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There has been a rise on Yang becoming the Spring Maiden theory...

Now, I was always against any member of team RWBY becoming maidens, especially the theory of all 4 becoming maidens because that is so cliche. 

But I wouldn’t mind Yang becoming spring maiden… (just because I read some interesting ways how that could go about from happening)

Ruby becoming a maiden would just be making main character OP seeing she already has the silver-eye powers. Her story revolves around main plot and developing silver eye powers.

Weiss, it’s pretty clear that her story revolves around bringing back honour to the Schnee family name.

Which kind of reflects with Blake’s, purifying the current white fang and going back to what they originally stood for.

Yang’s storyline has always been a wild card, it was from the first get go that she is focused on finding her mom, that’s her main story. But this is a short term story line compared to the other 3, more of her story is yet to be revealed. And I’m gonna just admit it, I expect a turncoat arc for her.

So yea I wouldn’t mind if she becomes a maiden because her story is pretty open and can turn anyway 

Look at Jaebum’s lips when Youngjae did the kiss. So, is that mean he wanted to be the one who received Youngjae’s kiss? OH my!!! Im Jaebum just wanted a kiss from his baby Jae before he leaves to LOTJ filming. But, I’m sure Youngjae knew his man’s desire and that’s why he posted this pic on his IG. JB wanted Youngjae to kiss him and Youngjae did…kekeke 

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thanks for all your intelligent writing, it's always so fun to read! anyway, how do you think dean's going to react when things settle down with jack/their relationship improves? particularly in the context of john winchester- i thought it was interesting he was brought up again last night. would be brutal if dean ends up thinking he's no better than john

Hello dear!

Thank you for saying that. I’m glad you enjoy my writing. *blushes* It means a lot. xx

I suppose you are thinking of this moment…

…from the episode where the talk about fathers came up…

…and not so much the scene where Sam looked into John’s journal to see if there was anything interesting written about Jasper, Wyoming.

I think it will take a good while until Dean will find it himself to somewhat “trust” Jack - and I guess even if Jack at the end turns out he is on their side and doesn’t want to strengthen or work for any evil darker plans as he sure shows now, there must come some moment where “the other shoe drops” and Jack makes some kind of mistake, possibly not out of sinister motives but naivety. I kind of think with Jack we may see a similar arc play out as with Gadreel, who made his mistakes, but ultimately had truly wanted to be redeemed and protect humanity and make up for his wrongdoings. And similar to how Gadreel died in the end, sacrificng himself to protect others, I can see something similar playing out with Jack at some point too. I feel especially reminded of Gadreel as well here, because the set up is very comparable to S9 with how Dean agreed to work with Gadreel and the possession, but ultimately never was truly on board with the plan and had major doubts if this could truly work. And I think this whole situation may be subconsciously something Dean remembers as well (especially since as I talked about in my metas regarding this episode before, Dean’s MoC arc and the ending scene focusing on Jack‘s issues have a few similarities).

And furthermore, I see a narrative callback to Gadreel here in so far as well as the shedim according some legends are seen as descendants of the serpent and well, it was Gadreel who let the serpent into the Garden (I wrote a long three parts meta during the S10 hiatus - link to first part here - focusing on “Humanity’s Fall in Three Flavours” which hevaily dealt with the MoC arc, Dean’s fall from Humanity and the aspect of the Serpent’s seed in all of it, which seems to be very relevant again given we have now Jack, the true serpent’s (Lucifer’s) son, and a focus on Aesmodeus who is literally hellbent on freeing the shedim, who wikipedia describes as “demons in the form of serpents, alluding to in the serpent in Eden as related in Genesis”. This whole narrative surrounding Eden, Humanity’s fall, etc. was woven into Carver Era front and center and given we see similarities as I talked about here between Dean and his predicament with the mark, unable to control the darkness inside and killing and at the same time wishing he could die, but was sentenced to live and Jack, who can’t die and can’t control his powers that may end up hurting people, I wouldn’t be surprised if S13 was walking a similar path in terms of set up and resolution as in S9.

But sorry, I got a bit carried away there. *hides* In general I think Dean’s and Jack’s relationship will improve by

a) Dean consciously recoginzing the parallels in their stories such as with his predicament with the mark or being seen as integral to fulfill some destiny you never asked for or wanted to be any part of or simply losing your childhood way too early and losing your parents in brutal and gruesome ways


b) Jack continuosly proving that he can make the right choice. And likely I suppose Castiel’s re-emergence will kind of play into Dean opening up to Jack more as well.

The mention of fathers and wanting to please them within the context of this episode of course related to not just Dean remembering his wish as a son to make his father proud as spured by Aesodeus!Bartender’s words, but it also relates to Aesmodeus himself and his backstory with Lucifer (though I kind of think if Lucifer was to return, Aesmodeus and him will likely butt heads, because I can’t really see Aesmodeus to follow him, he seems too obsessed with his own agenda and the shedim), but of course most of all to Jack, who wants to make his “mother proud” (he does rather fear his true father, it seems from the flashback) and naively went with Aesmodeus!Donatello, because he desperate to belong and fit in and be liked.

So keeping all this at the back of your head and thinking about the fact of “raising a child”, which I suppose is just another way of putting it than the “rising son” (a play on “rising sun” of course, which one could read as a nod towards Jack as the “light bringer” and new messiah figure). While Jack is a grown up and has some intrinsic knowledge and can read, etc., still Sam and Dean for the time being can be considered Jack’s “parents” or something akin to “father figures”, though I suppose “stepbrother” is more fitting. From Jack’s perspective however and how he wants to do the right thing and be recognized by the Winchesters and especially Dean, “wanting his old man’s approval” is definitely something that is playing over all of the Jack and Winchesters scenes. And it is a responsibility and relationship that at least Dean does not want by a long shot.

That said, I don’t think Dean will be made to feel like “being like John” through Jack - at least that is not the vibe I am geting from the narrative thus far. Then again, Dean already thinks he is/was like his father and shouldn’t be “allowed” to “have” kids - that’s been an integral part of S6 when Dean lived with Lisa and Ben. That experience flat out had Dean say he could never be a father and that he is like his father and hated it and man, it is painful, because if there is someone who is actually great with children it is Dean.

I have no idea if I managed to answer your question tbh, I feel like I veered off track and wrote about all and nothing. :’P So if this is entirely dissatisfying of an answer, just send an another aks and I’ll try to structure my writing better. xx

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