and as dean takes his first step into heaven

An ending worthy of Castiel

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Cas tells Dean he’ll wait for him.

What’s a few years or even decades for an angel who faces eternity?
In the meantime, Cas returns to heaven in order to make amends and find peace that has eluded him for ages.  While there, he plans to carve out a spot where Dean can one day join him.  One day, that is, when Dean is ready to lay down his Hunter’s burden.
Until then, Castiel rests. The lives of the Winchesters have brought him too many sorrows.

(~600 Words)

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Dean/Cas: 10.20 “Angel Heart” Coda

It takes him a few days to make up his mind, but Cas is prepared - mentally, emotionally - when he takes a trip upstairs to see Jimmy for the first time in years. He isn’t surprised to find that Jimmy’s and Amelia’s Heavens are one and the same; of course they are. He steps over the threshold of the Novaks’ home, the way it was on earth seven years ago, and is greeted by his former vessel, who appears in the foyer and pulls him into a hug.

“Long time no see, Cas,” Jimmy smiles, and a sudden, immense wave of relief washes for him to discover the man at such peace after all this time.

“Yes, it has been,” Cas replies. His voice is much deeper - always has been - and he notices Jimmy huff a laugh upon hearing it. “How are you?”

“Well…” Jimmy shrugs, the smile not leaving his face. “Ames is here now, just as I remember her. We’ve had a lot of catching up to do.”

“I can imagine,” the angel nods. He then ducks his head, suddenly nervous, his fingers clenching and unclenching at his sides. “I came to see you because I… I wanted to make sure that…” To make sure that you were alright, he wants to say, but it strikes him as silly now, given all that he’s put Jimmy through.

“I understand,” Jimmy offers first, and there’s a hand, warm and assuring on his shoulder. “I’m well, and so is Ames,” he says, “and in case you’re worried, I still don’t regret being your vessel.”

“Jimmy…” Cas can’t bear to look at him, this good man who gave everything for the sake of faith, something Cas himself couldn’t hold onto at times. “I could never thank you enough for what you did. Had it not been for you, I-”

“You wouldn’t have been able to save the world.” Jimmy laughs and the pat on his arm is friendly, almost affectionate. “Does that entitle me to asking you a favor, Cas? There’s something… I was hoping you could…”

Cas knows full well what’s on Jimmy’s mind but he lets him continue, eyes meeting blue identical to his own. “Of course. Anything you need.”

“… It’s Claire,” Jimmy smiles again, but it’s softer and a little sad with a strong undercurrent of longing. “Look after her for us? She’s all by herself and still so young. You’re- You’re the closest thing she has to family now.”

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Cas calls Dean and asks him to meet. Dean worried sick agrees. Cas gives Dean an adress. Dean arrives to an old but fimilar barn. It’s the barn where they first met. Cas has two beers chilling with his trench coat folded besides them. He has losened his tie and standing besides two chairs. Dean enters the barn and immediately recognition envelops him. He walks slowly towards Cas knowing that can’t be good. Every step he takes towards Cas invokes a memory of their shared past. Cas silently hands him the beer and gestures to sit down as he sits down himself. And they talk. Cas tells Dean everything. How he can finally fix everything, and get his wings and grace back. Finally go to heaven with his name cleared and be welcomed by his siblings. But there is a price.
Dean is listening with foreboding he knows something is about to happen his heart feels heavy. Cas says he has watched over humanity since the beginning but understood it through Dean. How everything he has done is for Dean and how much he means to him. How much he loves him. And that’s why he needs advice on what to do. Becuse the sole price for perfect world is to leave earth behind, to leave Dean behind. And while he can die for Dean and he has, he also knows Dean can take care of himself and but this is his only last chance to go back.
Cas leaves the air with un said request, that if you ask me stay I will.
Dean hears it, but doesn’t reply. He tells Cas that he does not keep Cas around for help or anything, he thinks of him as family as his best friend. And he couldn’t imagine a world without him. And Dean gets up and hugs Cas, and with every might in his body and soul he tells Cas that he loves him. And Cas hugs him back. Then Dean turns around with tears in his eyes and tells Cas that it’s why he can not ask him to stay, he can not do that. Dean can not give Cas his home his grace his wings back. If Dean could have only wish in the world he would make him stay. But he cannot see Cas give up heaven for his sake.
Dean and Cas talk some more hug some more and cry some more. Then Cas holds Deans shoulder and looks at him with the longing of million suns and flies away. And Dean keeps staring the spot where Cas was standing and at the door where Cas once came through and changed his life. And then Dean collapses to the floor and sobs holding the trench coat Cas left behind.