and are we supporting roles

attention plz

Please don’t upload & share Minho’s movie “Two men/ derailed” link or it’s unofficial screen-caps or video clip.  please  go through proper platform or app. 

Minho’s movie still in theaters. As this movie now available on app so many of them can see through paid cable service , there is high chances so many ppl will upload pics or some clips, avoid it & dnt share publicly, if someone is doing, try to stop them giving the message

Minho works so hard for his 1st leading role, so we have to do this …plz support. 

so i just had a goddamn epiphny

if you combined All Might and Bakugou and gave them an obsession with football, you’d get Hiruma Youichi

seriously, just…. wh at the t h e fu ck

the foul mouth, the explosions, the guns, the Super American Influence, the Dad Figure/Supportive Figure roles, “WE’LL KILL THEM!!!”, the pointy hair/design, they’re all very self aware of their abilities, Bakugou and Hiruma are both incredibly intelligent, both All Might and Hiruma break their arms, the sheer drive and determination……………. 

You see this right here? 

He’s smiling. 

He’s in a lot of pain and he’s still smiling. 

He cares a lot about us and he’s still grateful that we’re supporting him through this time. 

This right here is my role model. 

He’s in pain and still smiling through it 

He does the most that he can for us and we need to appreciate him for it 

Please don’t overreact because he said in the video he’s FINE. 

He’ll be fine because it’s nothing SERIOUS. 

He’ll be back to everything in no time

In the meantime, let’s keep spreading positivity in the tag and show our support for Markimoo 

Alright that’s all I have to say on the subject

Jasmine out! 

I’m not going to wish any ill on Trump.

I’m not going to hope he fails.

I won’t cast any hate his way.

Nor will I hope for him to be a bad president.

What I will do, is pray for him. Pray for wisdom, pray for guidance, for peace, strength, courage, and hope.

I want Trump to succeed, I want him to be a great president. I want to be able to proudly re-elect him in four years. You know why?

Because he is now the leader of our country, and to hope for our leader to fail, is to hope for our country to fail. Wishing ill on him, is wishing ill on our nation.

You don’t have to like to him, but remember that he is our representative now, and we should do our best to support him in that role. Support him, so that the world may still yet look on our country as the great place we know it to be.

Will he be bad, or good? Who knows? But we can do our part to ensure that he has the right kind of support behind him. We can do our part to steer him in the right direction. And we can do our part to help make America greater than she has ever been before.

The question is…will you join me in this?

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1. once again: I love your blog (I'm the anon who has an hungarian friend :) ), and then, I <3 you. I am bipolar II as well. At first, I thought i was depressed, but the psychs I went to didn't "believe" me, because I was succesful and driven: hello,hypomania! I've lost a lot of faith in therapy through the years, so I am not on therapy,not on meds (I know it's bad...). instead it's sport+group therapy+journaling+art+meditation. I don't think it's healthy, because I can't be my own support. But

2. we often forget that the environment plays a role. Like, for a long time I was living a life I didn’t like, studying something i hated, surrounded by bad people. But I’ve tried to improve my surroundings, which I may be wouldn’t have done if I had other ways to feel better, and now i’m much happier. Still bipolar II, but happier :) and now may be it’ll be easier to find a good psych. and somebody to love, too. I so relate to Even’s fear to end up alone. but I, like him, believe in love :))

im so happy to hear this:)) getting rid of things/ppl that make you feel bad i think is like, the first step to start feeling better and it takes courage and im glad u were able to do it and i hope u find both of what mentioned:) ily💚

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"Support champions now gain ultimate charge from effective healing done to teammates. Self healing or healing done to teammates that heals for 0 do not provide ultimate charge." -- i think this is problem. in this way ulti charge more slow for supports. =/

Nah, I don’t think so.

If a support does their actual support job, instead of trying to snipe/flank/cause damages whatsoever, they should have no problem charging their Ulti attack (rather, with some supports it might charge a bit faster than it does at the moment).

(That’s is why this is one of the changes I welcome in OB41; finally we should see far less supports playing not-support roles. If anybody wanted to flank/damage/snipe, they should just stick to flankers/damages/snipers, not supports.)

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JJ: Which actor have you met who has influenced your career the most?

Shiloh Fernandez: I’m friends with a guy named Rami Malek and we’re neighbors. And I love him to death as an actor, and as a friend. Though we’re so different, we’re up for the same parts sometimes. And he really inspires me to be better ’cause I know how good he is. Our relationship is complementary and even though we fight for the same roles, we trust each other and we know supporting each other is going to be the best thing ’cause we’ll come out and get to work together.

Triles Wish

My main wish for 15B / Season 2 is to see Tristan carry out some kind of story arc and see Miles in a supporting role, similar to what we saw in 14A when Miles was going through the family drama and Maya ended up being the person he opened up to due to her constant butting in / magically appearing. 

I don’t care if it’s Yates coming back. I don’t care if it’s a very long overdue male eating disorder. I just want to see Tristan carry a plot with lots of positive Triles interaction.

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My question is pretty basic. I've been incredibly fortunate to have been born into a time and place where no one has discriminated me directly because of my sexual orientation. But I'm realizing more and more that the world does not look like that, and that globally speaking, intense homophobia is actually the norm. Living in a progressed society, I'm not sure what I can do to help support the cause. Any advice on how to get more involved in the fight for equality on a global scale?

The best way to support the global movement is to support grassroots LGBTQ activists who are on the ground bringing changes to their countries. That is not to say we, the United States, don’t play a role. You can keep up with who we are supporting, as a member and donor country of the United Nations, through Global Equality Fund, an initiative that was launched in 2011: 

There are some international organizations that work with local activists to highlight human rights violations, and you can help by promoting their issue priorities and donating if you are able to:

OutRight Action International:
Harvey Milk Foundation:
Amnesty International:
Human Rights Watch:
International lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex association:
Global Action for Trans* Equality:
Global Forum for MSM:
Human Rights Campaign:

Although there is a huge global cause to definitely be a part of, I would challenge you to look at your community and see some of the discrimination that might be happening, but just isn’t happening to you. If we look at the LGBTQ+ movement alone, there is so much internal discrimination around masculinity v. femininity, trans*, bi and poly or gnc folks! So, I say this all to say that you can actually be part of the global issue by really looking at your community. If you find that your community is truly as progressed as you feel it is, then maybe think on the state level. As we continue to grow as a community we have to realize that although we live in a world where my husband and I, both POC, can walk down the streets of Brooklyn without getting harassed, that so much of that comes from the privilege my husband and I have of being cisgender.

WHEN every organ in your body (except your brain) gets sick you get sympathy.

But when you have a MENTAL ILLNESS, not only you don’t get sympathy - your very existence is offensive; for you are CONSIDERED WORTHLESS.

Hey fellow feminists,
Please don’t say that Dmab people wearing dresses is appropriative or that it’s not a big deal.

Many trans women, nonbinary and even cis guys who choose to go against conventional clothing norms risk violence and discrimination.

Breaking down these roles is revolutionary and we should support and protect them as much as we can.

Lets keep going with the art mentions! So many artists to showcase, so little time! 

I’d like you all to meet another wonderful artist friend of mine, Mr. Robb Mommaerts!

There are so many great things I can say about Robb honestly, the list goes on. He’s a talented soul, a kind heart, a dedicated family man, all over role model material guys. We’re always supporting each other in any ways we can, and I really appreciate his presence and advice in my life.  I’ve even heard some people call us “style cousins” and whoa what a compliment to be grouped with this guy I tell ya! :D Robb’s had his hand in everything comics and childrens books you can name of. As a matter of fact, above is a job he did for the actual Regular Show Comics! Pretty rad huh?

I also feel need to say that I personally crown Robb the INKTOBER KING. And if you check out his blog @robbmommaerts you will find out exactly why I feel so strongly towards that!

Go on over and say hello to a wonderful human being and his awe inspiring art!

what your splatoon gear says about you
  • splattershot jr: you are a fucking child literally
  • roller: you are a fun, in-your-face type who cant aim for shit
  • inkbrush: you either have no idea what you are doing or you are a fucking ink throwing beast
  • Splatling: CRY SUM MOAR
  • That sniper like thing: You assume every shooter needs to be taken seriously./youre a huge scrublord but at least youre helpful
  • any replica weapon: we get it, you liked octo valley.
  • slosher: youre fucking weird but you know your shit, so like, carry on i guess
  • Any N-ZAP: Okay we get it you liked Duck Hunt
  • Any gold weapon: DOLLA DOLLA BILLS Y'ALL
  • bombs: we all hate you. literally hate your fucking guts. stop it.
  • Kraken: OH SHIT
  • Spray wall: You want to be a support role but are woefully inadequate at it
  • Inkstrike: We hate you./apparently you just like being vulnerable for five seconds in order to make me clean up my own base, thanks for that
  • Sprinklers: You want to use bombs but your squad hates them.
  • those people who squid and hide to ambush you: this isn't a piece of gear i just wanted to let you know i hate you
  • echolocator: you are either a splatting fiend or don't mind having a complete waste of a special
  • Inkzooka: Goddammit
  • that giant samurai looking headdress: we are all terrified of you the instant we see this
  • squid hat: its a cool concept but dont wear it if you have a female avatar because i thought you guys were all nurses
  • Scuba gear: lolol sea creatures
  • headphones: fucking hipster
  • bandana: you are cool. or a poser. who knows
Just to clarify

I just thought I’d mention a few out of the many reasons why so many of The 100 fandom is moving over to FTWD.

Firstly I’d like to congratulate ftwd on it’s new fan base which I can assure you rivals the grounder army.I definitely predict and increase in ratings due to this.

So here we go:

These reasons are obviously individual to each of us but the 2 that universally apply are:

1) We want to support Alycia in her new role.

Her performance as Lexa was out of this world and the depth, realism, conviction and relatable factor she brought to that character was worthy of an oscar. We look forward to the character development of Alicia and how Alycia will perform it. As both roles are very different - Lexa was the most important person in The 100′s world that held all the power whereas Alicia is a grumpy intelligent teen with no weapons (as yet) or an army. In an ideal world we would have kept Alycia on The 100 playing Lexa but we appreciate and support the fact that ftwd is a big deal and an intelligent career move. AMC areintelligent whereas JRoth is an idiot.

2) We loved the character Lexa and are p***ed at JRoth

We are fuming and hurt about the outcome of one of the best written developed characters on the show that still had so much character development left. Also she represented, along with Clarke, the lbgt community and we are fuming she was killed of in not only a sh*t way that was unworthy of a person of her position but also directly after finally admitting to Clarke her feelings. We feel disappointed and bated into increasing viewings as Thirteen was meant to be a clexa shippers dream. Which it was not. We are frustrate, upset, disappointed and we stick together. When an lgbtq character is introudced you can almost certainly expect a traguc endings. So much so it could be considered cliche. We were under the impression The 100 was an exception. Clearly we were wrong.

However the ftwd existing fandom should prepare themselves for posts such as this…..

Alicia your Lexa is showing!

Speaking of hearts of the episode, Glenn (Steven Yeun) gets his chance in the spotlight. It’s a great change from season five, which saw the introduction of a number of new characters — and Glenn getting mostly shoved in the role of “supportive hus-boyfriend.”

Here, we see flashes of the old Glenn back, including his sense of humor: a joke about his old job, something I don’t think has been mentioned since season one, is actually laugh out loud funny. Oh, and he kicks much, much butt, too.