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Is Sidon furrybait? Prince Sidon more like siding on yes. I would have to say that Sidon is definitely furrybait. There is no doubt about it. I mean look at him. I don’t want to take sides on Kass and Sidon, but I predict that Kass will still always have the most notes produced in terms of reviews on this blog. Let’s just say that he is definitely far better and hotter a Zora that Ruto will ever be.

Another thing to note is that Link is 5′7″ (if he’s the same height as he was in Twilight Princess) so that would make 11′5″ (DAMN) and so that height difference is definitely something that anyone would desire. Aside from being super hot, let’s just

there we go. Look at this happy shark prince who also just believes in you, no matter what you do. At any rate, this character is furrybait and I think I like him just as much as Kass.


OMG, I didn’t even think about it that way. But you are right, Jug totally thinks he’s a rebound. I HATE that.

Maybe not rebound, per se….but a sorta of second choice, purely by way of just not being as good as Archie. Which is ironic, since Juggie’s smarter, more interesting, a better, more ethical person, funnier, more considerate, more creative and, of course, actually the hotter, sexier guy.

And has more in common/is on a closer wavelength with Betty….

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I just found your blog and I was wondering if you could elaborate on a star a bit more. Like, what is a star made of? And how was it made? Thanks!

Ok so stars are formed when giant (like, really giant) clouds of mostly hydrogen (and some helium) collapse. This means that their own gravity pulls them close together, compressing it. As the gas compresses, it becomes more dense and much hotter. Eventually, the star becomes hot enough to undergo nuclear fusion, meaning it turns hydrogen into helium, releasing energy. At this point, we say that the star is “born,” since it’s fusing hydrogen into helium.

Stars are about 75% Hydrogen, 24% Helium, 1% other elements (at least, when they’re born). The temperature of the star itself is so hot that the electrons and the nuclei of the atoms are separated, which is called plasma. The actual “star” part is composed of plasma, and the outer parts, which are cooler, are usually made of gas. 

I hope this answered your question, if it didn’t or if you have more, feel free to ask me // let me know!!!

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What if Bendy and Boris would get homesick for Hell? They miss the darker, hotter environment, and being able to do as they wished among other demons like them? I'm sure Bendy has tried to go back, but cannot bear to leave Boris behind.

Yeah. Bendy loves his home and has down days frequently, but Boris means so much more to him than a place.
“I can just make a new home with Boris here!”

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new fan, new follower here - I have a question concerning season 2 magnus and I don't know if I missed it or if I'm seriously the only one who feels this way but I wonder where Magnus' sparkle went. He is so serious, constantly frowning and deep now. He seems less confident, too. And he looks 10 years older and decidedly less sexy and fabulous. It's as if Malec is making him less awesome (and I love Malec, but more so in season 1). Any idea why this is and how the fandom feels about it?

I did notice he’s a lot more serious this season, but I disagree on the “less sexy” part. He gets hotter and hotter every time I see him. But that’s just my opinion.

I do hope that we see more of the sparkle in 2b though (like he had in season 1 when he was being all flirty with Alec). It certainly is my favourite aspect of Magnus. I would love for that to be amped up a bit, for sure.

Guess we’ll see how things go in the second half of the season.