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Information I learned from the Rick Riordan Hammer of Thor book tour

• The Trials of Apollo series will be at least 5 books

• The Magnus Chase series will be at least 3 books

• We will get to meet Percy’s little sister at one point in the Trials of Apollo series

• He had no control over the Percy Jackson movies whatsoever

• There will be a PJO coloring book released in August 2017

• There will be a book called Camp Half Blood Confidential released in May 2017. This book will be about life at camp

• He said he encourages fan art and fan videos

• He said if you write fanfiction to go for it but he does not read it

• He said probably his two favorite characters to write from are Sadie Kane and Apollo

• Someone asked if liked Anubis or Walt better with Sadie and he said both

• He said that by the end of The Hammer of Thor half of us are going to want the next book and half of us are going to want to kill him

• There will be new characters in The Hammer of Thor

• He will always write for the middle grade age group but he loves it when older people keep reading the books as well

Always Molly Hooper, Never Just Molly
  • Mycroft: Brother mine, I'm an idiot.
  • Sherlock: *pause* I agree but what is the occasion?
  • Mycroft: *rolls his eyes* I knew she held feelings for you and yet it never occurred to me that you could - that you would ever return those feelings.
  • Sherlock: You're right. You are an idiot. She's the only one I can tolerate and can deal with all of me without wanting much in return.
  • Mycroft: Liar. She would obviously want your affection.
  • Sherlock: Not so obvious. The christmas gift I noted but everything else was a mystery. I liked her company.
  • Mycroft: Three kisses means romantic attachment. It was clear.
  • Sherlock: *hesitates* I didn't think I deserved it. I hurt her several times.
  • Mycroft: Yes, but this was the one thing you got right. Or you will...
  • Sherlock: You're being more overbearing than usual what's your play?
  • Mycroft: Delete it later but I do actually want you to be happy outside of your detective games. You need it or you'll be sitting with Eurus permanently.
  • Sherlock: It wouldn't hurt to spend time with her. On the opinion of Molly I have already begun to make amends.
  • Mycroft: And how is that going?
  • Sherlock: Slow but necessary. If I do this right Mummy will probably forget that you ruined their lives for several years.
  • Mycroft: *sighs heavily* Don't be too slow or I'll help you.
  • Sherlock: You're not to go near Molly Hooper.
  • Mycroft: That's your tell.
  • Sherlock: What?
  • Mycroft: You always use her full name when talking to people. Never just Molly.
  • Sherlock: She's more than just Molly.
  • Mycroft: I'm aware. Shall I get grandma's ring out or do you...
  • Sherlock: SLOW.
  • Mycroft: This will make Eurus happy.
  • Sherlock: *silence*

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Going through the get down tag is making me angry bc every five posts is Mylene hate and I'm sick of it. Also I'm uncomfortable with how people talk about the toy box song seeing as she's probably still a minor. Anyway I'm glad you're one of the few people sticking up for her.

thank you hun <3

I fucking HATE this tbh. I hate how people always expect for her to always be the bigger person and throwing rocks at her and then acting like Shao and Zeke are babies and making excuses for their behaviors (like Mylene didnt have her own bg history).

Its like ppl are so “woke” by the racial components but they forget how amazing it is to have a WOC being portrayed as someone with ambition!!! People call her selfish and I DONT GET IT, she’s stating since day one that she has a dream and she didnt want to be w/ Zeke bc of that and he still wanted and insisted to be with her and  ppl expected her to be Zeke’s trophy gf all of sudden like???Also i see many ppl calling her out bc of how she sees the get down as not music but have they considered that hip hop wasnt a thing back then and they were creating a whole new genre so its kinda obvious that there would be ppl that wouldnt get it, especially a 17 old girl w/ stricted parents that wasnt allowed to go to parties? 

 Also lets be real for a sec: imagine that you’re a ambitious woman with the doors of you careers open and you give that guy that always liked you a chance only to see him see constantly losing or almost losing opportunities (the thing w/ papa Fuerte, how he almost lost the intership w/ that white dude, the yale incident) and not standing by your side bc of a art project that you dont even understand w/ a guy that is a drug dealer that seems to be bringing him down constantly and has no respect for her. I mean i get zeke, but i also get why Mylene is not having it, i’d probably do the same if i was in her shoes tbh

my whole point is: Mylene is the protagonist of her own story, she’s not supposed to be Zeke’s girl and she’s not supposed to sacrifice her opportunities bc of him, no matter how nice he is AND she’s not supposed to accept Shao’s bs because he had a though life. That girl tries her best and try to please everyone all the time and ppl still have the nerve to call her selfish bc god forbids, she wants to live her dream?  miss me with that 

(and im sooo sorry for the rant lmao)

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yo so I saw a Thing where it was like apparently Joanne Harris and a bunch of her fans tried to fight u over something? and um. i actually like that series (runemarks or whatever, i just am always Here for the Gospel of Loki even though the actual series itself was kinda meh) but also please spill the tea on runemarks bc i love to hate the things i love and i wanna Know what was so bad they tried to argue with you. probably because i'm a nosy fuck but i'm legitimately intrigued now

i legitimately just didn’t like the book, it wasn’t awful or anything it was just bland and forgetful and also sometimes down right weird (like all the parts where people randomly got naked to transform, and just, had arguments w other characters, while naked) and it was just a dumb book over all nothing hugely special

i’ve grown a grudge against it because people would always recommend it to me, so i used to make jokes about not liking it so people would stop asking me my thoughts on it.

Eventually my slightly tipsy ass got on twitter and made some super dumb and vague tweets like “My book will be the better compound title using the word ‘rune’”, and “you: you should read rune marks, me: [shrieking like a chimp while i tear the pages out shitting]”. Just my usual garbage.

Little did i know that Joanne Harris was not only ON twitter but constantly searched for terms related to her and her work, so she stumbled across my tweet saying I’m a screaming chimp and tearing up runemarks. Then she went through my whole timeline, because i’d made like five tweets all vague enough that they couldn’t be just stumbled upon, but all related so you would know from context they were all about that book.

So she like

honestly replied to some of them in the most hilarious old lady way like I was going to feel really bad, just saying stuff like “:-) that’s nice”

this coupled w the fact she’d gone through my whole feed was making me lose it. Then because she replied to it, her followers who turned out to be all middle aged women, started like trying to have a twitter beef with me, and saying that I was an ignorant troll and like didn’t know what i was talking about

at this point i have already drunk another vodka cruiser and im having the time of my life responding to these old women and having my friends respond in just fucking nonsense sentences, and my friend made a sick joke about someone needing to write about this on their wordpress blog.

this was insane because joanne harris is a rich successful old lady and i was a 21 year old slightly inebriated idiot no body and she could have just easily ignored me but instead tried to own me

anyway and then she blocked me 

Unblock me Joanne, I’m ready to continue our fight

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Who do ship me with I'm very lazy.I have a lot of sarcasm.But I'm very sweet too. But when I meet new people I'm very shy. And I love music. Sorry about my grammar I have dyslexia😅😅😋

-Suga vibes-
I ship you with Yoongi!

Originally posted by lethargicmin

You’re both sarcastic, lazy, sweet but shy and you both share a passion for music which is a must for Suga!
When stuck on lyric writing, you’d be the first person he’d come to, loving to hear your ideas and smiling as he notes down your words, never forgetting to thank you after.

Your voice would be so calming to him after a long, stressful day.

He’d always love to spend time with you and even though he’s probably too overly sarcastic for his own good and not the most huggable bear ever but he’d always hint his love for you other ways:

Through shy complements to sending cute messages, smiling and … other ways.
I’ll leave that to your imagination.

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Appreciation post

I’m gonna take a page out of @wiseinnerwhispers‘ book, because the post they made was so sweet and it made my day, and we could always use some more positivity, right?

um okay, so @toosicktoocare is the whole entire reason I’m even on Tumblr.  I stalked her’s (and others’) blogs for months and months before I got the courage to make an account and message her.  She’s also the reason I even started posting anything on here

I love @fevers-and-flus with all of my heart.  She’s a wonderful human being who deserves every good thing in the world and she’s just so nice and supportive and she’s such a great writer

I started talking to @iluvthesnz pretty recently, but she’s a fabulous human being and is so funny and great and SO TALENTED (like I’m seriously in awe okay). Also, I really appreciate that she’s not bothered by how much I message her ahahaha

@taylor-tut (Beef mom) is the reason I started writing Voltron. I love her a lot, she’s a great human being, and I’m still floored that she follows me and reblogs my stuff? also I’m floored she messages me back

I’ll say this forever but @kotyonoksnz is a gift to this community.  I still don’t know how people can be so talented at art bc it’s so hard and she’s just so amazing.  She’s also the reason I started watching/writing YOI

@appynation IS ONE OF THE MODS WHO CREATED VOLTRON WHUMP WEEK.  I messaged her asking a question about it, and then we started talking more, and I love her to death.  She’s wonderful and talented and also her art is SO good.

I love @itisasign so much. She has the best tags, and she’s so sweet and she was one of the first people I talked to on here. I really appreciate her and I just love her a lot okay

@ithadtobesneezing is another person on here that I love (I love a lot of people lol y’all are so nice though).  She’s probably one of my favorite writers on here, and even though she’s not writing much lately, her blog still has A+ content

@shiveringsickies is really awesome.  She’s been through so much lately, but she’s still so positive and is just such a great person to talk to.  She’s also insanely talented at both writing and art (HOW???)

@ambulancemcclain MY CHILD.  I love her a lot, she’s great and funny and is a living meme

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my two least favorite youtubers would probably have to be alfie and cat (oops) alfie is kinda a given, he's annoying and i always feel uncomfortable whenever i see him. i don't like cat not for the reason that i'm worried that her and dan could be a couple (bullshit tbh and stupid), i feel like she tries wayyyyyy to hard and tries to flirt with anyone boy she collabs with (literally everyone). hell, they're probably both nice people but i've seen too much of their video content to like them sooo

cat lives far as heck away from dnp and has next to nothing in common with dan i wouldn’t worry about it lmao

also why is it always dan/cat do people just forget that phil and cat were friends before dnp knew each other or

Overwatch Mains: Offense Addition
  • Genji: You watched Seagull play that one time so you're basically a pro. You usually ult on 75/200 HP because you think you can 1v6 the enemy team. Seemingly allergic to healers. Would rather get a health pack even though Zenyatta is right there.
  • McCree: You are rarely with the team. We didn't even know we had a McCree until you ult and somehow take out three people. That or you are spamming the 'I'm your huckleberry' voiceline and teabagging the enemy Hanzo every chance you get.
  • Pharah: "JUSTICE RAINS FROM- ARGH!" every single time. Usually complains when the Mercy doesn't pocket you. You saw the enemy team had a Widowmaker and a 76 but still think Pharah was a good pick.
  • Reaper: You're probably twelve and hate Reaper76 with a passion. You seem to forget that there are other people on your team and keep trying to take the point by yourself. Gets sniped while ulting and doesn't even take out one person.
  • Soldier 76: You always miss the Helix Rocket but somehow get the kill anyway. You use your Biotic Field when you're already getting healed by the support. You forget that you are not immortal when ulting and charge blindly into the enemy team to die instantly.
  • Sombra: You spam the 'Boop' voiceline constantly. Uses EMP when your entire team is dead and then complains when no one follows up. Tries to go invisible when the Symmetra is locked onto you. Never in team fights. Loses a 1v1 against Mercy.
  • Tracer: You use all three blinks to get behind the enemy team because you think you can 1v2 the Ana and Lucio. Uses rewind when you're on 149/150. You beat a Roadhog in a 1v1 once and now think you can win every time. Probably still super hyped over 'Reflections.'
Exo as Royalty
  • Sehun: I'm the king! Bow before I say yehet!"
  • Tao: *The spoiled prince* "Where's my Gucci bed!I only sleep in Gucci!"
  • Baekhyun: *The prince that is always having fun* "Well I may not be king but at least I can enjoy myself in the royal bath"
  • Lay: *The charming prince* "I came to your rescue princess! And we'll live happily ever after!"
  • Kyungsoo: *Probably the lord of the really dark foret* "No muggles allowed" xD
  • Suho: *Fairy godmother* "And don't forget to come back at midnight!"
  • Xiumin: *The one who always talks to the people and help them* "Don't bow before me, I don't deserve it. There's still a long journey before I become king"
  • Luhan: *Queen of hearts. Yes.. queen of hearts*
  • Kris: *The King everyone thought was dead but went hunting for 10 years* "Ayoo I'm back, whazzup?"
  • Kai: *Everybody wants to dance with the handsome prince that dances so well*
  • Chen: *At the royal garden, looking for new adventures* "Who will help me to conquer the Roses! Grass, will you? Or the tulips will help me?"
  • Chanyeol: *Always tries to pass unnoticed but fails* "I swear... I'm not tall because of my blue blood! How do you know I have blue blood? I didn't even know.."

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I'm a little confused about Newt being a Hufflepuff. he feels more like a Ravenclaw or a Gryffindor. Credence, however, really feels like a Hufflepuff under extreme duress.

I think people get caught up on a very set idea of what certain houses are like and forget that it’s not always obvious. Take Hermione, who most people would probably put as a Ravenclaw to the max, but at her heart she’s a fighter for those in need (her campaign for house elves that matures along with her, punching draco malfoy in the face, all that good stuff).

Hufflepuff is exemplified by people who are hard workers, loyal, and dedicated, modest and may not feel like they fit or have exceptional skills elsewhere.

So, taking that, we have Newt Scamander. Newt is intensely devoted and loyal to one big thing, and that is protecting magical creatures. He works his ass off for it, studying and writing and traveling the world just to try and get his fellow wizards to understand. 

A Ravenclaw Newt would likely be more into the academics for the sake of knowledge. The end result would be the same, but Newt’s motivation is less of a “knowledge for the sake of knowledge” and more wanting to just understand these creatures that he loves. A Ravenclaw may focus more on theoretical and paper-work and academia. Big papers on evolutionary traits and physiology versus writing a field guide.

A Gryffindor Newt would have like, loudly and angrily organized the wizard version of the animals rights groups. Gryffindors are fighters, they’re often hot-headed and ready to yell and throw punches at injustice that they see and are always ready to get real up in arms in defense of things. Newt’s response to Tina’s question of “What like an extermination guide” is frustrated, but I think a Gryffindor would have been more indignant and lecturing, as opposed to “No…a guide to help people understand why we should protect them.”

Credence I can see as either Hufflepuff or Gryffindor, though that’s more from a process of elimination and I lean towards Gryffindor. We unfortunately don’t see much of Credence’s actual personality but here’s what I go with.

I can’t see a Slytherin turning into an obscurial, at least not easily. A Slytherin would likely be very aware of their abilities and powers and I think would more likely be able to hide instead of repress their magic (I hardcore headcanon Modesty as a would-be Slytherin). I didn’t get any Ravenclaw vibes since…idk, he shows signs of being naturally curious, but I think a Ravenclaw would ask more questions about how magic worked (though hey this may have been stomped down from Credence repressing anything). 

I tend to think of him as a Gryffindor just because Grindlegraves made a point of getting Credence more motivated to find the possible obscurial kid by putting emphasis on “the child is dying” and then later “your sister is in danger”. It was incredibly brave to go against everything that was beaten into him by helping witches behind his mother’s back (possibly inspired after being saved by Tina that one time, being conveniently not-obliviated and realizing his ma had been wrong).

I headcanon that he attacked Shaw not for calling Credence a freak, but for calling his family freaks (Credence’s head came up and he did the hard stare at the “take the freaks with you”) though this is…mostly headcanon as it could have been a whole combo of things he reacted to there. He also didn’t attack Mary Lou until her focus went to Modestly, while she was holding the belt she always beat Credence with. So yeah, I could see huffle Credence, but tend to lean to Gryffindor.

Signs as Quotes from the Mindy Project
  • Aries: "I want to tell you something but my New Year's resolution was to stop calling people dicks at work."
  • Taurus: "My apartment is the only place that I feel safe right now. I have food. I have alcohol. I have 600 channels. And none of them want to hurt me."
  • Gemini: "Your secret is safe with me. Largely because I don't care, and I'll probably forget."
  • Cancer: "And when your love story ends, all you can do is cry, listen to sad music, and drink wine you bought from a gas station."
  • Leo: "My phone! That has like 8 years of photos in it. All my selfies!"
  • Virgo: "But I'll tell you something that always lasts forever. Herpes."
  • Libra: "I'm not good at saying no, okay? One time I left a flea market with a samurai sword."
  • Scorpio: "My body is very attracted to your body, but when you speak, my brain gets angry."
  • Sagittarius: "I hate it when people say girl crush. No ones going to think you're a lesbian if you just say crush."
  • Capricorn: "I'm sorry. I'm just texting so that we don't have have to make conversation."
  • Aquarius: "We're here to talk chemistry and biology and your-ologly."
  • Pisces: "People seem to have these amazing sex lives and I'm just trying to find a life partner to go apple picking with."

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So I'm an INTP girl, not very popular weirdo with a big crush on a hot and popular ENTP guy. I'd love to show him the true me but I just can't do it, I'm always awkward and don't know what to talk about. Please help me.

Step one. Realise that most ENTPs suck. Even if the ENTP is a genuinely friendly and fascinating and fun they probably suck. Why do ENTPs suck? 

1. We don´t always notice people (my ENFP friend thought I hated her before we became friends. I had no idea she felt that way. WHY? Because I was so stuck in my own head that I hadn`t even noticed her at all.)

2. We suck at keeping in touch with friends and others. We ignore or forget to respond to texts and calls. We either take 3 seconds or 3 months to text you back (it´s nothing personal. usually.) We might hang out with you intensely for a month and then suddenly disappear for an undefined amount of time for no particular reason.

3. We reel people in just to push them away later on.

(This is about me. If you´re offended by this then it´s probably about you too.)

Step two. Realise that people will inevitably make some assumptions about you based on your appearance and behaviour. 

You can´t just skip into him getting to know the real you. You´ll have to make him curious first. Here are some tips on how to do that (x).

Step three. 


a) Get over yourself and talk to him. If he doesn´t know you exist you have nothing to loose. You guys will either have an awkward conversation and never talk to each other again or he´ll become interested in you. All the ENTPs I know are pretty easygoing and non judgemental so there is a great chance that the ENTP will be open to at least befriending you. If not then he´s not worth your time.


b) Suffer in silence until you get over it :)!

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viria, i've had a problem over the last couple weeks where my friends started hating me for no reason and I've asked them what I've done to be ignored but they never respond. They all unfollowed me on instagram and every time they see me they get really bummed then when i leave i see them start whispering. how can i keep living like this? I started think would they miss me if i just died and I'm really shy so its REALLY hard to make new friends, please help you always have amazing advise

You know….as much as it would probably suck to read it from me, I think it’s better to be alone than to have people like these ‘so called friends’ around you. If people are truly your friends, they won’t start ‘hating you for no reason’, they won’t start talking about you behind your back, and they won’t JUST suddenly forget about your existance. Following someone on instagram or hanging out with someone is not something that determine friendship, and I’m sorry to say it, but those people…were not friends.

Even IF you did something wrong, if someone considers you a friend they won’t just completely abandon you forever without saying a single thing, at least I wouldn’t.

I think it’s better to be alone than being involved in this sort of relationship. Even though being alone sucks. It’s still better than to play in this fake friendship and having it stub you in the back later once you need to actually trust or rely on those people.

I mentioned it a few times before, but I feel like the situation is fitting. A few years ago my mother told me a thing and I will probably never forget it. She said that if you killed yourself for someone who didn’t care about you, nothing will change, they still don’t care. But if you killed yourself and they DID care? You made a horrible unfixable mistake. It sounded different in russian, but the idea is the same.

I’m not exactly the easy going type myself, it’s been three years and I still don’t have anyone super close in my university even though I have good relationship with everyone out there and I really like those people. There are a few people, even though they live far away, whom I can really trust despite all the distance, and who managed to get through my \why do you keep talking to me\ stage.

It’s hard to find the right people sometimes, but it’s not impossible;) It happens when you expect it the least, so you just have to allow yourself to live long enough for this surprise to happen^^

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Omg I'm so sorry XD that's why I asked, I wasn't sure about how you felt with those kinds of plots. Haha. Do you think it can be changed to where Thorin and the tinies help Bilbo get his memories back by doing fun things? ~Plot Anon

Alright, (ah, you can probably just call me “Plot Anon” if you want just so you know it’s me) I remember seeing the idea somewhere here on Tumblr where as bilbo gets older he starts forgetting about Thorin and the dwarves, the important stuff. Of course people always forget things when they get older, but this is more serious because it happens quickly for him and causes emotional pain. A basic line that you can use for your creativity, “What do I do Thorin? I can’t remember your face anymore.”

So the tinies are now retelling the adventure to Bilbo

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A lot of Big Bang fans talking shit on Twitter about BTS. They're all laughing at the boys because they weren't nominated in the best dance category and that our fandom is "very small" to expect BTS to win something. Are people really stupid or they're just looking for a fight?

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I don't know how I can still hope for anything good for the show. They've literally bent over backwards to destroy ouat w/ the "everything cs/hook" show. IDK what they're doing!? Don't they realize how many people they've literally pissed off? SQ checked, OQ checked, ER checked, the GA probably checked, and lets not forget RB and Snowing who get no love whatsoever really. I mean it's the world vs CS rn and I'm just banging my head asking if this is intentional or if they're just this stupid

It’s intentional. 

It’s always darkest before the dawn. The episode was called Last Rites. The moment before death. This was the lowest point. Hook is what kills her spirit, he is her death… and he came back to claim her. She has two more episodes to die and to rise from the ashes. If this season was all about Hook and finding him again, then that would have been the big finale. Instead he’s back already. So the punchline… has got to be something else.

They’re not telling us, but they’re showing us, and they’re really making us feel a lot…. Who says we’re not supposed to feel like this?

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What do you think Niall would be like in a relationship? I'm sure you've discussed this already and made more sense than I ever could, but for me, because of his family situation, he would be the person who would "take care" of his significant other? Like maybe because he's so mature in a sense that he could do the kind of things we would never really think a guy his age would do. I'm sure people always enjoy their independence from relationships and Niall likely won't be the exception.

OK! I mulled this over and consulted the hive mind and my conclusion is…I DON’T KNOW! There’s so much!

I guess I could talk about how Niall is most likely an ENFJ. I could talk about how he is probably enthusiastic and giving and warm in relationships, but how maybe he has a tendency to forget his own needs in favor of looking after his partner. I could talk about how deeply he values feeling ACTUALLY connected to whoever he’s with. 

I could also talk about how his upbringing might affect those tendencies and traits. How he strives for warmth and connection but might find it difficult to access the sort of vulnerability that a truly deep connection requires. Being vulnerable in a relationship means trusting your partner to hold you up, trusting them to support you emotionally. It can be difficult for people who learned to support themselves at an early age to access that sort of trust. It might not feel safe, you know? Being a floaty divorce kid can necessitate a lot of boundaries. You can grow pretty thick armor and develop a need for control in your life. Vulnerability means relinquishing control. Opening yourself up completely and trusting someone to be gentle with you. It’s the opposite of control. It’s letting go.

I was talking to the LPE and we were touching on how Niall is detail-oriented. He remembers things. He’s the stats man. It’s entirely likely he’s really GOOD at relationships. At remembering little things you like and dates that are important and making sure to do and say the right things. He’s intuitive and he retains info and his primary concern is making everyone else happy. That probably all adds up to him being a great boyfriend on paper, but I think there’s a possibility he’s a tough nut to crack emotionally, and it might take years of poking at him and gaining his trust before he lets down his walls, relinquishes control and allows himself to be truly vulnerable with a person.