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In the farmhouse episode after making it clear to khushi that there was after all no bachelor party Arnav whispers something in khushi's ears! Which she denies. You think he asked her to dance for him or something else! Also what do you think of the namak ishq Ka sequence?

Hi @ilovefusion :)

I’m not sure what he asked her to do, exactly. If I had to guess, he asked her to do what she thought the other woman was doing with him. I’m fairly sure he whispers “Jo tumne …

I have an entire tag for the namak ishq ka sequence! Please look through if you want.

I think Khushi’s seduction was hilarious but I also felt sorry for bitwa

I love how comfortable she is with him – touching him whenever and however she wants, sitting on his lap, and trusting him to catch her and take care of her. Even when they fall onto the bed, there’s a level of comfort with his proximity that wasn’t present earlier in their relationship. 

I love Arnav’s expressions, because I’m sure he’d never envisioned Khushi trying to seduce him with that particular song, especially when it’s clear she has no idea what it’s about. This is a man who probably wanted to see Khushi dress up and dance for him from very early on, and yet when she finally does it’s to that song!

So I understand his embarrassment and his desire for it to just be over but at the the same time I love that he, as usual, indulges her … even in this.

The Darkest Knight - SS

So I was talking to @phati-sari about how my dream crossover would be IPKKND and Batman because Arnav and Bruce Wayne combined is nothing short of pure godly work. So it got me thinking… why sit and wait around for it when I can do it myself??? 

Starring ASR as Bruce Wayne 

Aman as Alfred

Buaji as Commissioner Gordon (I’M JOKING)

Shyam as The Joker (to be fair he has his Joker-esque moments and the Joker is my favourite villain which is why that’s who he is).

This is Part 1 of 3! 

“She did it again, Aman.”

Brandishing the offending newspaper in his hands, Arnav sighed heavily, throwing himself down into his armchair. He leaned his head back against the soft leather, pressing his eyes shut in an effort to make the cruel words fade from his mind.

‘Philanthropist or philanderer? ASR tries to wash away playboy image with charity work.’

Why did she hate him so much? She being Khushi Kumari Gupta. A journalist at The Post, one of his most outspoken critics, as well as Batman’s biggest fan.

He may also have had a somewhat miniscule and really quite insignificant crush on her. It was nothing he couldn’t control. Nothing that would make him act irrationally.

“Aman,” he began, clenching his jaw to ready himself for his next words. “I think it’s time the world found out who Batman really is.”

There was silence for a moment and Arnav suspected that he had likely floored Aman with his selfless offer to sacrifice his own peace and comfort for -

“With all due respect sir, you cannot reveal your secret simply so Miss Gupta will like you more.”

That son of a bitch.

“Excuse me?! You really think that my willingness to sacrifice my private life has anything to do with -”

“With the fact that Miss Gupta adores Batman and well… to put it lightly, despises you.” Aman finished gently, looking at Arnav with sympathetic eyes that made him want to scream.

“I couldn’t care less what she thinks,” Arnav sniffed haughtily, crossing his arms over his chest while he stared resolutely in the opposite direction. “Although I do suppose that she might like me a little bit more if she knew that I was the man she clung to in that alleyway when I -”

“With all due respect once again sir,” Aman interrupted, breaking him out of his trip down memory lane, well it was more of a dimly lit alley actually, where he had held Khushi Kumari Gupta in his arms, cradled to his chest, and had the full force of her adoring eyes on him. “I suspect the opposite.”

“You know Aman, I’m not getting much of a respectful vibe from your statements just now.” He growled, not knowing whether he was more irritated at Aman for bursting his bubble or for drawing him out of his memory.

It was something he had come to terms with long ago that Khushi liked him more in a costume and a mask, and when he spoke in a voice a few octaves deeper than his own. And while, to some, that would have been kinky enough in itself, it didn’t really count if she didn’t know it was him she was fawning over.

Though for a woman as smart as she was, and he had no qualms admitting that he sometimes felt a spark of pride at the inventive ways she managed to insult him, he couldn’t quite figure out how she didn’t know it was him. All that stood between him, her, and true love was a mask with fucking bat ears. Also the fact that she hated him, but that would be easily rectified once she realized he was her caped crusader.

“Can you believe it, Aman?” He sighed, leaning back in his chair again, staring at the crown moulding on the ceiling with feigned interest.

“She studied at DU and a bat mask and my shitty imitation of a chain smoker have completely fooled her.”

“To be fair sir,” Aman interjected, “the suit does give the impression of you being more muscular than…she probably thinks you are.” He finished weakly, quailing under Arnav’s angry glare.

“That’s right,” he said matter of factly, surreptitiously flexing his chest. “How would Khushi Kumari Gupta know that I have abs of steel?”

Arnav attributed it to his amazing self control that he managed to resist the urge to knock Aman out when he muttered something that sounded suspiciously like “more like reinforced plastic.”

“You should thank your stars that Khushi was wrong about me Aman,” He snapped from behind clenched teeth while brandishing her slanderous article in the air. “Despite the fact that, that wonderful vixen has managed to find 5 different ways to call me an arrogant bastard in only the 3 paragraphs that I have read so far, I am an exceptionally kind man and thus, will not take offence to your rudeness.”

“Much obliged, Mr. Raizada, sir.”

Grumbling to himself, Arnav stood from his chair and began to make his way down the hallway when his treacherous butler spoke up again.

“You can’t play dress up as Batman today sir, you have a gala to attend and the press, notably your own ‘wonderful vixen,’” Aman spoke, and Arnav didn’t have to be looking at him to know he was smiling as he spoke the words, “will have a field day if you do not attend.”

“I know,” He said, running a hand through his hair as he turned back to face Aman with a glower on his face.

“Without the mask, sir.” Aman continued and Arnav glared at him when his lips twitched with the effort to resist laughing.

“I still don’t understand why she can’t look into my eyes and recognize who I am,” He muttered under his breath, his lips curving downwards into a frown.

‘Perhaps because this is not a Bollywood movie, sir,” Aman said softly, a note of sympathy in his voice, “and no matter how much you may wish it, you are not Krrish.”

He wasn’t completely sure how he resisted the urge to throw the ornate hand painted Chinese vase he kept on the mantle at Aman’s head.

Krrish?! In his dreams, Aman, I am much better looking than some fool who wears burnt plastic on his eyes. And for fuck’s sake, can you say biohazard? And the smell!”

It was only when he saw that Aman was already walking away and he was still shouting curses at a wannabe superhero flick, that Arnav realized he had lost this round.

…Well fuck.

Arshi Three Shot: Ecstasy

Last year I set myself a goal last year to write more intimacy. I felt I wasn’t good at it (because SHY, and also because I felt oddly voyeuristic), and identified it as a skill I needed to hone in order to become the best writer I can be.

This piece was originally written a long time ago, but I’ve reworked and edited it as a Valentine’s Day surprise.

Content Warning: Mature themes. Not for young readers! Not safe for work.

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Arnav: If you don’t like these bangles then take them off-
Khushi: And what if I like them?
Arnav: Then why did you-
Khushi: Because I wanted to you to admit it that you bought these bangles for me.
Arnav: I did!
Khushi: Good that you did!
Arnav: Fine, then wear them!
Khushi: Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I am already wearing the bangles.