and anyway shut up the two of you you are a weird couple and it feels awkward and forced

What happens in Vegas pt. 3 - Tom Holland

Word count: 2666

Summery:  You wake up after a night in Las Vegas, only to discover you married the one and only Tom Holland

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4  | Part 5


A/N: It’s finally here! I finally got it done! I’m sick at the moment, so it took a little longer to write, but I finished it! I got the next part planned out, and I’m kinda excited for it. Please let me know what you think of this part, and if you want to be put on the tag list! So yeah. Enjoy! 

“I think we should take this one” You said to Tom, as the real estate agent had just walked away, allowing you to talk. This was the fifth place you had seen today. You had been followed by paparazzi all day, and playing a loving couple was already getting exhausting.

“I really like this one. It’s big. We can avoid each other, and we can be together if we want to. I really like the spa as well” He sent you a smirk, and you just rolled your eyes at him. At every apartment, he had pointed out the places that was suitable for sex. Every. Apartment.

“It’s not happening. Never again. We were drunk, it’s not happening” You told him seriously, but he just stood there, the smirk still on his lips. It’s not that you were regretting sleeping with him. Being honest you enjoyed it in the moment, but you didn’t like him. He was a jerk, and you didn’t want him to have the satisfaction of sleeping with you.

“We’ll see. I still think this is the right one, so why don’t we just take it, and start moving?” He asked, and starting walking towards the realtor, before you had a chance to answer. Why did he have to be so rude, all of the time? If he was actually a decent human being, being married to him wouldn’t be that bad. If he was a decent human being, maybe you would actually enjoy being with him.  Maybe you would even like him.

It didn’t take long to sign the contract. Since no one lived in the apartment, we could move in from tomorrow. You weren’t eager to move in with Tom, but it was better than him staying in your apartment all the time. At least here he would pay rent.

“So. You want to move tomorrow? I don’t have anything planned, so we could get a drink while unpacking, and then we could try out the bed” The worst part about him being so goddamn cocky, was that you now had to go out, pretending to be the fairy-tale couple the public thought you were.

“Unfortunately, We start filming tomorrow, so you’ll have to do that yourself” You sent him an innocent smile, as the realtor handed you the keys. “But I wouldn’t mind, having you unpack everything. Less work for me”

“Whatever. We’ll see what happens. Most of it is your stuff, so it’s only fair if you do most of the work” He smiled ironically, as he put the keys and the contract on the table, taking a picture of it for Instagram. The kid put everything on Instagram, so why not this as well?


“And cut!” The director yell, and you felt yourself relax a little, as you smiled to your co-star. He was going to play your love interest, and if it wasn’t for the fact that you were in a fake marriage, he could might as well have been in real life too. He was the definition of hot.

“Looks great guys! Let’s take 20 minutes!” You were starting to wonder if all directors yelled this much all the time, or if it was just this one.

“Want something to eat? Maybe actually say hi to some of the others, and you know. Get their real names too” Your co-star smiled at you, and you weren’t slow to agree.

“hi guys!” a dark haired girl said, as you approached. She was going to play your best friend, and from the short time you had talked to her, she seemed pretty nice too.

“Wait. Aren’t you the married one? Like, one half of the hottest couple at the moment?” She asked, before taking a bite of a muffin.

“Guilty as charged” You tried to say with a smile. Couldn’t you just go a day without having to talk about the moron you married?

“Is he really okay with you taking this role? It not really because you’re playing an innocent teenager, and at some point, you’ll have a sex scene with co-star. My boyfriend would die of jealousy. If I had one, that is” She continued.

“Oh. He doesn’t know. I didn’t tell him anything about the role. Besides, just because I’m married to him, doesn’t mean he’ll get a say in my career” You shrug, and grabbed one of the cupcakes on the table.

“Isn’t it super weird being married to someone you barely know? Like, how was the first day of being married?” Co-star asked, eyebrows raised. For a minute, you cursed at Tom. If you weren’t married, you could just flirt away with Co-star, but at the same time, you probably wouldn’t even have the role if it wasn’t for him.

“It’s super strange. I still don’t know if he has any siblings. We actually haven’t talked about our families at all, come to think of it. I know his family is in Europe, but that’s about it. So, there’s always new things to talk about. So yeah. It really odd” You confessed. You had barely mentioned your family to Tom.

“He got 3 brothers. Two of them are twins” The dark-haired girl said, and you looked at her a bit surprised. “What? He’s hot! So naturally I googled him. You’re one lucky girl y/” She continued casually.

“He is hot. And it’s even better when he’s shirtless” You joked, earning a groan from Co-star. “I’ll let you girls talk about the hot husband alone, since it’s a very weird conversation for me” He said, before sneaking away.

“I wanna know everything, starting with the sex” The dark-haired girl demanded, and you couldn’t help but giggle. As much as you hated Tom, you oddly didn’t mind talking about him right now. You also had feeling, you could become friends with this girl.


When you got home, you were exhausted. You really didn’t have the energy to unpack, but you knew you wouldn’t be able to go to bed, before you found the box to your bedroom.

When you opened the door, you heard familiar voices. One belonged to Tom, and one belonged to the last person you wanted to see right now. Your mother.

“Y/n! You’re back! Your mum’s here, darling” Tom’s happy voice said, as you walked into your new living room, to find Tom sitting on the couch, next to your mother.

“How… Lovely” You tried to force a smile. This was the last thing you wanted right now. “So how long have you been here, mom? And why exactly are you here?” You tried to sound friendly. You didn’t want Tom to know anything about your troubled relationship with your mother.

“I’m here to meet the new husband of yours! And I’ve spent the last couple of hours getting to know him. He’s quite the catch, and he’ll make some beautiful children too!” Your mother exclaimed, and you noticed how Tom choked on his breath. He was not prepared to hear the last part of that sentence.

“While I’m at it. How is the sex? A marriage is only as good as the sex” She continued. “Mom!” You yelled, completely flustered. “It’s good. Actually, that’s an understatement. It’s amazing. It’s my favourite time of the day” Tom said, and you couldn’t believe your ears. That idiot was even smirking at you.

“Tom! You. No. That’s not. We don’t. no. Oh god” You couldn’t find the words. You tried, but the sentence just wouldn’t form.

“That’s good! And since Tom here, is making enough money for the both of you, you could just stop acting. You could just stay at home, take care of the children” You mother said, making you snap out of the uncomfortable state you had been in.

“Seriously? Do you have to bring that up, every time? I don’t want kids! At least not right now. I just made it mom. I’m about to make my big break, but of course you don’t care. It’s not like you’ve ever been supportive” You asked her frustrated. You saw Tom’s eyes get wide, and how your mother got annoyed.

“You’ve said that for 3 years now. It’s about you grow up! Forget this foolish idea about becoming an actress. Do you have any idea, how many of your friends who are already married, and have children?” It was the same old argument. A year ago it was “How many of your friends are married and pregnant?”.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t aspire to be a trophy wife! I’m sorry that didn’t want to be a young mother, depending on her husband’s money, while living in an extravagant house, while I care more about looking young, than I do taking care of my own kids. And let’s not forget, pretending to be the perfect family, even when everything is falling apart. Caring more about keeping up the perfect image, than try to be an actually family”  

“You’re upbringing was just so hard! Going to fancy parties, getting everything, you ever wanted. I’m so sorry for being a trophy wife, so I could give you a good life. Am I really that bad, for wanting that?” She scuffed at you. You felt like she was scolding you, just like she always did when you were a kid.

“I didn’t want any of that! I wanted a family. I wanted someone to care. I did everything to get you and dad’s attention, but you never even bothered. The police had to get involved, before you asked where I had been. So sure. You were a great mom!” You would never forget your teenage years, and how desperate you had been for them to care.

“Mrs. l/n, maybe you should leave. Y/n has had a long day, and I’m sure she’s just tired. Ehm. So maybe it would just be best for everyone, if you went home” Tom said in a quiet voice.

“Sure. I can see I’m not getting anywhere anyway” Your mother quickly left, and you felt the exhaustion get to you. As soon as the door slammed shut, you felt the tears sting in your eyes. At this point, you were too tired to even care about Tom, so you just let yourself fall down on the couch.

“You okay?” He asked almost sounding worried. You would’ve rolled your eyes, but you didn’t have the energy. “You mum was kind enough to help me unpack all of your stuff. This is no offence to you, but you really are a daughter of a bitch” You couldn’t help but laugh at his words.

“I’m serious! It was the most awkward 2 hours of my life! She kept telling me how I needed to keep you under control, because apparently, you’re a wild one. It was so hard to be nice to her. No offence to your mum, but she’s horrible” He continued, and he actually managed to make you feel better.

“Oh good. You’re smiling. I’m really not good with people crying. I also kinda have somewhere to be, and I would almost feel bed for leaving you when you’re upset” And he was back to being an idiot.

“I was almost starting to worry that you might have become a decent human being” You said sarcastically. In reality, you were so happy that he had actually unpacked for you, and that he tried to cheer you up. But you weren’t about to let him know that. There was no reason to inflate his ego.

“Yeah. You had it rough enough with your mother. There’s no need for me to add to that. I’m not that cruel” He smiled, before getting up from the couch. You were starting to wonder, if he actually was a decent human being.


A couple of days had passed. When you got home, Tom would leave. You would leave, before Tom got up in the morning. You hadn’t really spoken that much in the last couple of days.

You had the weekend off. You were starting to become good friends with the rest of the crew, but you were also looking forward to being able to relax. You only had one thing you needed to do this weekend, and you just wanted to get that over with.

For some reason, the director thought it was a genius form of team building, to film a lap dance as one of the first scenes. Sure, you had been filming for 5 days, but it was still so early on. You had given lap dances before, just not sober. So naturally, you wanted to practice it a bit, just to be sure.

When you got inside the apartment, you were relived to find that Tom wasn’t there. You could hear the shower, so without much sound, you grabbed a chair and brought it to your room, and closed the door.

You already knew this was going to be weird. Trying to gather the courage to just get it over with. You turned on some music, still nothing. After spending 10 minutes just starring at the chair, you decided to just take a shot. And then one more, as you waited for the alcohol to set in.

After a couple of minutes, you started to feel it. You let yourself fall into music, and started dancing. You moved your hips to the rhythm, and started to forget everything around you. You lifted your shirt off of your body, as you sat down on the chair, still moving your hips around. There was a knock on the door, but it wasn’t until Tom opened it you registered it.

“What do you want for… oh. You’re…” The door was wide open, and he was leaning on the doorframe. His eyes slowly went down your body, and he had that stupid smirk on his lips. “What exactly are you doing? And. Don’t let me stop you” He bit his lips as he kept looking at you.

“My eyes are up here” You told him, in an annoyed voice. He didn’t care. He didn’t even glance at your eyes, his eyes stuck on your body. “But I’m rehearsing for my role. I have to do this lap dance on Monday, and I’m a bit out of practice.”

“I see. Do you need any help? You know, it might be easier if someone was in the chair” He said calmly. Too calmly for your liking. But you also knew he was right. A person in the chair, would make this a lot easier.

“Fine. But I’ll need another shot” You sighed, as you took a sip from the bottle and handed it to Tom. “We’re not doing this while you’re sober” He wasn’t slow to take the bottle of your hands. He was now looking in your eyes, as he took several sips of the bottle, before putting it down.

“So. Go over the scene”  He demanded, his voice deeper than usual.

“Eh. It’s not really described that much. I’m supposed to just walk close to you. Grab you by the collar” You voice turned into a whisper, as you narrated what you did. With your lips millimetres from his neck. “And then, I’m supposed to do this” You whispered, as you pushed him onto the chair.

None of you said a word, as you got into the dance again. You felt confident, as you felt his eyes on you. A smirk was growing on your lips, as you remembered what he had said to your mother. The sex is amazing.

You took it slow, and when you finally got down on his lap, you could clearly feel the bulge in his pants. You left his lap shortly after, and elegantly managed to get your jeans off, leaving you in just your underwear. When you got back down on his lap, he put his hands around your stomach, pulled you closer, and started kissing you neck.

“I think that’s enough rehearsing for tonight”


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In Your Eyes

  • Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader ft. the rest of BTS
  • Genre: Fluff, Comedy, Drabble
  • Words: 2.5K
  • Description: Jungkook is not adept at interacting with girls, especially not ones he’s been crushing on for years. 
  • A/N: Because I really needed this after all the Jungkook angst

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

“Doing 10 more reps is not going to make you feel any better you know.”

Jungkook grunts, before placing the weight back on the rack. 

“You’ve been at it for hours. Take a break man.” Seokjin takes another sip from his water bottle, using the towel draped over his shoulder to wipe the trickle of sweat that’s started to run down from his forehead.

It had only been a couple of weeks ago that Seokjin started dragging the younger male along with him to the gym. He thought it’d take more convincing, but the mention of girls being attracted to fit guys was all it took to get Jungkook off the couch he’s been playing video games on for the past few months. He didn’t expect Jungkook to become this obsessed with weight training, didn’t think the nerd had it in him, but boy was he wrong. 

“I’m this close to hitting my goal body fat percentage.” Jungkook sits up from the bench and grabs his usual blend of protein powder and mineral water, biceps twitching as he lifts the bottle to pour the liquid down his throat.

“Don’t tell me you’re already treating this like gaming stats.”

“You need to have goals in your life.” 

“What’s the point? You don’t even take shirtless post-workout selfies.” Seokjin turns to face the mirror and begins stretching, admiring his self-proclaimed perfect face in the process. “And if you think your newly developed muscles are going to just translate over to your nonexistent social skills, I have some bad news for you bro.” 

“I just want to see improvement ok?” Jungkook defends, walking over to the next station. 

“You seriously think I don’t know the real reason you’re pushing yourself so hard?” Seokjin glances over to eye the sweaty boy who’s now moved on to legs. “You literally hid behind a bush when you saw her walking towards you last week.”

“I was still in my sweaty gym clothes!” Jungkook exclaims, as if it could pass as an excuse. 

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First Moon III (final)

 Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 

Genre: AU werewolf!BTS/Suggestive/Fluff

Jungkook x OC

[Drawing made by the talented @ax-thelian ♥]

The next few weeks went by in an odd atmosphere.

Nothing more had happened that night besides cuddling and kissing, and because of that, Terra thought things were moving forward between the two of them, a sign that they were willing to make things work.

That didn’t seem to be the case for Jungkook.

He grew more and more distant, looking as if he were almost uncomfortable  to be in the same room with her. He always seemed on edge, the smallest contact with her making him run for the hills until he started avoiding her altogether.
At first she thought maybe he needed some space, needed to get accustomed to his newly acquired nature. But, as time went by, his behavior started saddening her more and more.

Did she do something wrong? Did she say something she shouldn’t have? Did he realize that he didn’t want to be with her after all?

These thoughts kept invading her mind, she was trying to pin-point everything she did or said that could have set him off, but she found none. At that point, it made her irritated to be ignored for no reason, and if he wanted to keep playing games like that, he should - no, he HAD to - give her a valid explanation.

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Fluff about Dean/Hyuk Kwon

Originally posted by dean-appreciation-blog

A/N: I know it’s been awhile, but I’m back with some Low Quality Content™. This started off as just a quick bullet pointed thing and then it became more of an actual story towards the end (the whole point of using bullet points is so I don’t have to use full sentences but ???). I guess I kinda got a bit carried away with it. Anyway, I really hope that you enjoy this. I had a lot of fun writing it. As always, please let me know what you think and feel free to request anything. Thank you, I love you all <3  

  • Where do I start?
  • Chill vibes only
  • Sharing music recommendations with each other 24/7
  • Talking to each other about whatever
  • Like it’s either deep, philosophical convos at 3am or just saying funny words in weird voices
  • Because you’re close like that
  • Sending weird snapchats back and forth
  • Basically just having a competition to see who can pull the weirdest face
  • Which led to you having MANY hilarious screenshots that you can blackmail him with
  • Don’t forget that he also has many screenshots of you though
  • Not getting to see each other a lot because of his busy schedule 
  • Really cherishing those days where you just hang out
  • But even when Hyuk is away, he tries to call you when he can
  • I mean he could text but he likes hearing the sound of your voice
  • And you don’t know that but you like love his voice too
  • (He still misses looking into your eyes though…)
  • You could literally do whatever together and you’d both love it
  • But normally when you hang out you get food (A.K.A sushi) and go bowling
  • Sometimes you just sit at his house crying with laughter as tunes play in the background
  • He knows how to make you laugh a lot, which then makes him laugh
  • And you laugh even harder because his laugh is adorable
  • Being the number one fan of his music always
  • At his concerts you are the biggest hype man
  • He’s also your biggest supporter too
  • Being there to comfort you when you feel down and sh*t
  • Letting you cry it out on his shoulder
  • (But what he really wants to do is wipe the tears from your face and hug you tight)
  • There are so many unspoken feelings between you two - the tension is off the scale
  • But when people joke talk about how good you would look as a couple, you both just brush off the comments and blush
  • “Because they totally don’t feel the same way, right?”
  • You started to notice that Hyuk was acting a bit different after seeing him for the first time in over two months
  • He was a lot more..giggly and shy with you.
  • Things weren’t awkward per se, it just felt like there were words waiting to be spoken
  • And Hyuk kept paying for everything
  • He did that anyway but he even started buying you things when you were simply out and about on a stroll
  • You’d protest but then he’d still buy it and give it to you later


  • It got to your birthday and you were having a small dinner at your house to celebrate
  • Hyuk made you open his present last, giving you a cheeky smirk as he handed it over
  • “Wow someone really tried with this wrapping, is that to make up for getting me a sh*tty pr- HOLY SH*T NO F*CKING WAY HYUK YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS RIGHT NOW!”
  • Staring at him in shock and then back at the present and then back at him
  • He was just smirking and staring at the ceiling
  • He had got you that vintage designer jacket that you LOVED but could in no way afford
  • (It was literally your entire pay check)
  • It amazed you that he’d even remembered because you’d hardly spoken about it
  • It was honestly just a passing comment you had made when you’d seen a jacket that kinda looked like it
  • “Thank you so so much Hyuk, but I can’t accept this are you crazy?”
  • “It was nothing, really(still smirking, that lil-)
  • This went back and forth a bit but he forced you to keep it
  • You gave him a big hug
  • And oh my what a hug
  • *sigh* If only you could have stayed in that hug forever
  • His arms around you - Your head buried in his shoulder - The warmth and love that radiated off of him
  • But then you became aware that everyone was looking at you and so you awkwardly pulled away and sat down again
  • (Still beaming though because omfg Hyuk bought you that jacket! That f*cking jacket! It was yours!)
  • Your friend stage-whispering “Couple Goalsss” in your ear which was met with an elbow to the ribs and your burning cheeks
  • You secretly loved it though
  • And you could have sworn you saw Hyuk smile and look at you for a bit too long when he heard it
  • After everyone had left, Hyuk stayed to help you clear up
  • You went into the kitchen with empty bottles and plates to find him singing as he washed up dishes.
  • Of course you froze, because his voice had you melting
  • Goddamnit Hyuk, why do you have to be so talented?!
  • “There’s no one to show off to, everyone’s gone home now” you teased.
  • “I know, I know, I just thought you would want to listen to me. Do you not like my singing?” He jokingly pouted.
  • “Shut up, you know I do.” You lightly hit his shoulder and he chuckled.
  • Finally all the cleaning was done and Hyuk was getting ready to leave. It was almost 3am after all. Your apartment was gently lit by little, golden fairy lights. The only noise was Hyuk’s soft hums as he sang. You felt at peace.
  • “Once again, Hyuk, thank you so much for everything. Thank you for helping clear up and I can’t thank you enough for the jacket!” Hyuk was putting on his own coat.
  • “Have you tried it on?”
  • “No actually, I didn’t get a chance to.”
  • “Well, here.” He carefully took out the jacket from its box and helped you put it on before guiding you in front of the mirror.
  • Holy sh*t it looked good.
  • No, it looked perfect.
  • But Hyuk looked even better as he stood behind you, glowing in the dim amber lighting.
  • It wasn’t long before your eyes met in the mirror, and they lingered there.
  • That was until you couldn’t take it anymore and turned around to look at him face to face.
  • His gorgeously dark eyes were staring right back at yours making your knees feel weak.
  • You were both unconsciously leaning in.
  • You knew what was going to happen, and you let it.
  • Because it was all you had ever wanted.
  • Lips locked - Hands on your back - The man you love loving you back.
  • A KISS.
  • All your dreams and wishes and desires in one kiss.
  • The best present that money couldn’t buy.
My Equator (Patton’s Guide to Fatherhood #1)

Fandom: Thomas Sanders 

Pairings: Logan/Patton as a married couple, but this fic is family fluff so it’s not the focus :3

Summary: After getting their first son, Roman. Patton and Logan decide to adopt again. Virgil just wants to write poetry. Oh, and maybe have a family, that’d be nice. 

Read it on AO3

Everyone is tagged at the end! If you want me to tag you in future stuff, I’ll put a link to the post at the end! 

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Even more starco oneshots

Marco contemplated whether this was all just a big tease, another one of Janna’s pranks gone wrong, or if he really died and went to heaven. There’s no way Star actually said what she just said. Right?

After a few moments of awkward silence, the boy began to laugh. “Haha, that’s- that’s funny! I thought… I thought you said you wanted to, you know, kiss me! Hahahaha…”

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fic: Liquid Confidence

title: liquid confidence

warnings: alcohol, smut (but it’s not overly descriptive) & swearing

word count: 3900

description: final bows have been taken, the curtains have closed and the bittersweet taste of the tour ending is soon replaced by one too many cocktails. through their drunken hazes, they end up alone together, reminiscing on the old days and laughing in awe at this crazy life they have. and then phil is kissing dan and it’s not so funny anymore.

“You know, I’ve spent my whole life trying to create something worth it. Something that people will remember,” Dan says and squints up at the stars, “And I have. I’ve done more than I ever could have imagined, y’know, this tour has been incredible and the book and everything, but,” his gaze drops to his hands, “but I still feel like there’s this one thing that’s missing and I don’t know what that is.”

“Except I sort of do know,” he adds as an afterthought, and maybe it’s his alcohol intake or maybe it’s the way the moonlight is falling across Phil’s face, but the words are going to fall off of his tongue and he can’t be bothered to stop them.

a/n: this fic has been a monster to complete, and i’m so happy to be finally posting it! it’s been a month since i posted and wow that’s awful. i hope this makes up for it.

read on AO3 if you prefer 

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Imagine yours and Rafaels Wedding Day

(A/N: Sorry for the delay but this took so much planning and research. It’s also the longest imagine I’ve ever written with nine thousand words and eighteen pages long. I hope you all enjoy the final part of my four part series. Dedicated to @abrasivepersonalitytendersoul who left the suggestion that lead to the series and @itsallraultome whose gift yesterday gave me the much needed inspiration to continue and their never ending kindness means so much to me.)

Final Part of an unofficial four Part series

Part One Here 

Part Two Here 

Part Three Here

Imagine yours and Rafaels Wedding Day

“What the hell…?” Rafael said started as you opened the door of the supply closet, letting out only your arm, grabbing him and pulling him inside.

“Hey.” you whispered quietly shutting the door as he got his bearing back.

“Y/N?” he questioned.

“Are you really questioning who I am? We’re getting married in a couple hours.” you joked dryly.

“What are you doing here? You know were not supposed to see each other,” he reminded, “If my mom sees us together she will kill us.”

“She’ll kill you.” you corrected, “She loves me to much to kill me. And anyway I thought weren’t going to do this tradition of ‘not seeing each other till the wedding’. So when I said I’m going to see how you’re doing, imagine my shock when Erin and Linda practically tackle me to the ground and say I can’t.”

“I thought the tradition we weren’t doing was that bouquet throw?” he questioned.

“Ohh yeah. I decided against that. Me and Danny are going to position it so I throw it in Erin’s direction but Jamie will actually catch it. The look on her face will be to die for.” you giggled just at the thought.

He shoot you a confused look.

“You wouldn’t get it. You don’t have a sister.” you chuckled, still thinking about it.

“Well hopefully by the end if the day. I’ll have at least one. Well, in law.” he reminded.

“You know I was thinking about that. Isn’t weird that my sister will also be called your sister. It’s like we’re siblings or something but we’re married, not related and have sex. But all my family are your family. Like my brothers your brother, my Pops is your Pops. It’s weird.” you began to explain.

“Y/N, just no. That’s not what it means. The ‘in law’ part means were related by marriage not by blood. Nobody thinks that way, well nobody sane thinks that way. So I understand why you are excluded.” he interrupted, explaining, slightly concerned.

“But…” you went to argue.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” he asked, “You only ramble strangely like this when you’re nervous. Are you nervous?”

“Not exactly…” you went to refute.

“Y/N.” he said sternly..

“It’s just I don’t think I can do this.” you admitted with a sigh.

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Momotori Week: Kisses

Ahh, okay, so I’m just behind now and doing things out of order. I’m still going to finish these prompts, damn it, but I guess I’m just a couple days… late. Whoops.

Anyway, I’m bringing in some silliness, featuring Gou! I never write from Gou’s perspective. I would like to do that more. 



Momotori Week: Prompt 6: Kisses or Cuddles

It’s Not Gay If You’re Trying to Pick Up Chicks

It was kind of a joke—and kind of not—when Gou told Momotarou she had a thing for boys kissing boys.

So she was a bit shocked to find Momo and Ai making out at the mall.

Like what was that about?

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Secret Admirer - Isaac Lahey Imagines

(gifs and photos are not mine :)

Secret Admirer – Isaac Lahey Imagines (Valentine’s day special?)

Request: could you do an Isaac x fem reader where they both flirt the hell out of eachother bc they’re both in love but they don’t realise that the other person loves them back?? xx.

A/N READ IT:  So, I don’t know if that is what you wanted but I think it turned out cool. Okay it’s definitely not what you wanted, but I took your idea as an inspiration <3.Hope you like it 

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Today is Valentine’s Day. Cool. Your plan for today’s night was stay in your room lying on the bed with the computer and Netflix, some pizza and in your pajamas until you fall asleep. You wanted to do this all day but you couldn’t make it cause of school. Crap. You go at school as a normal day, no ‘cute’ outfits, dresses, or teddy bears. Just you, in a normal day. When you just enter to the halls, the first thing you see are couples everywhere kissing, giving cute presents and guys asking if he/she would be his valentine and, even girls. Great. When you go to your locker, you see a pink card falling at the floor and, it was coming from your locker. You see that in the front of that envelope, with some red ink is written your name, so it was obviously for you. You decide to take the card, open it, and read it. The card says:

-Hi, Y/N, it’s me, your ‘Secret Admirer’. I know you don’t like stuff like that, but I guess I’m too shy for talking to you straight to your face. Sorry I guess? Anyways if you want to know who I am, here’s a hint: I am one of your friends (I am a guy) and I came to your house more than two times. Good morning, by the way.

Okay COOL, now you have a ‘secret admirer’ and you don’t know what to do! You start thinking; someone who has been to your house more than two times and it’s your friend. The only guys that came to your house were the guys of the pack…. “Holy-“ you shut up. Someone of the pack had a crush on you! You couldn’t believe it. You wanted with force that your secret admirer was Isaac Lahey, the guy you always had a crush on. You try not to think about that, and you go to your classes. Before lunch you say to the pack “Guys, I’m going to leave something on my locker, save me a place!” you rush until you arrive to your locker. When you open it, you see another card with your name on it. When you read it it says:

-Hi Y/N, I will be waiting at your house so you can know who I am. From: secret admirer To: Y/N Y/L/N.

You are freaking out. You wanted to know who really he was, but you also were afraid that was someone who didn’t like at all, and after saying no to him, always have awkward moments inside the pack with both… you shake that thoughts off your head and go lunch with the pack. Nobody said anything about Valentine’s Day. Maybe they probably knew who was the guy who wanted to be your valentine and, for make it more suspicious, they didn’t say anything. You are at your classes struggling for known who the heck was your secret admirer, but you needed to focus on your grades. The bell rings and everybody leaves the school. You go walking to your house and you start getting that weird feeling in your stomach, you knew you were nervous. When you arrive to your house, you see nobody there. You look at your front door a bit upset thinking that probably all that was a prank. You take a deep, sad breath and you enter home. You go upstairs and when you just open the door to your room, you see him. Isaac Lahey, the guy who you had a big crush on him since years, sitting on your desk chair with a heart-shaped pizza and a teddy bear on his hands. You look at him and you start to blush. He stares at you with a happy but maybe awkward look at you and says “Sooo… you know who your secret admirer is now?” you leave your backpack on the floor and say “Well, yeah I think so” and you smile. He stands up and walks towards you. With a soft tone says “Y/N, will you be my valentine?” without thinking twice, you say “of course Isaac, but the pizza is all mine” you say with a smile. He don’t wait and he kisses you. You were like in heaven, thinking if that was just a dream or it was real. After, you spend the night together eating pizza, watching Netflix and trying y¡to take off his scarf. That was a good valentine’s day.

-Hope you guys like it!-

- I know that it wasn’t really going with the request, but I thought that it was a good inspiration, so yeah!-

-ask me if you want an imagine, requests are always open -

Long Con

submitted by prodigal!anon:

Umm sorry it’s terrible, I haven’t written things in so long and it was like an engine trying to turn but not turning!  And it’s too long but if you’re patient and get all the way to the end that’s where the Stuff happens
Publisher’s prerogative: I’m crossing all that out because it’s simply not true. I’m going to demand more things like this out of you, just FYI, because this is glorious and I adore it. (Words: 3,000)


Dean showers forever, idly re-soaping himself over and over, letting the water run over him until it turns cold, because Sam isn’t here to hog the hot water himself with all his girly hair-washing needs, and because it gives Benny time out in the other room to collect himself and – well, drink his supply of blood, probably.

They’d been out chasing a Shtriga for the better part of a week, part of Benny’s bid to join in the fun of hunting monsters again. Running his bakery satisfies him, for the most part – and satisfies Dean every time he stopped by – but Benny occasionally still gets the itch to just hunt things, bad things, and take them out. So the two of them had rolled out, leaving Sam to his boring research on another thing, because that’s what Sam does and anyway Sam and Benny are still kind of weird around each other.

Except that this Shtriga had taken a while to find, and then it had turned out to be a freakin’ nest of them, which was news to Dean that they even do that, and it could have gone south in a hurry but for Benny’s presence since he had no life force to absorb and it threw the Strigas’ tactics. Benny guarded against the shrieking monsters so Dean could snipe them with iron rounds, but in the process the vampire took a number of hits that tore big nasty chunks out of him. He was reeling all the way to the Impala, and quiet the whole ride back to the motel, though he assured Dean it would be fine as soon as he had a moment to “freshen up,” as he put it lightly. From the moment they got in, he’d made a beeline for the mini fridge that was stuffed with Dean’s beer and little bags of blood, and Dean had excused himself to the bathroom, not particularly wanting to watch.

So now Dean has cheap motel soap washing away the stink of Shtriga and smoke while Benny guzzles blood, and Dean is generally okay about it. He could do without the horrible damage done to his friend, but ultimately they’re both in good shape and successfully did a hunt together post-Purgatory and that puts him in a good enough mood that he sings a few lines of Aerosmith, earning a muted laugh from the other side of the door and an irritated pounding on the wall of the next room.

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Pet Peeves part 1

Parring: Dean x reader
Word count: 3 765
Warnings: swearing, Dean being a dick

A/N: Reader and Dean live together in a bunker. They are friends until Dean starting to change his behavior towards her.

Feel free to say what you think about it xD

English isn’t my native language so sorry if there are mistakes. 

The gif doesn’t belong to me. Found it on google

He couldn’t sleep. Motel bed was creaky, too short and bedding smelt weird. However, over the years, he get used to this kind of discomfort. The problem was not even air temperature, making him too hot and sticky, or that his T-shirt clung to his body. The major problem was you. You lay on your bed a meter away from him. Your limbs stretched across its entire width. Hair still wet from the long shower that you took, forcing him unwittingly, to wait over an hour for his turn. Your face was turned toward him, and he could see your eyelids moving. Apparently you dreamt of something. That was the reason for his lack of sleep. Because every time you dreamt, you’ve had a habit of mumbling. It was never loud enough for him to be able deciphering individual words, but not quiet enough, so he could sleep in peace. Again, you let of unintelligible string of words, while turning onto your stomach. He was staring at you for a long moment, contemplating on, if he could throw something at you. Looking for a way to shut you up. On the other hand, he knew if he wakes you up right now, you’ll hurt him, and be grumpy all day, tomorrow. And even though you have pissed him off, he didn’t have a strength to deal with that right now. So he hissed in irritation, and put on his headphones, at least in this way the noise was more bearable. It took him a good while, to fall back to sleep. He was thinking about you. You’ve known each other forever. Over the years you were joining them on a several cases, sometimes you do not parted for months. Working hunt after hunt. At first you were rather weird relationship, but then get used to one another presence, becoming friends. They knew you were reliable, and got their backs. You and Sam shared to same ability of manipulating people and politely extracting informations. But then with Dean you could communicate without words, while fighting both of you were almost synchronized. Being able to predict the next movements of a partner. You were his third hand. He appreciated that about you. But outside of work, there was a awkward barrier between you two. Especially since you have found the bunker and the three of you decided to live there. The awkwardness changed to something else. You get under his skin, without even realizing that you did. It was slow, and insignificant at the start.

Your bag landed with a thud on the table in the library, making both Winchesters raised their heads and gazed at you above the thick volumes that they looked through.
“One might think I deserved at least a hello after I’m coming back home.” You scolded them with a smile. They immediately correct their behavior, greeting you effusively. Dean even got up and hugged you. Briefly, but still. Your tiny form in his arms soothingly affected him. Finally untying nervous knots in his stomach, which appeared every time, when you were away. It wasn’t happening very often, as they didn’t allow you to hunt alone. At the beginning, it bothered you, but you understood where it came from, and in time you’d found the thought that you have somebody to count on, comforting. This time, however, you went away, when you get a phone call from an old friend, Ted. Who needed assistance, which as it turned out, was simple salt'n'burn. Bigger battle, you fought with Dean to let you go, then the hunt itself. You must had to promise that you will call them every couple of hours, always have a gun (you had it anyway) and a whole list of other obvious precautions. And Dean still called to checked in, on you.
He couldn’t focus on research, suddenly. It was so calm, until you didn’t showed up. You pulled up a chair, and sat down near him. It was good to have you back. He watched for a moment how happy you were, when you could tell Sam about your experiences. Hair fell on your face, obscuring one eye and cheek hot with emotion when you lively described one of the situations. He looked like your pink lips spread in impossibly wide smile, and graceful hands waving in front of his face in excessive gesticulation. You weren’t looking at him, your attention focus on his brother, who nodded cheerfully and laughed with you. Dean always liked to watch you laughing, it was always loud, your whole body bent in the strangest positions. This time you tilt your head and arched backs, stretching legs ahead of you, hitting his chair. Once you had wiped the tears of amusement, and continued, something in him snapped. It hit him one after another. Why did you have to speak so loud? The echo of your voice spreads probably around the bunker. Why did you have to wave your hands at his face? The story was not even half this funny. Why did you have tell them right now, when they were in the middle of important research. At first you should go to rest, after the journey, and let them work in peace, maintaining, nonsensical stories for yourself. He was tired and could not concentrate when your leg was jumping up and down a few centimeters from his thigh. Nearly told you to calm down, but at this point you were patting him lightly on the shoulder and getting up, you went to your room. When you disappeared from his sight, he could return to reading. Blaming his annoyance for your behavior, to the usual fatigue.

However, the situation repeated itself shortly afterwards. It was Sunday morning. All of you were, properly rested due to spending three days in a bunker, between hunts. Dean was making toasts and scrambled eggs, Sam was reading the newspaper, and you lazily drunk coffee. No one spoke, there was no need to disrupt so blissful silence at such an early hour. Dean enjoyed peace, hoping for a pretty good day. The plan included only going to the city for supply run, and in the evening to catch up with seasons of  Game of thrones. He could not wait. Until you ruined him his breakfast. Your phone suddenly began to buzz loudly, announcing that you’ve got sms. He just turned to put food, on your plate when he saw you bared your teeth to the phone tapping quickly a replay. What’s annoying was: you did not turned off the sound, so each time you click, the keys made a beeping sound. Moreover, after sending this one, there has been no end. The entire breakfast was accompanied by a extremely loud buzz. He almost took from you this phone. He refrained, however, without even a comment. After breakfast, instead of waiting for you, he went to the city alone, not in the mood for listen to your writing all the way. In the evening, seeing that you still didn’t separate with the phone, he had found an excuse to not spend time with you, shutting himself in his room. You tried to talk down to stop him, but you gave up pretty quick. You sent him an odd look but let him be, for which he was grateful.

He patiently endured it for another month, never once reprimand you. However, to withstand, he more often shunned your presence. From time to time you ate breakfast together, and shared a beer for dinner, but his stays in the library he reduced to a minimum, hanging out in his room instead. During the cases he always send you along with Sam. He’d never take you anywhere with him anymore. He suspected that you noticed that he had become distant, stopped joking with you or teasingly poking your belly. Not to mention, spending evenings together, that previously happened to you quite frequently, stopped. You tried to attract his attention,without result. He seemed that he had seen, several times how you looked down in the mouth, when he didn’t even listen to what you say. He could not help that sometimes, that even the sound of your voice drove him into frustration. It was rare, but nevertheless it happened.
Just like now. You were all packing up to drive to small town in Oregon, and you were talking to Sam, as he was away from you, on the other side of the room, checking out all the weapons. Despite the distance, he couldn’t avoid hearing your voice. This time, you were speaking quietly and timidly, but still he could see how your threw your hands, trying to explain something, incoherently to Sam. You blushed and what seemed could not create a valid sentence. All Dean was thinking was for you to shut up. But he kept it to himself. When you pack the Impala,  you sent him a shy smile, and helped in loading. It was your new tactic. You stopped  importune him, to make conversation with you. Now, you were in his presence rather quiet and just nice. You stayed out of his way, but not refuse help when he need it. He felt that if he asked you to cleaned his room, you would do that without batting an eye, even though earlier it was unthinkable. It was strange behavior but he could not bring himself to care. He enjoyed that he was beyond the reach of your stories that you shared with Sam.
On the road, he discovered another thing. All the three of you have decided to take turns on driving in order to reach there faster. Somehow midway, when it was your turn and he sit next to you in the front seat, letting Sam sleep in the back, he rested his head on the window, trying to follow his footsteps, catching himself, however, on staring at you. For a long time there wasn’t this peace between you two. You were silent, focused on the road. Your hair braided into tight ponytail to keep out of eyes. Your silhouette was a black stain only occasionally illuminated by car from opposite side. He had to admit that you looked favorably in the dim light. It felt almost like the times before he began noticing your maddening, little habits. Almost. Because after only half an hour, thoughts started. Why the hell did you have to drive so slowly? The road was straight and empty. He wanted to be already in a motel, in bed but with your speed they’ll won’t get there in a week. He huffed in frustration. But it was not as quiet as he thought, because you turned to him in surprise. Probably you thought that he had fallen asleep.
“Is there something wrong?” You asked actually concerned. Aware of his problems with sleep, and ready to help if it was the nightmares. But he surprises you.
“Could you drive even slower?” his voice dripping with sarcasm, not concealing his annoyance this time. He saw how you sheepishly fidget on your seat. Your face was burning red, he nearly felt bad, about expressing his opinion aloud.
“It’s dark and hard to see anything” you admit in small embarrassed voice. It was close to breaking. Resting his head on the window again, he muttered in a dismissive tone
“Okay, sorry, drive how you want” Closing his eyes he did not saw your furiously blinking, in order to suppress the tears. However, he felt the Impala accelerate slightly, before he fell asleep.
You have not spoken to him for the rest of the way, and on hunt you were uncharacteristically quiet. Especially that first morning in a motel, when he slammed the bathroom door in front of you face to enter the shower before you. And at breakfast he threw the plate in front of you with such malice that it made you jump. That was the night he found out about your mumbling in sleep, which awake him about 3 am, causing troubles to fall back to sleep again. 

It went on and on and on. You weren’t practically talking to each other. You started to avoid him as much as he did you. It came to the point of absurdity that sometimes you passed messages for him by Sam. Who didn’t dare to refuse you, seeing how shaken you were by the whole situation and how much you didn’t want to irritate Dean even more. But he had no qualms about lecturing his shithead brother. However, it was like talking to the wall. Zero reaction, accept arms shrugging. Sam could not believe how drastically you friendship changed to this reserved treatment. He partly accepted the explanation, that Dean had not noticed before, how many annoying traits you had, but still assumed it was about something bigger, he didn’t want to admit. The climax came, in a seemingly quiet evening. Surprisingly, you were able to sit at the same table in the library, studying something for Garth’s case, who asked for your help. It was so quiet that you have heard only your owns breathing and the rustle of pages. You were on a pretty good mood, since Dean did not snapped at you even once all day, and even looked at you without this weird irritated, disappointed look he had for months. So it was more surprising when he suddenly jumped up from his chair, almost knocking a book off the table, piercing you with his mad eyes.
“COULD YOU FUCKING STOP ALREADY ?!” he all but shouted “WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, YOU CANNOT SIT STILL” You were dumbfounded at first, never in his life he shouted on you. Sure he was not a pleasant lately, but this ? You couldn’t move, not wanting to provoke him in any other way, but when he started to breathe heavily and ran his hands through his hair in a nervous movement, you felt tears welling up in your eyes, and hands shaking. You didn’t want to break down in front of him. So you got up abruptly, and run away, from the bunker, from him.
He saw the tears. And it was like somebody smashed his body. It pained him more then he could admit. He bent over clutching tight the corner of the table until his knuckles turned white. Barely breathing. What the fuck have he done ? He was in such a shock, that needed whole three minutes, to calm down and register that Sam was talking to him.
“Dean?” And then continued when he saw that he managed to catch his attention, “What the hell man? She wasn’t doing anything ”
“She was tapping her foot. She always does that when she’s nervous or excited” He answered and returned to chair, hiding his face in hands. He couldn’t believe it.
“Are you insane ? That’s the reason you treated her like trash ? What’s wrong with you lately ? Did she had done something ? Because from where I sit she was all but nice to you, an you were acting like a total ass”
“I don’t know”
“You. Don’t. Know. ?” Sam gritted his teeth in frustration “Are you fucking kidding me ? There surely is a reason. One day you are friends, and next your acting like she is nothing and all you want it’s to get rid of her. And you’re telling me you don’t KNOW” anger was boiling in him, as his brother remained silent, tugging furiously by the hair with trembling hands, and looking at the door. Sam didn’t know whether it is anger or actually bothered by what he had said to you.
“Dean!” He tried to elicit a response
“I don’t know Sam” his voice was constrained, and before he could get interrupted he said “It’s not like I don’t want her here. She is family, always was. I…I like her. She’s funny, and one of the best damn hunter we know. God I know I shouldn’t snapped at her okay. I know. But man, she’s so annoying sometimes. All those little habits of her are making me go crazy. I don’t … I don’t know why”
“You knew, how she is. We were practically living with her before. It never bothered you then”
“Fuck Sam I’m telling you I don’t know. Maybe it’s because she’s closer now. Can we drop the subject. I was a bitch, I’ll say sorry. The end” Sam gave him a look of disapproval but saw how much Dean regrets his behavior and how hard it is for him to talk right now. It doesn’t stopped him however from adding:
“Yeah, I don’t know if it’s gonna be enough this time. How much do you thing she can handle of your bitchin” It was the first time when Dean rise his head form the table at him. He looked terrified.

After two hours of watching Dean, checking his phone every five minutes, Sam started to think.
“You’re worried”
“How could I not be ? She should be back already”
“I told you, she texted me. She’s safe with Ted, and you’re acting like she at least went on a hunt alone. You’re worried, she’s gonna leave for good.” Dean furrowed his brows, irritated once again, but Sam could saw a brief signs of panic at his expression
“She wouldn’t do that” He answered quietly, but it was more like a question. Sure he got angry with you on an constant, but I didn’t meant he’d stopped caring about you. You couldn’t disappear just like that. You couldn’t leave him. Sam wanted to add something but got interrupted by Dean’s phone. He almost jumped at that and answered it immediately.
‘Y/N.. “ he said breathlessly and before you started to speak he continued, talking nineteen to the dozen "I’m really sorry, you know I didn’t mean it, it’s late, come back home” at the end of the sentence he was almost pleading. Sam watched his brother carefully, and instantly saw the difference at his demeanor, when instead of Y/N he heard Ted’s voice. His knuckles were white, from clenching on his phone. His tone held a venom, he used to scaring monsters. “Just give me Y/N back, to the phone… I don’t care, I won’t talk to YOU about it” In that moment Sam knew what was going on. The way Dean’s features softened, muscles relax under your voice, and visible relief he couldn’t be more obvious. After call was over Dean clapped back to his seat, little calmer than before.
“She said she’s coming back” He even managed a smile. “I’ll fix this” Sam shook his head, gathering his books, making attempt to leave the library. Saying only:
“You are one, jealous, moron”
Dean in shock, went to his room, thinking of Sam’s words. He tried to avoid the subject from the beginning. Until now, it finally caught him up as he lay in the dark alone on the bed, waiting another hours for your return. As much as he was trying to separate from you before, just as strongly he desired to have you next to him again, now. These extreme and strong emotions overwhelmed him. He realized in fact, that the first time he got mad, you had came back from hunting with Ted, happily telling how funny he is, how helpful and sweet. Dean wanted to puke at the thought of your excitement when you were almost jumping on a chair.
He remembered now, how pissed he got with you ignoring him and focusing on writing loudly on your phone, because it wasn’t him you were texting,
Vivid in his mind was a memory, when you finally told them that you are dating that asshole. In the middle of the library, so sweetly blushing and smiling, stumbling from foot to foot. Making Dean felt as if he was tortured with hot iron rod twisting in his guts. He lost you then.
Only hours later he had to put up with your slow driving and being so close to you, in small dark space filled with your scent that always made him weak in his knees. Outline of your thighs within reach of his fingertips, thinking about kissing your jaw line you’ve clenched intently, but couldn’t even stare at you without suspicion, and it drove him crazy.
He remembered the night when he woke up of a dream where he could hold you in his arms, and hear your mumbling through sleep, and making him felt helpless an so far away, He desired nothing more then to cling to you, and listen if you’ll maybe say his name.
There was also the way you always made him wait until you get out of the shower. If Sam wasn’t preoccupying him, he’d just stared at the door, imagining your body under the streams of water. Imagining his own hands all over you. And in the end, as the final knife in his stomach, you were always getting out in another’s man t-shirt.
You leaving mess, one time because you were in hurry to went to bed with Ted, and Dean after cleaning it up couldn’t spoke to you for three days. Cause every time it hurt.
And finally today. He overheard this morning, when you were talking to Sam , that Ted and you had a quarrel. He beat himself for feeling relief and hope. It was only a quarrel. But his mind race to you breaking up and it brought so many mixed feelings, he didn’t think about anything else, whole day. Until you’ve sat near him, and started tapping your foot. His first instinct was, to rest his hand over your thigh and reassure you, but he stopped painfully realizing that you didn’t belonged to him. So he started to think what was it this time. It was a nervous tic, and the only reason for feeling like nervous - was Ted. You were obviously worried you’d lose this guy. You had feelings for him, maybe even loved him. And any hope he had crumbled when he acknowledged that. Even if he’d dumped you, Dean didn’t have a chance with you. How could he. He wasn’t what you wanted or needed, despite you being the biggest of his desires.

Into You (Mikey Request)

“Whose going?” You asked Calum innocently.

“Everyone obviously… Why?… Does it matter whose there? Just commeeee”

“Okay okayy,” you laugh “I’m going to come but like honestly I have to ask you … Does Michael hate me?”

Calum let out a chuckle, “Definitely not, what makes you think that?”

“Uhmm well for one he never talks to me.. He like doesn’t even make eye contact with me when I try and say hi … I don’t know.. I just feel like he doesn’t want me around.”

For the past few months you had been working with the guys to try and design merch that reflects who they are as people and as a band. The fun part of your job was to get to know them.. then you had to put a reflection of that into your artwork to be screen printed onto thousands of tank tops and hoodies.

You and the guys got along really well which made your job pretty easy and they all seemed to really like some of the creative ideas you had. Except Michael that is, he has never really had much to say to you at all since the first day you met.

You hate to admit it but you really know nothing about him. Which, kind of makes it tricky sometimes when you have to make designs inspired by him.

Right now your standing in the boys dressing room with Calum and he’s pressing for you to go out and party with them after the show tonight. They’re half way through the UK leg of the tour and that warrants a celebration.

Calum shook his head, “He’s just a shy dude Y/N .. You probably intimidate him or something.”

You frown instantly, “Oh yea I’m sooo intimidating,” you say sarcastically, glancing at your reflection in the large mirror on the wall.

“Don’t worry,” Calum smirked, “He’ll warm up to ya… I think tonight will be a great opportunity for you guys to talk.” He said mischievously.

You giggled awkwardly and turned to leave the room, “I’ll see ya later Cal.. I’d say good luck out there but we both know you don’t need it.”

He flashed you a cheeky smile, “Later”

You stood in your hotel room staring at the clothes you had tossed everywhere. It looked like your suitcase literally exploded. You had no clue what to wear so you settle for a black dress and strappy black wedges.

When you glance at the clock its already midnight. The guys usually don’t get off stage until at least 11:30 so they’d probably be getting to the club sometime soon.

No need to get there on time, you thought to yourself. This was one of those circumstances where being fashionably late was acceptable.

You grabbed the bottle of champagne you had room service send up earlier and took a swig hoping to calm your nerves.

Why the fuck was Calum being so weird earlier? Like tonight was such a good chance for you and Mikey to talk.. it was weird, you thought. Your always around him what made tonight any different opportunity wise?


“She’s not coming,” Michael grumbled to the rest of the guys as they sat in their VIP booth overlooking the club.

“Relax dude, she’ll be here” Calum insisted.

Luke let out a chuckle, “Are you actually going to talk to her this time or just stare at her with your mouth open like ususal?”

“Shut the fuck up” Mikey glared at him.

“Just relax mate,” Ashton chimmed in, “She’s easy to talk to, you’ll do fine.. just be cool.”

“You know she thinks you hate her,” Luke teased and Calum kicked him under the table.

Michael shot them both a look, “What do you mean?”

“Uhh well, uhh” Calum stuttered, “When I invited her before she kind of asked if you hated her.”

“WHAT, WHY would she think that?!” Mikey pressed.

“Well man, you are kind of weird when she’s around, like you don’t even talk to her.” Ashton points out.

“Yea,” Calum agreed, “She just said that you never talk to her so she feels like you don’t want her around or something like that.”

“Oh fuck, this is so fucked I’m leaving.” Mikey stood up from the table to leave but instead almost bumped directly into you as you approached them.

You put both hands on his chest so he wouldn’t trip onto you, and for he first time he looked directly it your eyes and smiled.

“Hey, Mike whats the rush?” you smiled up at him sweetly.

“Y/N, uhh Hi, I uhh didn’t think you were coming.”

The rest of the guys watched the awkward interaction from the table a few feet away.

You pulled your hands down from his chest when you realized you were still touching him. “I’m just running a little late as usual,” you tell him, “is it okay that I’m here?” you ask looking around him to see the other guys who are now waving.

“Yea, yea of course,” he lightens up a bit, “I was hoping you would come.”

The two of you turn to the table now, going back to join them. They slide around the booth so you have room to sit and are now wedged between Mikey and Calum. You ask them how the show went and they tell you all about it.

To your suprise, Michael is actually taking part in the conversation. He’s even cracking jokes and ragging on the other guys here and there. It’s so weird, you’ve never seen this side of him before.

After a couple drinks Ashton, Luke, then Calum all slide around the booth standing up.

“We’ll be back,” Calum announced, “We just have to go uhh meet up with a friend.”

You looked at them confused and then noticed the panicked expression at Michaels face as they walked away.

“Uhm that was kinda shady,” you said to him laughing a bit at the awkwardness of it all.

“Yea, I don’t know what the fuck was up with that,” Mikey forced out stuttering a few times.

“Are you okay?” you asked a bit concerned, “Your sweating, like a lot all of a sudden.”

Mikey reached his hand up pressing his sleeve against the beads of sweat that had formed on his forehead. His face turned even redder “yea, I’m okay,” he said sounding a bit embaressed, “It’s just really hot in here.”

It wasn’t hot at all. “We could go outside?” you suggested, “They didn’t seem like they were coming back anytime soon.”

“Uh yea, thats a good idea .. its really loud in here anyway.”

Mikey got up and began leading the way to the staircase that went out to the club’s rooftop bar. Holding your drink and trying to navigate through all the drunk people was a bit of a challenge.

Michael looked back at you making sure you were still behind him. Fuck it, you though grabbing his arm. He looked back at you again, this time smiling. “It’s so crowded,” you yelled over the blariring music.

When you finally got outside it was a completely different atmosphere. It was much quieter, there was a slight breeze, and most of the lighting came from the stars.

Michael seemed like he was finally starting to relax around you a bit, funny it only took like 3 months.

You let go of his arm an looked around, “Wow this is incredible,” you breathed.

“It is pretty awesome,” he agreed.

You walked over and leaned agains one of the banisters, looking out at all the buildings in the city. Mikey stood next to you.

“So, how are all of your designs coming?” he asked

You looked at him with a half smile, “Honestly? It’s been kind of challenging lately.”

“Why is that? Your an amazing artist..” he told you and you blushed at the complement.

“Thanks.. Well, really.. to start, I hate your new logo.. no offence.. I understand why you had to change it obviously.. but the skull with the heart eyes looks like it belongs on the side of a my little pony.. I just find it really hard to work with because I want my designs to be taken seriously and of course I also want you guys to be taked seriously too but that logo is just so awful who ever came up with it needs to be fired.” you covered your mouth instantly “Oh my God.. I’m so sorry I should not have said that.. wow I did not mean to go on a rant like that.”

Mikey was laughing hysterically now, “Chill its okay, really we all hate it too.”

You laughed feeling relieved, “So why do you keep it, I don’t get it.”

“I don’t know it wasn’t really up to us, management chose it because it was marketable.”

“Marketable to who? Kids in car seats?”

Mikey chuckled again, “If it was up to me we would be using one of your designs, trust me.”

“Thats another thing that annoys me.. Why didn’t anyone ask me to do it? I mean it kind of fits my job description, right?.. I’m here around you guys all the time not sitting behind a desk thousands of miles away looking you up on google.”

“Your right,” Michael agreed,“Do you have something in mind that we could have used? Maybe if you want, I could try and show it to some people and see what they say about changing it again?”

“You would do that?” you asked a bit suprised.

“Yea of course,” he said smiling at you then looking at his feet.

It was silent for a momment before you spoke again.

“You know,” you paused contemplating if you should tell him, “just a few hours ago I thought you hated me.. and didn’t want me around.”

Michael looked at you, a bit shocked you would tell him that.

“Calum may have mentioned it to me.. but you know thats not true at all right?” he looked at his hands now, anywhere but directly at you, “Its actually the opposite really”

You were super confused now. “But how come you hardly ever look at me .. let alone talk to me?”

“I’m always looking,” he said now almost in a whisper.

Your eyes met finally and your heart skipped a beat when you noticed how vulnerable he was at this momment.“

"I’ve never met anyone like you,” he tells you,“and I don’t know why I’m saying this now.. its probably because I’ve been drinking, but I have a hard time talking to you because I don’t want to say anything stupid.. you make me kind of nervous, you know? so its hard to get words out sometimes.. most of the time.”

“I make you nervous?” you smiled a bit raising an eyebrow, “I don’t think I’ve ever had that effect on someone before.”

“I’m sure you have,” he continued, “your amazing.. everything about you.. your laugh.. your smile.. the way you brush your hair out of your eyes.. your funny and then sassy sometimes and you don’t put up with peoples shit..”

“Wow,” you exhaled smiling, you could feel the heat in your cheeks.

“I’m sorry.. I probably sound so creepy, wow FUCK.” he hit the palm of his hand to his forehead.

“No, stop it’s okay,” you told him reassuringly, “I just never would have expected that..”

“That I’m into you?” he cut you off.

“Yea,” you nodded your head still smiling.

“I am, and I don’t know where all this confidence is coming from but I need you to know that I’m soo into you.”

You don’t really know what came over you either. You moved closer to him reaching up to put your hand on the back of his neck, pulling him down closer to you until your lips were crashing into his.

When you finally pulled away there was a massive smile plastered across his face.

“Holy shit,” he said excitedly.. “that went way better then expected.”

You laughed at his responce, “Is this why Calum was being so weird earlier .. and why the guys just decided to ditch us?”

“Ha, yea kinda,” he laughed still keeping his arm around your waiste.

You hit him on the arm playfull, “Oh my god you guys planned this!” you laughed. “So I guess we don’t have to go back in there?”

“Nahh,” he chuckled, “They’re long gone.”

You leaned up to kiss him again, pulling away to laugh at the situation every once in a while.

Michael laughed looking down at you smiling, “I think I like this a lot.”

“yea,” you agreed, “Now we just have to work on your conversation skills.”


Sorry if this feels rushed!! trying to get a lot done tonight.. let me know what you think please!! sorry to the anon who requested it like over a week ago.. been super busy but let me know if its okay? as always THANKS FOR READING .. feel free to drop requests in my ask box and check out my master list for some other stuff i wrote.. have a beautiful night fam !! 

This series seems to be the most popular - What are we doing? (Luke) 

Loved you first / Luke Hemmings

fratboy!luke & bestfriend!luke

When you were younger you never thought that your best friend would turn out to be a some fratboy. You both weren’t very popular and were fine just on your own. But that all changed ever since you both went to college.

You’re still best friends, and he’ll always put you first, but when he was approached in the halls by some guys and asked him to apply to get into their fraternity, Luke didn’t refuse. At first you were shocked that people actually talked to him because in high school nobody really cared enough to talk to you or him. Eventually Luke got accepted into the frat house and he changed, not much, but enough for you to notice. He went to every frat party, mostly because he had to, he talked to more girls than you have ever seen and it made you jealous. But even after all that, if you called Luke, he’d always make time for you. You were his priority.

Luke went from wearing light jeans to black skinny jeans with ripped knees, and from regular colored shirts to band shirts (mostly black) and plaid. You weren’t complaining cause he looked better than ever, it even made you jealous because now that he looks like this, he gets a lot of attention from girls.

But here you are, at a frat party cause Luke asked you to but you haven’t spotted him yet. you tried your best to look the best you have ever looked, you had to compete with all these other pretty girls. Luke was yours first, you had loved him before anyone else. Of course you would never admit that to Luke because if he had loved you too he’d made a move a long time ago.

You may or may not have arrived and downed a few shots and drank something strong and the effect was kicking in. You were light headed and not really yourself, or maybe more yourself than you ever were?

Looking around the frat house you spot a snapback and you immediately know it’s Luke. You try to make your way towards him, stumbling into a couple of people on your way there and when you finally are close enough to see his face you can see the girl he’s with. The girl leaning against the wall and Luke resting his hand beside her face. You know what’s about to happen and you don’t want to see it, but you can’t seem to look away. And that’s when Luke leans down and presses his lips on hers. Her small hands glide to his neck and pulls him closer as he rests his hands on her hips, intensifying the kiss.

“Y/N! you made it! Damn you look hot!” Calum yells out and raises his cup towards you. You would’ve really appreciated the compliment if you hadn’t just witnessed what you had.

By the mention of your name Luke and his girl break apart, he turns around and looks you in the eyes but you don’t stay long enough to hear what he has to say. You know that it’s ridiculous, he can kiss whoever he wants, you weren’t his girlfriend, damn, you weren’t even anything close.

You can hear him shout your name but you keep moving, walking back to your dorm as fast as you can and locking the door, leaning your head against it and letting out a sob. Finally allowing yourself to cry.

“Y/N? Babe?” His voice sounds right in front of you as you’re still resting your head against the door and it scares the crap out of you. Trying to hold in your sobs before he hears it.

“I can hear you, you know? Please talk to me” Luke begs and you shake your head but realize that he can’t see you.

“Go away, Luke!” You tell him and bang your fist against the door.

“Not before you talk to me, I know you’re crying, please let me fix whatever I did” He doesn’t even know why you’re upset, he doesn’t know how much you love him and how long you’ve loved him.

You unlock the door and walk to the other side of your room with your back to the door. You hear the door slowly open and shut so now you know Luke can see you.

“Can you please explain what I did so I can fix this? I don’t want you to be upset” You now can feel that he is right behind you, you can feel his presence and it’s horrible.

“I can’t” You choke out, cursing yourself for not being able to hold in the tears.

“Was it me kissing Megan? Do you two have a fight going on that I don’t know about?” Luke starts guessing and he couldn’t be more wrong, that girl that is apparently named Megan is gorgeous, she’s everything that you wish you could be.

“No! she has nothing to do with this!” You throw your hands up and turn around to finally face him.

“Then tell me!” Luke sighs frustrated. You want to tell him but it might ruin everything. He’ll tell you that he loves you but not in the way that you love him.

“You’ve changed” You sigh, “Not much, but you have”

“Is that so bad? Is that what this is about?” Luke frowns

“No, no, you haven’t changed in a bad way but” You stop talking, trying to gather your thoughts.

“but what?”

“Ever since you joined that stupid frat house you’ve changed how you dress and you’re more social and it’s so attractive that you’ve had so much attention from so many other girls!” You let out the stream of words so fast that Luke needs some time to process it all.

“Wait, you’re just jealous?” Luke now has a stupid smirk on his face.

“It’s not fucking funny, Lucas” You glare at him

“Sorry, no it’s not, sorry” Luke apologizes but that stupid grin is still on his face.

“You know you’re my first priority right? I’d do anything for you, so why be jealous?” Luke asks genuinely interested now.

“Because I loved you first!” You answer, “I loved you first” You repeat softer, almost in a whisper.

“What?” Luke asks confused and comes closer to you putting his hands on the side of your arms to make you look at him. He doesn’t look mad, he looks, encouraging?

“Shit, this is gonna ruin it even more” You curse to yourself but continue anyway cause you’ve already done the damage, “I loved you before you changed, before every other girl thought you were attractive, before you were this social butterfly. I loved you when you were awkward and weird and I still love you now that you’ve changed!”

“Why didn’t you tell me that before?” He asks, softly bending his knees to make you look into his eyes again.

“To avoid this awkward situation” you sigh and point at the two of you.

“I don’t know, but this isn’t awkward to me” Luke smiles at you.

“Just go back to the party, I’m fine. You know I’ll always be your best friend” You smile softly, feeling relieved that you have said all the things you wanted for such a long time.

“No, I haven’t even properly responded to what you just said” Luke looks almost shocked and offended.

“No please don’t, I have had enough for today” You try to smile but decide to look down. His large hands touch your jaw and lift it so your eyes can’t do anything else but look at his too beautiful face that is very very very close to yours now.

“You’re an idiot” He whispers and before you can get offended he presses his lips on yours. On instinct you close your eyes and lift your hands to his chest. His lips move against yours kissing you with more force as he feels that you’re not rejecting him. Your lips moving together and you don’t want to stop. This feeling is too perfect. When he pulls away you just keep your eyes closed afraid that if you’re gonna open them that it’s all been a dream.

“Aaaare you gonna open your eyes or?” Luke laughs and your eyes flicker open. You have no idea what to do or say so you keep opening your mouth and closing it again.

“Come on, let’s cuddle and watch some lame ass show that is your favorite” He tugs on your hand and sits down on your couch with you wrapped in his arms.

10 minutes into the tv show you still haven’t said anything, so you decide to lean up and kiss his cheek which makes him turn his head and softly smile at you.

“Thank you” You whisper

“For what? For loving you back?” He laughs at how ridiculous it sounds

“Y-you do? I t-thought you just kissed me because I admitted that I loved you and-” Luke cuts you off by kissing you again.

“I love you, Y/N. I tried to forget you so many times but you’re my best friend, how could I ever possibly do that. And to think that I made you cry earlier breaks my heart.” Luke explains.

“You love me” a smile creeps onto your face.

“I do” Luke smiles and leans closer to you, “a lot”. and this time you lean forward and kiss him.

“Well, I love you too” You grin, you can’t help but feel a red blush rise to your cheeks.

Uuuuugh this is so much cheesier than I wanted it to be