Please don’t - don’t go or anything okay. I’m sorry.”

Aaron frowns, sniffs. “I know you are.” He whispers, “And so am I.” He looks down at Annie and then smiles.

“You’re so good with her.” Robert whispers, gulps hard.

Aaron looks at Robert and frowns. “So are you.”

“I made Jacob cry Aaron.” He explains, eyes glassy. “Just like my dad made me cry.” He can’t even look over at Aaron when he sees the look on his face. “I watched him fight with mum, over and over again and it hurt. He’d carry on like I wasn’t even there, like he didn’t even see me crying on the stairs.” He blows out a breath, feels Aaron graze a hand over his. “I don’t want that for our son.”

Annie’s settled so Aaron pulls her down on the sofa and wraps her in blankets, he’s holding back the way he wants to hug Robert and wipe away any of this pain he’s feeling.

When he turns around again, Robert has his head in his hands and he looks like he can barely breathe. “Rob, babe, Robert look at me.” Aaron’s saying, and it’s frightening how slowly Robert lifts his head as if he’s ashamed. “You’re not like him, not when it comes to make your kids miserable okay?”

Robert winces, “I am though.” He whispers, gulps hard as he feels Aaron press a kiss to his head and tell him he isn’t, over and over again. “And he’ll hate me.” He says, like he knows it for certain.

Aaron comes even closer and then raises Robert’s chin. “He won’t ever hate you.” He says, feels guilty for making Robert feel awful in front of their son. “I promise you.”

Robert bites his lip, “Yeah?” He suddenly needs all this reassurance and it’s enough to make him feel like an idiot.

Aaron nods, “Yeah.” He promises before he’s stroking at Robert’s face and kissing him gently. “I’m sorry about your dad’s headstone.” He whispers, because he’s been an idiot, he hasn’t even said that.

Robert sighs. “It’s fine.” He shakes his head and smiles a little at Aaron. “I should have just told you how I felt about it.” He says, “Instead of blocking it all out.” He gulps.

Aaron nods, for a second he’s just soaking in how vulnerable and soft Robert looks in the moonlight and he’s filled with all this need to protect him and adore him and keep him safe from anything which will make him feel guilty or want to cry.

“I do love you, I really really do.” Aaron tells him, has a hand over Robert’s and a soft smile on his face which takes the older man by surprise. “I didn’t mean to be so - I don’t know -”

“Hey.” Robert slowly moves a hand over Aaron’s thigh. “We’re both just a little overtired aren’t we?” He says, decides to kiss Aaron and pull a hand through the younger man’s hair. “I love you too.” He says, means it as it washes over him.

Aaron nods, there’s a sparkle in his eye and he knows that they’ll probably fight again in a few weeks time but it won’t mean a thing, not when they have these moments where Annie’s fallen asleep without her bottle and Robert is telling him he loves him and everything is good in the world.

Everything is just good.

“I’ll probably always have shit issues with my dad.” Robert tells Aaron quickly, eyes almost glossing over. “But I won’t - I promise I won’t take it out on you again like that, or even try and bring up -”

Aaron tenses, “Okay.” He says, because it hit a nerve and made things feel strange and hollow. “I know you’re sorry.” He gets out and then looks towards Annie. “I’m going to get her up to bed.” He whispers as he cradles his daughter in his arms and looks back towards Robert who’s just staring at him. “What?” He says with a smile.

And Robert feels something tingle through him without warning. He feels something almost tell him that it’s going to be okay, that he won’t turn out like his father, he won’t snap and treat his children like Jack used to behave sometimes.

“Nothing.” He says, comes closer and kisses Aaron’s forehead before kissing at Annie’s. “Best go read Jacob his story.” He whispers gently, pulls away and can’t quite believe that he gets to have this, despite his wicked tongue and his tendencies to block things out. He gets to have a family, gets to read his son a bedtime story, kiss his daughter’s head before she’s in her cot, gets to sleep close to his husband.

And he won’t mess it up. He won’t waste a second either. He’ll do what his dad couldn’t.

(He’ll learn from his mistakes.)


happy birthday anne (@ankaps) ! ❤ - to my dear slytherin fellow and friend (are we friends already?), i wish you all the best for the year to come, more eskild and less hurt!even, a lot of fanfictions and happy!sana. now that i’ve finished this gifset i can finally tag my answer to your ask and leave my desk since i’m already late but i really wanted to make this for you! remember this hp quote, always “happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” — harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban. 💞


the entire time you explained the plan people kept interrupting, Jace, Alec, Izzy… but not Raphael. he stood there. oddly silent. 

you recapped the plan, “Raphael will pretend im his prisoner which will allow me to infiltrate the lair-”

“thats if he agrees.” Jace stated. everyone turned to Raphael.

“will you do it?” you asked.

“lead you into a situation where you could get killed?” he retorted, “no. i dont think i will be doing that.”

“but-” you started to protest.

“Dios Mio Y/N!” Raphael sighed in exasperation, “im not going to intentionally put you in harms way!”


gif credit (x) original gifset (x)

‘Dios Mio’ means oh my god :) well… says google translate

Kaisoo Analysis | Water Park Date

Hey guys! Here I am again to make a Kaisoo anaysis, this time about their moments at the water park. I’ll talk about my opinion about some events showed there and everything I say will be based in my interpretation of facts. I advise you that I’ll try to be rational, but sometimes I won’t. Just deal with it. After all, the Kaisoo shippers are destined to be desilusional inside EXO fandom. Really, it doesn’t exist more desilusional shippers than Kaisoo ones oh, the irony. And my english is terrible, I’m sorry about that.

First of all, I need to say how I loved every minute of it. It’s amazing to see the guys relaxing and having a free time, even if it’s for commercial purposes. I think all of them had fun, and could express themselves pretty well: Jongdae as the one who talks the most between the three of them, Jongin being excited and cute all the time and Kyungsoo smiling like a fluffy ball of sunshine. But I saw a lot of interesting things about Kaisoo that I want and need to point out for you, guys!

1. How different they act when they’re together and when they’re not.  I noticed the difference, and some other people did too while watching other parts of EXO Second DVD, like Kyungsoo in Spain and Jongin in England. When they’re apart,they’re more reserved, don’t talk much and don’t participate very much of things happening around them. But, at the water park, they made a unspoke alliance and teased Jongdae together a lot, stayed side by side almost all the time and were in their little world sometimes, it was very cute.

2. Their clousure almost all the time, including while at the park attractions. This was pretty obvious, come on! But I enphazise just because I don’t want anyone to forget.  

Kyungsoo and Jongin at the speed boat and looking at each other’s reaction, so cute! And Jongdae having fun by himself, poor boy~

3. Some Kaisoo moments didn’t capture by the cameras or subs: I saw this account (I guess a lot of people saw her comments before the DVD videos were released) and she, as a person who lives in Korea and talks the language, she noticed some moments that weren’t subbed or they weren’t on focus, but you could hear/understand what they said to each other.

I actually heard Jongin talking (it’s his shorts that appear on the frame), but, thanks to this beautful person, I get what he said to Kyungsoo <3

You can see when you watch the video that the first person Jongin looks after falling into the water and worries about is Kyungsoo.

This wasn’t captured by the official subs as well.

4. Kaisoo inside their little world + Jongdae as the thirdwheel: In a fifteen minutes appearence of these three, Kaisoo had a lot of moments that just paid attention to each other. I felt pity for Jongdae, really.

You can cleary see Kyungsoo and Jongin paying atention only for each other and Jongdae smiling alone.

You can see the bubble around them? Yeah, me too.

Jongin suddenly changed his mind and choose with Kyungsoo another thing to do and ignored Jongdae completely. 

Jongdae was totally forgotten behind Kaisoo, poor soul! 

5. Kaisoo unspoke alliance to tease Chen: I just loved this Kaisoo side! I don’t know if they planned this before, but they were really teasing Jongdae together, sometimes in a “subtle” way, sometimes in a obvious way. They’re so mean when together, I like it!  

Kaisoo wanted to go to Blob Jump, but they sent Jongdae to go there first.

Jongin shaking the bridge on purpose to make Jongdae fall and treat them dinner. NOTE: while watching the video, you can see Jongin jumping on the trampoline when Kyungsoo walks, but I think the movements he made there didn’t interfere much (at least, that’s the impression I had). But, when it’s Jongdae’s turn, Jongin jumps rapidly and it result in Jongdae’s failure. But see the videos to make a conclusion of your own.

Look at this! They were ganging up on Jongdae. Kyungsoo’s smile was the best part, because he didn’t planned this with Jongin. And seeing him teasing Jongdae and being mischevious (kind of) makes him laugh, how cute! Here is the link of the gifset.

6.  Kaisoo complementing each other: I noticed this when Chenkaisoo said they were hungry.  When Jongdae asked what they wanted to eat, Kyungsoo answered: “I want to eat ramyun”. Jongin complement him telling that he wanted ramyun and fried chicken. Some minutes later, Kyungsoo repeat his and Jongin’s tbh wishes to eat chicken and ramyun. Maybe this doesn’t mean anything, but I found it cute like everything they do, I need help.

7. How they worry about each other’s health and safety: Kyungsoo and Jongin don’t only play around and laugh with each other! They’re both there for each other, pulling them up and asking if they’re okay (you can see some moments above if you missed it). 

Kyungsoo didn’t need to help Jongin, considering that Jongdae had already helped him, but there he was, just to making sure he was okay without using words and holding his elbow two seconds longer that necessary.

Jongin’s reaction when it was Kyungsoo’s turn to try the Blob Jump. He looked so concerned about his hyung’s safety and he mumbled “omo” and it was so cute! Here’s the gif for the full gifset.

This is so important, you have no idea! I think Kyungsoo could lift himself pretty well, like Jongdae did, but Jongin (in my opinion) volunteered himself for lifting his hyung, you know, just to show how strong he is. He ignored Jongdae completely (again) while helping Kyungsoo, but, when he realized that he was heavier than he previously thought, Jongin for Jongdae’s help and everything became a litte chaotic. So chaotic, that Kyungsoo’s head was between Jongin’s legs for two seconds, everyone saw that. Link for the gifset.

Well, to end this analysis/spam/whatever, I just want to say how I love Kaisoo’s interaction. In every one of them, we can see different sides of them, and how can they can be conforable and understand each other’s easily. It’s a deep relationship, and I adore it very much!