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I moved to a new city in the Fall and started dating a lady. This is my first romantic/queer relationship! She is much older than me. l I met her entire family for the holidays after 1 month of dating! She wanted me to define "us" shortly after and texts me/wants to see me everyday. I've told her I needed space but she'd bombard me with texts like "You don't care, why are you with me, you're too young, I'm just your entertainment, etc." She also yells a lot. It stresses me out! What should I do?

Kristin Says:

This is not a healthy relationship and this is not an appropriate or respectful way to treat someone, END OF STORY.

Since this is your first queer/romantic relationship, I need you to know something important: There are oh-so-many humans out there who will NOT yell at you all the time, who will be able to hear you when you express YOUR needs, and who will have the ability to treat you the way you deserve to be treated. This person you are dating is obviously struggling with some deep-seated insecurities surrounding commitment – which is understandable and even surmountable with time and work, but something that she needs to work on without dragging you through it and disrespecting you during the process.

In my opinion, you should do one of two things:

1. Break up with her. I truthfully think that, given what you’ve said here, this person is not going to be able to hear what you need enough to work on themselves while in a relationship. Explain that you are not in the same place, and that it would not be good for either of you to continue further. If she will not let this drop and the situation escalates, leave the conversation. If necessary, block her phone, block her socials. Make it a clean break – this situation desperately calls for that kind of action.

2. Explain yourself and try one more time. If you think that I’ve read this too harshly and you want to try a longer-arc approach, make plans to have dinner in a public place. At dinner, explain to her that you are not ready for the level of commitment she is after, and that you need for things to either slow down considerably, or for things to end. If she yells at you, tells you that you are wrong, or implies in any way that you cannot both need space and also care about her, that is when you end things and refer to suggestion #1. If she listens to you and is willing to work & step back a bit, etc, then you can give it a shot… but BE VIGILANT. Giving you space means she is actually going to give you space, not just say she will give you space and then berate you any time you actually take it.

Listen. Relationships of any kind, regardless of age, age difference, or anything else, require respect and communication. What you are saying here can be pared down to: My girlfriend does not listen to how I feel, does not consider what I need, and does not respect me as a person. That is all I ever need to hear to say: end it. You deserve better.

Brotherly Bonds

AN - Have an unbeta’d short form the percy jackson au, once more inspired by a chat with @willowstarr (this time an ask was also invovled)

To create trust is to create some scared and fragile.  Lance had known he’d been walking along fractured glass just waiting for its chance to crack but even so he was caught off guard when it finally gave way to the undeniable pressure of his secrets.

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BK: During Aang and Zuko’s heyday, the ability to bend lightning was an incredibly rare skill usually reserved for the inner circles of Fire Nation royalty and high-ranking military officers. Now, in the thick of the Avatar world’s own Industrial Age, we see that this skill is, while not widespread, common enough that it is practiced by blue-collar workers changing up massive batteries in the city’s power plants. This kind of work is incredibly taxing on a person’s chi reserves; that’s why the plant bosses tend to get desperate, strapping young men like Mako to sign up for the grueling task. Mako designs by Jin-Sun Kim and Ki-Hyun Ryu. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf. Background design by Eun-Sang Yang. Painting by Emily Tetri. 


Watch Out Below (3)

Part 1 Part 2

You sat wringing your hands as you sat beside Kili who was failing to engage you in conversation. All you could think of was how many sharp weapons were around and how many reasons you had given for them to be used. The moon was bright above as you stared into the fire and wished that you would awake from your coma soon. At least, you hoped this was some sort of dream.

You were pulled from your daze as heavy footsteps stirred the dirt in front of you and you looked to find Fili’s furry boots standing before you.

“Here,” He bent and offered you one of the bowls cradled in his arms before handing one to his brother, “You must be hungry.”

“Um, thanks,” You attempted a smile as you looked over to Thorin who was watching his nephew, “Should you be feeding me though?”

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thank you for improving my relationships

I just wanted to send you guys a note saying how much of a difference you’ve made in my life, and how important your work is to so many people.

I used to be the girl who clung on too long, making excuses and tolerating fuckshit. You guys speaking on this so much helped me learn to be more functional in relationships, and value my time more. A year after listening, I cut off an absolute fuckboy and later found a happier relationship; even when that went sour, I was able to cut my losses when the time was right, without being afraid of being alone or feeling desperate enough to waste my time on a relationship that wasn’t working anymore.

I’m still waiting for the kind of fulfilling relationship I want to have, but I’m okay if it never happens. I’m happy being alone, and I find more value in my friendships with people who have been there for years, even decades.

Please remember that what you do makes a difference in the lives of others, and you guys are truly a positive force in this world. I’ve been listening since almost the beginning and love seeing how much you both have succeeded and continue to succeed.

Blessings to you both,
Anna in Boston

Ok but like


High Warlock of Brooklyn, with 400 centuries old, is powerful enough to tear down the whole institute, a Prince of Hell, knows what to do in every situation, knows any kind of language and use it in his magic to get out of a situation or fix something (in this case, fix whatever the shadowhunters did) AND STILL, HE DID A TRUE LOVE KISS BECAUSE HE WAS DESPERATE!!! HE WANTED ALEC BACK AND DID THE LAST THING HE THOUGHT IT COULD WORK (not that it didn’t break my heart that it didn’t work) AND HE WAS DEVASTATED AFTERWARDS BECAUSE IT DIDN’T WORK.

I mean, he knew but a last chance to try something else, right? He knew that what Alec needed was his parabatai, and it breaks my heart to say it, but Magnus wasn’t what Alec needed.


Especially, Clary and Magnus. The hand holding and the relief and the tears. Of course, Alec had eyes just for Jace in that moment but I hope he’ll realized later that even people that are not his family (yet) are thrilled, happy, relieved that he is back.

This episode had me feeling some type of way and, ok, I’m not a Jalec fan but THIS episode is what I expect to see in later episodes. Becase it’s time for Jace to need Alec too, that they brothers and they have eachothers backs at all times. Not just when Jace is being reckless and Alec has to save his ass.

On a side note, I really hope that they introduce Magnus’ mourning because this was a closed call. I mean, he couldn’t helped his best friend and now he almost lose his future boyfriend? That leaves a mark, that leaves you shaken and he deserves a five minutes break from all this heartbreak.

Betrayal At Its Best PT. O N E

Hot off the market, delicious, smutty, and amazing. Thank you so very much, Harryfordrarryrpjohnjohnlock. You were brilliant and I had so much fun rping with you. You’re an absolute doll and I’d love to kiss your cheeks and feed you pastries. Can’t wait to continue!

there will be a part two. don’t you worry, dears.

Stranger: (Johnlock, Vampire!John) Everything had been fine. Sherlock had no clue what was going on around him. With his experiments, Sherlock never noticed what went on around him, and that the entire time he had been a vampire. That was, until one day, Sherlock was supposed to be out the entire day on a wild goose chase he sent him on, and instead he found him, feeding. Sherlock just hadn’t left him alone, always bothering him. So he had to bring the feed here. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have a lair-ish place, he did, in Baker Street 221c. Sherlock didn’t know. And when he saw him feeding, he thought Sherlock would be interested. But no. He ran. Giving him a head start, John laughed darkly before he chased after him, until Sherlock was going out. He drove him into a wood-ish forest area, before he pinned him onto the ground. “If you wanted to escape, you should have ran faster.” John laughed, holding him tight, his tongue running over his lips, over his fangs. (Please reply as Sherlock.)

You: What crossed his mind in moment of seeing the actual feeding and then deciding to run was… He wasn’t sure what it was. He just knew that he had needed to get out. To get safe and find somewhere to /think/. Not that he thought John would hurt him-it was John. John wouldn’t hurt /him/-others, perhaps-but not /him/. How wrong he’d been when he realized he was being followed. /Herded/ seemed like the proper term given the fact that the man was urging him somewhere. He thought, /foolishly/, that perhaps the man was just establishing a spot for them to talk it through. Somewhere private. How /idiotic/ could he be? It was over the moment he took true notice to where he’d been led, the trees closing in around him like a wooden cage. Then he was done. The brunet hissed, arching his back and moving to push John off with his hips to tip their balance and get a rolling motion. It didn’t work, and the panic flared more within the pit of his churning gut. “John-” he cut off, eyes widening at the sight of pink against pointy pearly white. His pulse rocketed, pounding feverishly within his ears. His struggling growing anew. “Off. Get /off/.”

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Anonymous said: hi!! you said you don’t mind questions about your writing and i just wanted to ask, if you get back into naruto enough to write it, would you still consider writing that one fic idea you had on your profile where naruto invents his own jutsu but like instead of wood release he goes for flowers? bc that sounded super cute

:o I forgot all about that. 

After a bit of digging around in my docs, here is what I have (incomplete tho):

Flower Style 

Summary: Naruto had always loved plants, so it was only fitting that he would replicate Konoha’s most revered style. Except not exactly. “It’s not Mokuton without trees! That’s some kind of, of Hanaton! Flower Style!”


part 1

Heading down the hall at a pace that was a shade too brisk to be entirely suited for the Hokage, Sarutobi mentally cursed the fussy daimyo, his long winded messenger, and the incompetent assistants who hadn’t been able to handle him without summoning the Hokage.

Because of them, Sarutobi had been interrupted during one of his rare days off, when he was finally able to spend time with Naruto. Knowing how desperately lonely the young boy got, especially now that he was judged old enough not to need a caretaker’s supervision, Sarutobi hadn’t wanted to send him away, even for work. He had hoped the matter could be resolved quickly, so he had simply left Naruto in his office…

But while Naruto was truly a sweet, kind boy, he was also an energetic, lively one, and Sarutobi could only wince as he imagined the state of his office after the tender mercies of a bored five year old.

“Naruto, I’m back,” Sarutobi announced loudly as he opened the door to his office.

“I wasn’t doing anything!” Naruto blurted out, immediately hiding his hands behind his back.

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Hi lexi I'm so sorry this is completely unrelated but I need some help.So I think I'm addicted to tumblr & not in a good way. It's come to the point that it's affecting my work as well and I don't have enough guts to get off.Any advice? I'm desperate

I think I was at that point at some point in time, and really I just started small. And I wouldn’t look at Tumblr for an hour while I read or something. And then eventually I had some other things I had to do and because I already had to separate myself from it purposefully, it didn’t feel like I was missing anything. And now I kind of? Forget about Tumblr sometimes? It was gradual. It happened over the course of 3ish months and it’s been a year and I can easily kind of forget about it.

Okay this got long. But seriously if it’s affecting work, for one hour a day force yourself to not look at Tumblr for an hour, or if an hour is too much, try like 10 minutes at a time and then add on to that! It doesn’t have to feel like you’re pushing yourself too hard at the beginning or else you won’t stick to it. So good luck love

Exo Reaction to Making Their Girlfriend Cry During a Fight

I am just going to make these a range of all kinds of situations and just hope they kind of work for the overall theme; making her cry. 


He wasn’t even sure why the fight started, he just knew they were way too far into it to stop now. It always came back to his fans in the end and how they treated her. Soon enough she began to believe everything she read about herself online; she was selfish with his time, painfully average in looks, a gold digger, and most of all she just wasn’t good enough for him. 

“Why do you listen to what they say?” he asked desperately. “You know I don’t believe a word of it. You know the other members love seeing you around. So why does it bother you so much?” 

“I just feel so inadequate,” she said as she ran her hands through her hair and sat down on the couch. “I feel like I’ve tricked you into loving me.” 

“Nonsense,” he said, his tone laced with frustration. “Why are we even fighting about this? This is so stupid.” 

“I don’t know!” she yelled back as tears formed in her eyes. She pulled her legs up to her chest and hid her head in her arms as she began to cry. “I don’t want you to realise one day that I’m not enough!” 

Baekhyun sighed as he walked to her and sat down next to her. He put his arm around her and then rested his other on her knee. He took in a deep breath, just to calm himself. 

“I’m not going to stop caring about you because they don’t like you,” he told her softly. “Now stop worrying about it.” 


Chanyeol couldn’t take seeing her tears as she turned away from him. She hated crying, he knew that more than anyone, and whenever she did she tried to hide it from anyone. She had always been more the type to never let others know she was suffering, but today was different. 

“I want to break up,” she said firmly. 

“But why?” he asked her as his voice cracked a little. 

She looked over her shoulder and saw he was starting to tear up too. She shook her head and looked away from him. She couldn’t face him. 

“I want you not to be distracted by me anymore,” she told him slowly, speaking every word with precision so they might not be affected by her crying. 

“That’s crazy,” he responded with wide eyes. He grabbed onto her arm and spun her to look him in the eye and he could tell by just the way that she looked at him that she didn’t really want to leave him. “Without you, I wouldn’t have had the courage to go up on that stage and perform in the first place.”  


“You totally gave him the look!” Chen said with a frown as he followed his girlfriend into her apartment. 

She rolled her eyes and threw her clutch on the couch and then marched into her room, kicking off her heels at the door. He followed her, shutting the apartment door behind him. She reached behind her and unzipped her dress, letting it fall as she walked towards the bathroom. 

“You’re imagining things, Jongdae,” she said as she snatched her robe and pulled it on, turning the nob to the bath and running the water. 

She angrily grabbed her makeup bag and went to her mirror, starting the lengthy process of taking everything off. He watched with an annoyed look in his eyes, completely unwilling to believe her. He knew what he saw. 

“If I wasn’t there, who knows what would have happened,” he said as he threw his hands up in the air. 

“Nothing!” she said angrily as she turned to him. He saw tears in her eyes, just barely being held back. She shook her head and turned back to what she was doing. “Why can’t you just trust me when I say I wouldn’t do something like that?” 

She shook her head and turned to shut the door, but he had seen that she was crying already and felt bad. He sighed as he put his foot in the entryway and then looked at her. She looked towards the sink and he resorted to looking at her through the mirror instead. 

“I’m sorry…I just…I can…they make me jealous.” 


“No, I don’t like that colour,” she said with a pout as she looked at the palettes he held. 

He sighed and then bit his lip as he looked towards her. “You haven’t like the last five hundred colours.” 

“Well, I want to make sure it’s perfect for the baby,” she said with a sneer. “Stop fighting with me.” 

Kai threw his hands into the air and turned away from her, running them through his hair, as a frustrated grunt left his lips. He mussed his hair and then put his hands on his hips. She was being so damned stubborn.

“You’re the one fighting me about everything,” he hissed as he turned back towards her. He began to mock her. “It can’t be this one, I don’t like this colour, no ponies on the crib, absolutely not blue, I will murder someone if they put that on my newborn, get away from me, don’t touch my food, don’t touch me, go away…you’re so god damned frustrating!” 

He felt instantly bad when she just began to bawl out of nowhere. He had never seen her so fast to crying and he didn’t know what to do. She turned away from him and slammed the door to their room, locking it behind her. 

“Jagi! I didn’t mean it!” 


“Stop being such a bitch,” he told her as he flipped the tv channel. 

Her eyes widened and she marched up to him angrily. He ignored her, figuring it was best to just let her tantrum end, but then she stopped on his foot as hard as she could. “Ow! Fuck!” he yelled as he looked up at her with shock. 

“You don’t want to listen to me? Fine,” she snapped. She shook her head and walked towards the counter and grabbed her bag, but he got up quickly and hobbled over to her. 

“Whoa, you can’t just stomp on me and leave like that,” he said as he grabbed onto her arm. He turned her around and saw tears pouring from her eyes and he let go of her just as quickly as he had grabbed her. 

“You’re so stupid!” she yelled as she hit him with the bag. “Why can’t you see what’s wrong?” 

“Because you won’t tell me.”

“Well have fun figuring it out by yourself, you’re always talking about how much of a genius you are!” 


“I’m only going to be gone for a little while,” he told her gently. He felt like he was just kicking someone who was down because she just kept on crying. 

“I know, but you might miss the baby being born,” she said as she wiped at her tears. “How is that fair? Do they care nothing about your family? You’re going to be a DAD.” 

He sighed as he rubbed her back, comforting her. “I know, Jagi…but it’s my job. I will be back as quickly as I can. Text me all the time. Let me know how you are.” 

She stood up and crossed her arms. “Whatever; I understand some things are more important than the birth of your son. I got it.” 

He watched with horror in his eyes as she got up to walk to the bedroom, but he didn’t let it last as he ran up to her and grabbed her by the arm. “Hold up. That’s not true and you know it.” 


Lay wasn’t even sure how their simple discussion over booking a hotel for their honeymoon had ended up turning into a fight about if they should even get married. He wasn’t sure where the escalation happened or why; had he said the wrong thing? Had he implied he didn’t want to get married somewhere? 

“Of course I want to get married,” he said gently. 

Tears bursted from her eyes and she held her head in her hands as she began to sob. He gasped and had no idea what he could have said wrong. He had just confirmed that he did want to get married, so why was she reacting like he had said the opposite. This was worse than when Chen got bitchy. 

“I’m holding you back Yi Xing and it’s not fair to you,” she cried as she ran her hands through her hair. 

Lay sighed like a million problems had just been solved and then hugged her tightly. “Nonsense, Baobei. I love you and someone I love could never be a burden. So where did you want to go for the honeymoon?” 


She looked at him hopefully as she set the plate in front of him. He was already dying inside; she was an atrocious cook, but he always agreed to try what she made in trying to get better. And she always got so damn upset when he tried to lie and say he liked it. 

Luhan put the noodles in his mouth and smiled at her as he tried to chew and swallow before he really tasted. He gave her a thumbs up, but he knew his smile was crooked and she knew too. She sighed with defeat and took the plate, dumping it into the garbage. 

“Hey, I was going to eat that!” he said as he looked to the garbage. 

She sat down on the other side of the island and held her head in her hands. He got up and slowly walked around and saw her crying quietly. Luhan sat down next to her and touched her shoulder lightly. 

“This is no reason to cry,” he said to her softly. 

“Every time you go anywhere, the fans show up with baked goods, signs, crafts, and gifts that they all made themselves. They put so much love and care into what they make you and I can’t even cook you noodles,” she said bitterly as she looked away from him. “I just…I have nothing of value to offer you.” 

He looked at her with a smile and shook his head. “How about that you make me happy? Or you always cheer me on and tell me I’m the best at singing and dancing? Or that you love when I surprise you, or the way your smile makes my heart beat faster…your value isn’t just weighed in your talents. You make me feel happier than anyone I’ve ever known.” 


Sehun rolled his eyes as she lectured him for the fifth time about doing the dishes. He was not doing the dishes. He didn’t do dishes. He didn’t do cleaning. 

“You never help me around here,” she told him angrily as she turned and began to pick up the things cluttering their living room floor. 

She stopped suddenly and looked around. A messy house. Dishes undone. The couch messed up from the last time Kai was here. This was Sehun’s apartment and she just felt like nothing more than the maid. 

She shook her head and threw the pile of clothes down and grabbed her purse from the table. She walked towards the door, but before she could go he grabbed her arm. Sehun swallowed hard when he saw her crying. 

“I’m sorry,” he said softly as he pulled her into a hug. “I just…I don’t know how to do much of this stuff.” 

She remained stiff in his arms and just looked at her hands, refusing to accept that as a good enough excuse. He could learn, he chose not to. The boy could barely put on his own clothes. 

“Can you help me?” he asked her quietly as he kissed the back of her head. “And then I will take you out for ice cream?” 


*See’s his gf crying*

*ends up crying with her*


“Zitao, could you please just get out of my house for a bit?” she asked him as she opened the door for him. She refused to look him, but he was determined. Tears began to build in her eyes, just thinking about the things her sister told her.  

“Whatever she said to you isn’t true,” he said as he stepped in front of her. “I’d never do that to you…she is jealous.” 

She looked away from him once more and continued to hold the door open. All of this was so stupid. Why would he kiss her younger sister? 

He felt himself get emotional as he realised that she believed what she was told because it was her sister who said it. Her sister who was only two years younger than her, the one she had grown up with. Why wouldn’t she believe her? 

Tears fell from his eyes as he grabbed her and held her close. “I promise I would never do that. Please believe me.” 


When his girlfriend started to cry in front of him, he thought very quickly about how to handle it. They were fighting over going to her parents, which really hated him, for dinner. It would just be another cross-examination of his intentions with their daughter and he really didn’t want to sit through that for the third time. 

But she was crying. 

He sighed and stepped towards her, gathering her into a hug. Her family meant  a lot to her. They were well meaning. He just had to prove that he was too. 

“Fine…we will go, but only if I can take you to meet my mom the weekend after.” 


HEY GUYS SO this is very quickly thrown together but I am kinda in a not so great spot right now so I’m gunna open commissions. All prices are negotiable cause I understand not everybody’s doing well, and I’m also offering little dollar doodles in case you really want one but can’t spare anything else! ALSO JUST A HEADS UP because of the situation I’m not actually sure when I’ll be able to draw these, but I absolutely promise I will draw them as soon as I am able. My life is extremely hectic at the moment but it will hopefully settle down in a couple weeks enough that I can start doing all the draws! There are infinity slots and these are basically open for as long as I can handle it.

If you want to see more of my art check out @wessieart, @professionallamb, @bullshipsheep.

More info under cut

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sensory desperate

I’ve been half-looking for a term for that autism feel when I’m too tired and I feel desperate for sensory stimulation. Like, I feel bored and I want to turn the music up incredibly loud and watch TV and eat all the sweets and a million other things, ideally all at once.

It’s not only when I’m too tired; I had a temp job earlier this year in a small office that was very quiet, had white noise from an air filter going on top of that, and didn’t have enough for me to do, and didn’t want me to do anything to amuse myself because I was sitting at the front desk.

At the end of my first week or so, I got off work so desperate for some kind of sensory input that I was beating my forearms against the steering wheel to get enough pressure, with the old-school hip-hop station turned up all the way.

After that, I started wearing my weighted vest underneath a sweater and chewing a lot of gum at work, and that helped. I felt starved of input. I actually googled “sensory starvation” and found out that this is a known thing, that people who work with autistic kids know that not having enough sensory input causes meltdowns.

But “sensory starvation” doesn’t quite do it for me. It describes the cause instead of the feeling.

After seeing Star Wars last night*, @anniegst and I only got like 4 hours of sleep. So she was talking about this feel, and I was like, yeah when I’m too tired I get sensory desperate. And then I was like, eureka!

So I offer this term to you other neurodiverse people, especially autistics. (Noun form: “sensory desperation,” as in, “that teacher is so boring they give me sensory desperation.”)

(And if you’re neurotypical and you’re like “but I want to use that word, I get that too!” at least consider the possibility that you might be autistic.)

* (I fucking love the Bay Area. Yes we got to see Star Wars the night before it was officially released! I LOVE IT. FIVE STARS. And my autistic 13 year old friend, whose special interest is video editing, got to see it the day before THAT, at a special screening for Industrial Light & Magic. that boy has connections I don’t even understand, someday his name will be up on that screen.)

Rinka Dialogue
Fire Emblem: Fates
Rinka Dialogue

For derpymagicarp and 3 anons!

I LOVE THIS GIRL’S DESIGN SO MUCH. I’m a bit embarrassed that it took me so long to get to her dialogue, oops. But now we’ve got the fire girl.

Disclaimers as usual.

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My Lady Love || lady-marion-loxley

     She didn’t have a clue what she was doing, not really, she was just sort of doing as she was told. She had spent her life doing that, just doing what other people told her to do, but she honestly preferred this to what she was coming from. Though she had never run a bath for someone else before, and she had never scrubbed a floor before, or polished shoes or fed horses-all things she was expected to do now. She had been on her own for probably two weeks before she found the home of Lady Marion and Sir Robin, though she had never heard anything about the latter or even met the former. 

     She had wandered to the small town of Nottingham, tired and hungry for reasons she never revealed. But a man of the church was kind enough to give her water and bread, promising to find her work so she may start a new life there-something she desperately wanted. Any life was better than the one she was coming from. She had slept in the church for two simple nights before a woman came from an estate from the other side of the village to offer her a job as a maid in a local house hold. She was the head maid in a house hold run by a woman whose husband was away in King Richard’s war, a respectable woman who took care of his father. The job came with a place to sleep and food to eat so she was grateful and took it right away.

     That was how she ended up here, carrying a large bucket of boiling water across the house to fill up the master’s father’s bath. And that was when it happened, she bumped slightly against the giant bucket she had in her hands, causing some to slosh out onto the floor and her foot to slip. She gasped, feeling like everything was suddenly moving in slow motion as she tried to catch her balance, already knowing she would fail, shutting her eyes as she whimpered at the fear of the burns she would have. 


hnm114  asked:

Could you do a reaction from the companions to Sole having migraines and being unable to do anything for days at a time? This would really mean a lot to me because I have chronic migraines. Thank you! I know I can trust you with this topic. :)

I took my time with this and did my research =‘) this wonderful person here deserves the best answer I can give them!

I hope I made ya proud darling =‘)


Being able to have a shower - a hot shower - was something that you had to earn in the Brotherhood. Finding an intact shower was rare enough but finding one that worked and gave off clean hot water was a miracle. Most had blood coming out of them, and they all were known to have vasts amounts of radiation, they were considered a massive health risk so were unusable.

Only a desperate fool would ever think of using one anyway…

So finding one of the smartest people he knew using one was an even bigger shock.

“Sole! What are you doing?” Danse could see they were fully armored so the radiation wasn’t the problem but that wasn’t the point. God only knows what kind of crap was coming out with that water! But as he approached Sole he could see that they were in a lot of pain, holding their hands against their temples in an attempt to stop what was hurting them.

“Come here”. He took Sole’s hand in his own. Letting them squeeze when they needed too. He knew Sole suffered from headaches but they seemed to be getting worse. He remembered Sole calling it a migraine once but Danse had really underestimated how bad they could be. Sole couldn’t move. Everytime they tried the shock the pain was causing stopped them in their tracks.

“It’s… they’re getting worse.” Sole was almost in tears and he couldn’t bare to see it anymore. “The water…. it helps. I was desperate.” Danse put his ego behind him and held Sole close. There was nothing he could do. Painkillers were far too rare to be using on migraines. Maxson would go mad if he ever found out Danse had authorised their use on Sole. But he wasn’t the one who had to sit with Sole for hours watching them be in the worst pain possible. That’s the one thing Danse didn’t like about Maxson, if he hadn’t been through it himself he just shrugged it off.

Sole let out a cry of pain. Their eyes were now shut tight. They’re breathing wasn’t right either. Danse knew they couldn’t stay here for much longer. It was far too dangerous, but what choice did he have? He would just have to stay here until Sole could at least stand up. Danse switched off the shower, there was no way he was sitting under that any longer. And once again he pulled Sole close to him, and to his surprise this time Sole buried their head into his chest. Danse sighed and reached for his first aid kit. He was willing to take a hit for Sole. He knew Maxson well enough to know how to deal with him.

“This should calm the pain…” He injected Sole with the rare painkiller and after a while Sole began to relax even more and slowly Sole fell into a deep sleep. He could tell they were still in pain but at least Danse could now get Sole to a safer place.


He had been with Sole since the start and he knew when something was wrong. The little guy would try his best to comfort his friend through the pain. He’d tried giving them soft kisses, doggie hugs, he even tried to share his favorite teddy bear. But still there was no effect. Dogmeat let out a sympathetic huff. He had been watching over his friend until he heard Sole scream out and grab their head. Dogmeat yapped before rushing off to find Preston! He was smart enough to know that there was nothing he could do alone.

When Dogmeat returned with help, he went to Sole’s side and cuddled into them, letting them bury their face into his fur and as he rested his head upon Sole’s shoulder, he let out a comforting sigh. The pain would stop soon, and he would wait with Sole until it did.

He was Sole’s good boy.  


“Wish I could do something to help ya… I really do.” MacCready could only watch as Sole laid there in pain. He wished he had some more painkillers on him. But Sole had told him to give the last of what they had to Dogmeat when he had been shot. That dog had always been more important to Sole but that didn’t stop MacCready from telling them they were an idiot.

“What were you thinking?! Now we can’t help you and you’re in no condition to fight. We’re not gonna be able to get from here to Sanctuary without running into trouble, you know that!”

Sole glared at his friend, but soon stopped. The pain in their head was becoming too much. Sole let out a groan, but was too stubborn to keep their mouth shut. Sole should have know better. “That dog is apart of my family-” another bolt of pain rushed through Sole’s head. But they tried their best to continue. “If you have a problem then-” Sole couldn’t finish. They could only scream as the pain took hold.

MacCready rushed to their side. He liked Sole, and he hated it when this happened. They were the last person in this world who deserved to go through this.

“I’m gonna go get help okay!” Sole tried to protest for his friend’s safety but MacCready wasn’t going to listen. Not this time, he knew Sole would do the same for him. He turned to face Dogmeat. “Stay with ‘em buddy, keep Sole safe.” And almost instantly and without question Dogmeat was by Sole’s side.

“You get hurt. I’ll kill you myself.” MacCready let out a small laugh, smirking at Sole’s threat. He knew they didn’t mean it. But it was still nice to know Sole cared.

“I’ll be fine. Just try and relax, I’ll be back soon.”


He had called for the doctor several times now and he still hadn’t showed. Maxson was starting to get a little pissed off, and maybe a little anxious… Sole was in pain, so much pain, and there was nothing he could do, not until the doctor got here. He went up to Sole’s bedside and took their hand. Sole had been showing signs of a bad migraine all day and when Sole had collapsed Maxson had panicked a little. Sole had been through so much and maybe it had all become too much for them? He didn’t want to lose his second in command. His Sentinel.

He wanted Sole to wake up soon so he could tell them that he cared and that they weren’t alone. They believed they had no one, but that was just a lie their troubled mind had told them over and over and now Sole truly believed it. Maxson was going to tell them different, he was going to get them through this pain.

“Come on Sole… wake up”.


His General had always been a strong person and he had seen that strength with his own eyes; but everyone had their moments, moments of pain, and moments of hardship, and Sole was going through that right now. Sole needed him and he was going to be there.

There wasn’t much he could do though and they both knew that. Sole would just have to push their way through this… he just made sure that Sole knew they weren’t alone. He let them hold his hand. Preston could see that they could barely move and it was quite distressing to look at. Sole was trying not to show the pain they were in, but Preston could see it in their eyes. They were colourless. Their skin had gone pasty too. Sole was becoming very ill very quickly and Preston’s heart sank; he truly thought he could see Sole’s head pounding.

“You’re doing great Sole and I’m here don’t worry.” Sole tired to smile. They always did, even when they were in pain. Preston admired Sole for that. He had so much respect for them. For his General.


At first she laughed at Sole, their swearing really did make her laugh sometimes. But when Sole couldn’t speak because of the pain that’s when she became worried.

“Shit Sole… give me ya hand.” Sole did as she asked. “Squeeze when ya need too okay?”

“It’s too much… Ugh! I can’t-” Sole grabbed their head. Usually by now Cait would tell Sole to “man up”, but this time she just couldn’t bring herself to say it. Soon after, Sole collapsed to the floor and began to shake uncontrollably, Cait didn’t know what to say. She was panicking. What the fuck was she meant to do?

“Damn it Sole! Don’t do this!” Cait truly thought Sole was dying.

For the first time Cait didn’t know what to do. She always knew how to get out of these things but this time she was truly lost. She didn’t want to lose Sole. She just hoped Sole could get through this. She didn’t want to be alone. Not again…

“Come on Sole… What’s wrong with ya?!”


“”Jeez Sole, why didn’t you tell me?”

“I thought I could handle it”.

“You’re a liar, I might smoke Jet all day but I ain’t stupid and you know that. Ghoals aren’t idiots you know. Well, most of us aren’t. Pfft…” Hancock was starting to disagree with his own statement. But continued none the less. “We live longer than any human and we see more bullshit than you can ever imagine.” Now at least he knew that bit was true.

Hancock could see Sole was in pain, too much pain for any form of painkiller to take effect. Even with the amount of Jet he smoked, he knew it inside and out and knew that it wouldn’t help Sole, even if he wanted it too.  

“Just stay still and it should help you.”

“It hurts to move…”

“Don’t move then.”

“Fucking ass! You think you have an answer for everything.” Sole let out a small laugh. But soon regretted it after the pain cut them off. “I’m glad you’re here.”

“Don’t worry… I kind of owed ya one anyway.”

“Huh. You are all heart Hancock.”


She was a doctor and she loved to use her skills to help people, and Sole was no exception. She rubbed Sole’s temples with her nimble fingers, hoping that it would calm their pounding migraine. She could tell how much pain they were in just by looking into their eyes.

“Thank you Curie, I really need this.”

“That’s alright Sole, that is what I’m here for.” Curie smiled sweetly. “Any improvements at all?” Sole nodded.

“It still hurts when I move.” Curie nodded. Taking in their symptoms. She had given them some clean low costing Med-x but Sole would have to do the rest on their own. She felt for Sole so much because well, there was really nothing she could do.

“It looks like rest is the only thing that can help you now. Your body needs rest Sole, it might be to do with stress, so please Sole just rest. And for once… do as you’re told”.

“Aye aye beautiful” Curie couldn’t help but giggle. She really did admire Sole. Even when they were in pain, they were still themselves. The person she loved. The person everybody treasured. 


God dammit! Things just weren’t going right for Sole at the moment. He felt for them, their life had been turned upside and they had been hurt more than anyone deserved. Personally he would admit he had never experienced a headache, let alone a migraine. But he was going to be there, it didn’t matter what he’d been through. This was about Sole and Sole needed to find their son and he would help them do that; and he knew he couldn’t help Sole if they died from this sickness. So Nick would make sure he got them through this, he knew Sole was strong and they could probably do this without him and with time. But even Sole needed some moral support.

They were still human. No matter how strong they thought they were, Sole needed help sometimes and that, to him, was okay.

He wanted to help Sole, more than they would ever know.


“Please Sir/Mum, you must rest.” He knew how stubborn Sole could be, but he knew how sick they could become, Sole was very sick and Codsworth knew it was his job to take care of them. Their head had been hurting them but Sole wouldn’t admit it at the time. But he had been around long enough to tell when Sole was lying.

He put a hot dish towel over Sole’s forehead.

That should bring down their fever.

“How is your head now Sir/Mum?” Sole could only shake their head.

“Bad.” Codsworth sighed, he didn’t want to lose them to something like this. It was possible. After such a war a lot of medical advances had been lost in the great fires after the bombs fell. So something as simple as a high fever could kill now, and in all fairness, it always could.

A migraine could drive you mad. Sole could die and Codsworth didn’t want them too.

Sole was the last of his family. He wouldn’t lose them. Not again.


Poor Blue. She had never seen Sole so… weak before. She knew they suffered from bad migraines but this was real bad.

She took their hand and smiled sadly. She couldn’t believe such a thing could bring down such a strong person. This morning it had been just a headache and now Sole was in a coma. How does that happen?

“Come on Sole.” She could only whisper. “Fight a little more.”


He had accessed Sole’s condition and it wasn’t good. They had a severe migraine and it was affecting their body movement and mind control. X6-88 didn’t usually find time to worry about such things but since he had met Sole he couldn’t help but care for Sole. It annoyed him, he wasn’t supposed to care. But he couldn’t help it, of course he did his best to help Sole through this hard time.

They were very sick and he made a mental note, if Sole ever asked. Helping them was his duty. It was his mission.

It was personal.

This was done for the lovely “@hnm114″, and I couldn’t have been more happier and proud to write this for them! =‘) 

Keep ya head up darling, you’re truly a wonderful person!  


Reading the stuff the creators have said they intended to do in season 3, and they talk about both challenging Wander and putting the main 4 together more because they liked how they played off each other. I wonder if teamwork would actually be what challenged Wander? Because in Robomechabotatron:

  1. Wander is the most eager for them to work together, clearly delighted by the whole idea.
  2. Wander is also the one who won’t sacrifice his ethics to do what the rest of the team wants.
  3. Wander completely fails to acknowledge this, just stating that they accomplished something by working together, even though they mostly didn’t.

Not sacrificing your ethics to the team is kind of fair enough, but maybe he should have thought about who he was teaming up with beforehand? You can’t both desperately want to work in harmony with people who have totally different values and refuse to compromise your own. Well, you can, but maybe you shouldn’t be surprised when it doesn’t work.

The problem somewhat repeats in the finale with Wander convincing the refugees to get along only to find himself on the outside when they agree on destroying Dominator.

medeafive  asked:

Buckynat prompt: Nat gets voted Sexiest Woman Alive (probably against her will). The teasing is merciless.

Bucky is not exactly well-versed in – what are they called again? Entertainment magazines? – so, honestly, it takes him a while to catch on.

He’s pretty sure she’d forbidden their teammates from telling him and threatened them seriously enough that no one was tempted to speak.

He did notice the number of quips about her appearance lately, but they seemed harmless enough and he just figured it was some kind of running gag he’d missed the start of.

But then one night he’s buying beer at the convenience store near their place, studiously ignoring the clerk who looks like he desperately wants to ask him if he’s really, ‘you know, that famous guy’ but can’t quite work up the nerve to do it.

Then the cover catches his eye.

He does a double-take.

Sexiest (and Deadliest?) Woman Alive: Meet the Black Widow

He adds the magazine to his purchase, baffled, and leaves it on the kitchen table for her to find.

She takes one look at it and groans.

“Oh, great.”

He looks up from his mission briefing, amused.

“Were you hoping I wouldn’t find out?”

“If I did you never would’ve known.”

Well, that’s true.

“It’s just ridiculous,” she adds, sitting down on the couch next to him, holding the magazine as far away from her as she can. “Of all things to get recognised for. And awful for covert ops.”

“Well, at least it’s not wrong. That’s more than can be said for most of the stuff that gets printed about any of us.”

She rolls her eyes at him.

“Not that I needed this rag to tell me you’re the sexiest woman alive. And the smartest. And the bravest. And – “

“You’re awful,” she says, but he can see a hint of a smile.

He is a little disappointed to be the last one to know about it, though. It severely reduces his bragging opportunities. Well, there might be someone who’s still in the dark.

“Hey Steve, did you know my girlfriend’s the sexiest wo— “

Said girlfriend steps on his foot, hard.

For real though, those “straight women need to try women out” posts are so fucking annoying and they just remind me of when people are all “You don’t know if you’re gay unless you try to date guys” towards lesbians. (And it makes you look like the very Nice Guys you all seem to complain about)

And it makes us gay/bi/pan women look desperate enough to invalidate someone’s sexuality just so we can feel better about crushing on that person.

Like I get that it hurts when your crush is unrequited, especially when their sexuality doesn’t match with yours. However, if you really do care for them, you’d let them feel what they feel and date who they want and maybe try to move on and find someone whose sexuality DOES match with yours AND returns your feelings.

I’m kind of legitimately fearing for people on this site who don’t know how relationships work at all.

Infected - Dystopian (Pt 1 of 3)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Your legs ache, the pressure of running at top speed for this long finally getting to you. Pushing through the pain barrier, you glance behind you and see Bucky on your heels, his mouth open wide gasping to get more air into his surely burning lungs. You turn forward and see the train ahead of you, you had to make it to the train. It was getting ready to leave the station, grey clouds billowing into the air. You push your legs further, adrenaline coursing through your body as you gain on the train which is now pulling away from the station. You reach it, coming level with one of the doors. Bucky is just behind you, his heavy breathing audible over the sound of the train. Punching the button, the door slides open. You put on an extra burst of speed and manage to grab the train and pull yourself on, collapsing to the floor. Bucky follows, falling next to you just before the doors slam shut.

“Do you think…he saw?” Bucky gasps, clutching at his sides. You roll onto your back and try to control your breathing, red spots dancing in front of your eyes.

“We’ll find out soon.” You manage to reply, only now looking around carriage you’d leapt into. People were dotted around in the seats, peering over heads curiously. You pull yourself up and glance around, not seeing anything that concerns you. Bucky stands up behind you and walks with you to a pair of empty seats at the back of the train, seats where you could see anyone getting on or off.

“What now?” He asks you once you’ve sat down, finally breathing normally again.

“We wait.”

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While i can appreciate a good coffeeshop au, i do get tired of them and all those other generic ones so i generally try to come up with slightly more obscure aus

so i was thinking about sasuke working at a shitty gas station. like, they restock at a bare minimum, the prices arent even good, but its the kind of gas station you only go to when youre desperate at like 2 am or something, you know the one 

so sasuke works there, hes not exactly good at customer service. hes kind of a dick actually, but no one cares enough to complain and his boss doesnt care enough to fire him. he spends most of his time doodling at the counter (since they dont get a lot of customers) and listening to music or writing poetry (hes gay)

there is one regular customer that they have though, and its the only thing sasuke looks forward to in his day. a cute blonde boy comes in almost every morning to buy the overpriced coffee, give sasuke a big smile, and ask him how hes doing and what he did the day before. sasuke gives some half-assed response every single time, but after the first couple months of the boy coming in he starts to warm up a little more. 

eventually they start having real conversations, where sasuke actually seems vaguely interested. they learn about each other, and after like 6 months naruto finally asks if he wants to hang out, but sasuke declines. he has problems making friends, but naruto decides to try and find a different way. 

he starts coming into the store earlier, and asking if sasuke needs help with anything. the first few times he asks, sasuke tells him no and sends him off after their usual banter. eventually he tells naruto that he can sweep the floor, and sweeping the floor turns into a dance party (initiated by naruto) (the only one dancing is naruto) and sasuke realizes its… a Crush™. 

the next time naruto asks to hang out, sasuke finally agrees (what a bitch) and they go on a walk (thats all sasuke agrees to). its the first time naruto has ever seen sasuke 1. outside of work and 2. after 9 am. 

after they go on many walks, they hang out at other places. the movies, dinner, and finally each others houses. eventually they start holding hands, which turns into cuddling on the couch, which turned into their first kiss. they never said anything, never talked about it like it was weird. eventually naruto introduces sasuke to his friends as his boyfriend, and sasuke doesnt protest. its official, he thinks, and hes gotten what he wanted. 

sasuke does the same when he introduces naruto to his brother over dinner, and itachi doesnt even seem surprised (unsurprisingly, after all sasuke had been acting much more flamboyantly happy lately) and they sleep together that night. 

and the next morning, sasuke wakes up and gets ready for work, returning to the same place he met the boy hes in love with, except this time he pulls into his parking spot with that boy sitting in his passenger seat and smiling at him, leaning over to give him a kiss before they go inside a get coffee together.