and apparently beating up kids

Gang AU (Rap Monster, AU)

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Jimin // Jungkook // Suga // V // Rap Monster

Ayyyyyy SORRY FOR MAKING YOU WAIT SO LONG HERE YOU GO, I GOT LIKE 15 IDEA’S AND THREW THEM A L L TOGETHER. INTO ONE IDEA. I know this seriously explains like nothing so in the future I mayyyyy write a part 2 for him, but for now please allow me to write the other boys!! I’ll probably write Seokjin’s next!!!! 

Words: 1532

“I already told you!” You pushed the boy away weakly, backing up against the fence. The three of them leaned closer to you, one of them tapping the aluminium baseball bat he had against the concrete. 

“Don’t lie, pretty girl…” He spat at your feet, raising the baseball bat. You braced yourself, but never felt a single hit after he raised it.

“What a completely unprofessional scene. Man, would your boss like to know about this, huh, boys?”

The one holding the bloody bat dropped it, turning towards the voice with wide eyes. The other two backed up slightly, knocking into each other and almost falling over. You collapsed to your knees, feeling too weak to stand any longer.

“Ah, Namjoon…” One of them stuttered, hitting the another’s chest. One of them turned and ran off, leaving the other two shouting after him.

“Oh, Seventeen kids?” Namjoon smiled, reaching into the back of his pants for something. The two of them turned without a second thought, running off after the third. You fell back against the fence, groaning at the feeling of your back hitting the wire.

“Fucking idiots…” Namjoon muttered, coming closer to you. You flinched away from him, but he only brushed two fingers along your cheekbone.

“What were they doing with you? God, your a mess…”

“Thanks…” You choked, accepting his help off the ground. He held you against his side tightly, looking at you with clear concern on him. “I think they said something about me being with this…gang called BTS?”

He laughed, accidentally tightening his hand too tightly on your side and causing another groan. “Oh, sorry…Do you want to come back to my hideout? It’s just down the street, I’ll help you get patched up.”


“No offense,” you mumbled. “but I have no idea who the fuck you are…”

“Oh,” he grinned, taking your hand and shaking it gently. “I’m said boss of ‘that gang’ BTS, Kim Namjoon.”

“Hmm, are you? You don’t seem as scary as they made you seem…” You tested, too cold and tired to care who he said he was.

“I am, I promise. I live up to my name, you just have yet to piss me off.”

“Yet to- ow…” You winced as he began to bring you down the street. Namjoon sighed, slinging your arm around his neck.

“You can’t even walk… Get on my back. We’ll get there faster.” He  knelt down, still holding your hand firmly on his shoulder. For a moment you pondered if he really had pure intentions, until realizing that if you declined his offer you’d be left out in the cold darkness. That thought left you climbing onto his back and wrapping your arms tightly around his neck.

He choked slightly. “Not so tight… Hold my shoulders.” He ordered, sliding his hands under your thighs.

He was right, it was quicker than dragging you back to his hideout. Namjoon opened the door to the place, and you were immediately met with the smell of peppermint. Two boys sat in the corner, placing icing sugar onto a gingerbread house. The other one was eating the gingerbread.

Namjoon turned slightly, locking the glass door and pulling curtains across so nobody could see inside.

“Ah, Jimin, you just ate the roof!” The taller one whined. He had a white bandage slapped onto his cheek, a small amount of blood soaked all throughout it. The one known as Jimin snorted, placing the half eaten roof down onto the house.

“It just needs surgery and it’ll be pretty again, I promise.”

They both looked over at the two of you, before standing up quickly. They were both wearing similar outfits, slacks with button down shirts. Very nicely dressed for two boys building a gingerbread house.

“Namjoon, I thought you went home for the night. What happened? Who is she?” The one in the grey slacks asked. He walked towards Namjoon, but Namjoon began to walk towards the elevator.

“She just got beat up by seventeen kids because apparently she’s with us? Where’s Seokjin?”

The 4 of you got into the small elevator, and you laid your head down against Namjoon’s shoulder. The pain everywhere was getting to be unbearable, and you were ready to cry. Still, none of these men seemed like criminals to you. It was either that, or your pain induced anguish blocked any dangerous red lights blinking in your mind.

All of you got to the last floor, and the moment the doors opened, you were met with a brush of warm air. Namjoon’s lighthearted aura darkened. His hands tightened on your thighs as he brought you deeper into the warmth.

“Are you awake? You may have a concussion, so you can’t sleep yet. Hey, pick your head up!”

“Mm,” you whined. “I’m just a little tired…”

“Sleep after my friend helps you out, okay?” He murmured, and you felt a brush of hair against your cheek.

You flinched after someone helped you down from Namjoon’s back. Opening your eyes, you noticed plump lips grinning down at you, his eyes slightly hooded, as if he were just woken from a deep sleep. You were in an office, laying on a black leather love seat.

“Oh, shit.” He murmured. “Looking not so pretty. That’s fine, I’ll fix you up.”

“Yoongi!” Namjoon snapped, his head turned in another direction. A minty color blinded your vision very suddenly.

“What? God, you’re so loud….” He groaned, rolling out his shoulders.

“How’s that map coming along with Taehyung? Do you have any idea how to get into that place without those kids fucking knowing?”

“I do!” Taehyung chimed in sweetly. The one leaning over you, checking everything over and wiping blood off of you didn’t speak. He smiled the whole time.

“She doesn’t have a concussion. Do you live around here, sweetheart?”

“No… Uptown.” You attempted to sit up, but Namjoon pushed you back down.

“Just stay here for the night, you can’t go anywhere like that.”

“I have to get hom-” You cut yourself off once Seokjin wiped off blood from your cheek.

Namjoon gently shoved Seokjin away, pushing Yoongi along with him. “Everyone get out. Taehyung, you too. Didn’t your grandma want that gingerbread house by tomorrow?”

“What about those kids?”

“Doesn’t matter, they’re not going to disappear by tomorrow.” Namjoon didn’t look at them while speaking, and he knelt to level you. He picked up the swab Seokjin had been using to disinfect the cut on your cheek and wordlessly began to dab at it.

The other boys didn’t say another word, before leaving the office and closing the door shut. Namjoon allowed you to sit up now, but forced you to hold onto his shoulders. The florescent lights were blinding you, so Namjoon had to dim them.

“Okay, you should be fine, now. Do you really want to go home? We have bedrooms here. Nobody will bother you if they know I brought you here.”

“Because you’re a big bad boss?” You teased, massaging one of your temples. Namjoon snorted, looking down and shaking his head.

“Yeah, you could say that. How does your back feel? They hit you hard, didn’t they?”

You sighed, closing your eyes for a moment. “Yeah, they hit me hard.”

It was silent for a moment, before Namjoon placed a hand on your knee cap. “Can I look at it?”

You turned your body away from him, facing the wall so Namjoon could pick up your shirt and check. His dramatic intake of breath and lengthy exhale was enough for you to know it wasn’t pretty.

His hand lightly caressed the spots, and you winced away in pain.

“Oh sorry,” he murmured, letting your shirt fall back down over the wounds. You turned toward him again, getting helped up into a standing position.

“Do you want another shirt to wear? It’ll be looser and it’ll hurt less.”

“Why are you helping me?” You whispered. Namjoon frowned, looking down at you with furrowed eyebrows. “I could’ve just gone to the hospital.”

“How could I not help you? You got hurt this badly because of me.” He sounded offended, but Namjoon’s features didn’t show it. 

“Don’t think of it like that…I was just trying to get home.” You waved him off, leaning against his shoulder while you limped together down the hall. Namjoon stopped at a door a good ways away from noise and light. He turned to you, grasping your shoulders.

“Of course I’m going to think of it like that. They hurt you because they thought we’re working together, right?”

“Are you planning on working with me to get back at them?” 

He laughed, shaking his head “Hardly, but I think getting to know you would be a start. I feel like…protecting you. What, are you scared of me or something?”

“Hardly,” You deadpanned, shaking his arms off of you. “I believe getting to know you would be proper, depending on these circumstances.”

“Well,” Namjoon grinned wickedly, leaning closer to you so he could get the door open. “I’ll have you know my way of getting to know someone is different than the usual person. How do you take your alcohol?”


  • at the beginning of the verse,   darcy has just come back from a quest and has challenged the previous counsellor,   winning the battle and thus taking the title for herself.   she returned from her quest with a magical item gifted to her by her mother,   though only octavia and isaac know about this.
  • she blew up the ares cabin’s toilets with isaac lahey and thus covered them in poop,   meaning that ares kids had to bunk in other cabins for a few nights.    this was retaliation for the ares kids dunking so many kids in toilets.
  • got rejected by isaac lahey after bellamy told him darcy had a crush on him  –  because apparently everyone knows it but them.
  • beat up a hermes kid for starting a bet on who would get to take her virginity.    griffin,   isaac and azriel were on the list;   nova bet on himself.    darcy stole their money after octavia told her about it and put the hermes kid in the the infirmary after shooting him with an arrow.


  • griffin xavier,   close friend.    she’s insanely protective of him and considers him a younger brother.   could see him as more if he was older.
  • octavia blake,   best friend.    they are an extension of one weapon,   and deadly in force.   piss darcy off,   and you’ll most likely have octavia to deal with  –  and her dog brutus.
  • isaac lahey,   best friend and crush.    she likes the way he sees the world and feels safe with him.   their conversations are meaningful.
  • daphne blake,   close friend.    the two have become closer since they both became counsellors and daphne has become someone darcy can trust.
  • raven reyes,   close friend.    raven is like an older sister to her.   she would trust her with anything and knows she’ll have her back.
  • nova haihefa,   frenemy.    after the bet she knows she shouldn’t hang out with him,   but he pays attention to her and she likes it.   could also see something more happening between them.
  • jana collins,   friend.   jana’s always been reliable and a friend she can count on. she trusts her.
  • stiles stilinski,   brother.   her favourite sibling  –  that’s all she has to say about that.
  • bellamy blake,   friend and brother figure by association.   she’s become closer to him ever since octavia and darcy became inseparable.
  • azriel azgeda,   friend.   darcy took the opportunity to show him around camp and introduce him to his new life.   in return,   he’s been kind to her.   he’s probably the only person she’s instantly liked.
  • maxen kingsley,   friend.   he’s always been a brother figure to her.   he holds a special place in her heart.
  • cian ardent,   friend.   they work well in a team and know that they’re each useful to one another.   cian’s there for her when she needs it.   he’s one of the most important people at camp to her;   he’s on her list of people she’d take on a quest.
  • lydia martin,   sister.   she’s one of the smartest of her siblings and darcy definitely admires her for that.   she’s considering her as a top candidate for her second in command.
  • spencer hastings,   sister.   spencer is smart and loyal and possibly one of the siblings she values the most.    she’s considering her as a top candidate for her second in command.
  • scott mccall,   friend.   her brother’s best friend  –  she cares about him by association.
  • zolita,   enemy.   zolita isn’t impressed with her time spent with nova haihefa,   and darcy cares as little as possible about this.   ultimately,   this does not work out well for the two of them.
  • penny williams,   sister.    darcy’s favourite sister and somebody she loves the most out of all the people in her life.    she makes it a priority to schedule out extra lessons for penny in their spare time,    and ultimately would want her to be her second command,   but penny refused. that doesn’t mean darcy won’t bring it up again,   however.