and apparently he's asked other women too

Return From Hell

Personal Notes of V. Torres.


I have been assigned to the case involving the abduction of Ester Andrews. Ester was a thirty six year old white female who went missing after several suspicious messages to her online writing group. Ending message told them that it was her husband pranking her and that she’d return soon. Her estranged husband Drew Shaw has a history of violence and marital disputes were common between the two of them.

My current theory is that Shaw has kidnapped his wife and forced her to write messages to make it seem everything was fine. We’re in the process of tracking him down at this moment, he was recently employed to a garage in Chicago. Perhaps a bit of a drive, but on record he has threatened his wife with physical violence. Likely he finally decided to exact his revenge.

Going to attempt to question the other members of the writing group over the next few weeks. The only one we’ve confirmed the identity of is Rebecca Clemons, ‘Becca_Bae93’.

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Sorry for the late update.

So the other day, I watched Game4gamer.
(He wearing new shirt! Thank you!)

I don’t know if its noticeable..
But apparently Nobu’s right hand have more muscle than the other hand..

That’s because he keeps using his right hand while playing badminton.

He said that he frequently played it with Yashiro Taku lately at 8 in the morning.

As for Radio4games, They discussed what live goods should they make next for Nobu’s live..
Mafi said that they should make women pants and bra and asked Nobu to wear it too.

Nobu: Won’t that be bad if I wear that too?!

The Emperor's New Clothes (The Myth of Moffat's Scriptwriting 'Genius') by Claudia Boleyn

Today I read an article about Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who in the Arts and Books section of the Independent on Sunday. In this article, by Stephen Kelly, Moffat is criticised for his inability to write women, to complete his plots, to write the Doctor as a likeable and trustworthy figure, and to keep his audience entertained. Yet one line in this frankly scathing (and almost painfully truthful) review reads: ‘When on form, Steven Moffat is the best writer working in television today’.

Having read said article, and written rather a lot of Moffat critique myself, the statement baffled me. Kelly’s entire article is lamenting the current state of Doctor Who at the hands of this man, and yet Moffat is still gifted with glowing praise.

It’s a common theme. I see it often when people are asked to review Moffat’s work. It seems people are almost afraid of criticising him, seeing as he has been lauded one of Britain’s most brilliant television writers.

It’s like the Emperor’s New Clothes. The Myth of Moffat’s Scriptwriting ‘Genius’. It’s a lie we’ve all absorbed and now just assume to be true. Sherlock himself would be frankly appalled by the entire thing. We are seeing, but we apparently do not observe.

Fellow Sherlock watchers will know what I mean (although many will probably not agree) when I equate Moffat’s writing to the empty houses of Leinster Gardens. An empty façade. It looks great from the outside, but when you step closer, you realise it’s just a whopping great train station with some drugged up self-proclaimed sociopath lurking in it.

 Let’s examine this case a little closer, shall we?

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This is for the Anon who requested 273 (Well this is awkward) with Morgan.

Hotch had asked you to go undercover, you had to get under the skin of some guy named Scorpion. He was a smooth talking womanizer with a thing for blondes. Apparently. Since he’d already met JJ you had to go undercover and try to get him to take you home. The team would track you and you had your gun so you weren’t too worried. Undercover was always kind of nerve wracking.
You walk into the bar alone. You know the whole team is there, they’re supposed to cut off Scorpion from the other women coming up and flirting with them or acting like they know the women he flirts with to try and corral him to you. You flip your blonde hair over one shoulder as you step up to the bar.
Hotch had told you that Scorpion only hit on a few women a night. It “made them feel special” the pig had said. Your bare shoulders and tight dress were bound to get some attention.
Sure enough you’re at the bar for about four minutes before Scorpion saunters his way toward you.
“Hey baby.”
“Hi there.” You give him a smirk and he grins.
“Can I refresh that for you?”
“Since it’s still full I don’t think I need a refresh do you?”
“Good point.” The bartender slides you a shot.
“I didn’t order this.”
“I did. Enjoy.” A smooth voice says. Derek? What the hell is he doing?
“She’s busy dude.” Scorpion sneers, clearly feeling threatened by your crush’s sudden appearance.
“Why don’t you let her decide if she’s busy?” Smooth Derek. You turn to look at him and shoot him a puzzled look. He recognizes you and it only flashes across his face for a second before he schools his expression.
“It’s very sweet of you-?”
“Derek.” He says.
“Derek.” You repeat, “But I was talking to uh, I didn’t catch your name.” You say turning back to Scorpion.
“My friends call me Scorpion.”
“Ooh dangerous.” You flirt and he grins. “Maybe next time?” You say glancing back at Derek with a raised brow. He nods and heads away from you.
The rest of the night goes without a hitch. Scorpion takes you back to his apartment and tries to force his ritual on you when you pull your gun, identify yourself and cuff him. The local police take him into custody and the team packs up and heads out. You catch Derek’s arm he stops but won’t look at you.
“Hey. I just wanted to make sure we were cool.”
“Oh, uh yea.” He still won’t look at you, you laugh softly. “Well this is awkward.” You murmur.
“I didn’t know it was you.” He blurts out. “You never dress in clothes like that, even when we all go out for the night so I didn’t know it was you.”
“Why don’t you dress like that? You looked amazing.”
“It’s not really work appropriate.”
“What if it wasn’t a work function?” He looks at you and you see the fire in his eyes.
“Well yea, I tend to dress a little sexier when I’m not at work or out with my coworkers and boss.”
“What are you doing tomorrow night?”
“Derek Morgan are you asking me out?” You tease not expecting his answer to be yes.
“Yes.” Oh. Well then.
“I guess I’m busy now.” You say with a smile looping your arm through his. The two of you start toward the jet again in comfortable silence.

nefarioustropu  asked:

Hey I'm curious -- who's Nick Robinson and what did he do? :0

he’s one of the people who works on polygon, he’s a part of things like ‘cool games inc’ ‘car boys’ and probably a few other podcasts and such I’m not as familiar with

from what I’ve seen some shit started w him, that wouldn’t have been too bad, but it dug up the fact that apparently he’s been sexually harassing a bunch of women (I think a lot of which were coworkers) asking them for nudes and making off handed sexual comments

thatchinogirl  asked:

What do you mean by 'at least they weren't sexist about it'? I don't think the other pirates set out to exclude women from their crew, isn't it more chance meeting/ who they happen to bump into during their travel? (1/2)


said: Assuming they gathered their crew similarly to how Luffy did and granted that i guess Oda does choose whether they are male/female, although comment suggested the pirates were sexist in comparison to Baroque Work (2/2) /Sorry for the long winded Q xD

(Here’s earlier ask in question)

I think most pirates do just gather their crews based on chance meetings, however that’s not always the case. In Chapter 0, we specifically saw Shanks went out of his way to recruit Yasopp for his crew, even though they’d never met before. Blackbeard schemed to make the worst of the Level 6 inmates of Impel Down join his crew. The Sun Pirates were made up of freed slaves and other Fishmen who supported Fisher Tiger and his cause. And Crocodile too. He didn’t just randomly meet people and ask if they wanted to join his criminal organization—he sought them out and recruited them from all over the world (he even tried to recruit Zoro). Crocodile deliberately designed his organization’s membership, and for whatever reason it seemed like a good idea to him to have his most powerful pairs of officers be equally made up of men and women.

Apparently he’s the only person in the world who thinks this way. The Marines clearly don’t see any problems with having only 3 of the 50 named Marines at the rank of Captain and above being women. And somehow, out of the over 1600 members of Whitebeard’s own crew, there was only 1 woman—Haruta (and actually Haruto’s gender has never been specified, so there might be no women in Whitebeard’s own crew). And then, out of the 43 allied ships under Whitebeard’s command, only 2 of them had female captains (Whitey Bay and Emly). 

My comment about how at least Baroque Works wasn’t sexist in their undeniably cruel and power-hungry mission was more about praising them for giving equal credit to men and women than about condemning every other group and crew in the series for not doing the same. I’m aware most crews aren’t as deliberately designed as Baroque Works. I don’t expect Shanks and Kid and all the other Captains to design their crew to be half male and half female like Crocodile did. However, is the world of One Piece really that devoid of women who can fight, as Marines or pirates, so that only 3 out of 50 high ranking Marines and only 2 or 3 out of Whitebeard’s 59 Division Commanders and allied Captains are female? Is that all the combat strength the women of this world have to offer? 5 or 6 out of ever 100 important fighters are women? Crocodile proved that there are enough capable men and women out there to make a criminal empire without winding up with a 95% male group, unlike most everyone else in One Piece.

Of course, despite EVERYTHING I’ve said here, this is ultimately something that rests with Oda alone. We can’t analyze the decisions and crews of fictional characters in order to discern implied sexism in a fictional world (even though I just did). All of it—everything from the crews to the characters to the symbols on their flags—is from the mind of the author. And Oda gravitates much more heavily to male characters than female ones. If you go to the OP wiki, the article “female characters“ has 193 subpages on it. And the article of ”male characters“ has 837 subpages on it. Men in One Piece outnumber women by about 21 to 5. For every 1 woman in the series, there’s going to be over 4 men. That ratio holds for the Yonkou—1 female Yonkou and 4 male ones, but only 1 of the 10 Shichibukai members has been female, only 1 of the 11 Supernovas is female, and only 1 out of the 27 Marines who are ranked Vice Admiral and higher (3 out of 50 if you count from Captain rank and up) is female. It’s clear while women are already less common in One Piece than men, when it comes to prominent combatant roles, they become even less common.

I’m not trying to say that Oda is a big sexist jerk who is terrible and hates women or thinks they aren’t important or anything like that. Oda simply has far far fewer women as fighters in his series than he does men, and I’m not a fan of that. I’ve written about this before HERE, but to me it seems that Oda just isn’t comfortable with involving women in fights with the same intensity as men. Women get hurt all the time in One Piece, but almost exclusively at the hands of villains. And when the protagonists are charged with fighting female villains, Nami’s usually the one who has to take care of it. Luffy has hit women before, but could you imagine Luffy fighting a female villain with the same intensity and brutality he fought Rob Lucci? Punching Alvida off her ship with one hit is pretty damn different than beating someone into a coma like he did with Lucci. In Zoro’s fight with Monet, and Usopp’s fight with Perona, both women we defeated with shock alone–neither man actually hurt them. Doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions, but the deck is overwhelmingly stacked so that Oda’s male protagonists won’t have to seriously fight or hurt female antagonists. Hell, Oda even made Ivankov take on his female appearance when he fought Sadi-chan. I’d never thought about this before, but I think it’s fairly telling that the only time Iva has become a woman in the manga so far was the 1 time he had to fight a woman.

So today I asked my Mexican coworker why he doesn’t like black women. He told me that his answer was 50% racist but I said I’d listen anyway. General curiosity and such. He looked me dead in my eyes and said that black women are more prone to STDs specifically AIDS/HIV.

I asked him if he thought it was given to them by black men who are notoriously known for not getting tested but having bountiful sex. He said yes that a lot of black men are in the closet so they have down low sex with other gay black men. I asked him how’d they get HIV/STDs - he says from jail and that most of the prisons are filled with black men and they have unsafe sex, catch an STD, then get out and spread it to black women. So therefore he doesn’t go near black women. Also we apparently have an unappealing vagina - “it’s too dark,” he says. He argues that race A has the best V and then race B, followed by race C. He’s had every race except black and I asked him then how does he know? “I have friends.” was his answer. I just wanted to know what you guys think of this or if you’ve ever encountered this issue???