and arrogant and narrow minded

My Rose: fun, kind & funny; totally accepting; forms a new trio with Albus & Scorpius; tries in various ways to get her cousin and her friend together after noticing their crushes on each other; all in all a real standup gal

Cursed Child Rose: rude, arrogant & judgmental; narrow & close-minded; cuts off her friendship with her cousin after he is sorted into Slytherin; gets asked out by Scorpius; basically a bitch

Me: ?????


The rain came down in sheets, making it hard for me to see out of the window of my house I’m temporarily staying in at the Hilltop. After that dreaded night when Glenn and Abraham were killed, I made sure to get Maggie here.

We both said no words the whole way, the silence was deeply unsettling.

But I know that Maggie is strong and doesn’t need much time to adjust. Her hatred for Negan is kindled with rage and resentment and soon we will all get our revenge.

I like the Hilltop besides their unfortunate leader: Gregory. He’s the most arrogant, narrow minded prick I’ve met. He constantly hits on all the women, including Maggie and I and all in all he’s just a dick.

I’m nervously waiting outside under a small makeshift tent for Maggie to finish her ultrasound. I’m picking at the skin around my fingernails when I feel a presence behind me. Quickly, I whip around and sigh in relief when I see Jesus sanding behind me, his hair completely soaked from the rain.

“You scared me.” I state. I like Jesus. He’s kind, strong and I trust him, not to mention he’s rather attractive. And, he must not be that bad of a guy if Rick didn’t kill him when he had the chance.

"Sorry,” he apologizes while sitting next to me. “-how’s she doing?”

I shrug my shoulders, unaware of Maggie’s current medical state. “Don’t know. She went in about 15 minutes ago and hasn’t been out yet.” Jesus nods, his elbows resting on his knees. I look over at him and I can’t help but stare. I don’t want to like him in that way but it’s hard not to when he’s saved my life on multiple occasions and flirts with me often. “She’ll be okay.” I add in a hushed voice.

"She will.” he agrees with me. He looks back to me, his eyes searching every inch of my face from the corners of my mouth to the small scar beneath my eye I got when I met some shitty people. “Are you okay?” he asks.

And that was the tip of the iceberg.

Tears begin pouring out of my eyes and I struggle to catch my breath. I’ve been holding all of this emotion in for Maggie that I just allowed to build up and up. I was bound to break at some point. I feel Jesus move closer to me, his long hair tickling my cheek.

"Sh.” he coos. His voice is reassuring to me at a time when I desperately need some reassurance. His arm stretches out across my shoulder and I burrow myself into his side in attempts to make myself as small as possible. “You can cry.” he whispers into my ear.

It might be a simple statement, ‘You can cry’, but to me it means everything. It’s almost like an affirmation. In this world, there are the strong and the weak, the good and the bad but lately the lines between them have been blurred. They’ve been converging with each other and it confuses me to no end.

Tears continue to roll down my now red and blotchy face. I feel Jesus plant a soft kiss on my forehead and my whole stomach feels warm. I feel safe. A feeling I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing lately.

After I can finish crying, I just sit there, still tucked into Jesus’ side. “They’re gone.” I croak. My mind drifts back to memories of Glenn and Abe and the way they went. I still see the blood and brain matter and I still hear the cries of Maggie ringing in my ears.

“I know.” he whispers. I look up at him and I have to blink a few times to rid of the tears clouding my vision. His expression is one of sympathy and I find myself becoming more and more comfortable around him. “But you’re still here.” he adds.

It’s true. I’m still here, my hearts still beating, my bloods still pumping but sometimes, I wish it wasn’t. I wish I died back in Atlanta. I wish that I was bitten or maybe I should have died when I got sick back at the prison. “I wish I wasn’t.” I state while staring blankly ahead.

“Hey,” Jesus starts sternly while turning my slightly so I’m facing him. I don’t want to look at him in his eyes because whenever I do, I find myself becoming distracted. “-don’t say stuff like that. I didn’t know Glenn or Abraham really at all but I doubt they’d want you saying something like that.”

He’s right.

Abraham would add more color to his vocabulary while practically cursing me out but it would be out of love.

Glenn would give me some long but inspirational and hopeful lecture which I would take to heart.

I let my eyes travel to Jesus’ and his hand floats up to my cheek and he wipes a stray tear. He smiled gently at me, his lips turning up. I mimic his movement and he begins leaning forward. Before I can process what’s about to occur, his lips are on mine. They’re warm and they mild perfectly with my lips. His hand stays on my cheek and mine is resting on his knee.

When we pull away due to the need of oxygen, I can’t help but grin like an idiot. “I wanna see more of that.” he says while gesturing towards my smile. “Anyway, I’ve been wanting to do that.” he addd sheepishly.

"Seriously?” I ask in disbelief. Sure, Jesus always flirts with me but I didn’t think he was serious.

“Of course.” he state. I shake my head while choking down laughs and giggles. “What’s so funny?” he asks.

“This is like one of those cliche movies. The girl is all hurt and upset and the guy comforts her and eventually professes his love for her.” I laugh.

“You know what? It is.”

He kisses me again and let’s his lips linger even longer, fueling me with the need for him even more.

People who love the GOP: It must be SO COOL to spend your time hating Mexicans, climate change scientists, black people, the Dixie Chicks, black lives matters activists, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Barack Obama, Iranians, Iraqis, immigrants, Hillary, Planned Parenthood, Benghazi, gun control supporters and women in general, but have you ever considered looking in the mirror and thinking that possibly YOU ARE the problem, you astonishingly stupid and arrogant and delusional narrow-minded redneck pricks?

Just a thought.

People who love the GOP: It must be SO COOL to spend your time hating Mexicans, climate change scientists, black people, the Dixie Chicks, black lives matters activists, Barack Obama, Iranians, immigrants, Hillary, Planned Parenthood, gun control supporters and women in general, but have you ever considered looking in the mirror and thinking YOU ARE the problems, you astonishingly arrogant narrow-minded redneck pricks? Just a thought.