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Late Xmas Gift No. 7 For @angels767

So this girl, this girl right here, this girl is my sister from another mister. I love this girl so much and love it when she asks me to do Miguel x Ariel due to she uses them for her husband and her. I was going to change their hair color and eye color to match them in real life, but I loved how Ariel’s red hair looked with the background so I kept it. 

I really hope you like it hun, as I put in all of the love I have for you into this picture! Enjoy it my sissy! Love you. <3 

P.s. GO SUB TO HER. SHE MAKES AMAZING FANFICTIONS AND FANART! She deserves way more followers than she has. 

Part Two of the Ariel’s Defence done for my friends.

Yes, Elsa ‘let’s it go’ and it’s pretty easy to see why she’s so great, but there’s something about her often overlooked: her anxiety. After being told to conceal her true self and keep her powers in check, she found herself constantly on edge and paranoid to the point where she felt her only solution was to distance herself from others either by locking herself up or running away. Elsa fought through her inner demons and the root problems of her anxiety to come out stronger. She is a hero over an internal struggle, something which isn’t often recognised.


“Pay what you want” commissions are open! [2 Slots Left!]

I still have two open slots for my “pay what you want” commissions. I take Paypal as well as DeviantART points as payment; so shoot me an offer if you like my art style(s)! I do reserve the right to decline an offer if I’m not comfortable with the price point, but that’s a pretty rare occurrence. 

Send me a message if you’re interested! 

lesbye  asked:

WOAAAAH hold up. You made a mural, and started with LINE ART FIRST!! I did a mural and I started out with the base coats first then detail + shading aND THEN line art. I almost dIED OF STRESS!!! HOW???? May I ask? I'm curious bc I'm doing a mural for my school and I have yet to know how I'm gonna do this, bc in digital art I always start with line art but....THIS ISNT DIGITAL ART I CANT JUST PRESS CTRL + Z. Is it harder? Is there another easier method to do this? Pls explain your magic 🙏🏻

Good question!!! 

So, I made two murals for Redbubble. I’d never done it before and I’m mostly a digital artist, so there was definitely some trial-and-error in figuring out a process that worked for me. 

I did the first mural the same way as you: by doing base coat, shading, and THEN line art, and I totally agree: IT WAS SUPER STRESSFUL. Here’s some process shots of mural #1:

First, I did a digital mockup.

Then, I used a projector to get the sketch on the wall.

The sketch!

The base!

The shading!

Here’s when I started to add line art.

And here’s a closeup when I added some hilights and detail! Mural #1 was a JOURNEY.

So for Mural #2, I wanted to see if there was a way to speed up the process. An employee at Blick Art Materials suggested doing the lineart first with paint marker because the black line would be so deep and opaque, it would still be visible even if you added paint on top.

Doing this was much more intuitive for me.

Even when I added paint on top of this, I could still see the line underneath. In fact, in some portions, adding the paint on top of the black line created, like, shading.

From there, it was easy to use the black paint marker again to bring out the lines that got too covered by paint.

This mural took me MUCH less time than Mural #1, and it felt a lot more natural and fun this way~

And here’s a pic of both murals after I finished them. (I’ll take a better pic later!!)

Good luck!!!!!

Part Three of Ariel’s Defence done for my friends.

Anna is playful and fun, but rarely is her selflessness fully recognised. At heart, she is a caregiver, from fearlessly heading off to find Elsa and save the kingdom, to protecting her sister at all costs. She never thinks twice about helping someone in need. She may be the ‘little’ sister, but she’s a leader, driven by her caring and protective nature.