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What’s Sherlock doing here? I thought maybe he was checking out his phone but he asks John what’s the time so that can’t be it. He clearly stays with his back to John after he had that thing with Mycroft and only turns around when John gets close enough. In the second gif, after they cut to John talking to him you can hear a loud snort or inhale. Is he.. doing coke?


you stepped into the room. you hadent been a werewolf long and Scott had been careful about you meeting their ‘risen from the dead ex killer.’ Theo’s eyes locked on you the second you entered the room.

“who’s that?” he asked.

“Y/N. she’s new.” Scott answered. then Scott turned to Theo, “no you can not date her.”

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the entire time you explained the plan people kept interrupting, Jace, Alec, Izzy… but not Raphael. he stood there. oddly silent. 

you recapped the plan, “Raphael will pretend im his prisoner which will allow me to infiltrate the lair-”

“thats if he agrees.” Jace stated. everyone turned to Raphael.

“will you do it?” you asked.

“lead you into a situation where you could get killed?” he retorted, “no. i dont think i will be doing that.”

“but-” you started to protest.

“Dios Mio Y/N!” Raphael sighed in exasperation, “im not going to intentionally put you in harms way!”


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‘Dios Mio’ means oh my god :) well… says google translate

colouring tutorial

i was asked how i coloured this gifset, so here’s another fun tutorial for you guys (in typical kiera fashion it’s probably gonna be image heavy and a bit long lmao sorry) and i hope it makes sense lmao

what you’ll need:

content warnings: flashing gif, guns

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Blogrates + compliments

I was thinking about doing a follow forever, but since my blog is about to turn 1, I thought I might do some blogrates instead. (I didn’t really “do” tumblr until I went multifandom in the summer, but this is close enough!) 


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Liam’s fists clenched and unclenched, over and over and over, each time Theo brushed against you while you walked, or said something flirty, Liam got angrier and angrier.

you didnt know Mason as well as Liam so you lost the scent. you and Theo turned to Liam, “which way?” Theo asked.

Liam glared, “i dont know lover boy, how about you tell me?”


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i dunno, jealous Liam is funny

I don’t know how to say goodbye- SQ ficlet

Asked by @guardiansofwolves based on this amazing gifset made by @h0pe-bey0nd-the-stars

The hot air almost burned her throat as Emma looked down, her hands grabbing the metal strings that did their job as the lift’s walls, her palms covered in faint lines as she looked down at the woman who had her own face turned towards both her and the boy that, in a very similar fashion than the blonde, cried silently, his whispers echoing inside the cavern as both it and the figure of the woman that had been dubbed as the Queen started to disappear in the tinted red air.

Emma had felt the moment Regina had made the decision like a stab inside of her, breaking her chest in two as Regina had looked at the man that was the God of the Undead without flinching, promising him a deal, any deal, for him to let them go. Emma had known, had sensed it, the second Regina had rose her chin, hands at her sides and just a flicker of her magic swirling inside her pupils.

“You can’t” Had been the next thing she had said, sudden despair turning into fury, screams reaching for the brunette, trying to make her see that she would not, could not, leave her behind. Not caring a single second about the whys and reasons she would normally consider, she would normally think about. At both sides the rest of the group had stood silent, seemingly unable to see what Emma was doing so clearly it almost hurt to breathe. “Regina, you can’t.”

Regina had turned towards her with the same sadness and resolution she had once looked at her with only one last wish, one last beg, escaping her lips.” Let me die as Regina.” One sometimes kept Emma up all night, the realization that Regina had been ready to die in that second, for the people that had wanted to open her up, kill her and imprison her, burnt on her mind’s eye. She had wanted to grab the brunette’s shoulders and ask her for time, for time to talk her out of it, to wait for her to come up with another solution, any solution, completely terrorized of the fact that Regina did seem already settled on her decision.

“You are here because of me.” She mumbled and between the gasps of both her parents and Henry she kept talking, sternly, trying to channel her wrath instead of her pain. “You can’t pay the price.”

“I chose to be here.” The former Queen had replied, softly, far too softly. “To follow you here. It’s not on you.”

“It is.” She had said and she had felt looking at the swirling vortex of dark magic all over again, the same panic eating her insides, tearing her up. She had jumped in the middle of it, had saved the woman in front of her, the woman who acted as if her time alive was nothing but something about to end at any other given second, as if she was borrowing someone else’s time.

Gone were her worries about Hook, about her selfish desires to not be alone if she couldn’t have the woman that now stood in front of her, gone was everything else but Regina’s face as the brunette opened her mouth, probably ready to discuss whatever Emma was about to say.

“It must be another way; another deal he is interested in.”

“Not really.” Had whispered the God from his part of the room, dark glee glowing on his eyes. “But continue if you want, I would be delighted to have you both here.”

“You won’t hurt neither of them.”  Regina had said and Emma had felt her resolution, her fear and her complete and utter decision of staying down there. “Me for them, I will stay here as long as you leave them alone.”

And for that Emma now screamed one more time as the elevator, the one Hades had conjured, kept moving forward, her knees hurting when she fell down to the floor, trying to keep herself as close to the ground as possible, as close to Regina as manageable as Henry, grasping her side, cried along her, vowing empty threats Emma knew she shouldn’t be letting him mutter but were far too close to the truth for her to have the energy to ask him to not say them.

“You can’t stay here.” She had said, arms outstretched, wondering how many times she had wanted to hug the former queen, how many times she had decided not to, far too a coward to do so, far too weak to address how the brunette made her feel.

It was already too late to keep pretending in front of her parents, in front of Hook who, angry and full of wrath, had decided to not be saved, to keep his grudge. She couldn’t say she was going to miss him, not really.

Regina had smiled warmly at her before stepping forward, hands at her cheeks, cold and strong, before placing a small kiss on top of her lips, far too quick for Emma to do anything but stumble forwards when Regina had moved back, hugging Henry next with so much force the blonde had wondered if she was going to even be able to disentangle herself from him.

“Take care.” She had said, touching his forehead with hers before looking towards the blonde with eyes too bright for Emma to do anything else but tremble. “Both of you.”

Next had been both Snow and David, neither of them really knowing what to say, neither of them doing anything more but to whisper some empty words about how this couldn’t be happening, neither of them promising any of the raw screams Emma had said to Hades, the god shrugging all the way through them. The blonde couldn’t blame them but she had still clenched both of her hands, feeling herself wanting to tear everything apart, made Regina follow her, follow both of them.

Hood had remained silent and Emma did not spare him a glance once Regina had looked towards him with perhaps sadness but no regret. “Please, follow us.” She had said, wanting to envelop the shorter woman between her arms, doing the things she had redeemed as impossible far too ago.

“I can’t tell you goodbye.” She had thought. “I just can’t.”

And even if she hadn’t say the words outload she was able to sense Regina nodding to them, the silent request of doing it, of accepting that it was precisely that what was going to happen burning, chocking her.

“I will be back.” She screamed now. “I will find you.”

Her words floated towards Regina who merely raised her head towards the elevator as she finally disappeared from sight.

“I will.” Repeated Emma, fingers bleeding as the first actual rays of Storybrooke started to illuminate the silent place, Henry’s sobs making him tremble against her side. “I will, no matter what.”

Because she couldn’t bear to accept she was going to have to say goodbye to Regina, to her. No in a thousand of lifetimes.

“I will.”


🔥 A Song of Ice and Fire projectA Gifset per every chapter

↪ A Game of Thrones, XVII, Bran III

Bran was falling faster than ever. The grey mists howled around him as he plunged toward the earth below. 

“What are you doing to me?” he asked the crow, tearful.

Teaching you how to fly.

“I can’t fly!”

You’re flying right now.

“I’m falling!”

Every flight begins with a fall, the crow said. Look down.

“I’m afraid … ”


Bran looked down, and felt his insides turn to water. The ground was rushing up at him now. The whole world was spread out below him, a tapestry of white and brown and green. He could see everything so clearly that for a moment he forgot to be afraid. He could see the whole realm, and everyone in it.


“whats going on with you and Y/N?” Josh asked. the whole Chimera pack turned to look at Theo, they had all been wondering about this for a while. a smile like yours was hard to miss and its absence was obvious.

“we’re working through some issues.” Theo stated.

“did she find out that you’re Shady AF?” Tracy giggled.

Theo sighed, “that might be part of it.” he paused, “or all of it.”

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anonymous asked:

I'd call them out for you but their dumbass has ask turned off. Why reblog a richonne gifset if you hate it?

Yeah I saw that. They’re bold enough to talk shit but not bold enough to deal with the backlash I guess. Whatever though, at the end of the day richonne is still canon and the relationship is here to stay so they better buckle up and enjoy the fucking ride lol. Thanks for trying though :) 


“we could go get coffee.” the man asked you.

“im really busy, but thanks.” you said, turning and rushing to get to a meeting you had.

Pietro turned to Wanda, “huh.” he said.

“she just rejected you.” Wanda said, just as shocked as Pietro.

“well you know what i have to do now.” Pietro sighed.


“make her fall in love with me of course.”


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big thank you to this tumblr gif maker for letting me use their gifs! they are stunning <3 <3 <3


Anon requested: that Snowbarry at bed gifset is awesome,maybe you could turn it into Kurtbastian,it would look cute.
[better if you consider this: AU in which Kurt asks Sebastian to stay and Sebastian does even though it means having to deal with drunk Kurt being incapable of sleeping without his arm pillow boyfriend, Bruce]


Make Me Choose:

→ thetraingoat asked: Burning Legion or Old Gods

For I bear allegiance to powers untouched by time, unmoved by fate. No force on this world or beyond harbors the strength to bend our knee. Not even the mighty Legion.” — Harbinger Skyriss