and arya too

oh my god last thing i swear but something else I love is how fucking dramatic and Extra™ the Starklings all are. 

Jon is just out there clanging the bells, doing his whole speech any time someone even remotely mentions “winter”. “It’s a little chilly in here” everyone within a 5 mile radius groans because then comes Jon Snow bounding into the room like “heard you were cold. It may be because it’s winter. Winter is here. The long night is coming. The darkness is coming for us all. Enemies surround us,” he really might as well start wearing an apocalypse sign and invest in a megaphone 

And then Sansa???? Homegirl really pulls out Arya and makes a big deal of making it looking like she’s gonna kill her and then she pauses and goes “Lord Baelish” I bet she mentally thought “fuck yeah” when she saw his face she deserves like 10 Oscars for playing him girl’s been planning his death ever since he sold her out to the Boltons lmao 

And A r y a lmao look at her going really big into Creep Mode to fool Baelish too. “Hey Arya we kind of need to figure out how to trick Baelish maybe we can-” “Say no more I’ll threaten you in private, want me to caress your face with a knife or something?” “well you don’t need to be so hardcore about it maybe just-” “no, no, anyway, go to my room tonight and look into my bag that totally doesn’t have faces in it, wink wink.” And even besides that we got our girl being such a grudge holder that she repeats her list of names to kill each night and tells the people she wants to kill that they’re on her list 

And hooooooooooooooo my god Bran. At this point I’m just headcanoning that he’s intentionally fucking with people. Gives Arya the dagger and doesn’t tell her what to do with it yet because he lives for the #drama of it all. He sets the drama in motion, takes time out of his day to interrupt conversations with random receipts just to watch people freak the fuck out, will have a 30 minute spiel on how he can see literally everything only to go “lol nah man chill i just googled it” when someone asks how he knew something 

“I thought Arya was dead.”

It’s the one inkling we get from Jon Snow this season that he remembers his “little sister.” A five-word observation after he receives news that the little girl he thought perished in King’s Landing with Ned so long ago is actually alive and home. It’s criminally underwhelming, almost brutally so when compared to the music-swelling-snowfall scene of the first Stark reunion last season between two distant, but relieved siblings. And when you put the “I thought Arya was dead” line side by side with Jon’s actual characterization, it is heartbreakingly lackluster.

Never mind all the times Jon thinks of Arya over the books - missing her, wishing he were with her, thinking of her - the first time Jon hears of “Arya’s” being alive and at home in Winterfell, the scene is vastly different:

“…Roose Bolton summons all leal lords to Barrowton, to affirm their loyalty to the Iron Throne and celebrate his son’s wedding to …" His heart seemed to stop for a moment. No, that is not possible. She died in King’s Landing, with Father. (Jon Snow, A Dance with Dragons)

It’s not the first time Arya is referenced alongside Jon’s heart, nor is it the last. The rest of the book highlights Jon’s struggle to love Arya (his family) against the Night’s Watch (his duty); a struggle that ultimately ends in Jon’s death. This little girl, the one he’s wanted back and safe with him for so fucking long, the one he was going to willingly break his vows for, gets barely a passing thought in the show. 

And I’m motherfucking mad about that.

Because it’s been clear for a long time that D&D view ASOIAF as a buffet, picking and choosing what entrees and what sides they want to mix and match, never once stopping to think do these even go together? They’re taking one of the most obviously loving relationships in this series, one that’s been hammered over our (and their) heads time and time again by GRRM, and just…completely trashing it? And for what? I can’t for the life of me figure out what their game is, besides disliking Arya and wanting to shove her to the backburner in favor of her sister who is a much more malleable character for them to play with.

I don’t really know where I was intending on going with this besides A) expressing how disappointed and pissed off I am, as well as B) reasserting that Arya Stark very much does mean the world to Jon Snow, and he should’ve shown that tonight.