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paobhaji  asked:

What are your top 6 Arshi moments?

Hello @paobhaji :)

Oh man, this is hard … … … in no particular order:

  1. The 24 hour challenge, but particularly: “Biwi nahi banna chahti, TV banne mein koi problem hai?” … “Suna nahi TV?”
  2. ‘Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai’
  3. Their mehendi ceremony
  4. New Year’s Eve – all that unrestrained touching!
  5. The look that Arnav and Khushi share when she knocks on Shyam’s door so the Raizadas can meet her fiancé (when they come with Payal’s rishta)
  6. When Khushi is dancing with NK for Payash’s Sangeet and Arnav catches her as she falls


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Guide to Every Indian Drama Ever

1. A humble heroine with big dreams

.. and a filthy rich hero with an attitude problem

2. Heroine has a strange disorder where she keeps falling on the hero

3. Magically transport to a forest, where the couple plays a game of Survivor

4. Right when it heats up, introduce the “vamp” (aka hero’s superslutty girlfriend)

5. Couple has huge misunderstandings, which could be resolved with a 5 minute convo

6. In a strange turn of events, hero force-marries heroine 

7. There must be an absurdly long drawn-out wait until the consummation

9. Throw in an an evil mom/grandma/ex/random twat to separate them

9. When the couple finally gets down to bizness … bam! heroine becomes pregnant the very next day

10. Actor becomes popular and gets the hell outta the show

11. Director tries to pass off a random guy as the hero

12. Show dies a slow, but swift death


A letter of the alphabet for each day that gets us closer to Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

L ⇥ all the Laughs, part 2 of 2

Khushi: “Aap mein aur kya kya takneeki kharabi hai? Sugar ki bimaari, agarbatti se allergy!”
Arnav: *glowers voicelessly*
Khushi: Nahi, matlab….aap bataa denge to hum aage se yaad rakhenge. 


A letter of the alphabet for each day that gets us closer to Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

Q ⇥ the Question, ‘kyun farak padta hai?’

“Main tumko chodke chalaa gaya. Apne mann ko behela raha tha ki mujhe koi farak nahi padta. Tum toh jaanti ho, ki main tumhaare bina jee nahi sakta! Jab jo kiya, jab jo kaha, sab bhool jao. Bas wapas aa jao!”– Arnav Singh Raizada