and apparantly i look like you

So my parents and I are sitting on the couch and my bro’s in a chair and we’re watching tv.

My parents start talking about Valentine’s Day. 

Dad’s like: You kids get your mom something for Valentine’s Day?

I said No mom never wants anything for Valentines Day. Apparantly this year she changed her mind ;)

She’s like I like flowers and dark chocolate.

I said ‘Cool, oh dad, I like orange flowers and any chocolate.’

My brother chimes in ‘I like orchids.’

My dad’s like ‘I’m not getting YOU flowers!’

to which I was like ‘That’s showing favoritism.’ Dad blows it off.

SO today I wanlk into the sun room with my mom and there’s this big blue orchid.

I was like ‘Did you buy this?’ She says no and looks over at Joseph in the other room. ‘Joe? this for me?’

Joe doesn’t even look up from his computer ‘Nope. My orchid.’

I love my brother, if he wasn’t gonna get an orchid from his parents for V day he decided to go out and get his own damn orchid.


I love it



Interesting stuff:

* Kommo-o finally gets some love with its own Z-move!
* Possibly the official arts for the new protagonists, possibly just promo art? Cos they don’t have the same kind of pose as usual, its a super goofy one with loads of personality instead.
* A few scattered shots of new customization options throughout all the trailers, including what seems to be a pikachu cosplay set.
* It seems the dragon rockstar guy who cameo’d briefly in the postgame will have a bigger role now. Possibly also more scenes of Kahili? And we’re shown that brief sidequets exeggutor island with a whole bunch of exeggutors dancing, and what seems like a completely new forest area with some people in straw hats? IM INTRIGUED
* Specifically an alola vulpix shown on some sort of desk that might be in the aether foundation. Completely wild theory: USUM’s ‘alternate universe’ means this is an animeverse adaptation similar to pokemon yellow?
* Apparantly a split second of what looks like LT SURGE’S GYM so holy FUCK do we get to explore a graphically upgraded kanto?? Do we get to see Lillie’s kanto journey?? PLEASE NINTEND
* new ‘Alola Photo Club’ allows you to take screenshots in the way I kinda expected we would have got with the rotom pokedex last time. You can freely pose your trainer and selected pokemon, and seemingly put accessories on them sinnoh contest style?
* Apparantly its ‘mostly in photo club buildings in each town’ but you can also take a screenshot in the field if your pokemon evolves or ‘other special scenarios’
* You can have Rotom Pokedex join in the picture!! That’s a little confusing, but I’m also excited it means the character will be returning and its not like they were completely replaced by this photo club. Does that mean the USUM protagonist is supposed to be the actual same person? Did they inherit rotomdex from the SuMo protag? Is it true that this is gonna be an ‘alternate universe’ rather than a sequel? Or is it just that in the future now there’s more rotomdexes, and this is a different one?


Me: Ok let’s see … a Kazakhstani singer who apparantly was in a Chinese talent show and is supposed to have “the best voice in the world”. Sure, why not.

Me: *starting video* Well alright, a smooth and clear voice, nice enough, but … this was probably more about his cute looks and personal charisma …

Me: Oh, did I just hear his voice growing … powerful?


Me: … lol look at him smirking like “heh, I bet you weren’t prepared for this”. You bet I wasn’t!

Me: *continues listening* … well, damn. I’m not even into falsetto voices …

Me: *proceeds to spend hours watching all of this guy’s performances I can find*

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A/N: I’ve fiddled with this time and time again now and I think I’m just gonna post it before I overthink it. I made it angsty, but if that’s not the approach you wanted feel free to message me and I’ll write something new for you! 

Warnings: Angst?

Ace + No. 5: “You can’t even look at me!”

In all honestly, you’d meant to be much more subtle about the whole situation.

You’d played through it in your mind numerous times.

You settled next to him on a barstool, curling your feet over the lowest rung and peaking at him from beneath the hem of your hood.

“Hello, handsome.” You would greet. “You’re not from these parts. A cowboy as fine as yourself, I would have acquainted myself with far before tonight.”

Always oblivious, he would scratch the back of his head, unknowingly casting his most charming smile to the complete stranger. “No, I’m not from around here. I’m actually on a little adventure.”

“An adventure?” You’d encourage, tilting your head upwards into the light. His dark eyes would widen in shock, and then shame.



In the face of the situation, any logical plan of yours had washed away in the grainy breeze of Alabasta. You were shaking, unsure of what you were feeling more. Were you bitterly angry, gritting your teeth in the face of his so called duty? Were you devestated, clinging to a half-lit hope that he would have returned to the crew, and you, before he’d reached Blackbeard?

The only thing you could think to say was, “How dare you leave like that.”

“I had to. For my pride, and for Whitebeard’s name.” He said lowly. His eyes were cast aside, and you had yet to see any shock, or any shame.

“He asked you not to!” You snapped, slamming your hands down against the table he was sat at.  Between the both of you, his hat- which he had taken off as soon as he’d noticed your arrival- fluttered in the whipping wind of your movement. “And that’s not the point! I know why you left! But how could you leave like that!” You looked up at the sealing, desperately fighting to keep yourself from crying as you closed your eyes. “I woke up alone, and the crew told me that you’d gone. There wasn’t a note, no message at all. That-” Your breath hitched, and you knotted your fingers in your hair, fighting a full attack of sobs. “That could have been the last time I ever heard from you.”

Apparantly devestation had dealt it’s card, because rage reared its ugly head, and you found yourself across the table and pushing at his chest. “You can’t even look at me! You coward! You absolute idiot! I love you! When will you finally stop drowning in doubt and accept that I’ll love you forever! You don’t get to go down this road alone.” You gritted your teeth. “Not while I’m still breathing.”

He caught your wrists, standing to his full height in front of you. You tried to wrestle away from his grip. “Let me go!” You seethed. “I’m not done telling you how stupid you are!”

Your wrath rose when you caught him snicker at your comment, then suddenly died in your throat.

He wrapped his arms tightly around you, engulfing you in his presence. The heat of his skin was a familiar comfort, easing the anger and snuffing your fight. But then his scent washed over you- smoke, sweat, and sandalwood- and you were clutching at his back with the same vigor. Tears drowned the world into a streaking canvas, and you trembled hard in his arms.

He nuzzled against your hair, and you could feel him smile gently. “You came looking for me.”

“W-What?” You asked, pulling back. Finally, finally, his dark eyes met yours, and you lost yourself in the warm, russet brown of his gaze. He cupped your face in his hands, brushing away your tears gently.

Ace sighed, looking forlorn. “I have to fight Blackbeard. It’s my duty as a son of Whitebeard, I have to ensure that his name is respected. I knew I had to leave.” He leaned in, lying his forehead against yours.

“But how could you leave like that?” You demanded without force, closing your eyes and holding his hands against your cheeks.

He laughed once, “It was easier. I wasn’t, and I never will be, strong enough to face goodbye.” You were astonished by how simple he made the answer seem. His jaw clenched as he looked away from you again. He closed his eyes for a second, then looked out into the vast dunes of sand that framed the small village he’d hidden away in. “I was going to tell you in the morning. But then, the longer I looked at you, the more uneasy I was. I would rather fight Blackbeard not knowing if you would have given up on me, so that I could imagine that you didn’t hate me for leaving you. Like I had to.” He enforced once more, and you didn’t have the will to fight him anymore. “So I left as quickly as possible.”

You rolled your eyes, huffing out an irritated breath. “You absolute idiot.”

“I think you’ve already used that one.”

“You thick-headed moron.” You murmured, unable to hide the affection from your voice, or the soft laugh that bubbled to your lips when he nodded in approval at your correction. “Of course I’d come find you. How many times do I have to tell you that you aren’t alone anymore?”

He didn’t truly answer. A small line born of tense emotion creased between his eyes, and his warm mouth pressed against yours in a firm kiss. Your fingers weaved through ebony locks, even as pain breathed coldly against your heart.

You wonder if he’d ever believe he wasn’t alone, and that he was loved unconditionally. All you could be sure of, was that you would keep proving to him that he was.

Hazuki's Twitter
  • Hazuki: If yummy food actually had high value in nutrition and a low calorie amount this world's balance would collapse I guess... Why is it that when you eat tasty food you get fat, it's like calories were made to be a punishment for this kinda crime... I am thinking while eating a hamburger steak. God?!
  • Hazuki: Guys did you notice? It's already been a month since Shinkiba on April 18th.
  • Twitter User: There are also tons of healthy meals that taste good! *\(^o^)/* Japanese food for example! Like sushi.
  • Hazuki: Aren't you shocked by how many calories sushi actually has?
  • Hazuki: Look [pic where he googled, apparantly it's 624 calories per portion]
  • Twitter User: LOL you really are extremely fussy about such things! You gotta have fun while eating ♪
  • Hazuki: You're right, life is better when don't care about such trivial matters and just eat what you wanna eat. Even if you get fat.
  • Hazuki: *posts pic of red bull and some desert on insta*
  • Hazuki: The photobooks are ready. The part being sold at the live has been delivered. Gonna sign them now ♡ #700booksfornow
  • Hazuki: Like this [pic of some signed books]
  • Tatsurou: Signing with [kanji like] Hazuki seems annoying to me!
  • Hazuki: 1 sign takes 3 seconds
  • Tatsurou: I also need 3 [pic of a turd and his name under it]
  • Hazuki(about 3 hours later): I signed all 700. Look forward to it!
  • Twitter User: Is the signing session also over in 3 seconds?! 😭😭😭
  • Hazuki: If you tell me I'll also be writing your name, also I'm gonna write slowly 🐢
Lucifer Morningstar X Reader: Thundering Hearts.

Notes: This one-shot was requested by anon. My first Lucifer one. I am sorry if it’s shit. I had to try to write a Lucifer one though.


It was already starting to get dark outside when you got the text from Lucifer. You already knew what the text would be about. Ever since he hired you as his personal stylist, he would constantly ask you for advice. You would go shopping for clothes for him and he would join you every single time, he loved to wear Prada, which you found funny considering he is named Lucifer. During the many shopping sprees he would constantly try to flirt with you or draw your attention to him. You laughed it off or ignored his flirting, this was your job after all and you knew he loved to flirt with a lot of women. He was always trying to find ways to get to see you or talk to you, calling you to ask if a certain jacket would go well with a certain pair of pants.

This time he texted you and asked if you could come to Lux for a fitting appointment. He needed an outfit for a big event that he had planned for tomorrow. You left the dinner you had prepared for yourself untouched and got ready to go to Lux.

Whilst driving the weather seemed to go from a dry and warm evening to a rainy and cold one. It took you 40 minutes to drive to Lux and the weather only seemed to get worse every minute.

When you arrived the first party-goers were already lining up outside, some of them trying to convince the bouncer to let them in. You pull up your car and walk up to the entrance, the bouncer nods and let’s you in. You walk down the stairs to the bar where you see Maze, you two seem to get along quiet well. She notices you and calls you over.

“He can’t seem to get dressed anymore without your help it seems. What does he need you for this time?” A grin spreading accros her face.

“Hey Maze. So it seems. He wants me to help him pick an outfit for an important event tomorrow apparantly.”

Maze rolls her eyes. “Oh, that. Hey listen, can’t you pick something horrible for him to wear?” she smiles mischievously.

You shake your head trying to look serious but failing “ Maze..”

“Oh come on, he would wear anything if you told him how sexy he looked in it.”

You laughed and shook your head “No Maze, I like my job and i’d rather not get fired. Sorry.”

“He would never fire you. If he did then he would have to come up with another way to get your attention.”

“I don’t doubt that he would. I’d better get going. Nice talking to you, Maze.”

“Good luck.” She winked at you.

You get up from the bar chair and start making your way to Lucifer’s penthouse. You press the elevator button and wave at the small security camera to let him now it’s you. The doors go open and you step inside. When the elevator doors open again you see Lucifer standing, holding 2 glasses in his hand.

“Ah! Finally you’re here. Wine? ” He walks over to you and offers you a glass.

You take the glass from his hands “Thank you. So what kind of  big event do you need an outfit for ?” taking a sip from the wine,

“Oh yes, well. Do you remember when I told you about me working for the LAPD ?”

You nod “ Yeah, you told me your were helping Detective Decker.”

“Exactly. So you do pay attention to me other then to my clothes.” here he goes again.

“You hired me for your clothes, Lucifer.” You sigh.

“Yes, yes. Boring. Now, the detective and I are investigating the murder on a ex-sport star who had set up a charitable foundation. Now I have decided to hold a charity event, here in Lux, for the foundation.” he explains enthousiastic.

“So you need an outfit for this charity event ? No problem. Let’s go and try some clothes on.” You walk past him to his dressing room.

“Or off.” he smoothly blurts out.

You roll your eyes, you knew he would flirt with you again, he always does. It’s not like you are not interested, it just makes it hard for you to stay professional. You loved your job, and a big part of that was because you loved spending time with Lucifer. When he wasn’t constantly flirting with you , you two could talk for hours and he actually listened to what you had to say.

You enter the dressing room, and by now you already know where you could find the different pieces of clothing. You open the closet which contained his tuxedo jackets.

“So, what look are you going for ?” You ask while looking at the many different jackets.

“Well, I want a look that says ‘hot and generous’, or just generous. I have the hot part covered.” He smirks while motioning at himself.

You smile and shake your head, while taking out a black tuxedo jacket and walk over to where he’s standing. You hold it up in front of him.

“Perfect. You should wear this with a white shirt and a black pair of pants. But something’s missing.” You walk to another closet and open it while Lucifer puts on the jacket.

“Got it!” You say and take a black bow tie from his closet. “Come closer.” you say.

“Ooh gladly.” He walks to you and you start helping him to put on his bow tie. He looks at you with amusement. When you finished putting it on, you stand behind him and you put your hands on his shoulders, making him turn around to face the mirror.

“What do you think?” You ask him.

He takes a couple of poses while checking himself out in the mirror then turns to you.

“What do you think ?“ he fires back the question and he stands up straight.

You can’t help but smile, you knew he would ask you. He always does. “I think you look very handsome. Aaand generous of course.Very classy.”.

A big smile appears on his face, and you realise this is the first time you told him he was handsome.  

“Handsome, huh? Well, in that case, I shall gladly wear this outfit for the event tomorrow. You never cease to amaze me.”  

You walk out of the dressing room, trying not to blush and Lucifer follows you.

“Hey, uhmm.. It’s getting late, I should be heading home. Good luck tomorrow at the–” Before you could finish your sentence, the very loud sound of thunder could be heard and it made the large windows of the penthouse shake. The sound made you jump, you were never a big fan of thunderstorms, truthfully, you hated them. Lucifer noticed your reaction.

“Bloody hell, Someone’s throwing a fit again it appears. Listen, you don’t have to drive home through this weather, you can stay here if you’d like.” A worried expression on his face.

You shake your head “ No, thank you Lucifer, i’ll be fi-” another loud thunder makes you jump again.

Lucifer walks over to you and puts a hand on your back “I would feel personally responsible if anything would happen to you. Please stay here, at least until the weather gets better.” He pleaded and you gave in.

“Okay, i’ll stay on one condition.”

Lucifer looks at you questioning. “And what would that be?”

“I want pizza, I was going to have dinner before you asked me to come here. I’m starving.”

“It’s a deal. So, what should we do to keep ourselves occupied in the meantime?”

“We could watch some movies? “

You both go to sit on the couch in front of his big TV. You start searching for good movies, you ask if Lucifer has any preferences, he wants you to pick the movie so you decide to watch The Avengers.

During the movie you remarked how the actors were hot and out of the corner of your eyes you could see him rolling his eyes, and you tried your hardest not to laugh. He was jealous. After the movie ended you two started talking. First about the event tomorrow, but after a while it became more personal, you talk about your familly and Lucifer openend up about his. You always saw him as someone who could not take anything serious. But the more he revealed, the clearer it was that he   felt rejected by his familly. You could see the hurt in his eyes even though he tried to hide it with jokes or he brushed it off like it was nothing. Out of nowhere you hugged him. Wanting to make him feel better, to let him know that he was not alone. And maybe, maybe because you were starting to feel something for him. At first Lucifer freezes, not enterily sure what to do. But then he wrapped his arms around you as well. You stayed like that for while, just enjoying the genuine moment. You broke the hug and curled up next to him on the couch, leaning on his shoulder. After a while you started to feel tired and when you looked up to Lucifer you could see that he had fallen asleep. A smile spread across your face as you rose up and planted a kiss on his cheeck. You layed your head back on his shoulder, and soon enough you were sleeping as well.

Lucifer however, was awake now and his heart was racing from the moment your lips touched his cheeck.

BTS reaction to you trying on some clothes in the fitting rooms

“Hello! new to your blog and love it! Can I request a reaction to the boys going shopping with you and they pick out all your clothes and admire how great you look? sorry if it seems difficult/didn’t make sense =/” First of all: Thank you so much sweetie! It really means a lot! ♥ And then for the rest: Here you go! :3


Jin: He would be staring at you. He won’t even hide how much he finds you radiant. “How can you look so beautiful in each cloth I pick up for you?” He would look at you with a so intense stare you would feel uncomfortable and have to pull on the curtain to change yourself. 

SUGA: As soon as you would show up behind the curtain he would wince “Ouch. Why do you have to be so pretty?” “But that’s you who picked up these clothes!” You would tell. “Then this is self harm.”He would keep on exagerating. “What do you think of the outfit anyway?” You would sigh. “It looks wonderful on you. We’ll gonna buy it!” He would stop on wincing and smile brightly instead.

Rap Monster: I think after some clothes shopping he would get so impatient to see you trying on some bras he would push you into an underwears shop. And pick up some sexy bras and make you try them on. When you’ll be done trying one on he would let his face appear between the curtain and the fitting room’s wall. “What do you think?” You would ask and he would be so flustered he won’t be able to make a proper sentence. “I don’t feel comfortable into this one…I don’t think I’m going to buy it…” You would purposely tease him. He would panic a bit and stuff and you would burst out of laughter. “I was joking! Let me try on the other ones.” You would push him out of the fitting room and let the pure-teasing moment continue.

J-Hope: I don’t think he would be able to show you how sexy he thinks you are. I think he would act a bit akwardely even if you were just trying some skirts and dresses. Or when you would ask him if your jeans are fitting you how it is supposed to.

Jimin: He would be completely lost in his feelings. He would want to act cool and being a good advisor while you would be trying on the clothes but he would somehow turn to be staring at you without being able give you some advices because he would find you so beautiful in each outfit you would be trying on.

V: He would be pretty flustered too but he would be a really good advisor to be honest! He would keep his mind fresh and tell you honestly what’s looking good on you and what is not. Thus you would be able to buy only the right things and learn many things on his fashion taste and on what he likes to see you in.

Jungkook: I think he would be such a teasing boyfriend while shopping though he is apparantly good at carry the shopping bags. “This skirt looks fine on you but it’s too short and I don’t want other guys to see you in this skirt.” “This top is too transparant…” And you would finally be walking out of the shops with jumpers and jeans.


I hope you have all enjoyed this reaction? Comments are welcomed! ♥

I’m apparantly a narcissist because for the longest time my lockscreen was a selfie with me and one of my friends. And everyone whose icon is a selfie is a narcissist as well, cause apparantly it’s wrong to show people your face (or what you want your face to look like in the case of otherkin).

- Mod Thistle

I Like It When You're Wet

REQUEST: Omfg I was think about this but I thought this was really freaking cute so you’re taking a shower and you’re about to get out when you realized all your clean towels are gone from where you left them so you go through the apartment looking for one and calum surprise surprise has the towels in his hands in the middle of the living room so now you guys frickle frackle while you’re dripping wet? I hope you get what I mean haha but thanks a lot :)) vv smutty plz xx

Leaning back, you let the warm water cascade over you. You sighed happily, and began washing the conditioner out of your hair. After you’d washed it out fully, you switched the shower off and squeezed the water out of your hair, opening the curtains and reaching for a towel.

You had grabbed thin air, and you frowned, confused. You looked around the bathroom and couldn’t find any towels anywhere, or anything to slip on so you could find one. Frustrated, you shook the water off of your legs and opened the bathroom door.

You walked through your house, arms covering your naked body and found Calum surrounded by towels in your living room.

“Well hi there Y/N” He winked and you threw him a glare

“Cal give me a towel please” You pouted, but apparantly he wasn’t giving in today

“I kinda like what I see without a towel if I’m honest” His smile was cocky and you squirmed, lying if you said you weren’t a little turned on

“But I’m all wet, can you let me get dry?” You whined, but he just smiled still, looking you up and down and drinking in the sight of you

“I like it when you’re wet” His voice was laced with innuendo and you rolled your eyes, controlling the urge to jump on him there and then. You walked towards the pile of towels next to him, and went to pick one up, only to be pulled into him for a well-awaited kiss.

You relaxed into him instantly, wrapping your arms around his neck, your tongue joining his in a battle for dominance. He won, as always. you and grinded down onto him softly, a tent forming in his pants.

“You’re wearing too many clothes” You tugged at his shirt and he grinned

“You want this off babe?” You nodded, pouting and he kissed your bottom lip before removing his shirt. You were always in awe of Calums body, it was so toned and you loved the feel of his biceps contracting when he was thrusting into you hard.

Your hands fumbled with his pants, slipping under his waistband and slowly stroking him. You kissed your way down his torso, and pulled his pants down to mouth the outline of his cock through his boxers. You looked up at him and his eyes were closed, lost in the bliss of the moment.

You took him out of his boxers and slowly took him all in, too horny to tease anymore. He looked down at you, and you looked dead in his eyes, eyelashes fluttering.

“Fuck Y/N, you look so pretty sucking my cock” You moaned in a appreciation and he bucked into your mouth. You rolled your tongue around the head and began bobbing your head faster, his grunts becoming more frequent and his hands twisted in your hair. You pulled off of him and kissed him hard, slowly grinding down onto his length.

“Lay down” You layed yourself down next to him and he sat on top of you, never breaking the kiss. He began kissing down your body, taking your left nipple into his mouth and swirling round it with his tongue. You moaned and felt him smirk against your nipple, toying with the other one with his fingers. He kissed down your stomach, lips ghosting over where you needed him the most.

“Cal… Cal please” You whined breathlessly, moving your hands down to guide his head to where you needed him. He caught your wrist and held your hand away from him.

“Do you know how much I love this?” He kissed your inner thigh, “The way you fall apart when I whisper dirty things in your ear” His tongue lightly flicked your slit, teasing your entrance and you bucked into him, “Or when I touch you” He dragged his finger up your slit and around your clit, never directly touching it, “And I’m the only person who gets to see you like this” His finger slowly entered you, and an animalistic groan left your mouth.

He pumped his finger painfully slowly, his mouth laying sloppy kisses onto your inner thigh. He began to speed up, adding another finger and his tongue flicked your clit. You moaned out his name and he smirked against you, tongue and fingers both moving faster. You were writhing underneath him, moaning and grinding further into his fingers. You felt yourself come close to the edge and laced your hands through his hair, pushing his face into your heat. His fingers curled upwards and you lost it. His name repeatedly left your lips as you hit your high, leaving you a hot mess.

“You okay there babe?” He asked cheekily and you swatted his arm playfully, “Shut up and fuck me Hood”

“With pleasure” his lips attatched themselves to your neck, and you felt him settling at your entrance. You moved your hips upwards towards him, and he seemed to understand because he slowly pushed into you, both your breaths hitching as he filled you up.

“Fuck Cal” You moaned out, and he took deep, slow thrusts into you. Your nails made marks into his back as he hit your G-spot perfectly each time. He began to speed up, causing your legs to shake with pleasure. You brought a finger down to quickly rub figure 8’s into your clit and you felt yourself becoming close again

“Cal, baby I’m- fuck, uh I’m close!” He pounded relentlessly, never losing his pace for a second, “Me too, fuck”

His thrusts became sloppy and his head fell into your neck, “Cum baby”

You let go, climaxing for the second time as you felt Calum release hot spurts inside of you. Your nails dug into his back as you pulled him in closer, closing any space that existed between you both. You lay there, sweaty and panting, for what seemed like an eternity.

“I think I’m gonna need another shower” You giggled, standing up and taking a towel with you to the bathroom.

“I think I’ll join you” Calum grinned, grabbing the rest of the towels and following you into the bathroom.


so I just found out a new scifi superhero series has started and it’s called Cleverman. but guess what. it has.


the protagonist is a young aborigional man. like do you understand what a big fucking deal that is? its an australian scifi series starring a bunch of indigenous australians. not only that, but they are standing up for the rights of beings called ‘subhumans’ who are apparantly being systematically removed from their homes and opressed and abused. which is exactly what was done to aborigionals.

and aside from that it actually just looks really fucking entertaining and good production value? so?

so yeah everyone should totallt watch this show

Can you do a lilo!daddies with baby!zayn toddler!Niall and older toddler!Harry where Louis is kind of the stay at home mommy and all he does is stay with the baby all day while Liam works. Maybe Louis gets called into the school because Harry is in trouble? At the end of the day, Louis is all tense and stressed so Liam gives him a massage etc.

I slightly changed the ages. Harry-8 Niall-6 Zayn-6 months. I really hope you all like it, it’s pretty long and I had so much fun writing it aha! 

Word count- 2k

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So I’m a cashier and some asshole I was checking out handed this to me but we were crazy busy so I didn’t get to look at it until my break so if anyone tries to hand this to you please rip it in half in front of them. Thanks. It’s basically implying that if you like Rey then you’re “lusting after her” and apparantly thinking someone is hot is “sinning” even if you never act on those thoughts. Wtf

thathilomgirl  asked:

Prompt: Natsu and Lucy playing with their baby

Send me a prompt and I’ll write a 4-5 sentence drabble about it.

“Look, I made her a plush cat! It looks just like Happy, doesn’t it?”

Lucy raised a brow in amusement, inspecting the doll that apparantly was supposed to be a cat (it resembled Plue, at best) - and gave it to the little girl sitting on her lap, smiling at the joy lighting up in her eyes.

The baby girl eyed the thing in her hands curiously, and then proceeded to enthusiathically bite into it.

“Oh god, she’s just like you.”