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Guide to Every Indian Drama Ever

1. A humble heroine with big dreams

.. and a filthy rich hero with an attitude problem

2. Heroine has a strange disorder where she keeps falling on the hero

3. Magically transport to a forest, where the couple plays a game of Survivor

4. Right when it heats up, introduce the “vamp” (aka hero’s superslutty girlfriend)

5. Couple has huge misunderstandings, which could be resolved with a 5 minute convo

6. In a strange turn of events, hero force-marries heroine 

7. There must be an absurdly long drawn-out wait until the consummation

9. Throw in an an evil mom/grandma/ex/random twat to separate them

9. When the couple finally gets down to bizness … bam! heroine becomes pregnant the very next day

10. Actor becomes popular and gets the hell outta the show

11. Director tries to pass off a random guy as the hero

12. Show dies a slow, but swift death


Arnav: If you don’t like these bangles then take them off-
Khushi: And what if I like them?
Arnav: Then why did you-
Khushi: Because I wanted to you to admit it that you bought these bangles for me.
Arnav: I did!
Khushi: Good that you did!
Arnav: Fine, then wear them!
Khushi: Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I am already wearing the bangles.

It has always been ridiculously funny to me how in Episode 175, Arnav thinks he’s being really lowkey about his jealous surveillance of NK and Khushi, especially when he’s literally breaking routine to make sure he can eavesdrop on them. 

  • Arnav comes home and goes straight to his bedroom and changes his clothes. We know this, we have seen this time and time again. This is also where all of his beverages, whether it be juice or the infamous coffee, are left for him. 
    • Not this time. No, this time we loudly announce that we want coffee, and then shuffle over to sit on the sofa with them, not speaking to them, but just close enough that we can hear whatever they’re saying and jump in if we think it’s too flirtatious. 
      • Stupid, stupid boy