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So our friend was new to playing dnd

Newbie: So what is a survival check for?

DM: It’s basically if i threw you out in the forest and said ‘good fucking luck’, so-

Me: Its when, after you are done playing for the day, the DM makes you roll a survival check and if its lower then a 20, the DM takes you out back-

Newbie: OH MY g o

Me: and shoots you like a horse

DM proceeds to loose shit laughing

Stop assuming that the “sunshines” of each group is supposed to always be happy. They are humans with feelings and we don’t actually know what they may feel or are like??

We’ve just in the latest month witnessed idols coming out about their depression or suicidial thoughts. ChoA had to leave AOA because it got too much for her, Wooshin can’t take part in UP10TION’s promotions because his mental health is crumbling and TOPPDOGG’s Hansol considered committing suicide in a live on Instagram the other day.

So don’t complain when an idol like J-Hope or Minhyuk isn’t super hyper because idols can have bad days. Idols can be sad. Idols don’t owe you to act in a certain way.Idols may not be or feel like the company portrays them.

You don’t know what they may be going through so please understand.

Who Gives a Shit About Glass? Only the Spiteful Man Will Pass!

(So there the party stood at the first of a series of challenges, “walking the path of god”. An old man tells us we must each choose to walk through one of six 30 ft. hallways, each of which is littered with a cruel, cruel truckload of pointy crap: Shards of glass, caltrops, bright red hot bolts, razor blades, sharpened bamboo, and ankle-deep acid. So we were forced to pick our poison.)

Dwarf Skald: (immediately) “I’ll take the red hot bolts.”

Aasimar Summoner: “I’d probably be cheating if I flew over the acid?” (Which is why, even though she didn’t touch the acid, she felt the pain anyway.)

Human-Who-Thinks-He’s-a-Dragon Paladin: “I will walk the path of bamboo!”

Human Fighter: “Seriously, why is there a bamboo path? What, are we in Vietnam?”

(The comparison became more accurate when the GM revealed the bamboo was covered in something toxic as well.)

Human Rogue: “…Fuck it, I’ll take the broken glass; If John McClane can do it, I can fucking do it.”

Fighter: “Nice, the Die Hard way… So did you go yet, or were you waiting until everyone else did it first?”

Rogue: “I mean, basically, yeah.”

Fighter: “Huh, and here I thought you wanted to be a cool treasure hunter. Indiana Jones? More like Indiana Pussy.”

Rogue: “Okay, you know what? I RUN through the hall of broken glass before you even start with your dinky caltrops, just to SPITE YOU!”

(Made it through with only 3 hit points. It was worth it.)

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If the new Ruelle song is for this week's episode and reviewers saying there's not really any malec scenes, i guess it's not for them. When are we going to get another Ruelle song in a scene for them.

I’m pretty sure it’s for clace since the lyrics are kinda sad? I’d love to hear another song for malec; The Lifeboat was nice but I’m always down for more, esp from Ruelle, but I admittedly have other priorities for them than the music. besides, queer culture is about reclaiming things from the straights, anyway; i see no reason why we can’t use whatever music we want from her for malec even if it may have been played over another scene originally so. :’)

it sounds like magnus will largely be involved in the downworlder meeting and i hear there’s some great luke content, too. so while malec is obviously important to me, i’m still looking forward to these parts in 2x14. Fandom likes to refer to malec as a power couple and this will be the first time actual Head of the Institute Alec Lightwood and High Warlock Magnus Bane will be in the same room together, navigating these Shadow World politics. I’m actually very, very intrigued by this because while we may not see them alone together in private, I think it’s just as important to explore their dynamic when they’re in public under such tense circumstances, given they’re technically on opposing sides politically.

Youngjae sang Trauma in Japan, and Jinyoung told him to sing it in Japanese akgnlajskflaj

Trans from Japanese:

YJ: *singing Trauma*
/after finish singing/
Audience cheering
Got7: Amazing/that was so good/
YJ: (quietly) I’m embarrassed
JS: But, honestly, I can see Youngjae’s talent (he messes up a Japanese particle with a Korean particle)
YJ: (making fun of his mistake and laughing)
BB: (offscreen) Are you speaking Korean?

JY: Wait, Youngjae-san,
YJ: Yes?
JY: You’ve practiced this song a lot, so can you sing it in Japanese, please
Audience: (freaking out) What?? 
JY: (loudly) IT WAS A JOKE
YJ: *nervous and relieved laughter*
YG: (offscreen) Oh Jinyoung-san *fake laughing*
Got7: *all fake laughing*
YG: *starts turning his fake laugh into his imitation of Jinyoung’s laugh*
JY: *about to kill him*

(In the end theyre like “Ok next is Jaebum” and if he sang one of his soundcloud songs live i’d be liviNG but i cant find a video dskajhfk)