and are using the same girl to act straight and have growing jealousy

BTS reaction to their idol crush showing interest in them

Anonymous said: How would BTS react if an female Idol (they have a crush on) actually Shows her interest in them ?? ( + a Lot of other Male Idols have crushes on her and actually tried to Date her)

Ah, I’m so sorry it took me practically forever to get to this ;-;

I hope you still enjoy it though! c:

Rap Monster (Namjoon):

Originally posted by jimiyoong

Namjoon would be backstage with the rest of BTS at a music show, watching your performance in awe and amazement. As the music would echo through the venue, he would watch your powerful movements, his eyes fixated completely on you, wondering how you could pull off such difficult choreography and still look flawless in the process. The other boys would nudge each other, chuckling and giggling to themselves as they would glance over at Namjoon who would still be completely mesmerised by you. 

The truth would be, he would have had growing feelings for you for a few months now, falling for not only your good looks, but also your lively personality, the way you lit up the atmosphere of the room as soon as you walked in. The way you were always smiling and staying strong, even through difficult times. Plus it would be an added bonus that you were a natural beauty. “No wonder practically everyone has a crush on her,” he’d muse to himself, as you watched you take centre stage, capturing the attention of everyone there.

So, when your performance finally ended, the audience would roar up in applause, the lights on stage going out and so allowing you and your group to exit the stage. Namjoon would finally snap out his trance, vigorously clapping and bowing politely as you walked by. While the rest of your group smiled and thanked everyone before walking onward, you’d linger behind, looking directly at Namjoon as your lips curled up in a genuine smile. His heart would skip a beat, a curious expression forming on his face as he’d look around to ensure it was him you were looking at. You’d walk up to him, and before long, the two of you would be deep in conversation, to the complete surprise (and slight jealousy) of the other males idols around. Though Namjoon would act chill about the whole situation, his heart would feel like it was about to burst out his chest in joy, and so when you’d say your goodbyes and walk away, Namjoon would stand there, a grin etched on his face and the other members would pat him on the back and cheer for him. 

Jin (Seokjin):

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

You would be part of a popular girl group under BigHit Entertainment, and although you would’ve just debuted only a few months ago, your powerful style and sheer talent would attract attention worldwide. Being under the same entertainment company as BTS, you would often bump into them; on your way to practice, on your way out, even when coming in to record.

Jin would notice how cheerful you always were, always greeting the staff enthusiastically, and always putting 100% into everything you did. He’d appreciate your hard-working nature, your strong work ethic inspiring him to work harder. He would admire your seemingly effortless beauty, from the way your smile seems to shine brighter than the sun, immediately lifting the atmosphere, and improving the mood of everyone around you. The way your hair would tumble down your shoulders, bouncing around as you walked along. The way your eyes would light up, a small sparkle dancing across your pupil when you danced or sang.

So, one day on his way into practice, he’d notice you humming along with your earphones in, your hair swinging around in a cute ponytail as you’d throw your bag down into a corner, sliding your jacket off your shoulders and you’d prep for a long day of practice. You’d quickly adjust your hair, only to look up and see Jin standing by the doorway, a small smile tugging at the corner of your lips and you’d beckon him to come in.

“What, me?” Jin’s facial expression would contort into one of both surprise and curiosity, as you’d beckon him to come into the room. He’d tilt his head to the side, a little like a puppy, which would cause you to giggle and stroll up to him, grabbing his hand and pulling him in. His heart would flip inside his chest, a smile forming on his face as you would endearingly grin up at him.

Suga (Yoongi):

Originally posted by pjkook

(A/N: I’m sorry if this part came out crap, my brain basically fell asleep ;-;)

You would be a solo artist, one of the most charismatic and successful female rappers in this present age. You’d never fail to get the audience hyped at your performances, lights flashing as you’d jump around the stage, the audience roaring and dancing along, as you (pretty much) spit fire from your vocal chords, rapping at seemingly the speed of light. Yoongi would admire you since your debut, clearly impressed by your rapping prowess. 

On the other hand, you would also be an avid fan of Yoongi himself before you debuted. You’d admire his amazing song-writing skills, always listening intently to the lyrics of every song of his and of Bangtan’s. You would look up to him, and so your own style of rapping would have a lot of elements of Yoongi’s style also, from his flow to even how he shut down haters.

During a music show one day, you’d be preparing for your performance, which would be straight after BTS’ performance, staring intently up at the screen while make-up artists would rush around the room, make-up products lying everywhere. During Yoongi’s verse, a grin would creep up onto your face as you’d admire his sheer talent, feeling your body moving along to the beat. When their performance would finally end, and you’d move backstage, mentally preparing yourself to perform. As BTS would walk past, you’d bite your lip anxiously, debating whether to say anything or not. 

“Ah, Yoongi sunbae?” You’d call out, causing him to stop in his tracks, looking over at you curiously. “I was wondering if you had any tips for me before I went on stage?” You’d ask, as you fiddled with your hands behind your back. 

“Uh, sure,” Yoongi would smile, pretending like his heart wasn’t soaring in his chest. He’d feel so happy that you came to him for advice, not Rap Monster, not J-Hope, but him. “So, what you want to do is…”

J-Hope (Hoseok):

Originally posted by cleolux

Hoseok would grin down at his phone, his eyes skimming over the text you had sent him.

You: Hey is this Hoseok?

Hoseok: Yeah who is this?

You: Ah this is (Y/N)? From (Y/G/N)? I was wondering if you could help me with some choreography, knowing how amazing you are at dancing haha

“Ah, what should I do? What do I do?” Hoseok would pace around the room, trying to work out what to text back to seem cool. “Namjoon, what should I say to her?”

“Just tell her, yes, you’d love to help, and arrange a time and place,” Namjoon would laugh, shaking his head with a smirk. “Clearly she admires you, calm down and stop freaking out Hobi.”

He’d take a deep breath, before sending;

Hoseok: Ofc, I’d love to help, when do you wanna meet? ^^

“Phew,” you’d sigh in relief, your heart doing somersaults when you’d realise that you were actually going to meet him, one on one. While you could use some help with your choreography, this was also partly an excuse to spend some time with him, as you would admittedly have had growing feelings for him since the time you first met him.

You: Is Friday good? At around 12 maybe?

He wanted to help you, so why were you feeling so nervous?

Hoseok: Yeah thats perfect, see you then ;)

“Do you think the winky face was too much?” Hoseok would dramatically press his hand against his forehead, a long sigh escaping his lips.

Namjoon would simply hit him playfully, assuring him that everything was going to be fine.


Originally posted by bangtanofarmys

Jimin would stand in front of the mirror, practising what he would say to you, how he would act. He’d push his hair back, smirking in an attempt to look suave, but this charade would only last a few seconds before he’d scrunch his eyes up in embarrassment, giggling at himself, shaking his head.

“Are you still freaking out?” Yoongi would smirk, leaning against the door frame, holding his fist to his mouth as he’d try to suppress his laughter. 

“Hyung!” Jimin would whine, still giggling as he’d push Yoongi out the bathroom, brushing his fringe out of his eyes. He’d sigh, anxiously looking down at his phone, anticipating a text from you.


You’d pace around your dorm room, nervously chewing on your lip as you’d glance around at all the clothes scattered around. “What should I wear, Lisa? Casual? Or should I dress up? Heels or flats?” You’d wave about five different items of clothing in your best idol friend, Lisa’s face, as she’d step back, laughing as she’d wave her hands. “Aren’t you the one who asked him out, (Y/N)? Why are you freaking out so much?” She’d laugh.

“Girl,” you’d put your hands on your hips, looking at Lisa with an expression of disbelief. “Have you seen Park Jimin? Ah, he’s so…” Your lips would curl up in a smile at the thought of him, causing Lisa to hit your shoulder, laughing.

(A/N: That last paragraph is low-key how I feel about Jimin ;-; He’s been wrecking my bias list recently, I’m so sorry Tae ;-;)

V (Taehyung):

Originally posted by taehanstic-baby

Taehyung would look around when you’d approach him, looking a little like a lost puppy. “Is… she talking to me?” He’d ask, his mouth stretched into an O-shape as he realised it really was him you were addressing, despite all the idols sitting at the tables.

While he would be flattered that you’d chose to talk to him, he’d be a little confused as to why him, and not all the other handsome male idols in the room that most girls would kill to even make exchange greetings with. After all, you were one of the most popular female idols in the present age, known not only for your stunning visuals, but also for your amazing voice. So why him?

Despite this, once you took a seat next to him, a pretty smile on your face, he’d relax, and the two of you would hit it off almost immediately, talking about everything and anything, the conversation flowing from topic to topic effortlessly. 

Truth is, you wouldn’t have given much thought about all the others who’d approached you before, trying to act suave as they’d attempt to talk to you. You’d simply politely greet them, turning them down gently so as to not come off as rude. But when you’d see Taehyung sitting there, a rectangular smile on his face as he interacted with everyone in the most enthusiastic way, you wouldn’t be able to help the grin that would creep onto your face, tilting your head slightly as you watched.

You’d exchange numbers, giving him a hug before you walked off again, leaving a blush creeping up on his face while his group members would all simultaneously cheer for him, as he’d press his hands to his flushed cheeks.


Originally posted by buy-me-jams

Jungkook wouldn’t know what to do with himself when he’d see you walking towards him, especially as he’d glance around to see the slightly jealous expression on the faces of the other idols, who were also waiting backstage. He would have had growing feelings for you for a while now, but he wouldn’t know what to do, whether to approach you, or whether to just keep quiet about it, leaving his feelings to bottle up out of control.

You’d approach him, touching his shoulder as you’d greet him. He would open his mouth to say something, only to close his mouth again when he’d realise he had no idea what to say, or how to greet you. You’d giggle at his awkwardness, instead deciding to take lead of the conversation, talking about pretty much anything, from their comeback, to other idols you looked up to. He’d eventually begin to relax, a grin beginning to appear on his face as you’d talk. He’d finally join in with the conversation, laughing and chatting along. 

The other boys would glance over at him, some of them holding their hands to thier mouths, laughing yet surprised at the same time that Jeon Jungkook, out of all people, was actually holding a successful conversation with a girl for once without finding an excuse to run away.

“Wow, our Kookie has really grown up, huh?” The boys would comment in awe, as they stared at the two of you, deep in conversation.

It’s About Time

Request: More video related imagines! Do one about jealousy or Justin hurting Y/N!

A/N: You got it honey!

The laughs of the interviewers slowly died down into small but gaspy breaths. Not only Justin’s but a smile of my own very much evident at the terribly witty but hilarious answers Justin has come with so far.

He really did know how to make a person laugh - and that was just another reason why I had fallen completely and utterly head over heels for him. 

But, even from where I stood behind the scenes of this interview could I see you probably wandering the rather complicated answer to a very simple question. One that the world as I know has been asking for as long as the internet can remember. 

Do I - Y/N L/N - have feelings for the one and only Justin Bieber? 

And to answer your question the long way …

Justin Drew Bieber - the pop star heartthrob who has robbed the hearts of millions, is none other then my best friend. 

And despite our constant reminders that we are nothing less - nothing more, the media has made it there number one priority to prove us wrong. They think they have us all figured out. That we put on a best friend act for the cameras but are secretly dating behind the scenes.

Though the reality is they could not be any more wrong. And I could not wish anymore for them to be right.

But it wasn’t always like this - feelings wise. There was a time when Justin could touch me and not  send shivers up my spine. There was a time when he complimented me and I wouldn’t turn beat red. There was a time when we were nothing other then best friends.

And back then, when we would announce that we were best friends to other’s - they would think we were crazy. There was never not one friend that spoke differently, and every single one of them always said the same thing. 

You can’t be best friends with someone of the opposite gender and not feel something.

Back then, I laughed in their faces, flicked my hair over my shoulders and smirked the words ‘Just watch me.’ 

Now? I only wish I listened to them.

Because here I am - 4 years later doing exactly what I laughed at people for predicting. I’m falling in love with my best friend and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

You ask, why don’t you tell him how you feel?! Maybe he’ll feel the same way - smile at my shyness and announce his undying love for me just the way I had for him. 

But I have. And sadly, life isn’t a fairy tale with happily ever after endings. He knew of my feeling’s - or suspected it in the least - and told me that as much as he loved me as a sister, he hadn’t seen me any other way.

You could only imagine how devastated I had become but none the less I kept a straight face and nodded. There wasn’t much I could do, if he didn’t like me like that - he didn’t like me like that.

That was over 4 months ago and everything between Justin and I is normal. It wasn’t awkward like you would see in the movies - in fact Justin went on to make jokes about it and tease me for it.

Not that it bothered me … too much.

“Is Selena Gomez fighting back at Justin Bieber with her latest Instagram picture?” The interviewer read of the sheet in front of her.

At the mention of the woman who broke my best friends heart, my ears perked in interest. Scooter began to shift besides me, becoming nervous with the situation all of a sudden.

We all knew when Selena is mentioned Justin becomes all love struck and says regrettable things. This could not end well.

Justin’s head snapped over towards the woman, interest peeking his tone. “I haven’t seen it. Can I see it?” And a smile over came his face as he reached forward to take the print out picture of Selena from the girl.

“I wanna see that.” He exclaimed, leaving the interviewers to all burst out with laughter.

Wasn’t even funny. 

I scowled subconsciously. 

As the interviewer stopped laughing, Justin was quick to talk, already having his own joke on the matter. “What’s she trying to do to my heart right now?” He smiled as if impressed at his own joke. This was beginning to sting.

One glance at the picture was all it took and the sadness that flashed across his face wasn’t gone unnoticed, sending a pang through my chest. 

“Right, right.” The guy interviewer commented sarcastically with an eye roll as the woman once again laughed. What a suck up.

Justin shook his head with the same smile. “I’m kidding.”

”You guy’s can’t escape from each other.” The guy began, using his hands to gesture on his Jelena opinion. “She can’t escape from you, you can’t escape from her.” 

Justin hummed an approval.

“Right?” The interviewer finished.

And if the previous words weren’t a blow to the chest - then the next were only as unsuspected as the last - if not more. But the hurt and pain surging through my body at his words left me rigid with feels.

“She loves me.” Justin stated. 

“She loves you.” The guy repeated.

The girl jumped in, and with every said word, Justin smiled continued to grow, his eyes trained down at the picture of Selena before him. “There will always be love there. It’s like one of your first major loves, it’s like, It’s always going to be there.”

Scooter’s body became tense, and although my eyes were trained on Justin, it was not hard to sense Scooter’s constant glances over at me. He knew of my feelings and could only imagine the amount of pain I felt.

A sudden hand on my back, slowly soothing back and forth was easy to be reckoned as Scooter’s. But no amount of comfort could have prepared me for words about to be said … Nothing was ready to hold my heart for the pain it felt.

Justin was quick - no hesitance in his words - but obviously no thought either as he announced, “No I love her too.”

“Yeah.” Both interviews echoed.

“Always.” Justin continued - only adding to the pain and misery in my chest. It was moment’s like these when I really felt like an idiot, like the one to be put up for blame. It was my fault I had these feelings in the first place. 

I’m supposed to be his best friend and here I was sulking over what? The truth.

But above all the pain, the guilt, the fault. I felt one emotion overpowering the latter. Sorrow. Sorrow for myself that I had ever had to fall for someone as unrealistic as Justin. 

He may me my best friend but the reality is - he was an artist and I was nothing but the girl who got famous from him talent. At least Selena had talent also and wasn’t a reject to the world.  Not to mention she was stunning.

What was I doing sulking, when the answer was so clearly written in front of me.

I’m just simply not good enough.

But that’s when I noticed Justin’s smile drop - almost as if just realising something. Then his eyes snapped over to me. And his gaze held so much emotion - to much for me to read.

It’s like everything around me had stopped and it was only so long before I couldn’t take it much longer, and my gaze dropped to the floor.

And it stayed there as Justin began talking again. “But I mean, we were on and off for years and then we left on good terms - so like, I think it was just that we needed time to grow for ourselves and we were like, you know, ‘maybe we’ll come back together in the future.’”

He continued, “And then it ended up being like- . . so long and we just grew apart and we’re just not the same people anymore.”

“Right.” The guy nodded.

“So what does that mean?” The girl asked. “Is there … someone new?”

He paused. His lip latched tight between his teeth. 

The interviewers smirked at his lack of an answer. “There is isn’t there?”

“Maybe.” He shrugged. 

Are you kidding me?! He met another girl?

“Well spill the beans! Who is it? What’s her name?”

Justin was hesitant. “I-I don’t wanna say too much.”

“Then tell us what you can.”

The smile on his face was too hard to miss, especially with that gold tooth of his. “A’ight, well. I’ve known her for a while-”

And at the one sentence,  the woman was quick to jump in. “It’s Y/N Isn’t it!” 

No no! Don’t say that! Now he’s gonna go through this massive explanation of how we’re just friends and how he could never date me because it would just be weird and-

“Yeah, actually. It is.”

I paused, and watched slowly as he turned to look at me wide eyed in shock. His face held a look of worry, almost expectant of me to lash out and storm with a fury, but I stood shocked. 

“Shut up! Are you serious?!” The girl yelled.

“Yeah.” Justin nodded. 

“How’d it happen?!” 

He shrugged. “She told me a while ago that her feelings where stronger then they should have been. She pulled me off to the side after a show and asked me to talk. She told me that she really liked me, more then just my best friend.”


“And I told her I didn’t feel the same way.” He frowned. “I was an idiot. I lied because I was scared to lose my best friend but now, It just hit me. If someone loves me, why sit back and hurt them with words and actions when you feel the same way?”

“Wait?’ the guy paused. “Are you confessing your love to her now?! Like, for the first time?!”

Justin nodded, glancing over at me where his eyes trained. “Yeah. I did… Y/N?” 

I was shocked, stunned, but somehow still managed to nod a response. “Y-Yeah?”

“I’m sorry for being a dick. Let me make up to you and go out with me tonight?”

My heart stopped, skipping beats repeatedly. Was this real? A quick glance at Scooter and his smile had me mimicking his expression, and with a nod, I yelped. 


Jeremy was quick to snort from the other side of me, Jaxon running forward to jump into Justin’s lap with a smile. Justin chuckled, rubbing his head with a fisted hand, leaving Jaxon to heave a sigh and glance at me, then stare up at Justin with a look of relief. “It’s about time!” 


Its really messy but give me a couple of days to get back in touch with my writing skills. It’ll get there.

Zach Dempsey #4

Request: Can you do an imagine with Zach where him and the reader (girl) get into a fight and she ignores him and goes to Bryce’s with all the other boys and gets high or drunk, which is totally unlike her, and she gets hurt somehow and Zach takes care of her and they make up, please?❤️

A/N: I love writing these requests from you guys! Please keep sending in more of these!

Originally posted by kareligomleeek

Zach and I have been together for a whole while now and I really love him.
I do. With all my heart.

But sometimes he’s just an idiot; not on purpose but he is.
Especially when it comes to basketball.
When he plays or the guys dare him to play, he just zooms out.

Just like today.
We agreed on having lunch together today due to our busy schedule with school we haven’t had much time for each other.
But lunch at Rosie’s today should be like a fresh start.
All exams and papers for this year are finished, so we still have time for each other.
Or so I thought.
Because Mr. Dempsey decided not to show up nor text me why.
That was two hours ago and now I am done waiting.

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anonymous asked:

Hello :3 I was wondering if you could do Kyoya realising he loves you and tries to avoid you (but he can't because you're part of the host club) and you finally ask what's wrong with him and he admits he loves you and you laugh because he's nervous (for like the first time in his life) and say "I love you too dork". Ok thanks I just thought that would be adorable because Kyoya isn't a very nervous/shy person. thank you!

SCREAMS BC THIS IS CUTE AT ALL GET OUT OMG and I managed to make it hella angsty I APOLOGIZE

When one of your close friends begged you to accompany her to the Host Club after school, you weren’t entirely sure what to expect - all you knew was that nearly the entire female population of Ouran was in love with them and screeched and wailed whenever you announced that you hadn’t been yet.

So, on a beautiful autumn day when you would have much rather have taken a walk through the park to see the changing trees, you find yourself being ushered by your friend into an unused music room. She’s squealing and talking at a hundred miles a minute, but she’s excited so you try to be to.

You’re greeted by Kyoya Ootori, who’s a grade ahead of you but notorious for being the one who really runs this club - whatever this club is. He says hello to your companion like they’re old friends, and then turns to you.

“Hello there, ____-san, isn’t it?” He asks, and you get the feeling that he’s only asking to be polite and that he knows exactly who you are. It’s a tad unsettling, but it’s too soon for you to decide if it’s good or bad. You nod, telling him that your first name is fine, and he hums in acknowledgement, making a note on his pad. “So tell me, what kind of host would you like to see?” 

You blink up at him, confusion evident on your face. Your friend had been so excited when you’d agreed to come that she’d mostly squealed and ignored your questions about exactly what happened there, you queries mostly met with “Ohhh, don’t worry about! Oh my gosh, you’re gonna love it! I can’t wait!” or some variation thereof. “I’m sorry, I don’t really understand exactly what’s happening here. My friend asked me to join her, but didn’t really tell me what you guys did.”

“Well then allow me to clarify. Here at the Host Club, girls, and occasionally male students, come to us to be treated to tea and conversation with the host of their choice. Occasionally, we have theme days where the Hosts will cosplay and food is served accordingly.” As he finishes speaking, the two of you are joined by Tamaki, who immediately takes your hand in his. 

“Well, Kyoya, who is this precious flower? A newcomer? Welcome to the Host Club, my dear! Do you have a preference? Perhaps the princely type, like myself? Or maybe the devilish type?” He gestures towards a table where the Hitachiin twins are sitting, surrounded by squealing girls whose faces were several different shades of pink, most likely caused by whatever quasi-incestuous act they were pulling now. You roll your eyes and shake your head. “They’re in my class, and they seem nice, but their shtick isn’t really my thing. Thank you though.”

Tamaki nodded emphatically, turning you dramatically to another side of the room where girls are crowding around Mori and Honey. “What about the boy Lolita type? Or the strong, silent type?” 

You cringe a bit. “I mean, they seem wonderful, but I’d rather be able to have a conversation with someone, and the cutesy type isn’t exactly my thing. I’m so sorry.”

It’s when you say this that Tamaki grips your hand even harder, fire in his eyes. “Do not worry, my sweet flower, we will find you the perfect host!” He turns to Kyoya, and it appears that he meant to ask him something, but suddenly your hand is being released and Tamaki is taking Kyoya and shoving him forward, towards you. “What about our cool type, hmmm my flower? Does this tickle your fancy?”

You take a good, hard look at Kyoya - who appears charming and incredibly annoyed at the same time - and take note of his strong, handsome features and air of mystery. You decide then and there to make it your mission to decode the ‘Cool’ host, whatever it takes. “If you wouldn’t mind, Kyoya, I think that would be quite nice.”

He smiles, exuding charm, “Why of course.”

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Thimble 9화

Summary: there is no more horrifing force on Earth than humiliated and furious woman, Joseon dynasty!au, optional bias

1화 2화 3화 4화 5화 6화 7화  8화 10화

How unpredictable is fate. And how unpredictable people make it.

The barest action can make a ripple effect that will go and go, until it comes back to attack the first person that moved the water.

Your sister. Crown Princess. If it wasn’t for her jealousy and her fear, and her deep affection for Prince, wouldn’t have set out on a mission to find supposed lover of her husband. She wouldn’t have become convinced that you are the lady that warms his bed during the nights. She wouldn’t have tried to disfigure your face with a branding stick. You wouldn’t have fought, you wouldn’t have damaged your hand, you wouldn’t decided on getting your revenge on her, you wouldn’t have been subjected to Queen’s trial, Prince wouldn’t have come to your help.

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I will always choose you. (SMUT)

Sorry this took so long, I rewrote it like four times! I’m still not 100% happy with it, so once i’ve finished the other smuts I am working on I might edit this one!

Anon Request: Riku (MLFK) X MC

I’d love it if you could write Riku smut that stems from jealousy? And you can make it sweet and fluffy at the end too if you’d like!!

“Ugh great” I mutter to myself as I witness Riku embracing Yukkio outside our apartment building. It had been two days since Riku picked to help Yukkio over our date to Tokyo tower. I spent most of those two days hating myself for not being a real woman, for not telling him how I feel, for not being the kind that was good enough for Riku. The torture of not knowing whether he slept with her or just took her home burning into my mind like cigarette burns on paper. 

I felt my brows furrow as I watched his hand stoke her back. I was jealous of everything Yukkio had & was. She had Riku & she was more woman than I could ever be, beautiful, sexy & downright charming. I felt my feet move, my eyes tear up. I couldn’t watch any more I needed to just get away. Conte was still open & I needed a drink, bad. Sticking to the shadows, I rushed passed the embracing couple not looking at them hoping they didn’t look at me as I made my way to Conte. 

“______” I jump back surprised as I opened the door, all my childhood friends bar Riku were inside drinking & acting cheerful.

“You guys celebrating?” I ask my voice wavering. Ayato picked up on it immediately & rushed over to me leaving his place next to Taka. 

“What’s wrong? Did Hiroki try something again?” Oh Ayato, he was always there for me. A small part of me wished I fell in love with him but he was just little aya, my partner in crime. I managed a weak smile & shook my head not trusting my tears not to fall if I spoke. Dragging me to the seat next to him Mika already has a beer poured for me & sitting on the bar.

“C’mon drink up. You don’t need to talk about it. Let’s just get drunk & have fun, okay ______?” Ayato wrapped his arm around my shoulder & immediately my body responds by burying into him. His warm, ever comforting embrace chasing away my hurt, my uneasyness & my jealousy just like all those times back when we were kids. 


The bells on the door chimed & none other than Riku walks in. My heart dropped, I buried myself in Ayato’s arms further. I cautiously look at him our eyes meeting. His eyes seemed dark, angry. I had to look away, my eyes growing misty with tears again. 

“Riku! Glad you came back, hope your girlfriend was alright” Makato smiled at his younger brother. That was like a stab to the heart. I can’t be here. I’m not ready for this yet.

“She’s no-” 

“I’m going to get us so more drinks” I chime, trying to sound as positive as I can. 

“This is a bar, stupid.” Ichiya rolled his eyes at me as I slid out of Ayato’s arms. 

“Yeah…but we’ll drink Mika dry, plus it’s that new beer that came out & I wanna try it!” excuses falling from my lips as I try to make my escape. Riku steps towards me but I step around him staring straight ahead. Everyone seems to sense the tension & let’s me leave. I open the door to my apartment & heave a big sigh. My heart was crushed but I don’t deserve to feel upset, I never made it clear to him how much he meant to me, how much I love him. I head towards my fridge leaving the door ajar, thankful I’d just bought a new case of beer to sit & wallow in through my heartbreak.

“______.” No. Why didn’t I shut the door. I’m not ready for this. I look over my shoulder to see Riku stood in the hallway, the door now shut completely, he had the same glare from earlier & I was terrified. Not of him but what he was going to say. 

“so, Ayato huh? Everyone saw that coming" he voice laced with anger & I just didn’t understand why. 

“What are you talking about?” I turn away from him & open the fridge door. Before I have a chance to reach an arm out to pick up the beer the fridge door slams shut. Riku now towering over me his eyes boring straight into mine. 

“Well he did always call you his, guess it makes sense” oh, so he thinks I’m dating Ayato now. Bitterness courses through my veins, the taste in my mouth becoming venomous.

“Not that it’s any of your business but Ayato was just comforting me because I’d just seen the guy I’m in love with embracing the girl her chose over me.” I spat the words at him as if they were bullets. My eyes never leaving his as each word left my lips. I watched his glare soften into something of bewilderment. I turn back to my fridge & try to open it again but his hand stays firm on the door.

“You misunderstood the situation & ran straight into another man’s arms. That’s so like you. So wishy-washy” 

“Oh so I misunderstood the first time I saw you hug her that way too? Down by the elevators? What does it matter anyway. You made your choice.” I refuse to look into those eyes, the ones I fell so madly in love with. Afraid they’ll draw me in & my composure would waver.

“_____” He grabs my chin & tilts it towards his face. His lips slam against mine. In one swift eager, possessive moment. On instinct I want to push away I wasn’t done being petty & jealous but my hands find their way around his neck instead, pulling him closer to me. His hands found my waist & gripped hard as if he was trying to stop me from running away but despite my hesitations I didn’t want to run away. He pushes me against the fridge door & the beer bottles inside make a muffled rattle. 

“ughhmmm” A strange noise left my lips & entered his. I’d never been with someone who could make me moan like that just from a kiss. Was it the jealousy coursing through my veins? The heart break of knowing this could be the first & last time? The slight fear of my it being my first time? But I didn’t care if I lost my virginity to Riku. His hands moved with purpose tracing every inch of my upper body over my clothes as if he was figuring out how to use a camera for the first time. His tongue slid across my bottom lip & I open my mouth & dart out my tongue to meet his. Sharing our saliva, making sure we were a part of each other in some desperate way. His knee thrust between my legs spreading them apart the rough denim of his jeans caressing my inner thighs.

Riku breaks the kiss, my lips suddenly lonely without his, a dribble of our combined saliva rolling down the corner of my mouth which he immediately licked up & continued to kiss from the corner of my lips down my jaw to my ear. 

“I will always…I don’t want her…I want you” His hot breath blew across my earlobe & down my neck. His words & his actions sending a mixture of pleasure & relief through me making me moan out his name. My mind went hazy, in a blur our top halves lost clothes but not the warmth from them. His thumbs stroking softly over my nipples brought me out of the fog sending a wonderful new sensation pulsing through my body. A soft moan trickling off my tongue onto Riku’s which he intertwined with a deep moan of his own. 

My pussy grew uncomfortable, I needed something, some sort of friction. My hips moving on their own gliding across Riku’s Knee still separating my thighs. He broke the kiss & looked down watching me. I felt the heat rise to my cheeks but I couldn’t stop my movements - the need to be touched outweighing the embarrassment by a mile. His hand left my breast & travelled down my stomach playing with the waistband of my skirt like he was waiting for my permission. 

This was the first time I looked in his eyes since he first kissed me. His pupils were dilated all the anger long gone leaving only a hunger in them. Somehow I knew my eyes reflected his. My jealousy diminished, like it never existed & instead a desire for him grew. I nodded & moved my hand over his & guided him under the waistband of my skirt & panties. His gaze dropped back down & he sucked in a deep breath as his fingers lightly brushed over my throbbing heat. I dragged my nails down his chest as he started to explore me. His fingers stroking my clit experimentally before rubbing softly at my entrance entering with care. 

“Mmm Riku” My head lulled back against the fridge door. New waves of pleasure I’d never experienced before crashing over my body. 

“You’re so wet.” His voice sounded like it had crawled through gravel as his lips brushed against my neck, his finger slowly rubbed against my walls. My breathy moans echoed around the kitchen as he entered a second finger into me. Before I had even realised it, my nails reached just above his trousers. I needed to touch more of him, I need to know how every part of him feels. I slowly loosen his belt & I felt him freeze, his hot breath stopped tickling my skin for a second before his breath came out hotter & heavier. His fingers gained pace making me momentarily pause to brace myself. 

“uggmmmmmmm Riku!” I felt his lips curve into a smirk against my neck. I grip onto his belt with one hand pulling his crotch closer to me as I slid my other hand underneath his jeans & boxers. My fingers lightly brushing against his hard length. 

“________” His voice grew deeper with every moan that left his soft lips. Sending a surge of pleasure straight to where his fingers stroked me. I grip his cock, pumping softly & gently learning & claiming every inch with my touch. Once I finally gain a steady rhythm matching Riku’s fingers pace, our moans coating each others skin. I swipe my thumb over the tip of his cock & he growls, grabbing my hand, removing his fingers from me. The warmth from his his lips & body leaving me except for the blaring heat around my wrist. My brain automatically jumps, fearing I did something wrong. 

He drags me towards me to my bedroom pushing me down on the bed with a sense of urgency but with care.

“Do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?” Before I have a chance to answer his lips claim mine again. The rest of our clothes fly off ending up in each corner of my room. Riku gazes down at me in all my naked glory. While I feel a twinge of embarrassment I want him to look. I do the same, my eyes travelling down until they land on his fully erect cock. I was mesmerized. I knew I’d already touch his cock, but seeing it filled me with another scorching desire for him. His eyes returned to mine, a look of concern. 

“I can stop, if you want me to?” I reach my hand up, wrap my fingers around his neck, I pull him down so he’s hovering above me. 

“I choose you too…make me…make me yours, Riku.” I graze my lips on his & smile tenderly at him. He smiles back & kisses me passionately placing himself between my legs. One of his hands tracing patterns in my skin as the other aligned himself to my entrance. He broke the kiss to look into my eyes again. 

“Please, Riku, I need you…inside me.” That’s all he needs as he pushes slowly into me. I placed a hand over my mouth muffling my cry as each inch buried into me sending burning, aching sensations coursing straight through me. Once he was completely inside me. As if as a silent apology he kissed my face over & over again until the pain passed. Wrapping my legs around him he gently pulled out & pushed softly back into me. While it burned it felt good. My whimpers slowly turning into full fledged moans as his cock rubbed against all the sensitive spots inside me. His hips rocked up a steady rhythm, hitting a spot inside me - which I can only imagine was my g-spot- that sent a frenzy of sensations coursing through my body. 

“Oh god…Riku”

“_____, say my name again” 

“mm-r-mmm…Riku!” His hand glided over my body, straight between my legs, his fingers moving with a purpose. He stroked my clit harder than before pushing me further into abandoned bliss. 

“RIKU!” I almost screamed his as the extra stimulation sent me further into the unknown. His cock plunging deeper into my depths. Riku’s grunts above me filling me with another form of pleasure, the gratifying sense that he was feeling as good as I was. 

“_____. ______.” My name left his lips like he was reciting a mantra. It sounded so sweet, so sensual, so beautiful coming from his lips. His voice drowned in desire only for me. I closed my eyes as his hips picked up their ruthless pace. His finger circling my clit in a way that made my body squirm under him as a fire lit inside my core. My muscles convulsed around him, sucking him further into me. His breathing got heavier, his perfect rhythm grew sloppy. 

“_____…I-I…love you” My eyes flew open, his movements never halting, I moaned out as if in disbelief. My heart swelled as much as my pussy did. I pulled him closer, not wanting to be apart from him. Our lips touch softly.

“…Riku…mmm” I whisper against his lips as he plunges deep into my g-spot & presses down on my clit. A eruption of bliss pumped through my body. My eyes squeezed shut, my moans spewing into incoherent cries of Riku’s name & profanities I never usually utter. My body jittering, spasming & squirming as his thrusts continued their relentless pace, prolonging the delicious shivers still racing through my body. 

“Fuck…______” Riku hissed through his teeth as he pulled himself out of me. My entire body whimpering at the loss. I dreamily open my eyes to see streams of translucent fluid landing on my stomach. Our panting echoing around the room as Riku collapses beside me reaching to the nightstand next to my bed & getting a tissue. Before I even have the chance to ask how he knows I have tissues there, he wipes his cum off me & tosses it aside before pulling me straight into his arms. We spend a considerable amount of time lying in each others arms, stroking each others sweaty bodies as our heart rates lowered to normal. 

“I guess we should go take that beer back to Conte.” 

“I want to stay like this.” Riku tightens his grip on me & kisses my hair. 

“But Ayato & that others are probably waiting for us.” 

“Actually…mmkay lets go. I need to make sure Ayato knows you’re mine.” I chuckle. 

“I have always been yours & I always will be.” & he will always be mine. 

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please post all the breakup headcanons omg

karasuno-scenarios said: *cheering* post the angst headcanons!!!!

ok just remember you guys asked for it lmao

also disclaimer: I don’t think any of these boys would actually do something like this I just wanted to feel bad and angsturbate lmao

also please don’t tolerate anyone who cheats on you whether it’s physical or emotional or whatever!!!!!! you guys are precious and I care and you deserve so much more than someone who can’t realize how great you are

Daichi: He ends up showing interest in someone who’s similar to him or at least has a bunch of common interests so that they hit it off really well!! He wants to hang out with them so they can talk more or give them advice and he thinks of it as just hanging out but the other party starts thinking that he’s interested in them. At first it starts with group hangouts then it evolves to just the two of them and the third party will bring you up like “Are you sure ______ doesn’t mind?” and Daichi is like “Why would they??” because he’s thinking he’s just hanging out with a pal!! And that you understand that!! The third party doesn’t see it that way though. Thankfully, you just so happen to walk by as the third party is leaning in for a kiss!! And you call out to Daichi and he immediately goes to you, leaving them hanging and maybe even resenting you. But, now you’re left to clear up whatever tension and misunderstandings had begun to sprout between you and Daichi.

Sugawara: Even when you’re together you start noticing he’s on his phone a lot and smiling at it and he starts zoning out during your conversations and someone’s calling him once in awhile when you’re supposed to just be spending together and whoever it is, it hurts, because he always drops or at least pauses what he’s doing with you to take the time to talk to the third party. They don’t go on dates or anything, but it tends to be more of an “emotional” cheating like they’re starting to share a bunch of inside jokes or sharing cafe recommendations, etc. and he doesn’t even realize what he’s doing until you break down in tears and call him out on it.

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The Clan (Minhyuk Fanfiction)

Genre: Dystopian AU, romance, adventure

Summary: A dystopian AU based off of All In. It follows certain events from the music video in addition to a minhyuk love story so we can all pretend we’re part of the story when we’re actually not cries

Ch.1/Ch.2/Ch.3/Ch.4/Ch.5/Ch.6/Ch.7/Ch.8/Ch.9/Ch.10/Ch.11/Ch.12/Ch.13/Ch.14EpilogueSpecial Chapter!

Updates will be slow till the end of July

Chapter Twelve

     The Lower District seemed more silent than it ever had been before. The announcement from President Miu caused a stillness in the air and a growing panic in your chest. You stared at Hyungwon, both of your faces blank. Would the citizens do it? They were people who suffered just as much as you did and knew all about the pain and misery of being part of the Lower District. Of course they’d take an opportunity like this one, you wouldn’t blame them.

     Minhyuk was frozen in his spot, the children’s gazes fixed on him as the ball dropped from his hands. Everyone was considering what was being said, weighing their options, and thinking long and hard. This was putting The Clan’s lives in danger, even standing in your very spot at that moment toyed at your safety. You felt eyes peering at you from behind windows and closed doors, and you slowly began taking one step back, two steps back, and three steps back.

     Suddenly, a door opened and two young adults, a boy and a girl, walked out. Another person appeared from another house, and more kept revealing themselves till a large group had formed. Yet your legs couldn’t seem to follow the command your brain was sending them. Run. They were coming for you.

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Powerpuff Girl Reboot

As a Powerpuff girl fan, a crazy Powerpuff girl fan, I’d like to just–lightly talk about the new reboot.

Gotta start off by saying, it rubbed a lot of fans (including myself) the wrong way when I found out that the reboot didn’t even call the original voice actresses to let them know they weren’t going to be considered for the reboot. I think it caused unnecessary drama, and was just flat out rude toward our original girls. That being said, I actually like the new voice actresses, and I’m glad that they get to step into the big shoes that the original girls made for them. What a great way to improve one’s voice-acting skills! It’s a tall and probably really daunting role to take, and I think they’re doing a bang-up job! The voice actress for Blossom is spot-on! Buttercup’s voice actress is adding this new but totally welcome sassiness to Elementary-school Buttercup, I love it! Bubbles’ voice actress sure has a cute voice, but definitely has room to grow into a goofier squeakier role–which you can already hear! 

I’ve been hearing of this reboot since five years ago. So I prepared myself, since five years ago, that when and if the PPG reboot ever happened, that it very well might not be the same…and to accept that. Which made it easy for me to really enjoy the first few episodes I saw of the reboot.

The sister-interactions are my absolute favorite so far. There is no doubt they’re working hard to get each of the girl’s personalities right. I was surprise they even kept the personalities that the girls themselves need to work on. Blossom’s jealousy, Buttercup’s anger-flashes, Bubble’s inability to think straight when it comes to fluffy animals. I like Buttercup and Blossom fist-bumping, I like Bubbles snapping at Buttercup, I like it when Buttercup rolls her eyes at her sisters. Their bond, and each of their individual pros and cons makes them the endearing, wonderful characters that they are. And despite the negative backlash on Bubbles saying ‘Yaaaaas’ and “I can’t even!”, I saw it as the show was testing it’s limits/boundaries on their new audience…and I honestly laughed at it. I mean, she was pretending to be a raver in the scene, I felt like it was called for. Bubbles used to say embarrassing things in the past, why not now too?

I think us original Powerpuff girl fans feel like we’re getting totally cut out of freely enjoying the new reboot, starting with the recasting of our favorite girls, and even adding dialogue that the new crew deemed as something the ‘kids these days’ would enjoy. A lot of criticism I hear is centered around these points. It’s not made for us! They cut out the main female roles! The nerve! And I totally understand those feelings completely…BUT I’m also thinking of a lot of good that the new show is doing.

One criticism I must say is–the repeating storylines. A lot of the lessons they’re dishing out–the girls have already learned. And I know that they’re doing this for the new generation of Powerpuff girl fans. But having Buttercup get distracted by friends and having those same friends backstab her was like watching ‘Buttercrush’ with a slightly different twist. The new-Power storyline is just like when Buttercup was having a crisis because her sisters had a lot of interesting powers, and it was also similar to the episode where Buttercup and Bubbles were grumbling after Blossom found out she had ice-breath. Also what’s up with the girls believing one tiny explosion could kill their sister? They used to know how invincible they are to fire and even a crushing machine. They could learn the same lessons but in different ways–or they could even switch up the sister who is learning the lesson. But! They are starting a new reboot–and reboots are never easy. 

I found myself enjoying a lot of the new episodes, and even geeked out over things that might have been eastereggs. I loved Buttercup playing with Octi and hiding him in a spot where the collects things she wants to keep away from her sisters. I love how Blossom has a problem with sleeping in on weekends. I love how Bubbles wants to start a beauty vlog, but keeps getting interrupted to the point where the Professor has to help her. And I like the work-a-holic but sweet Professor. I missed these characters, and it’s interesting how they are being treated. I won’t like everything, and I’m totally fine with that! Because I can cling to the original show and be totally content.

I do hope Ms. Bellum comes back though…what’s up with that? Seems totally out of Ms. Bellum’s character. (Though the ‘I’m already forgetting her face’ joke was spot on…). 

every time seol-a compared no-rae to yu-ji (up to ch. 42)

this is actually pretty long, so i had to put it under the cut. it’s basically my own little analysis of the development of the no-rae x seol-a x yu-ji drama that went down, starting from chapter one. most of it is based off of hindsight, so there’s some stuff in there that didn’t initially seem to have anything to do with yu-ji, but looking closely, it probably had everything to do with her. i hope you’ll take the time to read it. you also get a quick view of how ssamba’s art has changed from chapter 1 to chapter 42! i didn’t notice it at first, but like most artists, ssamba’s art has evolved over the series. please enjoy reading, feel free to agree or disagree with basically anything i’ve said, and thank you very much in advance!

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Who would be the big spoon/little spoon?

Chaol. He always scoops her into his arms. Aelin likes falling asleep to his heartbeat against her back and his hot breath blowing into her hair. 

Who would wake up first?

Chaol. He yanks the covers off Aelin and opens the curtains so that the sun shines in her face. Aelin groans and mumbles curses under her breath while Chaol goes around the bed and plants a hard kiss high on her cheek, almost hitting her eye. He smacks her butt and tells her, “time for our morning run, move it.” 

Do they have nicknames for each other?

They don’t have any nicknames but sometimes Aelin calls Chaol a loser, or a baby, or a dork while she sticks her tongue out at him. Chaol can’t help but roll his eyes and smile back. 

How do they apologize after an argument?

Aelin and Chaol are definitely stubborn. Aelin wouldn’t like them fighting at all but she would never apologize first, even if she was in the wrong. Chaol sighs and runs his hand down his face, sits on his desk and grabs Aelin’s face with both his hands. He apologizes and says, “i don’t want to fight.” before planting a kiss on her mouth. She smiles and says, “took you long enough.” and they obviously have sex on that very desk 

What would they be like as parents?

If they had a daughter Aelin would dress her up in adorable dresses, put bows into her hair, sing her lullabies while Chaol leans against the doorframe with a smile on his face. Chaol would be super protective of his little girl, he’d hold her hand the entire time while they walked around the castle. He’d buy her everything she wanted. She asks for a pony? She gets a pony. If they had a son Aelin and Chaol would both take him into the training rooms. All three of them would teach him how to fight, how to hold a little wooden sword, they would practice until suddenly Aelin and Chaol would be fighting one another trying to see who was going to come off on top. The little boy would just stand there until he’d get bored and come from behind, jump on Chaol’s back. Aelin would join him and they’d pin Chaol to the ground. Somehow practicing always ended in a tickle fight. 

Who is more romantic?

Chaol is more romantic but Aelin can be romantic sometimes too. Chaol always brings Aelin to candle lit dinners with chocolate cake as the main course. He brings her roses when he sneaks out of work earlier than he should have. Aelin sometimes blindfolds Chaol and leads him to places he didn’t even know existed. She blushes a lot over all the work she put into the surprise and how happy he looks. She stumbles over her words when he keeps telling her how beautiful it is and how much he loves it. Sometimes she leads him to the same place where they first kissed. 

What sort of gifts do they get for each other?

Chaol gets Aelin flowers, sometimes some jewelry that she only wears occasionally, not like the ring that never comes off her finger. When they go shopping he pays attention to the dresses that mesmerize her and ends up buying them behind her back to give them to her. Aelin and Chaol always bake cake together but when Chaol is tired from work she sneaks into the kitchen and bakes him a chocolate cake. One time she saw this beautiful sword and bought it for him, it never leaves his side.

Who gets jealous easiest?

They’re both extremely jealous. Every time they go to a ball when Chaol leaves Aelin to get them some champagne he always comes back to find a line of guys trying to speak to her. He clears his throat, passes her a glass of champagne, and says “here you go, love” a lot of emphasis on the word love. Aelin covers her mouth with her hand trying not to laugh at Chaol’s jealousy. Chaol glares at her before looking back at the group of men and telling them to go drool over some other woman that isn’t taken. But when Aelin and Chaol walk the streets of the city all the girls that pass by giggle and whisper to one another as they stare at Chaol. Aelin breathes in and out very deeply until the number of girls gets to an extreme and she just turns around to the group of girls and waves her hand with her ring in front of her face. She laces her fingers through Chaol’s hand and waves it in the air, sticks out her tongue and tells them to “grow up”. She stomps the rest of the way and punches Chaol in the gut every time he snorts a laugh. 

Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas?

Aelin. She absolutely loves gifts and spending time with Chaol, Dorian, Aedion, Rowan, and all her friends. 

Who is the most adventurous?

Aelin. Sometimes she fidgets with her hands and stares at her feet. Chaol eyes her sideways and asks her to just let it out. She smiles at him and tells him that she may have stolen two horses and hid them. Chaol runs his hand down his face and sighs. He yells at her for getting into trouble but she just stands there with her arms crossed and a smile on her face. She walks out the door and a minute later Chaol follows her. She’s leaning against the hallway with a smirk on her face. He stops and says, “ok where are we going?”

Who is the most protective?

They’re both protective. Chaol and Aelin both worry a lot but they let each other do whatever they want because they both know they’re capable of taking care of themselves. But if they ever need help they’re there to help one another in a matter of a second. 

What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts?

Aelin would’ve been a trouble maker. One day she came up to a little 9 year old Chaol as he stood up straight besides Dorian, his back stiff and his eyes concentrated on what lay in front of him. She would poke him in the stomach and ask him why he was always so serious. Chaol would yell at her and tell her to leave him alone he was doing his job. Aelin would keep poking him until his face would turn red. After that she would always make fun of him and push him around until he stopped acting like Dorian’s guard and started pushing back. They would run around the castle tripping each other and giggling. She’s the only kid that he would act normal around (besides Dorian ofc).

Who uses all the hot water?

Aelin. She takes extremely long showers. Chaol would come back from work to cold water and he’d scream from the shower. Aelin would just sing back to him from bed, “next time we shower together to save hot water.”

Who would accidentally set the kitchen on fire whilst cooking? 

Both of them. They’re both really bad cooks. Aelin always manages to set the food on fire and Chaol always has to run to set it off. They both end up staring at burnt food until they end up throwing burnt pieces of food at one another and sneaking off into the castle’s kitchen to steal good food. 

Who initiates sexy times the most?

Aelin. She sends Chaol a smirk and he already knows where it’s going. She leads him into closets, alleys, empty rooms, and abandoned hallways, sometimes more than once a day. He doesn’t complain. 

Who is more dominant?

Aelin. She’s very passionate and aggressive but sometimes Chaol gets caught up in the moment and bites her lip a little too hard. She likes it. 

What would they do if the other one was hurt?

Chaol would cradle Aelin in his arms and kiss her head as he carried her. He’d whisper reassuring things into her ear. She’d grumble and tell him she was just fine. Aelin would definitely be more of a mess. She’d be yelling and crying at the same time. She’d blame it on Chaol but she’d also go out for revenge. 

Who gives nose/forehead kisses?

Chaol. He always plants a kiss on her forehead before he leaves the room. He sneaks a kiss on random places of her face when people aren’t looking. She smiles and shoves him. But Aelin sometimes just stares at Chaol and plants a kiss on his nose or on the corner of his mouth. Her cheeks turn red when Chaol stares back at her. 

What their biggest fight was/will be about:

They argue over misunderstandings and small things. They bicker a lot but they always manage to come back to one another at the end of the day. 

BONUS #1: Song to sum them up?

Second Chances by Imagine Dragons

BONUS #2: A head canon?

Chaol is always serious but pushing Aelin’s buttons and seeing her laugh was his favorite thing to do and it became a daily goal of his. 

BOTTOM LINE: Do I ship it?


So tell me why I caught a clip of some light-skinned girl pounding on a defenseless darker girl on the bus? The dark-skinned girl was sitting in her seat and the video shows the other girl pounding on her and then kicking her when she was down. Then drags her and throws her into the aisle. And aside from the anti-black misogynistic comments that I ignored, there were some black people saying, “Oh, there may be two sides to the story. She was probably provoked.” The girl was sitting in her seat AS the other girl attacked her. Why would you provoke a fight and then sit down? I’ve seen and been on bus altercations before. Most of the time the one who provoked the fight would be the one who got out of their seat, approached the girl sitting in her seat, get all up in her face and then strike her. A person who provokes a fight on the bus wouldn’t be sitting down in a defenseless position. 

 It’s infuriating how if a dark-skinned girl is in a fight and wins, she “provoked” the fight if the light-skinned girl loses. But if the dark-skinned girl loses and we don’t know HOW the fight started, the dark-skinned girl “provoked” the fight as well because of “jealousy” and the girl was “prettier,” That shit is victim-blaming. Just like when little black girls are thrown across the room by grown ass white men and men in general being told they “provoked” the men, they “provoked” getting bullied by some lighter-skinned girl. It doesn’t matter if the light girl called her “d*rkie” or made fun of her looks. It doesn’t matter if the light girl is just a straight up abusive bully. She’s light-skinned and kinda attractive, so she’s the “victim” in the situation.

  I hate bullies. I really do. I especially hate this idea that if the bullied fights back, they’re suddenly equally responsible as their bully. This zero-tolerance attitude helps no one but the abuser. I saw that video where a black girl punches a white girl for calling her “nigga.” I would have done the same thing and have even contemplated on hitting certain white girls for being so disrespectful to even utter that word knowing it didn’t make me comfortable. They were being bold and needed someone to put them in their place. I don’t support violence but let’s not act like darker-skinned black girls are someone who just beats people up for no reason. Dark-skinned girls statistically engage in physical altercation with boys and older men (family members) as well. We can guess why.

 I am not saying bullying is never the case as to why a lighter skinned person was attacked but it’s not as likely as we think. Especially when captions read, “Girl in perfect make up and hair proceeds to beat up a girl on the bus.” They wanted us to be in awe by her “prettiness” and ability to have “hands.” Please. If I catch bullies like that, I have no problem putting them in their place. I don’t see why teachers and bus drivers can’t grow bigger backbones. They’re told not to touch students apparently and to get security (armed forces) to handle it. But that’s not always good for various reasons. If you see two children fighting and one is getting bludgeoned unmercifully, you are big enough to pull one of the children off. Especially if you’re a trusted adult like a bus driver or school staff. And it’s not like these bus drivers are telling the students not to fight. They just sit there or keep driving. They don’t bother stopping the fights. Most school bus drivers are useless. I barely even saw them pick up the walkie talkie to call officers. Adults can be just as perverse when it comes to schoolyard bullying than children.