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alphabet meme tag

@kalosstarters tagged me on my pokemon blog @sato-arans and since i didn’t want to do this tag there i decided to do it here instead ^^

a – anger: people who overlook achievements and focus on the negatives

b - biggest fear: any insect

c - current time: 17:56

d - drink you last had: ginger pear tea

e - every day starts with: brushing my teeth, washing my face

f - favorite song: atm, ive been listening to shall we skate from the yoi ost a lot

g- ghosts are they real: no lmao

h – hometown: i have two hometowns, one of them is a large district in hong kong and the other one is a major city in the san francisco bay area (but isn’t sf, san jose, or oakland)

i - in love with: yuri on ice, free, hq, knb, pokemon, tvxq, super junior, smtown, i love a lot of stuff ok 

j - jealous of: the studyblr community and japanese fanartists

k - killed someone: ………….killing people is something i cant comprehend alone why do people have to be so so cruel ;;

l - last time you cried: when yuzuru hanyu earned season’s best score at 4cc championships 2017 last week but still lost to slaythan chenpion, “the hope of america”, by a margin of four points, i have to admit i teared up just a biiiiiit

n - number of siblings: z e r o

o - one wish: that people can be more accepting of diversity 

p - person you last called/texted: my cousin, an hour ago, just to wake her up

q - questions you’re always asked: when are you going to act like an almost adult

r - reasons to smile: possibility of yoi s2, tvxq returning from the army and coming back in the fall, suju coming back in the fall as well, i actually got into some unis in the states, jjseung, 


t - time you woke up: 5 am 

u - underrated social value: treat others the way you want to be treated. in my opinion, so many people forget this.

v - vacation destination: hmm…….anywhere thats a major japanese city seems good, but i also want to go to the uk and seoul……

w - worst habit: doodling during class

x - x-rays you’ve had: ???? 

y - your favorite food: bubble tea. its almost march, the bubble tea fever in the bay area’s gonna start soon :333

z - zodiac sign: leo de la iglesia

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and of course whoever wants to do it ^^

so i like to believe that there is a difference between a person who enjoys video games and other game stuff, and a GAMER

To me, the title of “Gamer” comes along with all the filth of video game culture. The misogyny, the racism, drawing iconic (and sometimes underage or young-looking) female video game characters (Samus Aran, Princess Peach, etc) with pussy lines and protruding nipples, telling people to get raped, thinking that girls owe them sex, calling people the n-word (and other racial slurs), like I could probably go on. Gamers can fuck off in general.

if you disagree that’s cool these are just my thoughts.


GUESS WHAT IT’S DONE! My first animation using an actual raytracing renderer. @hyperchaotix did most of the lighting for me, and helped me out when I had to do it myself. It was a real learning experience but boy did I learn a lot!


Finally got to continuing this series and altered some of the older ones. Going to culminate in a large image with all the characters featured in the posters. Hope you all enjoy! :D