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Attention Frenchies and passing non-Frenchies! (French Foxes, or FROXES)

Japan Expo is just around the corner (July 6th - July 9th) people!

Our local talented baguette @coldcigarettes is going to have a booth (Hall 6, R663) and sell beautiful TFC things (WINK WINK WINK) and wOW, isn’t that a great occasion for a Fox meet-up? 



Sunday, July 9th. As for the hour, please vote here for what would be okay with you so we can decide on the best schedule!


To be determined exactly when the Japan Expo website releases the map! 


Yes me too??

But what would we even do during the meet-up?

Form a circle and scream together? Praise the smiling sun and offer sacrifice (all hail)?

Honestly though, it’s nothing formal or whatever, just chill and chat around a snack or a bubble tea, take dumb pictures, dab in unison. If someone has a sketchbook we could do some doodly games, stuff like that. If you have ideas or suggestions, don’t hesitate!

So when will we know about the exact meet-up time and place?

I’ll make a post to announce it as soon as the convention map is available! (”a few weeks before the con” according to the website)

If you are interested, please leave a comment so I know to tag you in it <3

Pk t’as écrit ce post en anglais

Pk pas

Why baguettes, why did you miss this golden opportunity for a cock joke


And to conclude, tagging some froxes (sounds like frosties) who might be interested (feel free to do the same) <3

@coldcigarettes @cielleinthazure @chitsuu @saria-alkiniria @padawanminimilka @jerejaen

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your-ashkuro  asked:

Do you draw ocs with Bts? or just bts? <3 either way I'll definitely consider commissioning you. Your art is amazing. Keep up the good work!

THank you so MUCH!!!! 

I do draw OCs with BTS , for sure! Just that I’d love to keep it fantasy themed or anything else besides “canon universe”. Give it more spice~

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