and apparently i look like her now

Ok, looking at my blog here I think it’s clear that I don’t really stan  actors/actresses, only characters. But being part of the Clexa fandom and following others here and looking on twitter it’s bound for you to know everything about Eliza and Alycia. There is something that has been annoying me for a few weeks and I’m going to address it because it feels like PART of our fandom needs a wake up call.

Alycia has stated before that she doesn’t like SM and it actually scares her. This is what happened to her after she started on the loo:

  • Apparently she had less than 20K followers on twitter before the show and now she has over 310K (and that’s good for her and her career – so far so good) 
  • Ever since that Clexa kiss on S2 the Blarke fandom started to attack her because Lexa got in the way of their ship and they don’t know how to differ actor from character. It went on and on and got worse every time something Clexa related was buzzing on the internet: when Alycia was announced back to season 3; when they where shooting the finale in January this year (I’ve seen with my own eyes tweets wishing her cancer and her to get raped that week, but her stans on twitter reported massively); when any Clexa scene or sneak peak dropped; when Clexa sex scene “leaked” and even hating her because she was a guest star that was getting to much screen time from regulars. The hate from them only stopped when Lexa died and suddenly they all think Alycia is a sweetheart again (they even pretend now that they never sent her any hate at all since most accounts were suspended back then and the others that are still on deleted their tweets when called out by others).
  • Then she started getting hate by other fandoms because of stupid polls where Lexa/Clexa would win (remember the GOT fans that attacked her on instagram because Emilia lost a poll to her? It went on for days and days).
  • Then Lexa/Clexa was still a hot topic of many news after her death and her importance started to annoy people that never talked to us in the first place. Those people started attacking her because Lexa was brownfaced and “she agreed with it all and wore a fucking bindi and she should have said no”. They blamed everything controversial of Lexa on her and not Jason/writers/producers.
  •  At the same time everybody started attacking her because she is a “mayo”, and because of that she is not talented enough and it’s actually “overrated”.
  • Then came the Clexas that started to attack her because she didn’t “speak up” about LGBT issues or Clexa and Lexa like Eliza (or other actors do/did). Some of you all even went as far as calling her problematic for it and even homophobic because she was not as active on social media as before and part of you assumed that the Clexa relationship and LGBT fans attention was what made her uncomfortable and the reason why she left the loo.
  • Then some “fans” of hers hacked her boyfriend (ex or whatever) account and spread pictures all over the internet of his dick, him cheating her with others girls and videos of him mistreating her.
  • Every single tweet/post she makes comes with some fans going “that outfit is ugly!”; “did she get a nose job?”; “too much make up”; “OMG she is still wearing THE necklace”.
  • Trolls every single day create fake accounts to harass her by tagging her and her friends (Marny and Maia) in tweets saying she is dumb, stupid and many other things because she is still with her cheating boyfriend (something we are not even sure of) and send her photos of the others girls sucking his dick – and in here I have to congratulate about 5 ADC twitter accounts that ALWAYS go after them asking others to report until they are suspended.
  • Then came the fase “she doesn’t love us enough because she doesn’t post anything in a while”, “why are you not active on SM Alycia? Notice me!”
  • And now the latest trend: let’s change fandoms and shit on her because she doesn’t speak up and give us attention like Chyler and Floriana do. Thank god she didn’t! Can you image if she was as active as them about Clexa when she knew that Lexa was dead? She would have been crucified by the fandom. I’ve seen dozens and dozens of tweets and posts in the last month comparing Chyler’s and Florina’s behavior online to hers (especially Chyler’s). Really?! You are comparing her to actresses that are actually active because they want to and have a very health SM life compared to hers??! Actresses that are over 33 years old and have more experience and a resume bigger than Alycia who is only 23 and pretty new in the industry? Chyler and Floriana didn’t have to deal with the shit that comes when your f/f ship get in the way of what was “supposed to be the main m/f ship of the show”, they don’t have people hacking them and posting personal photos/videos online. And the most important: they were pretty active on SM before Sanvers (specially Chyler who ALWAYS tweeted fans).

 Some of you actually goes as far as tagging her in it and calling her names while making the comparison (here it is an example):

By the things she said on that con we already now she lurks online and sees all the things you guys post. She knew all the inside jokes of the fandom. You think she doesn’t see all of this? The girl admitted she only got twitter to follow Nasa for fucks sake. A fan that is a real fan respects that and enjoys the little things they get…NO ACTOR has a duty to keep you entertainment outside of their contract obligations. NONE. The only thing they owe you is respect and professionalism and, as far as I’ve seen, those are the 2 words that most describe Alycia’s behavior (online and off). Unfortunately it’s normal for any public person to receive hate from people that don’t like them…but it’s not normal to receive from your own fans!

The only thing you are going to achieve here is getting Alycia to regret ever taking part on any of it (Lexa/Clexa) and push her away from SM more and more until she actually caves and deactivates. Congratulations, you are helping make her SM experience a real nightmare by acting as haters instead of fans!! If you are her fan, respect her! If you decided to unstan her and move on to another actress (and that’s normal and happens a lot, there is no problem in that) move on and stop sending hate to a person that you were kissing ass not even a month ago. It’s things like this that helps to give a fandom a bad reputation and you guys are not helping at all and giving a bad name to a big majority that can behave like real human beings. Again this is a call out to PART of the fandom, not everyone!

Cartoons and Colorism

Okay so I am not really a huge fan of winx (i used to love the show back in in the early 2000′s but anyway. I was watching their new series World of winx and I noticed something about Aisha. In older series she looked like this.

Now she looks like this ….

In this image she is the second girl on the left 

This one is apparently a promotional poster 

*she’s the second one on top :| ………

It not like they couldn’t make her darker as there are random darker skinned characters….

She seems to have been desaturated - and yes it could be argued that I am being a bit petty - but I don’t get why they chose to do this, and in some series her skin tone has changed. 

 - but then again this is what they did to Flora.



I just don’t really know what to say - but animation companies need to stop this. I hope its just them being inconsistent with coloring :| …

To be honest not too many people watch winx club so its not really a huge deal I just wanted to make this observation


“And apparently he’s like this because someone [pointed glare at Nina] left her brother with Velouria for an afternoon and she taught him to eat gARBAGE”

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Temporary Blindness [a Barry Allen imagine]

a/n: MY DEAR FRIEND AND I CAME UP WITH THIS @cupcakequeen1999

The cane clicked on the sidewalk again and again, leading Barry to the Central City Police Department. Apparently, his eyes weren’t healing correctly, so Caitlin is working with Jay on finding a cure. They have nothing and it’s really getting on his nerves. Luckily, Cisco helped him pick out his outfit the night before; he can only imagine what he looks like right now.

“Barry!” He knows that voice; Y/N. He met her a few weeks before he lost his sight and, thank god, he got to see her. “Caitlin wants me to take you to S.T.A.R. Labs.” you state, hooking your arm in his. “And, if you were going to the CCPD, it’s the opposite way, cutie.” you smile, brushing his messy hair back.

He was sure he was going the right way! A blush blossoms across his freckled cheeks and his converse pad next to your blue Nike’s, cane clicking in front of him. “I knew that…” he lies, deflating a little, “Have they figured this-” he gestures to his face, “out yet?” he asks; you remain silent.

In fact, the two of you remain silent until you get to the Cortex. “Hey Barr- were you going to wear those to work?” Caitlin bites her lip, eyes shifting from his baggy navy blue S.T.A.R. Labs sweatshirt and gray sweatpants to you; you shrug helplessly while Barry sighs. “Anyway, um, Jay and I found a certain chemical that isn’t in Central, but!” she raises her finger, “We think it might heal your blindness!” she says optimistically.

Barry cocks an eyebrow, stepping closer to her (he thinks; in reality, he’s talking to the desk). “Where is it?” he asks in a boring tone. With his luck, the chemical will be on the other side of the country. He can’t even speed there because, well, he can’t see where he’s going!

“Along the coast of Mexico. It should be at least a week, if not more.” Jay sighs, sliding the tablet to you on the desk. The scarlet speedster resists the urge to whine like a baby. “Meaning,” he continues, placing a hand on Barry’s shoulder, leading him to the edge of the desk, hand on top of his. Barry sucks his lower lip in, letting his palm touch the metal bar. “You, are gonna stay right here and not cause trouble until we get back, okay, buddy?” Jay orders, patting his upper shoulder.

Barry puckers his lips, hearing footsteps fade away. Caitlin frowns, “Y/N will be here! So, she’ll help take care of you. Right Y/N?” she asks, picking up her backpack. You nod, giving her a thumbs up. “She nodded, Barry.” Caitlin confirms, “We’ll be back as soon as humanly possible!” she promises, taking off to the airport, heels clicking on the floor while Jay follows after.

Twisting your airy blue shirt nervously, you come up to him. “So…” you mumble awkwardly, pulling your bottom lip in between your teeth. “Wanna…watch a movie?” you offer, shrugging your shoulders. “Wait…sorry. Um…we could…I could read you a book?”

With a long sigh, he waves his hand, “Sure.” he agrees, pouting like a five year old. “Can you help me sit down then?” he mumbles, soon feeling your hand on his. His gray sweatpants hang low on his hips, swaying against his legs. “I’m trusting you to take care of me this week, Y/N.”

why i like zutara more than kataang and maiko

Tbh, I was originally a Kataang shipper bc I thought it was cute and Aang deserved a relationship because he was a nice hero kid and was “persistent” and “she’ll come around”. He tried hard to earn it with flowers and stuff, but now, looking back, I see that she didn’t return his crush. Actually, from what I’ve seen, there wasn’t much romantic stuff going on with Katara with anyone (except Jet). Even Kataang, apparently “in the DNA of the show”, only had 1 or 2 lovey moments. I can only really remember the dance scene, which was kinda unimportant, and the kiss in “The Cave of Two Lovers”, which was pretty much forced by the plot. Some Kataang shippers out there like to cite the times Aang kissed Katara without her wanting him to as “romantic”, but it’s just rude and one sided tbh. Aang, not even a teen yet, just isn’t very advanced in terms of romantic relationships. And while it’s true that they supported each other (as good friends should), I’m pretty sure Katara gave more than she recieved, as a mother/older sister often does. While Katara doesn’t have any apparent romantic feelings for anyone else either, at least her other potential love interests don’t get mothered. Even if she actually did have a crush on him, their relationship probably should’ve waited a little: Aang’s still like 12 and Katara went immediately from confused (yet she wasn’t confused about Jet) to girlfriend (and little else, if you consider the comics canon).

Oh yeah, and Maiko wasn’t very healthy and also possibly symbolizes Zuko’s old life that he was trying to get away from. Like, Mai had a crush on kid Zuko, a completely different person, and the two weren’t shown catching up on lost time by talking about it or anything (“I just asked if you were cold, I didn’t ask for your whole life story”). They just got straight into their physical/conflict-prone relationship. There wasn’t very much personal/emotional support. Mai liked him when he hated the world, AKA not the real Zuko. He’s trying to help save the world, after all. He was morally driven, she was apathetic to even her own family. The may have cared about each other, but they were completely different people. If you’re going to criticize the “opposites attract” thing, start here. At least Zuko and Katara don’t have conflicting beliefs, and they are only symbolic opposites.

About Zutara itself, I’ll try and keep it short ;))). It’s not really about the whole pirates thing, or “opposites attract”, or “good girl and bad boy” shit.
At first, I had no reason to ship Zutara because Zuko was an antagonist, obviously. As the series went on, I saw the connection they had in the crystal catacombs, and how they really weren’t so different at heart, despite their backgrounds. When Katara felt the connection, she tried to heal his scar, and he let her try. When Zuko saw her anger at him and her mother’s death, he helped Katara find Yon Ra. He wasn’t encouraging her to go on a murderous rampage (he tried to help Zhao after all he had done, for one).((side note: I think it’s weird how people say that Katara’s decision was somehow because of Aang or Zuko. She neither killed nor forgave the man, and it was her own choice, nothing less.)) By the end, she forgave him because she honestly wanted to. Like come on, does she look like she still hates him for what he did in Books 1+2, as she gave him an enthusiastic hug? They gave each other support and listened to each other, yet Katara didn’t seem to “mother” him. They saved each other’s lives several times (especially when Zuko did a slo-mo leap to save her while dramatically screaming “NOOOOO”, or Katara was in tears after she healed him). Clearly they were at least very close friends. I know none of this is really romantic (see their embarrassed reactions in “The Ember Island Players” and “Sozin’s Comet” when this is teased), but it still would make a great relationship given time. (also, it might’ve helped relations between the southern water tribe and the fire nation).

I visited a witchy shop with three resident kitties today. They were sweet and sleepy and the speckledy one let me give her some pets. (The other two were nesting in what looked like hidey-hole spots, and I didn’t want to disturb them.)

Also, I realized today that shopping for books on herbalism and magic is getting more difficult because my library’s gotten so extensive. Same goes for herbs, apparently. Time was when I’d want to take home one of everything, but now? Maybe one or two, and I’m good.

Was rocking the hippie librarian look today, with boots and swishy skirt and comfy sweater. Really hoping I can make this my full-time aesthetic. It’s easy and comfortable and just feels right.

“Babe–This is–This is really stupid, you know?” Hana grumbled, pulling her soft sweater tighter around her body. “It’s like 2 a.m., I want to go home, everything’s gonna be on sale tomorrow so it’s not like we’re going to be missing anyth–”

She was abruptly cut off when Sombra turned to look at her, an expression of utter bewilderment on her face.

Missing anything? Do you even know why we’re here right now?”

She was looking at her expectantly, apparently still wide awake despite the late hour. Hana was almost positive she was being screwed with, if not for the genuine excitement her girlfriend seemed to display earlier at the prospect of heading out to the twenty-four hour grocer.

“I mean,” she shrugged, “I would assume, since we’re in the chocolate aisle, that it has something to do with that.”

She scoffed. “Smartass. But yeah, that’s exactly why. The chocolate. The discounted chocolate. The good stuff.” She picked up two boxes from the shelf at random and held them in front of Hana’s face. “You know what these are, yeah?” Again, she looked at here with clear expectations.

Hana rolled her eyes and pushed the boxes lightly back towards Sombra. “Yeah, I do, because I got you a box yesterday .”

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It’s a sunlit forest…And there’s a fog all around Gabrielle as she walks forward, her eyes searching. This is OUR Gabs, dressed in her regular clothing. The music is mysterious, yet beautiful, as Gabs slowly walks, apparently looking for something…anything. There is the sound of a quickly approaching horse, and Gabrielle turns in time to see Xena approach, also dressed in her usual garb. She’s on Argo II. She stops behind Gabrielle, who is staring, mouth agape. Xena tosses her head back with my favorite Xena greeting, “Hey.” “Hi,” Gabrielle returns, her face still expressionless. Xena glances at their surroundings. “You brought the world back to us,” she says. “I’m glad,” Gabrielle answers, “I like this one better.” Xena smiles slightly. “Even though you’re not a famous playwright?” she asks. Gabs smiles a bit now…“Fame? Who needs it?” She walks toward Xena. Xena reaches down with a hand pulls Gabs up behind her. As Gabs settles in, she asks, “Did you really like my play?” Xena, her face stern, replies, “It was all right.” As they ride off, Xena’s voice is heard…“Maybe it could have done with a few more fight scenes.” It DID sound so much better coming from Lucy! “Everyone’s a critic,” Gabrielle says happily as the episode ends. They aren’t riding off into the sunset, sorry to say…it’s more of a mist, which they ride through to travel across the same wildgrass field from last weeks’s Last of the Centaurs. Despite a lack of mushy emotions, I found this ending very, very satisfying. I’m sure the two will have a lot more to talk about concerning this episode, probably not for our ears, but it’s obvious they’ve slipped right back into their present-world roles…very much together.

The disclaimer was “As the Fates would have it, Caesar was once again harmed during the making of this motion picture.”

All’s Fair (pt 8)

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Member: Exo Baekhyun

Type: Fluff/Angst/Smut in Next Part

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8  Part 9  Part 10

“-like five or six months ago, right?” Sehun answered, cocking his head and turning to you. “I don’t even remember, she’s so much like family now that I don’t remember not having her around as hyung’s girlfriend.”

You blinked a few times, remembering the small group that was crowded around you. You nodded, still fairly zoned out despite the commotion around you. Sehun’s hand was suddenly on your shoulder, his head leaning down to get a better look at you.

“Hey, are you okay? Guys, I think she’s really fluster-”

“No!” you protested, your eyes widening as you looked around at the people around you. There were only four of them, apparently regulars at the café, who insisted on meeting you after the stalker girl had left.

She stared back and forth between you and Junmyeon, her eyes wide and watery. The apologies began slurring out of her mouth, her eyes on you and you couldn’t help but feel guilty. Was it even your place to say anything though? Junmyeon’s arm tightened at your shoulder as the girl continued to cry before apologizing again, bowing her head before quickly leaving the café.

Your heart was still racing as the chatter started up again, and you could hear the little snippets of conversation about you, making you feel extremely self conscious. Your head spun and you turned back to Baekhyun, whose eyes were still wide as he stared at you.

You couldn’t decipher the look on his face; but it still pained you to see it. His hand reached up to push his fingers through his hair before he looked down into his cup. Your breath caught in your throat and you wanted to go to him but Junmyeon brought your attention back to himself.

“Hey,” he muttered, turning you so you faced him with his hands on either of your shoulders. His brows furrowed as he looked at you, and your cheeks got warm again, making you look away, embarrassed. His hand was suddenly at your chin, pulling you back to look at him. “I’m so sorry,” he murmured, a worried look on his handsome face. His hand moved back to your shoulder as he stepped closer to you, preventing others from hearing your conversation.

“No, it’s…it’s alright,” you answered, swallowing hard as Junmyeon raised an eyebrow at you. “I’m glad she left…I mean if the stalking was getting that bad and this was the only way…and you probably didn’t want to do anything too severe to her so this was…yeah no I understand-”

“I’m still sorry,” he apologized again softly, and you nodded as he continued. “I’ll definitely make this up to you. I know…I know I really shouldn’t be asking you for more favors, but I need to get back to work. There’s been a little too much drama and I don’t think my boss will approve if he finds out. But um…” his voice trailed off, and his head turned to the few pairs of eyes that were on you two. “I think some of these guys won’t let you leave until you meet them so…I mean if you wouldn’t mind-”

You blinked up at him, and he winced apologetically. In any other situation you probably would’ve been upset, but Junmyeon really didn’t seem like the kind of guy to bring you into something like this unless he was desperate. You noticed the bags under his eyes and the creases on his forehead, and you wondered if Junmyeon had been dealing with people like this for a longer time than he’d let on.

“So, I’m your girlfriend for today?” you whispered, and he bit his lip, shrugging slightly.

“You can leave if you want, I’ll handle-”

“No, it’s okay, I will,” you cut him off, and you saw the most grateful smile break out on his face. “I mean, it’s a good idea to keep it up while I’m here. If she came back and found out that you lied, you’d probably be in a worse position-”

Your words caught in your throat as Junmyeon pulled you into a hug, his arms around you and his cheek pressed against your forehead. You tensed up before remembering that you were in public, and that he was your ‘boyfriend’ now. Shyly, your shaky hands wrapped around his waist, feeling the smooth muscles of his back.

You suddenly felt the brush of his lips against the top of your head, and he whispered, “Thank you so much.” You tensed up again, your head turning slightly to look back at Baekhyun, who had lifted his head to watch the entire scene. You felt your chest tighten at the hurt look on his face, a flash of anger behind it all.

You couldn’t blame Junmyeon though. He was oblivious to any relationship you had with Baekhyun, and out of the corner of your eye you could see Sehun leaning against the counter, biting his lip and watching the whole thing go down, knowing it wasn’t the right time to explain.

“I’m going to go back to work…it looks like there’s people coming to talk to you. Sehun, help her,” he pulled away quickly and walked away, moving back behind the counter with his grinning coworkers.

“I-I’m fine, sorry,” you piped, a smile plastered on your face. “Yeah um we’ve been together for like five months.” The lies came easy enough, and you only hoped that you were loud enough for Junmyeon to hear them, so he could give similar answers if needed. Unfortunately, that also meant you had to speak loud enough for Baekhyun to hear you as well.

Sehun wrapped his arm around you, grinning and turning back to the people in front of him, “Yeah, so anyways, she seems pretty tired so maybe I should take her home-”

“Oh, do you live with Junmyeon and Sehun?” asked a woman in front of you, and you almost winced at the question. How nosy were these customers? Then again, Junmyeon seemed like a friendly, talkative type of guy so you weren’t surprised that so many people were interested in knowing about his ‘girlfriend.’

“Nah,” answered Sehun casually, and you made the mistake of letting him answer the question for you. “She has her own place, but I swear she practically lives with us at this point. It’s like she’s moved in. She doesn’t even wear pants around the house any more-”

You choked on your own saliva, coughing as Sehun rubbed you back, the grin still plastered on his face. “Pants are…overrated,” you choked out with a weak smile, making the group around you laugh. You turned to Sehun, sticking your tongue out at him and he smirked, obviously enjoying the little facade.

As the laughter died down, another customer asked, “If you’re so comfortable then why haven’t you moved in yet?”

“Oh no, no, no, no,” insisted Sehun, shaking his head and clicking his tongue. “Whenever she’s over I barely get enough sleep, all I hear is her moaning at night-”

You choked again, cutting him off and feeling your face get hot. “Yah,” you muttered, hitting his shoulder as he laughed along with the people around you.

“What, it’s true,” he scoffed. “Imagine, I’d never get any sleep if she moved in. Hyung may be really a really nice guy, but he doesn’t joke around in the bedroom-”

“Sehun, I can hear you,” chided Junmyeon from behind the counter, and Sehun grinned back at him before turning back to you.

“Well, she looks a little overwhelmed so maybe it’s time she goes home, yeah? You can talk to hyung’s girlfriend more next time,” chided Sehun. “So maybe we should-” he stopped short, turning around to look at Baekhyun, who was still in the same seat as before, scowling as he watched the scene in front of him. “Hyung, could you take her home?”

You internally praised Sehun for making it seem like Baekhyun was taking you home when you both actually lived together. He may have been the reason for your extreme embarrassment but you had to give it to him, he was pretty good at faking it.

Baekhyun nodded slowly, standing from his chair and motioning for you to follow him. You waved to Sehun and Junmyeon, who waved back as you exited the café.

The drive home was tense. Baekhyun’s mouth remained a thin line, and you weren’t sure what you could really say. It’s not like you expected Junmyeon to pretend that you were his girlfriend…it’s not like he knew that Baekhyun would be upset…it’s not like-

“I’m going to take a nap,” grumbled Baekhyun as you parked. He slammed the door of the car as he stepped out, leaving you alone. You almost had to run to catch up to him, but he still kept walking in front of you until you reached your apartment door.

“Baekhyun,” you touched his shoulder, slightly breathless as you both walked inside. He flinched away from your touch, so you grabbed his shirt, trying to keep him from storming into his room. “Wait, why are you mad, I didn’t-”

He only pulled away again, and you groaned, following him as he stubbornly shuffled towards his room. “Baekhyun!” you called after him, just barely slipping through his door as he tried to close it on you.

“I…don’t wanna…talk about it…” he warned through gritted teeth, his hands trying to push the door closed. You groaned, keeping your arm through the shrinking gap in the doorway to prevent him from closing it.

“Byun Baekhyun, what the hell is wrong with you, you’re hurting me!” you seethed, suddenly using the side of your body to ram into the door. Baekhyun jumped back, not expecting the sudden impact, letting you open the door.

He crossed his arms, pouting, “Yah, get out, this is my room. I don’t want to talk to you.” You walked up to him again, crossing your arms to mimic him.

“This isn’t fair, I didn’t even do anything wrong, I was just trying to help-”

He sputtered, “No, you know what isn’t fair? The fact that I had to watch Junmyeon hyung act like you were his girlfriend an-and you didn’t even stop him! And the whole ‘All I hear is her moaning at night-’”

“I was trying to help him! I didn’t think Sehun would go that far, he was just kidding, and that’s not even my fault,” you defended, your nose up in his face. He scoffed, turning around, apparently done talking to you. You groaned, grabbing his shoulder to turn him around.

The second your hand touched him, you felt something push you, knocking you back. There was a crash, and then you were on the floor, a sharp throbbing in arm you had landed on.

Your eyes were squeezed shut, but you could hear Baekhyun as he muttered, “Oh shit,” before his arms were around you, pulling you up. “Shit, shit, shit I’m so sorry, I didn’t think I pushed you that hard. Shit there’s blood, oh god…hey, hey are you okay? Please say something I’m sorry-”

You opened your eyes, looking around at the scene and realizing that Baekhyun had pushed you away with a bit more force than intended. Actually, a lot more force than intended, because you were pushed back into his bedside table, knocking over his lamp before landing on top of it. The glass lamp had shattered, and your arm had been unfortunate enough to land on it.

“I’m fine, my arm is just-” you began, before you eyes landed on your upper arm. It was bleeding; many small red cuts littered your arm, but in the center was a decent-sized gash where most of the blood was coming from. “Oh, ugh…”

“Oh, ugh? Is that all you have to say after I almost killed you?” asked Baekhyun, his eyes wide. You felt his arms tighten around you, and you looked down. He was crouching on the floor next to the broken glass, his arms around you as he kept you from falling back into the mess. “Yah, be more careful, I’m stronger than you think.”

You scoffed, “You say that you almost killed me, then you tell me than I have to be more careful. Yeah, that makes sense, thanks for your concern Baekhyun-”

“Yah, you know what I mean. Oh shit, okay we need to take care of this. Can you stand?” he asked, his tone suddenly becoming more serious again. You nodded, and he stood, pulling you up with him. “Okay, careful. Don’t step on the glass.”

“No, shit,” you muttered under your breath, but he heard you and snorted, his arm wrapping around your waist. You jumped slightly as he squeezed you, urging you to move. With ginger steps around the broken fragments, you both managed to leave his room without any more cuts.

When you got to your room, he finally released you, and you found yourself missing the pressure of his hands as you sat down on your bead, careful to hold your arm out so no blood would land on your comforter.

“Okay, okay, first aid kit, first aid kit…we have one of those, right?” asked Baekhyun, and you rolled your eyes, instructing him to go to the bathroom and open the cabinet. He nodded, quickly running out the room and returning a second later with the box.

You held out your hand, “Here, I can do it-”

“Hey, you can’t do this with one hand, okay?” he snapped, and you flinched at the sudden change in demeanor. Then he softened, “Oh uh, sorry, I just…you can depend on my sometimes, you don’t have to try and do it yourself. I’m useless sometimes, but not all the time.”

“I don’t think you’re useless,” you muttered, looking down at your lap as Baekhyun sat next to you on your bed, making the mattress dip slightly. He chuckled, opening the box as you continued, “I mean, you’re like a toddler sometimes but, you’re not useless.”

“Oh yeah? Name one useful thing about me.”

You looked up, your eyes narrowing at his face, his expression teasing you. What was he even getting at, why was he trying to look useless? “I mean, your cooking isn’t awful. I like when you make food or when we cook together. Oh, and you’re helping me bandage my arm. Oh and-”

“Okay wait, sorry,” he interrupted, his brows knitting together as he stared at the open box cluelessly. “I wipe it with the stuff that makes it burn now, right?”

You couldn’t stop your laughter, and he smiled innocently, and you wondered why you even bothered. Baekhyun was Baekhyun.

“Yeah…that one,” you said, pointing to the antiseptic wipes packaged individually. He hummed, nodding and ripping one of them open to pull out the damp cloth. “Wipe it carefully, just incase there’s still anything stuck in my skin. Actually wait, I think we’re supposed to check it before we wipe it so it’s not accidentally pushed furth-” You looked up, Baekhyun’s eyes wide in front of you in fear.

“Yah, do you really wanna die, why don’t you tell me these things?” He neared the wound, his eyes scanning it. “Okay, I’m going to wipe around it first because I’m pretty sure there’s nothing in the little scratches.”

You felt the first sting of the cloth, and you winced, you eyes watching as Baekhyun’s slim fingers gently cleaned the wound. Then he moved to the big cut, carefully cleaning it as you flinched.

“I know, I know,” he mused, his free hand moving so that his fingers could lace with your comfortingly. His eyes stayed on your arm as he continued, “I’d always fall down at hurt myself as a kid because I was so jumpy. I hated this stuff, it always hurt. I’m almost done…okay there.”

He tossed the wipe into the trash and grabbed a large bandage, but enough to cover the entire wound. Before you could bleed any more, he pressed the bandage onto the cut. His thumbs smoothed the bandage over your skin, and as you opened your mouth to thank him, he suddenly came closer to you.

“Baekhy-” you flinched as his lips came in contact with the bandage on your arm, kissing it gently before pulling away, looking up at you.

His eyes were wide, lips slightly parted as he watched your surprised expression. Then he gave a wry laugh, “What? Kisses make them heal faster.”

Your cheeks felt hot, and you turned away, pulling your arm away from him. “You didn’t even want to talk to me earlier, and now you’re doing stuff like that-”

“I’m sorry,” he cut you off, leaning closer to you to try to look at your face, but you turned away again, trying to hide your embarrassment. “Yah, stop doing that, I do want to talk, I’m sorry.” He grabbed your chin, pulling your face back so your eyes could meet his. You watched him swallow, his tongue peeking out slightly to lick his lips before he continued, “You…I just don’t know what to do about you.”

“What do you mean?” you asked, your tongue heavy as you felt his thumb run up your jaw gently. “I think I’m the one who doesn’t know what to do about you.”

He scoffed, “You don’t know what to do? What options do you have? I’m the one who’s been sitting here waiting…you know if you don’t like me then please just tell me-”

“No,” you cut him off quickly, and he tilted his head slightly, releasing your chin and dropping his hand. You swallowed hard, biting you lip before you spoke again. “I mean…I just…I-”

“Do you actually want this?” he asked, his voice more solemn than you’d probably ever heard before as he gestured between you two. “Because I’m…I’m getting a little tired of all of this. It kinda hurts.”

You weren’t sure what made you feel worse, the idea that you had hurt Baekhyun or the fact that he said it so casually, like that this point he was used to you hurting him. Then again, what had you been doing for the past few weeks? Sure, he was messing with you non-stop, but somewhere in there, you were wrong too.

“Hey,” he said again, snapping you out of your thoughts. “If you really don’t like me-”

You cut him off quickly, knowing you’d waited much too long already.

“I like you. And I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that it was bothering you that much and I guess I was just surprised is all when you first wanted a relationship because I don’t know I just wasn’t ready or something-” you rambled on before you were effectively cut off by Baekhyun’s arms wrapping around you, careful to not disturb the bandage.

“Finally,” he muttered sarcastically, and you playfully slapped his arm. Then again, you sort of agreed. 

All’s Fair Mini Masterlist

Mobile Masterlist

Well, I woke up around five minutes ago. Not because I jerked myself awake or had a nightmare, but because I had the most bizarre and funny dream I had in a while.   So like game highlights, this is what I remember.

  • Me and some other hot guy the same age as me  (who kinda looked like Keith from VLD, but there were difference in the face I can’t put a finger on)   were like superhero partners
  • We snuck into some toy factory type thing
  • I had trouble getting up a shoot, so the hot guy helped me out and I thanked him
  • We shapeshifted into some kind of creature (forget what exactly)
  • Ursula, who now was human apparently, turned towards us. Ursula, making the ultimate WTF face said, “the fuck?” She started babbling about how this is too weird this is and laughed at the sight of us
  • We fought her off (I forget how)
  • Out of nowhere, Bennett the Sage (because I watched one of his videos yesterday?) came into the room.
  • While I was fighting off the apparently human Sea Witch, I said, “Quick, seduce her with your moves!”
  • He turned into Suave, one of the characters from his video, and flirted with Ursula
  • And then I woke up from laughing in my sleep

…God I have a bizarre imagination…

There was more too it before hand, but I don’t  quite remember

Although, if I meet this guy in real life, it would make the Once Upon a Dream song have a whole new meaning, being like that parody comic where Aurora babbled seeing Phillip in a bizarre dream.

Not sure if this dream means anything, still…

Found You (fluffier part 2 to a Jun angst)

Part two to the Jun angst! This was supposed to be fluffy but I’m not fully sure how I succeeded at that..? On top of that I apparently don’t know how to write things short sO… Anyway, this ending won by one vote but I hope everyone enjoys~ Thanks for the help, especially the Anon that suggested it to go more or less like this! ❤︎

You sipped your morning tea, seated by your small dining table, and watched Jun and your best friend pack her things into carton boxes. After “The Incident”, as you referred to it, things had changed a little. Jun and your friend paid a lot more attention to you - of course, they always had, but now it was different. They were practically looking for signs of you not being okay, but whenever they did that, you assured them that you were fine.

Which you would soon be, you told yourself. With the two of them moving out to their own apartment, you most likely wouldn’t see them as a couple as much anymore, and the less you’d see Jun the more your one-sided feelings would fade and the easier it would be for you to breathe, both literally and more metaphorically. You were sad to have your friend leave you, naturally, but you knew it was for the better. She’d get to live with her boyfriend and you’d get some space for yourself to sort things out.

The knowledge of a brighter future made you smile, and upon seeing that, Jun smiled, too, nudging your friend and pointing at you.

Two days later all the boxes were gone, as were all of your friend’s belongings. You stood by the door to her old room and sighed as nostalgia filled your mind. Taking a good look at the empty room, you closed the door, more than ready for the new chapter in your life that was about to begin.

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Rating: T

Word Count: 1110

Request:  May I please have one where Hotch gets onto reader on the jet home 4 putting herself in danger to save him and when asked why, she kisses him instead. maybe he takes her home to reprimand in a different way. Thanks. Love ur stuff btw. No rush also.

A/N: So, the different way of reprimanding didn’t really happen…because I just can’t smut right now apparently. But I hope you like it, and if there’s interest and/or I get the inspiration, I may revisit and add to this one. 

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“She needs to leave some deals for me!”

Helping this older woman (she’s probably in her late 50s/early 60s) put together a bed set from our clearance options. She keeps eying the ever growing pile that another female customer is creating. “Oh, that color’s nice. Oh, I like that pattern,” she says, “Oh she keeps finding all these nice things. She should save some of the bargains for me!”

My coworker is helping this younger woman compile her order, and I overhear bits and pieces of their conversation while I’m still helping my customer. Mention to my coworker when she steps away from her customer, “Hey, that looks like it’ll be a good sale for you.” She replies, “Their family lost their house in a fire. They apparently just got the insurance money to buy an new one and need to replace all their bedding…” I’m like… “Well, that sucks…”

Go back to helping my customer, who now keeps making rude comments about how the younger woman seems to have more than her share and should leave some for the “rest of us” - mainly meaning her because she’s not thrilled with the options we’re finding (mainly because she’s being cheap and doesn’t want to pay for the newer styles she actually likes). “Don’t you think she has enough already? I mean, really…”

I look her square in the eye and inform her, “Their family actually lost their house in a fire. She’s here trying to replace all the bedding for their home.”

Woman’s eyes widen, face drops, puts her hand over her mouth and chokes, “Oh my god… I’m a total bitch. Ohhhhh my god. Here I am going on like a selfish old bag, and she’s just suffered that tragedy. I am an awful person.”

Glad you realized it. Have you learned your lesson?

anonymous asked:

I'm the only one apparently but I find these VDay pics promising. Reagan is there, MF is listed as a guest star, but no mention in synopsis and no pics of her? It must be because of something big *wink*. Also almost no pics of Jess, but the plot made it sound like it's mostly abt her...Idk, to me it all looks like one of those episodes that hide something. I could be completely wrong of course, but I'm riding a weird high right now and my optimism can't be stopped. Have faith roomfriends!

We’re trying, and I agree with you. I’m praying she’s gone in episode 16 so we at least get three episodes of just Nick and Jess.

Red K! Part 2

Got a crazy response for the Red K! chapter! apparently you guys didn’t like that I left you hanging and wanted some more! So here goes!

Red K! Part 2 - Eyes Like Kryptonite Ch. 31

Read it on AO3 -

“How long until she wakes up?” Lena looks at Alex over DEO sick bed where Kara is lying unconscious

“Should be anytime now. All of the Red Kryptonite is out of her system and her brain just needs time to recover. It’s more of a mental Kryptonite than a physical one.”

Lena nods, reaching out a hand to stroke it along Kara’s cheek. She’s glad that she had trusted her gut, that she had called Alex. As soon as they had spoken, the agent had known exactly what was happening.

It was a relief.

To know Kara wasn’t herself when she said those things.

But still, there was a lot they needed to talk about.

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hamiltonyay  asked:


hope you like it :)

“Why do you have a knife in your jacket?”

Moving boxes were stacked by the walls in the apartment that Jasmine and Anthony had only once seen as a dream, the moving in together now more real than ever. The excitement was carrying them through the exhaustion they felt when they thought about how much work had to be done.

Jasmine gets started on one of the boxes she had brought from her apartment, trying to pick the packing tape off of the top of the box, unable to do it. “Need some help?” Anthony questions, startling Jasmine as she looks up from the box, taking a step back and nodding.

“Apparently I put this packing tape on really well, because I can’t pull it off like I did with some of the other boxes, she giggles, Anthony laughing as he takes a step forward, bringing a knife out of his jacket pocket, cutting through the packing tape lining the top of the box.

“There you go,” He smiled, leaning over to kiss her quickly like he always did, Jasmine kissing him back before looking at him, pointing to the knife in his hand.

“Why do you have a knife in your jacket?” She questions, wondering if it’s the most ridiculous question she’s ever asked him since they had met. Anthony laughs when he realizes how absurd the whole situation seemed, setting the knife down on top of one of the boxes.

“I knew we were going to be cutting through a lot of boxes, and to be fair, this place is a mess. I thought we’d lose the knife if I put it down, so I just put it in my pocket,” He shrugs, Jasmine biting back her laugh when she hears the explanation.

“Okay, but from now on can we just leave it on the top of the counter? One wrong move and the knife probably lodges in your stomach and it’s an unnecessary emergency rom trip that we don’t need right now,” She smiles, Anthony laughing as he sets the knife on the counter, nodding.

“I’m only doing this because I love you, but when we need the knife and it’s nowhere to be found, don’t say that my idea wasn’t better,” He sings, sing back to the box he had been working on, Jasmine beginning to sort through the box he had just opened for her.

Jasmine would never understand why he thought the knife in his pocket was ever a good idea, but in all honesty it had only made her love him and his innocence more, even if there were times where she did feel like she was his mother more than his girlfriend.

Elemental Disney 4am thoughts (A continuation)



she somehow slipped under my radar because shes from a brand new tv series that apparently just aired today?? instead of from a movie



sorry its 4am and I’m very excited!!!

anyway okay, i looked her up and all her currently released lore stuff and shes got some p cool associations! elemental wise i mean

first of all, she has the literal best animal companions ive ever seen??

3 Jaguar-Macaw Griffins called Jaquins, they are awesome and they look like this


and she has a spirit guide animal companion named Zuzo 

based of a mexican Chanul and he belief of a certain mayan tribe in south mexicp that says every person has a spirit double in the animal world (im grabbing this straight from the wiki lol)

and her magical thingy is an amulet called the Amulet of Avalor, this item apparently appeared before in the “Sofia the First” tv series as the item that Elena was trapped in forever ago, with “Elena of Avalor” being the tv series all about Elena and where she came from and her story and etc

anyway the amulets powers are basically it gives you a power for every good deed, and a curse for every bad deed, but i just happened to notice a lot of the associated powers all had to do with animal related things as well when the Sofia girl used it, but it originally belonged to Elena first apparently so I’m assuming these things are gonna be associated with her as well. (as well as your typical “powers” like strength, invisibility, telepathy, growing/shrinking

animal related boons were things like Animal Communion, Mermaid Transformation and Bouncing really high

curses are things like croaking like a frog and a bird beak curse

but its third cool power is the ability to summon another princess or princess ANIMAL companion from any point in space or time

so yeah, if I were to give her an element for the whole children of the elements thing, she’s definitely the Child of Fauna?Beast?

the girl is like the Vixen of the Disney Princesses (Vixen as in the comic book character)