and arguably the most genuinely good character in this show

(my rant got long rip in pieces. also ur blog is hella much love) 

so honestly what pisses me off the most about this ‘love ur dictators/diamonds’ rhetoric is that princess mononoke does such a good job at showing us grey characters and we can still hate them. like lady eboshi literally buys prostitutes’ freedom and hires and cares for lepers. iron town’s societal structure and cohabitation is basically formed by everyones genuine respect and love towards her. BUT SHE //IS// A VILLAIN. she wants to destroy the spirit forest or the moon or wtv, but honestly its for an- actual and truly- arguably good cause! like /shes/ never justified but we see her reasons and her fight and we can still have our own opinions and debate about her actions.

 the diamonds, however, have yet to be shown as productive members of their own society??? like theyre big… and strong maybe? (as yet to be seen since gems never defend themselves against being poofed and apparently or not, a mere warrior is able to 1 v 1 a diamond (or not jfc)) just because theyre in charge of the majority of gem society does not mean they are solely crucial to gems survival. since even peridot is capable of maintaining a kindergarten. its like, why push so goddamn hard to make the diamonds seem ‘human’ when theyre not even good gems?? you cant even make an argument as to why gem society should like the diamonds other than 'its always just been that way.’ the diamonds characters have never been developed past almighty dictators but we’re supposed to sympathize with them ??? because ??? crewnivers forgot where the plot was going??? fifty shades of gemstones bullshittery………….

it reminds me of how someone brought up the fact that rebecca sugar hated how yellow diamond was written in message received, despite being the first and last instance of her proving to be an intimidating and aggressive figure. to a point where she started changing how both YD and BD were written in stevonbomb 5