and appreciate the fact that this exists


Small story behind this!

This comic idea came to me when I thought that Genji would find troublesome walking in public again, not feeling like his old self anymore. They all struggled and tried to convince him to go out, but found himself one day taken downtown by Mercy, who needed an extra hand to help her with some grocery shopping. She used as excuse the fact that many of those at the base were either resting after missions, away in missions or just home, enjoying some free days. (everyone needs to relax once in a while XD) Genji always appreciated her care for him, how much time she always spent making sure he did his daily exercises during the recovery period (McCree also helped, and Gabe whenever he had time to spare), and of course the very fact that she made him “exist” again, so he couldn’t refuse her small wish, even if this meant going outside the base. (he was still fresh after recovery.. no missions or such things yet)


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 

I like large hoodies! One of my weak points XD

Made this one quick, before leaving work.

Offerings for Deities

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post. I’m going to address one of the most frequently asked questions I receive: How do I give offerings? For some reason, many beginner books don’t dive into the specifics of this religious practice which many are unfamiliar with. Hopefully this will help.

General Rules:

  1. Offerings are given as thank-yous, as little gifts to say that you appreciate the deity’s existence. They don’t have to be expensive, but they should be special in your eyes. For example, I often offer donuts or wine simply because I don’t buy those two things often.
  2. Offerings should be appropriate for the deity you’re giving them to.
  3. You’re allowed to get creative with offerings–in fact, the Gods even prefer that you do!
  4. How often you give offerings in accordance to your practice is up to you.
  5. You may give apology offerings for any offense you think you may have made.
  6. Prayers, songs, playlists, and there intangible gifts still count as offerings.
  7. You do not need an altar to give offerings. You can give offerings anywhere, at anytime.
  8. Simply saying “This is for you” makes the object an offering.

Food Offerings:

  1. Most food offerings are eaten after being offered. The main exceptions are Greek chthonic deities, and ancestors, in which case you do not eat the offerings. Research your specific pantheon to make sure if eating is appropriate or not.
  2. There is no set amount of time to leave out food offerings. In fact, many worshippers will eat said offerings right after they offer them.
  3. If you do not eat food offerings, you may throw them away, saying something like, “Though I discard these physical offerings, the spiritual offering remains”.
  4. You may also bury the offerings. Make sure that the offerings will not harm the surrounding environment or animals. Do not bury them in a jar or plastic bag.
  5. If you offer herbs, you may either burn them using a charcoal block or cauldron, or you may throw them out/bury them. While burning is certainly traditional in many pantheons, do not feel the need to if you will be bothered by the potent smoke or handling fire.

Liquid Offerings:

  1. Liquid offerings are handled in the same way food offerings are, with the exception of oils.
  2. You do not have to drink oils after offering them. (Drinking straight olive oil is pretty gross, and please DO NOT drink harmful essential oils!) I recommend pouring them into the ground outside, or into the trash can.
  3. You may pour liquid offerings into the offering bowl, or, you may keep the liquid offering in a cup. I have a special teacup that I often use for offerings such as tea, but any regular teacup will do. After all, you are offering the liquid, not the cup.

Incense and Candle Offerings:

  1. According to tradition, these offerings must be left to burn out on their own. I recommend lighting small tea light candles for these offerings, as big candles burn for a long time. However, some modern Pagans may blow, rinse, or snuff them out early to prevent a fire hazard.
  2. Make sure to be present while the offering is lit, and make sure nothing catches on fire.
  3. If you are bothered by incense smoke, using an essential oil diffuser or unscented candle works fine.
  4. Although many Pagans recommend incense as a general offering, you do not have to offer it, or any candles, if they bother you.

Plant Offerings:

  1. If you offer a plucked flower, you may leave it on an altar or table until it withers. Afterwards you may throw it away. Basically, you handle it as any other friend would had you given them a plucked flower.
  2. If you offer a growing or potted plant, tend to it as you would your other plants. If it dies, that’s okay. Simply discard it as you would normally. The Gods understand that plants die, and They appreciate the beauty of plants while they last.

Other Offerings:

  1. For objects such as stones, shells, or family heirlooms, keep them on the altar or somewhere else special. Ideally, you will not need to throw these away. If they get damaged somehow, and if you cannot repair them, you may throw them out, but give an apology offering and try to replace them.
  2. For artworks or crafts, place them on the altar or hang them somewhere. Don’t sell your offerings; they are gifts you gave to the Gods and not yours to sell.
  3. For songs, play or sing them anytime you’d like to connect or give something to your deity.
  4. For writings, you may keep them, or some people might burn them to “send” to their Gods. Whichever way is up to you.
  5. For e-shrines or other technological offerings, keep them saved in their own folder, keep them nice and up-to-date.
  6. For magical tools, such as grimoires or wands that you dedicate, feel free to use them as normal. Just take care of them, and remember to thank the deity you devoted them to once in a while.
  7. For daily or private actions, such as cleaning, giving to others, etc., simply think “This is for you” or send your energy to the God, and finish the action.
  8. You may say prayers out loud, write them down, or simply think them in your mind. All are perfectly legitimate.

I hope I got all of this. Feel free to reblog or message with corrections, since I know I don’t know everything about every pantheon. Have a beautiful day, and have fun worshipping!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

rising signs often represent the lenses with which we see the world through soooo yeah. this is very archetypal so take that into consideration.

aries rising lenses- these rising signs have two, highly contrasting and opposite lenses (they see things in black and white- no grey). the colors are enhanced and bright, but opposite on either side. there’s a reddish tint on both of the lenses however, and they tend to focus on the positive and exciting aspects of life.

taurus rising lenses- taurus rising lenses help the person see the beauty in everything. they’re a green tint, and pinks are enhanced. they exude a sense of calmness and tranquility. these lenses don’t hide the bad however, just focuses on the beautiful.

gemini rising lenses- these lenses are yellow tinted, and are also transition lenses. each setting the gemini rising goes to, their view changes. these lenses help them attain all the knowledge the world has to offer. changeable, fluid, and youthful.

cancer rising lenses- cancer risings have blue lenses, a somber and soulful view of the world. the lenses help them see the souls of others and empathize deeply. tend to accentuate their large, moony, eyes. sees the world in emotions.

leo rising lenses- orange and golden lenses allow the leo rising to exude confidence and elegance. see the world as a place to perform, everyone around them being an audience member. sunsets and bright lights are enhanced.

virgo risings lenses- grey/blue toned lenses. a sobering and realistic view of the world, with an eye for the pain that exists all around them. stands out to only those who choose to see them. sees the world as a responsibility yet also a library.

libra risings lenses- rose tinted glasses quite literally. this rising gives the ability to exude positivity, kindness, and friendliness. ignores and escapes the reality of the world. similar to the taurus rising, focuses on the beautiful.

scorpio rising lenses - deep, purple tinted lenses. sees the world intensely and passionately, with the darker side of life enhanced. tends to see only the harsher side of the world, all the tragedy that exists. exudes mystery.

sagittarius rising lenses- bright green tinted lenses. this allows the sagittarius rising to see every possibility. optimism, luck, and friends are often acquired. they see the world in every variation and in all of its’ diversity. notices and appreciates culture.

capricorn rising lenses- black and white lenses. these make the capricorn rising think they are seeing the world how it really is, but in fact is a highly pessimistic view. exudes restriction, elegance, and wisdom. sharp criticism and ambition.

aquarius rising lenses- neon blue lenses. sees all of humanity with their lenses, and acts as a messenger to the people, bringing knowledge and information at lightning speed. embodies electricity, friendliness, and eccentricity

pisces rising lenses- rainbow lenses. in each setting, a certain color can be presented as they are mutable and fluid, to fit whatever situation they’re in. sees the world in every possible way. both exudes naivety and wisdom.

Don’t think I’ll ever enjoy the idea of belonging to a person, I don’t feel like that is the purpose of love, and human relationships. I like to think the foundation for all my loving relationships with people is the fact that I purely just appreciate their existence. To me love is about nurturing, embracing, growth, and shared passion.

The Signs:

Aries: Something about you makes my blood boil in a unique, uncomfortable way, you are full of mystery. You have black holes for eyes, remarkably, that are too intense for most people to look into. You have no control over your greatness, you were born this way. Notice it and blossom. Not a single person on earth can blossom like you can. Not a single person can blossom like you will. You have great and empowering words to say in this life, make sure to say all of them without fear. You are not afraid. Be great.

Taurus: You are so lovely, the embodiment of nature, the embodiment of all the naturality in life created by the one and only, engulfing creator. I remember losing you and all nature that surrounded me seemed to shrivel and die. My heart ached when I heard the crunch under my feet of every dead leaf I walked upon. It brought me so much pain, i felt like death. I lost my vision and a bright 

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Age old topic here, but:

“fanart/fanfiction isn’t REAL art/fiction. why are you wasting your talents on fancontent when you could be making original work?”

I’ve seen a lot of great rebuttals to this. Lotta arguments detailing the merits of fanwork. Lotta anecdotes of published writers who got their start in fanfiction. But also, I offer this:

Why should we care if what we create meets the standard of “real”?

Better said: why do people get so offended when a talented person isn’t pursuing that talent in the most prestigious way possible? A talented writer doesn’t owe the world a book. A talented artist doesn’t owe the world an art gallery. People shouldn’t be pressured to pursue the highest order of acclaim in their field for their passions to be treated like they’re worth anything.

Maybe the world’s most brilliant astrophysicist is teaching 6th grade science in Oklahoma. Maybe this person could be leading NASA into a new age of space travel if only they took up that kind of engineering job. But maybe they hate the stress of high profile work, of designing and prototyping for massive projects. Maybe this person just loves kids, and loves teaching, and loves Oklahoma. It’s their life. Their work is still real. And that work should not be valued any less because they could, theoretically, be giving society more.

I haven’t tallied my word count in a while, but I’m going to say I’ve written (wiggly-hand-gesture) 750,000 words of fanfiction since I was 14. Three of my works are novel-length. I’ve sunk thousands upon thousands of hours into planning, writing, revising. I’ll probably sink thousands more. Because I like what I’m doing. Because this is what I’m passionate about. I like writing about characters and worlds that I’ve fallen in love with, and I like sharing that work with people who’d appreciate it.

And I have no intention whatsoever right now of writing an original novel, or god-forbid of trying get it published. I can’t fathom the stress that would bring to something I do for fun. That’s not my passion. In fact, that would probably kill it, all for the sake of appeasing people who don’t want to see the value in what I enjoy doing right now.

Having the talent to “do more” than fan content is not an obligation to do more. Forget anyone who thinks your talents exist to meet other people’s standards.

Okay just wait one minute….Have I read correctly that there are actually some people out there in this world who are *chokes* upset….that Katie got promoted as Series regular?? Do such people exist?? What the flying fuck…

Explain this to me, what is it that people are so upset over? 

Do you detest a strong, independent, intelligent and powerful woman such as Lena Luthor? You know…Lena…who’s in her 20s and is the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company with a view towards righting the wrongs her family did despite the fact that she’s a Luthor and in the face of countless naysayers waiting for her to fail…

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Maybe it’s her undeniable and unquestionable loyalty towards and support of Kara/Supergirl? 

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Or maybe you didn’t appreciate it when Lena basically destroyed any chance at having any sort of relationship with her snake of her mother (which she desperately desired) by literally turning her no good ass over to the police for the benefit of Kara and the alien population?

Originally posted by msluthor

Was it when Lena literally stared death in the face a million times like a bad ass all while remaining true to her cause and her friends and not once did she figure oh well let me join Cadmus and you know…save my life…

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Perhaps you have an aversion to this literal Goddess and her perfect face because honestly, who wouldn’t want to see this gorgeousness on their screen all the damn time? Who?

Originally posted by katiemcgraths

So go on….someone please enlighten me as to the reasonableness in expressing any emotion other than pure ecstasy over Katie McGrath being promoted…go on…I’m waiting and I’m eager to learn 

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So, @witches-ofcolor and I were talking about how we feel (and others) that the natural hair community has pretty much forgotten that type 4 (especially 4c) hair exists. Type 4 people aren’t being as praised and recognized in the natural hair community as we should despite the fact that the natural hair movement was kind of made for us.

Type four girls/boys are the ones who were supposed to be uplifted by the movement and encouraged and people tend to forget we exist.

Even worse, people (even in the natural hair community) act like having type 4 hair especially 4c hair is a bad thing. So many people don’t go natural because they fear they’re gonna have type 4 hair.

So…that said, we think there needs to be a day to appreciate people with type 4 hair. The natural hair community has done such a bad job at it as it is, even natural hair product companies ignore type 4 people, so we need a day to ourselves.

So on July 1st 2017, we are going to be hosting a little event in appreciation for Type 4 hair. It’s simple, if you have type 4 hair, then just post a picture of yourself (or submit to this blog), and we’ll reblog it. The day will be tagged #naturalhair day, so make sure you tag that.

This way, there will be some well needed recognition for type 4 people.

So please, reblog this post, and spread the word. Because Type 4 hair is so underappreciated and I think a day like this will show people just how amazing their hair is.

If you have any questions please ask!

I’ll probably make more promos later on! So follow this blog for updates or just track #naturalhair day, to keep up with updates! Thanks!

Ok but here’s the thing about when Clarke says Octavia “will see how special you are”: she’s not really looking intensely at Bellamy, she’s not in “convincing” mode, or calming mode. She just breathes it out as fact, like one of the fundamental laws of existence: Bellamy Blake is special. Because to her, there’s never been a question. That Bellamy Blake is special is something that just /is/, to Clarke - it’s why she’s so confused when others can’t see it, when /Bellamy/ can’t see it. And to an extent, it’s because Clarke knows Bellamy better than anybody, and appreciates everything he brings to the table more than anyone else. But that’s not all of it. No, Clarke doesn’t realize that the reason saying “she’ll realize how special you are” is as right and simple as saying “the sky is blue” isn’t just because Bellamy /is/ special, it’s because Bellamy is special TO HER. Her love for him has become so much a part of her that she assumes other people can see what she sees. Bellamy Blake is special and Clarke Griffin loves him. It just /is/.

underappreciated v route things

-Ramen Filled Aristocrats lmaaao

-Jumin’s unconditional love and trust for V! Just..this pure relationship they have with one another in general. Dare I say, bff goals.

-Zen’s Mom Side!! Just… he’s such a group mom I love this and I love Zen what a bean, I love how he’s looking out for Yoosung so much

-No, really, I honestly appreciate Yoosung and Zen’s interactions so much??? love how Zen nags at him and Yoosung appreciates but is annoyed by it. New BROTP, anyone??

-Seven hacking into Yoosung’s computer and downloading LOLOL for him because he knows how upset Yoosung is and he wants to cheer him up I cry everytime. He took a break from work to do this just for him what a pure child I love Saeyoung

-Meet Anxious Other Group Mom, Jihyun Kim. This m a n. And the way he was worried about Zen’s motorcycle riding… and him caring about Yoosung and wanting him to feel better. Aaaaaaaah

-Rika’s heart spam. Honestly I don’t like Rika but I’ve never related to a character so much because I’m the kind of person who will literally spam your inbox with 500000 emoji hearts for no specific reason

-All the hardwork Rika, V and Saeran’s voice actors put into this!!! They all worked so so hard and they did an incredible job and I love them so much oh my god



-Vanderwood being a fuckin dork, I love it I love it I love it

-V without his shades on all the time askksxkekdlwlxke

-OK but that Mint Eye robe is beautiful. I appreciate its design so much and it’s honestly just flippin mesmerising

-V’s mother. I cry everytime

-Also! The long asked question has been answered

-Does Jihyun Kim is Naturallly Blue Haired

-He does

-Rika is not a one dimensional lame antagonist I like this and appreciate it very much, thank you Cheritz

-Also V finally realising that his infatuation with Rika is a problem I cry everytime thank YOU CHERITZ FOR PORTRAYING HOW UNHEALTHY THIS IS


-Saeran’s emojis

-V’s emojis


-The fact that the V route actually fricking exists and Cheritz took the time to do this for us did I mention I love Cheritz

anonymous asked:

Sorry but am I the only one SOBBING after Louis' interview???? So much of it just hurt my heart but a lot of it just made me even prouder and jfc I have too many emotions rn pls tell me I'm not alone

…I mean…I liked the pictures? 

I’ve been thinkin about this a lot. So I’m going to elaborate.

When it comes to just about anything to do with Louis this is 100% me

And while there were definitely parts of the interview that had me wanting to cry in a very not so cool way, a lot of it just didn’t quite sit well with me. I’m not surprised with how they’re marketing Louis, since this is the same incompetent “team” that’s been behind his PR for years, but the content of the interview just had me like  

Let’s focus on the positive for a moment…he looks incredible.


But then as you start to add headlines to these photos it’s gets a bit…eh

Louis is so incredibly talented as both a a singer and songwriter and this narrative is disappointing because when you’re trying to launch someone’s solo SINGING career, exactly what good does it do to begin a headline with “Not the best singer”? 

Which is why when people praise this article saying how great it is I’m like

There are certainly very honest and raw moments in this article, and I do think it was well written. The parts of actual dialogue are gripping, but the way in which they’re framed sells Louis short in my opinion. I can’t sit here and say, “Wow this part was great and I’m just going to ignore all the other bits that kind of stuck out as odd to me.” 

They are using the same, and I mean the EXACT same, marketing tactics that they used with One Direction.

They’ve always tried to sell him as this working class Donny lad figure, which I’m pretty sure is why his relationship with Jamie Vardy has been so heavily publicised (aside from the rumours that he’ll play him in the biopic), but they’ve really made it sound like if he hadn’t made it into One Direction that he’d be mining coal somewhere right now…

And as ever, his image is tightly wound around a heterosexual “he’s taken” narrative. 

The difference between the use of “girlfriend” and “partner” is significant in that it implies permanence and adding fatherhood to that really shows how aggressively they’re veering away from targeting a young female audience demographic in terms of traditional marketing. They managed to put all that information into this article without any actual words from Louis.

The unfortunate thing about this article, is that the two things Louis actually talked about the least are now becoming the focal point of the narrative. 

Like, okay. We get it. He is doing the sex with the women. And all these seemingly random pap shots and snapchat cameos are suddenly coming out of the woodwork and they still can’t get a new quote about it…

What concerns me is that they’ve used their first opportunity to market Louis’ solo career this way. The end of the article is oddly dark and unsettling…

What the hell even was that? Like a pat on the back and a “Good luck kid,” as he chain smokes into the sunset? The vibe was very

And yeah, there have been some aggressive injustices in Louis’ life, no one should have to lose their mother that young and that suddenly, and I thought that part of the article was extremely well handled and verbalised. But, as someone who has appreciated Louis’ talent for years now, this article really didn’t have to make his insecurities the focal point. He didn’t have to diminish his existing collaborations by saying that he couldn’t get “big names” in the studio with him, therefore now isolating himself from pretty much everyone in the music industry. And the fact Simon Cowell got a nod in the article was like, “Hi! I’m a red flag!”

Like, Jesus Christ, he was put in a boy band, not sent to war. And if you’re telling me that Simon Cowell can’t pick up the phone and get big name writers into a room with Louis Tomlinson then I don’t know what to say. What bothers me the most is that this entire article sounds like a regurgitated speech from Simon Cowell that he probably used to manipulate Louis over the past five years. Despite his HUGE fan base, which has made him the most engaged with celebrity on Instagram, someone is still telling Louis he isn’t a frontman, when he has a global audience telling him the exact opposite. This article makes it sound like Syco is taking some kind of chance on one of the most successful musicians of the last decade. Louis wrote more of One Direction’s songs than any other member and there’s absolutely no reason to make his debut album sound more dramatic than Dunkirk. Like, “In a world where no one believed in him…Louis Tomlinson had to learn to believe in himself…COMING SUMMER 2017!” 

Ugh. It just…   

Anyway, I’m crying in a cool way over how gorgeous Louis looks here as a dramatic cat lady. 

And now it’s time to sashay away. Thanks for listening!

Power Cut IV

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Pairing : Yoongi x Reader
Genre : Fluff, slight angst, Hybrid!au
Warnings : mentions of sex

Summary : Yoongi is the cat hybrid you once adopted at an adoption center. You took care of him as best as you could months following his adoption but he still has not erased the distance he voluntarily puts between you.

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 5

“Hum…Okay, but what the fuck is that shit?…”

Groaned the sleepy hybrid in his deep raspy voice. His soft black fluffy ears twitched at the sound of the video you were running on your laptop. Lazily laying on the couch, Yoongi was rubbing his nape with a yawn, eyes glued to the screen of the laptop on the coffee table with a slight frown. A smile etched the corners of your lips, a content sigh soon crossed them.

“ASMR. You know, like doctor Jung recommended. I think it’s a really good idea.”

Yoongi gave you a skeptical look, his eyes flickering back to the screen. Of course, at the memory of the last medical checkup, your thoughts wandered to the image of your naked hybrid. You shook your head, trying to think of something else to avoid any pervy thoughts pry further into your mind. Horny, you had been lately but you knew now it was not the right moment to be. Especially with your hybrid around.

“Doc Jung? “

You nodded at his words, eyes still glued to the laptop screen. You distractedly tapped your laptop with your fingertips as you crossed the hybrid’s usual stoic glance, feeling a bit flustered of the pervy thoughts still within your mind while Yoongi had no idea of why your glance seemed so avoiding nor why your lips suddenly parted. You nibbled on your bottom lip, your eyes into his deep dark ones. Yoongi eventually sighed, gazing into the distance.

“That guy is really weird. Always smiling and stuff. I don’t trust him. He also looks like a hippie.”

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Ok, so I hope you can see the picture because it was really tiny on my screen. *fingers crossed*

I just wanted to submit this to show the massive difference between Niall and Harry’s VIP packages for their respective tours. Now I realize that it is up to the artist what they do or do not do at their shows with regards to fan interaction. But Harry comes from the same band Niall does (whether he likes it or not) and those events were very fan friendly. These pics make it abundantly clear that Harry wants nothing to do with his fans anymore. He wants their money, but he isn’t willing to provide anything more than the absolute bare minimum in return. 

The “VIP” packages for Harry’s shows are very expensive, as they usually are, but in this case for what? Another copy of his album (I’m sure he’s going to count those towards his sales) and a signed lyrics sheet? Early entrance to shop for merchandise (please spend more money) and in some cases a gift bag? Wow, don’t strain yourself Harry. 

Now look at what Niall’s fans get. Individual meet and greets with Niall, soundcheck with Niall and a Q&A with Niall. Note that Harry’s “VIP” packages make it expressly clear that Harry will NOT be involved in any the VIP package elements. Yet he is still charging sky high prices for almost nothing.

And yes, Niall also has the early merchandise shopping opportunity as well as signed posters, but on top of everything else he is offering I would be glad to spend money on his merchandise. And also note that Niall’s autographed posters are numbered and limited. Harry’s lyric’s sheets make no mention of that and are most likely just photo copies.

This kind of thing is important because this isn’t just about what you get for the money. It’s about where Harry and Niall’s priorities are with their respective careers. Niall knows that his career exists because of his fans. They are the driving force behind it and he is clearly grateful and more than willing to interact with them and give them something really special. He is humble, appreciative and is happy to show it.

Harry on the other hand refuses to accept that he owes everything to his fans. I don’t care what he tells himself about how he got to where he is, the fact will always be that it is the fans who put him there. He can’t change that no matter how hard he tries. I think it’s disgusting how he disregards and ignores his fans and I think it’s even worse that they continue to take it.

This photo is proof in black and white exactly what type of person Harry is versus what type of person Niall is. Who would you choose to support?

Mutual feeling - 2

Helloo! So here i present you the awaited part. Please guys talk to me yeah? I’d love to get to know about you all. Feedbacks are really appreciated.

Part 1

Warning: Mild language and cuss words. 

Word count :: 1877

Harry’s POV

I laid wide awake in the bed that was hot enough to provide me warmth but somehow it couldn’t. The fact I was naked with a naked body of Grace pressed up against me as she slept peacefully was making it worse for some reason. I felt a wave of regret sweeping my inner emotions taking it all away. My thought and feeling were colliding creating a mess. I was feeling ashamed of myself for getting all thrown off balance because of false feelings that never existed and now lying nude beside her made me feel more of a disgrace for using her body.

It’s not like I wanted to have sex with her but it all just lead this way when I kissed her drowned into emotions. And now I regret for not swimming back up when all the mistaken feelings were dragging me down.

The intangible thing-feeling that I thought was love, wasn’t it. It was just an attraction towards grace that was just a misconception of my mind as love. When my lips kissed hers, I din’t get the sparks, when my tongue tied with hers, when her lips were trailing down my neck, when she connected me to hers, all the time I din’t feel anything. The feelings, the sparks, the butterflies everything was nil unlike the times that was spent with y/n. Whenever her soft pink lips touched mine, there was this peculiar feeling that was different from the feelings i got with other girls. It was something familiar, like it belonged to me and only me. Like she belonged to me. There’s always a kind of gesture that spoke how affectionate she was towards me. She never felt foreign to me, but always like a home.

I sighed and rubbed my face with my hands. Though the air in the room was filled with Grace’s scent, somehow I manged to find y/n fragrance in the room. I picked my tee off the floor that was discarded a few hours back and brought it to my nose. It smelled like me and her. The mixed scent of our perfumes made me go weak at knees. It felt like we belonged to each other, like we were tied to each other. Maybe my thoughts were was mixed up with the persons not the feeling? Maybe I did felt love but not for grace, for y/n.

I closed my eyes and questioned myself, did I loved her? Yes I did.

It all made sense to me.The person whom I loved wasn’t Grace but y/n. I never met grace alone but whenever she was with Y/n. I always got sparks and butterflies seeing her or that’s how I thought, But all the emotions were for y/n. Grace was just a distraction of my mind but y/n, she was the attraction of my heart. My eyes always lit up seeing y/n and they did too when she was with grace but that time I thought it was grace lightening them up. And now when I realize it is too late. I already let her go.


““I uh great. It’s amazing Harry. Y-you should go and tell her as soon as possible” y/n smiled more like faked a smile. I could see tiny droplets of water in her eyes and her nose turning red. She was about to cry and I could sense it. In these past months I got to know her the closest and deepest not like anybody else did.

"you uh don’t look happy” I said and raised my hand to cup her right cheek that only to be shoved away by her. That hurt me. She has always been very affectionate towards me.

“what’s the matter?” I asked her. She shook her head and got up off the bed standing up facing her back towards me. The atmosphere around us changed. It got replaced by tension.

“no-nothing harry. I think you should leave and tell her” She said. I could heard her voice cracking. Within a second, I groped her wrist when she started walking trying to escape my question.

“leave my hand Harry” she said firmly not darling to look at me.

“why’re you crying?”

“leave my hand Harry” she said one more time. My blood boiled by each passing second. She clearly knew how I hated being ignored and put on hold unanswered, I always needed the answer.

“Answer my bloody question y/n” I said trying to remain calm. She twisted her tiny wrist in my hand that had my hard grip on it unintentionally. Little sobs escaping her lips as she struggled to get herself out of my hand.

“Why can’t you just fucking tell me what’s wrong?!!” I finally raised my voice. It was of a too much for me to be patient.

“Then fucking listen!! It’s you who’s wrong!!! Jesus you can’t even choose the right person to leave! You’re a fucking idiot” she shouted turning back to look at me. Her words took me back a little and she escaped herself from me. Her breath was uneven, her eyes were red and tears were down her cheeks. My vision blurred for a second but soon rage took over me when she started yelling again.

“You cannot even see properly whom to bloody love!”

“You better keep your voice down! I am in no mood to take your shit right now!”

“Oh really? You just fucking want to get in her pan-”

“don’t you dare to finish that sentence! You’re just fucking jealous because nobody loves you! Love? I doubt if anyone even  has a fucking crush on you!!!! because you’re nothing but a stray dog begging to be adopted!”

I spat in complete anger. What she said wasn’t true and I just couldn’t control my words. She tumbled back as if my words stabbed her straight in chest. She looked completely broken and within a blink on my eye, she disappeared.

I walked out in balcony after putting on the white tee that had me and y/n captured in together and stared at the beauty of London in front of me. My mind was blurred with lots of emotions. My broke when I thought about words that i shot at y/n. No doubt I broke her. Irony it was how simply i said that nobody loves her where I myself do. The guilt was eating me alive. How blind I was to see the contribution of her life she had towards me. She always made me her first priority and return I thanked her with some shit of words that I had no control on. Tears well up in my eyes when I thought about her. What i did to her wasn’t fair.


Your head pounded with pain along with your heart as you laid in bed clutching your hand to your chest,curled in a ball crying. Why were you the one who always sacrifices and get’s hurts? Why were Harry’s word true? All these words haunted you and chased like like a predator after it’s prey only to be eaten to death.

His words echoed in your mind.

‘you’re nothing but a stray dog’

'You’re just fucking jealous because no one loves you’

You covered your ears with your hand trying to block the words away and cried in pain. You never imagined how all of a sudden your whole would come crashing down only when you find out about your first love that too to be end the way you never thought. All those dreams that you had with him decorated with love faded away. It was such a beautiful thing to love Harry but one fight ended it all. And it was just too much to take. To bear it.

You kept on sobbing but your heart stopped when you heard footsteps coming to you. You knew who it was and he was the last person you wanted to see right now. You were mentally cussing yourself for giving him a spare-key of your house.


“Go away Harry” You said trying to have a control on yourself. His voice was tranquilizing you and it wasn’t acceptable after all what he said. He had no right to have such an impact on you. You scrunched your eyes shut when you felt him lay beside you, scooping you up from behind pulling you to his chest. It was such a warm feeling. You din’t feel alone anymore.

“You’re cold poppet” Harry whispered bring your ice cold fingers to his warm lips. Tears rolled down your cheeks even though he broke you, you knew he was the only one to fix you. You finally let it go and turned around hiding your face in his chest crying your heart out. He instantly wrapped his arms around you, hitching one leg over you hip engulfing you. His lips kissed your head ever so lightly and you could feel his own warm tears landing on your hairline.

You pulled away a little to have a look at his face that reflected the same emotions and feelings as yours.

“I’m so sorry baby. I-I didn’t mean any of that. You’re such a sweetheart and I’m a douche for saying such mean stuff to you. It only took me a few hours to realize whom I love more than my own life.” Harry sobbed looking down at you. You both were crying holding each other like either of you will disappear if you lose your grip.

You didn’t had the courage to ask who it was this time so you looked away but Harry lifted your chin up to look at him and the next thing you knew was his lips on yours kissing the pain away. He never kissed you the was he was that time, it help a lots of emotions and feelings that were not there before. You both kissed with such an ecstasy trying to put in everything you both missed on. After a minute or so of kissing that only felt like for a second he pulled away. You kept your eyes closed, scared that this will turn out to be another nightmare of yours.

“It’s you. I love you baby. I realized how much I love you and need you only after losing you once. And I promise to love you forever” he finished and you opened your eyes. You didn’t expected this all much to  happen after what you both spat to each other. But it did felt real the way his body warmth was fanning your skin and his eyes were piercing in yours, it did felt real.

“You saying the truth?” you asked softly making Harry chuckle at your innocence and nodded his head causing you to smile.

“I love you too” You whispered and attached your lips to his sealing the word. You fell completed as a whole. He felt completed as a whole as you both carried on with the night of pure love and bliss.

The feeling was mutual this time and was for the mutual.

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I do think Steve got a similar kind of ~obsession as Mitch, I mean we did 'adopt' him and rave about him too. But I think the difference is that it was actually warranted? Steve raved about us and Louis and spoke well of 1D, showed that he was a genuine friend for Louis, never acted untoward. And we saw plenty of candid interaction between him and Louis, and social media interaction with Louis' friends/family. And it didn't take 0.3 seconds and barely a spoken sentence for us to accept him.

Well, exactly, and that’s the point………people loved Steve for a reason, which is why it’s not comparable to the Mitch thing at all. Nobody is denying that we were up Steve’s ass, but it wasn’t over nothing. Steve cancelled multiple gigs/events so that he could perform with Louis after the loss of his mother. Steve was very obviously there for Louis when he needed someone - the night of TXF performance was the perfect example (right after the performance when he stood by Louis and comforted him, at the club afterwards when they hugged, etc). Steve immediately reached out to the One Direction fandom and was extremely appreciative of us. Steve and his team promoted their song and never showed anything less than 110% enthusiasm when Louis’ team was twiddling their thumbs and fucking him over by doing nothing at all. Steve continued to be respectful, kind, and lovely about all of Louis’ fans and never failed to praise Louis or us in an interview. Mitch has……existed in a documentary, done his job by performing onstage, and shown himself to be friends with Harry. Like…that’s great? I’m glad Harry has a new friend and I’m glad Mitch is doing something he enjoys, but that doesn’t change the fact that we as a fandom have no reason to be obsessed with him considering we know next to nothing about him and he’s shown no desire to be a pet to the fandom or whatever it is that people are treating him as at the moment. He and Steve just aren’t even in the same ballpark at this point and peoples’ obsession with him at this stage of the game just seems excessive, unnecessary, and weird af.

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54 any pairing

54. “I think I forgot how to breathe.” (… iwillnotmakeadumbsappycommentnnnnnnopeiwillbenormalforonce)

They had just been making cookies. Patton had been teaching Anxiety, having decided it was high time that he and the darker trait had some good old fashioned bonding time. And he knew that the other enjoyed the simple motions of measuring and stirring and shaping cookies. They had been going all morning, having completed a batch of chocolate chip cookies and another of snickerdoodles. They hadn’t seen the others, which was normal. Logan usually had to work and Prince was usually off adventuring.

But when Logan finally came down the stairs, dressed in an outfit that Patton had never seen before, his heart stopped.

“I- Patton, are you okay?” Anxiety waved a hand in front of the fatherly trait’s face when he suddenly froze, staring in the direction of the stairs.

“I think I forgot how to breathe.” Patton murmured breathlessly, and Anxiety followed his gaze to see Logan in a black button up instead of his usual polo, his sleeves rolled up and his tie mysteriously missing.

Anxiety rolled his eyes, pushing Patton out of the kitchen, much to his surprise. Patton suddenly found himself holding a plate of assorted cookies. “Go on.” Anxiety muttered, pushing him further out.

“Go on and what?”

“Ask him if he wants a cookie. Duh.” Another hard poke to his back, and Patton found himself facing Logan alone.

“I thought I could detect the scent of baking.” Logan eyed the plate in Morality’s hands. “Was that Anxiety I heard?”

“I-I’m teaching him how to bake!” Patton laughed, although to him it sounded a little too high pitched and shaky. Thankfully, Logan didn’t seem to notice. Something which Patton thanked his lucky stars for. “Would you like one?”

After a moment’s hesitation, Logan took a chocolate chip cookie. “I was actually going to ask for your opinion on this shirt. I was considering wearing it for the next video.”

“It looks great.” Patton smiled, his grip on the plate tightening ever-so-slightly. Dear god, he was going to die, and it would be Anxiety’s fault for letting him talk to Logan. “A bit dressy, though?”

“I see. Perhaps it would be better suited to our romantic outing this Friday?”
“I- what?” Patton was certain that he had heard completely wrong. Logan couldn’t have been talking about them going on a date. No way.

“Let me rephrase. Would you like to go on a date with me, in which I will wear this shirt, since you seem to appreciate its aesthetic greatly?”

Patton blinked. And blinked again. “You’re. Actually asking me on a date. A date date?”

“Yes, Patton, a date date.”

“Oh. Yes. Of course.” Patton was pretty sure he was screaming on another plane of existence. That was the only explanation that explained the fact that he wasn’t currently screaming on this particular plane.

Logan nodded, and quickly pressed a kiss to Patton’s cheek, because disappearing back up the stairs.

Meanwhile, Thomas found himself strangely elated, and was sorely resisting the urge to scream happily.

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hi! this is just a short question but in idol party when they're looking at the aegyo order and yoongi's saying jimin's moved higher in aegyo is jungkook saying "지민형 장난이 아니야"? My Korean's really,,,bad so I don't know if that's right but if he did, doesn't that mean "He's no joke," as in his cuteness/aegyo is no joke??? If it does then,,,,my heart TT how can a maknae always call his hyung cute TTTTT

No, your Korean is great and you’ve got a good ear! That’s pretty much what he said (지민이 형 [애교가] 장난이 아니에요!), but it was mumbled and buried in the background. So yes, Jungkook did say that Jimin’s aegyo is no joke.

I mean, I’m not really surprised anymore. Despite Tae and Hobi having the most overall aegyo within the group, JK has always maintained throughout the years that he believed Jimin was the cutest. 

^ Who do you think is the cutest member? - Jimin

^ What kind of existence is Jimin to you? / Who is Jimin to you? - Kawai(i)

And more recently, he’s called Jimin his jjokkomi and honey - all terribly sweet and cute things. It’s honestly pretty gross.

Keep in mind that Jimin has been vehemently against doing aegyo for a long time, and he’s only just slowly opened up to the fact that he’s just…you know, naturally cute. Something that Jungkook obviously noticed and appreciated long before Jimin himself did.

As for how or why a maknae could think of his hyung this way? Well…

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… Who knows?