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keith reminds me of jim hawkins from treasure planet


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Could you please please please do the scene where Valkyrie, Bruce and Thor are talking about how Loki night kill them and then Thor tells the snake story?!!!!?!

It’s finally done.

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Night Wind and Whisper Song for the crackbabies?


yyyyeeeEEEEEeSSS @hyperburn3r I love this one!!!! 
This is also the last crackship-baby!

Midnight Lullaby is shy and is insecure about her wings.


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hello love. ^^ would you share the psd(s) you used for your ciel phantomhvie as icons pls? they are so AWESOME I beg you .-.

Hi! Thank you!!!

Sure, here it is and it basically looks like this:

It mostly works with the anime artworks and some light scenes from Book of the Atlantic. I haven’t tried it on anything else tho… and of course, you may have to play around with curves and such, but yeah, that’s the base psd :3

Enjoy ^^

so this is a huge round of yikes.

interacting-terf thinks it’s rad to ignore dni’s, and harass trans people (especially trans minors) and invade their safe/personal spaces in the name of being the edgiest and ugliest motherfucker around

I’m glad TERFs are just accepting they’re exactly like kinksters and MAPs ‘n shit with disrespecting the safety of minors and really people they love harming in general. Neato!

Anyways, block this stank ass cunt

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As a gay man, do you find the term 'yaoi' offensive? I'm trying to prove a point to my friend

I mean… not really? If anything, it just weirds me out a little, but that mostly depends on the context in which it’s used, I guess? At the end of the day it’s just a word, lol. Not a term I’d ever use, and it just sounds/looks a little odd to me whenever I see/hear it, but it doesn’t upset me or anything, if that’s what you’re thinking.

Idk what point you’re trying to prove, but I hope my answer at least made sense. XD I mean, I’m not a spokesperson for all gay men, either, that’s just my opinion on the matter. I know that some people get offended because there are cases in which others simply use it to ‘ridiculously sexualize’ us or whatever, but all in all, I really don’t see the point in getting your knickers in a knot over it, y’know? I’m pretty sure that most people that use it aren’t trying to be offensive or anything (but yes, sometimes there are people that can be kiiinda creepy about it, and in cases like that, I understand why that might upset somebody). 

Overall, it’s really just a word, and words only carry the weight we give them. I guess just try not to be ridiculously offended/overreact over it for those of you seeing it, and try not to be creepy for those of you who use it. Idk, lol