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Jinki/Taemin; Moving Day (Part 4/4); PG

Still Tw for anxiety, abuse, emetophobia and some sex talks

“You okay?” Jinki asks softly. Taemin blinks quickly, looks up at him, looks back down.

“I… think so,” he mumbles. “I don’t know.” He picks up his water with both hands to take a little sip. “They’re coming home today,” he says quietly.

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I was thinking about something this morning and I wanted to ask you; If you wanted to be the demigod of any god, not just Greek gods like Percy Jackson, what god would it be?

Well, all I know about Gods are about greeks, so I am kinda limited to them anyways :D 

When it’s about what I WANT: Athena, Aphrodite and Persephone are my girls, but I don’t have any traits that could point to that. 

What would make most sense: Probably Apollo, because I am an artist and he is kinda the dude for art and stuff like that :) Also a part of my family is working in medical jobs, so that points to him too. 

Chicken Pt 1.

Finally! My story for MLM March ^_^ 

Part 1 is Adrino part 2 (coming soon) is Ninoir 

This definite has set up for OT4 potential because I can’t help myself, but the story itself WILL BE just Adrino/Ninoir  with background Alyanette and unrequited Adrienette. Where it goes after that who know ^_^

anyways hope you enjoy part 1

It was all Alya’s fault.

To be fair Adrien probably should have been paying better attention to the conversation around him, but still…

One minute he was happily enjoying his iced chai latte, distractedly scrolling through the Ladyblog and only catching every third word of his friends conversation and the next he was drenched in said Chai Latte stuttering and blushing like… well like Marinette. He still wasn’t sure what that was about.

The two had been arguing about flirting. Nino and Alya that is. Something about chickens… he really should have been paying more attention.

The important thing was he had not been prepared for his best friend to lean over and whisper “you know you are incredibly attractive right?”

Then came the blushing and the spilling of drinks.

Alya had doubled over laughing while Nino had helped attempt to clean up the mess. But even his traitorous best friend hadn’t bothered to hide the extremely satisfied gleam in his eyes.

The afternoon just got worse from there.

It started small. An innocent ruffling of his hair, sitting just a little too close in class. Little compliments messaged between their tablets when the teacher wasn’t looking. At first Adrien was flattered. It was always nice when his friends were affectionate. Given the lack of physical and vocal attention he got at home, Adrien was always desperate for more of the casual affection he saw his friends display so easily. Sadly he was still not secure enough to general initiate or ask for it himself.

Once class ended though it picked up to a whole new degree.

They had made plans before hand to go to the arcade together after school was out given Adrien’s surprisingly free schedule.

The had barely made it more than 10 steps from the school when he felt Nino casually lacing his finger through his own.

Adrien felt the blush returning with force while Nino continued his casual conversation with Alya, who shot them a glare before all but climbing on top of Marinette, who simply laughed and rolled her eyes before reaching back to toy with Alya’s hair.

It wasn’t that he disliked anything Nino was doing. In point of fact he rather enjoyed the increased affection more than he wanted to admit. He just wished he had any clue what was happening.

By the time they reached the arcade hand holding had morphed to Nino’s arm wrapped around his waist. At one point he was pretty sure Nino had sniffed his hair before commenting that ‘all those showers are paying off because you smell really good.’

Adrien was fairly certain that his make up artist was going to kill him because his face seemed to have morphed into a permanent shade of red. Of course there was also the chance that Alya would kill him first. She had been shooting daggers at them while Marinette giggled and occasionally whispered things into her ear.

“Ok,” Adrien asked when Alya and Nino disappeared off to get tokens, “what is going on today?”

Marinette raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

“What is with the two of them?” he gestured in the direction their friends had gone, “I mean you and Alya have been hanging all over each other- which is fine, I mean it’s not like it’s the first time but you are being kind of… extra, today. And Nino is… just what’s going on?”

Marinette’s expression morphed into a look of amused pity, not unlike the look Ladybug tended to shoot him after he had crashed headfirst into the pavement. It wasn’t very reassuring.

“Oh… weren’t you paying attention at lunch?”

“Yes… no… it wasn’t that interesting listening them to bicker about movie troupes so I kind of tuned them out.”

Marinette bite her lower lip in a clear attempt to bit back another giggle and Adrien felt his heart sink.

“So you’ve really have no clue what’s going on?” she asked.

Adrien said nothing, wondering if maybe his father had been right about sticking with home schooling.

“They’re playing chicken.”


“You have no idea what I am talking about do you,” Marinette sighed. “It’s a game… sort of. More like a contest. You try to see how far you can flirt with someone until you get scared and have to stop.”
“Oh,” Adrien said softly, not sure what to make of the swell of disappointment he felt at her words. “So all of this was just a game?” He tried to keep his voice light, but he saw Marinette’s eyes widen in understanding.

“Well, yes and no,” she said hurriedly,  “I mean part of the challenge is that it should be someone you actually like. Otherwise it’s too easy you know?”

Adrien gave her a somewhat pained smile, still not sure how he felt about this whole revelation.

“Honestly we thought you knew,” Marinette continued looking honestly concerned, “we just thought you were really bad at it.”

“Hey!” Adrien protested, although he felt his smile widen in genuine amusement at her guilty confession.

“Sorry,” she said, ducking her head in shame.

“Eh, it’s not your fault,” Adrien said “I should have realised something wasn’t right when Nino started flirting with me.”

Marinette stared at him. “Just how oblivious are you?” she blurted then immediately slammed a hand over her mouth.



“Seriously, what am I missing now?” Adrien sighed and trying to give Marinette his best puppydog expression.
“Well I already told you- the game isn’t fun unless you are flirting with someone you are actually at least a little bit interested in,” she said, tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear.

“Oh…” Adrien said stupidly. “Wait, so Alya… and you… did you know?”

Marinette gave him a bemused smile. “She isn’t exactly subtle, and this isn’t our first game of chicken.”

“Oh… so are you guys, like an official couple then?”

Marinette flushed. “It’s complicated.”

“Something holding you back?” Adrien asked curiously.

“Well that answers my question about how oblivious you are,” Marinette muttered, no longer meeting his gaze her cheeks still stained a charming shade of pink.

Before Adrien had a chance to ask her to elaborate on what THAT was about Nino and Alya came back with two cups full of coins.

“So what are you two kids talking about,” Alya said leaning over and giving Marinette an eskimo kiss which she happily returned.

“Marinette was explaining the finer points of chicken,” Adrien said.

“Oh, you told him? There goes half my fun,” Nino complained.

“Wait he didn’t know?” Alya said her eyes lighting up, “Well no wonder you were beating me so badly! You were basically playing on easy mode.”

“Hey,” Adrien sputtered indignantly feeling more than a little put out by this whole thing already, “maybe I will beat all of you at this game.”

All three of his friends gave him a wide eyed look before bursting out into laughter.

“Adrien you don’t flirt,” Alya said between chortles.

“Yeah dude,” Nino said slinging an arm over his shoulder, “don’t get me wrong you are adorable and I love you, but you are about as smooth as a cactus.”

Adrien glowered. “I can be smooth.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Marinette said soothingly, “besides as much as Alya hates to admit it, no one ever beats Nino at this game.”

“I will some day,” Alya said smirking at the boy in question.

“Is that a challenge?” Adrien asked looking at his gloating best friend.

“Its not a challenge bro. It’s just a fact,” he smiled, leaning in a little too close. Adrien forced himself to hold his ground.

“What if I like a challenge?” 

“Trust me,” Nino continued with a smile, “there is nothing you could do that would phase me when I am involved in a game of chicken.

Adrien smiled as he got a terribly brilliant idea.

“We’ll see.”

Damn, 15 million

@therealjacksepticeye and the rest of the community, thank you for giving me a home. Thank you for being a pit stop I can always go back to whenever I’m upset or scared or lonely and always feel like I have friends. Jack has gotten me through some of the roughest and most uncertain times in my life, and I’ve been with him so long that it feels like he’s one of my closest friends. One of these days, maybe I’ll even meet him in person! One can dream.

Anyway, thanks Jack, and thanks everyone who’s ever followed Jack and given me a smile or a message when I was feeling down. This community is lovely and I’m honored to be a part of it!

Final Farewell Part 2

For those of you that wanted a second part, I hope that you like it. Because this turned out all types of crazy for me to write (late at night mind you)

Read the first part here

I hope that link worked because I don’t know how to do shit on Tumblr.. or anything for that matter. So let me know if it didn’t lol

Anyway here’s the crazy mess I came up with. This was longer than intended and I don’t know how to do the thing where you can click on it to expand so sorry for those who have to keep scrolling that don’t want to read.

Being Beca’s bridesmaid was the last thing Chloe ever wanted to be because that would mean someone else got to marry the love of her life. Yet, there she was with the other bridesmaids waiting for Beca to come out and show them the wedding dress she had picked out.

The former Bellas were obviously more excited about this event. Aubrey shoved Chloe’s shoulder more than once in the last ten minutes. Silently telling Chloe to get it together. Finally, Beca came out and Chloe stopped breathing. Beca looked so incredibly beautiful it made tears form in Chloe’s eyes for more than one reason. Everyone agreed this had to be the dress she wore. It fit Beca’s features well, and Beca was completely confident in it.

A couple of months after Beca went dress shopping it was time for the bridesmaids to pick their dresses out. Any other wedding Chloe would’ve been ecstatic, but this just felt like another punch in the face. They all had agreed on a simple dark green dress. Beca told Chloe it looked beautiful on her and Chloe knew her cheeks flushed a bit before she thanked the girl.

The Bachelorette party was hosted by Stacie of course. She had rented out a private club just for them. She may have included male and female strippers, but Beca objected to that immediately. Fat Amy and CR were all for it though.

A couple of hours and a shit ton of alcohol later, the girl’s were on the dance floor. Chloe was dancing freely by herself when she felt someone staring. She looked up to see Beca smirking at her. Chloe beckoned the girl by curling her finger over and over. The brunette rolled her eyes and laughed before joining Chloe on the dance floor.

The song had changed to a slow, sensual beat and Chloe grinded into the girl so sexually that she heard Beca’s breath hitch. Chloe grinned slyly and did it again and suddenly Beca’s hands were roaming Chloe from her thighs up her body. Then the tables turned and it was Beca who was grinding on Chloe and some kind of spark hit the redhead. She brushed Beca’s hair to the side and gently kissed Beca’s shoulder. “This feels right. I’ve always thought it felt right with you” Chloe whispered into the other girl’s ear causing her to tense up.

The song ended and Chloe watched Beca make her way to the bathroom in a hurry. Chloe glanced up to see Aubrey looking at her disapproval shown in her eyes. But Chloe had to follow Beca and apologize if she upset the girl. Once she entered the bathroom Beca was splashing her face with water. Then their eyes locked in the mirror.

Chloe didn’t know what to say she was watching Beca intensely trying to figure out what was going through the brunette’s head.

“How long?” Beca finally spoke after what seemed like an eternity.

“How long what?” Chloe asked suddenly taken aback.

“You know. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about,” Beca spat.

Chloe winced at Beca’s tone. She did know what she was asking. How long had she had feelings for the girl.

“Why? Why spring that on me now? I’m about to get married for Christ sake!” Beca brushed her hair back staring at Chloe.

“I wasn’t springing anything on you. I didn’t - I mean that was the alcohol talking I didn’t mean to do or say that. It doesn’t mean anything okay,” Chloe was numb this conversation was never meant to happen ever. Especially not now not like this. It was too late.

“I think it did mean something. Looking back I just pushed it off as you being touchy-feely with everyone. Now that I think about it it was mostly aimed at me. How did I not see that?” Chloe watched as the wheels in Beca’s mind turned finally realizing all of the hints Chloe had given her throughout their friendship.

“Tell me you never had feelings for me. Tell me you don’t love me,” Chloe finally said. She needed to hear those words so Chloe could finally have the closure she needed all along.

“I’m getting married in two days Chloe,” and with that Beca walked out the bathroom door leaving Chloe to cry alone. Aubrey eventually went in to check on her and helped her back to their hotel.

The wedding rehearsal was nerve wracking to get through. The planner had them all stand in certain spots and Chloe couldn’t help to think this was not the spot she should be standing in. She should be the one waiting for Beca to come down the aisle to her. Not Jesse.

She had been nice to Jesse throughout this whole process because really it isn’t his fault. If anything it’s hers for not speaking her mind sooner. None of this would’ve happened if she would’ve just manned up. Or maybe this would still have happened. Because Beca returning feelings for Chloe was a joke.

Chloe tried avoiding eye contact with Beca all together. It was the most awkward Chloe had ever felt in her entire life. She was so scared she was going to lose the girl as a friend from her stupidity the night before. Beca didn’t seem to act like anything was wrong. She was laughing with the other bridesmaids and would walk off to talk and kiss Jesse more times than Chloe wanted to witness.

The next day was going to be hectic. The girl of Chloe’s dreams would officially marry the guy of hers. It sounded insane to her. She was torturing herself by going to this wedding at all let alone help plan the whole damn thing. And all of this just so she would stand to the side watching Beca face Jesse instead of her. She tried to get used to that the evening before at rehearsal.

She had finally talked herself into getting out of bed. She immediately checked her phone and saw two missed calls from Aubrey and one text from Beca. She opened the text first.

I can’t fucking do this. What was I thinking??

Sent at 7 am. Chloe looked at the clock on her phone it was 9. She immediately called Beca but it went straight to voicemail. Shit!

She listened to the voicemails from Aubrey who was freaking out saying Beca was having severe cold feet about this wedding and that Chloe needed to find Beca and talk some sense into her. Chloe laughed at that. Why would she want to talk sense into Beca. In fact this was the best news she could possibly hear right now. That was such a messed up thought. Chloe knew deep down that she had to get Beca to that wedding even if it did crush her soul.

Chloe texted and called Beca a million times. None of the bridesmaids knew if the wedding was going to happen, but everyone got ready anyway. Before they knew it it was 3 pm and the wedding would start in an hour. The worst thing Chloe thought was Jesse had no idea Beca was missing. And it was all because of her she thought.

The door flew open where the bridesmaids were stationed. It was Beca. She looked horrible. She had been crying all night by the look of it. Everyone jumped up.

“Where the hell have you been?” Aubrey asked.

“I had to sort things out” Beca mumbled.

“Sort things out? Beca, it would’ve killed Jesse if you didn’t show up with no explanation whatsoever” Aubrey folded her arms.

“That’s why I showed up okay? Now where is he? I need to talk to him,” Beca asked glancing at Chloe. Chloe shook her head at Beca wondering what the hell the girl was doing. Then Aubrey was guiding Beca out the door to the room Jesse was in with the groomsmen.

All eyes turned to Chloe with questioning looks. They had seen what happened on the dance floor at the Bachelorette party. Chloe filled them in on what happened. Fat Amy and CR mumbled something that sounded like “I knew it” and Chloe felt like she was going to puke because she didn’t know what was going on.

There was yelling going on outside the door. All the Bellas gathered around to listen.

“Really Beca? You’re just going to walk out on me after all of this. After all that we have been through?” Chloe had never heard Jesse speak in that tone before and it caused her to wince.

“It’s complicated Jesse. I’m sorry I really am. I just can’t do this.” Beca was full on crying at this point.

“Tell me why. You at least owe me that” Jesse sighed.

“I can’t marry you knowing I have feelings for someone else. Feelings I didn’t even know were there not consciously” Beca’s voice was weak.

“Who is it? When did you figure this out? I thought we were happy Bec!” Jesse was furious.

“We were happy! But then something happened the other night and I thought I could ignore it and go through with this wedding. It would be the wrong thing to do”

“Did you cheat on me?” Jesse asked hurt in his voice.

“Of course not. I wouldn’t do that to you”

“Who is it? I deserve to know”

“It’s.. Chloe” Beca spoke so quietly Chloe couldn’t tell if the girl had really said it or if she had imagined it.

Chloe opened the door. Jesse and a Beca looked over at her. Jesse gave Chloe the coldest glare she had ever received from anyone.

“This is unbelievable” he laughed. “Well I hope you two are happy” and that was it he left the church.

“Beca?” Chloe mustered to say as the brunette watched the man she was supposed to marry walk away.

Then her attention was on the redhead. “I have feelings for you. I always have I just didn’t realize it until the other night. This is such a disaster,” Beca shook her head.

“I know I screwed everything up. I am so sorry Beca” Chloe fought back tears.

“No. Chlo. The disaster is that we lost so much time that we could have spent together. I’ve always loved you but Jesse was a good guy. He was safe. If something didn’t work out with him I would be hurt for a while, but it would’ve been different with you Chlo. You are the only person who could break my heart. It was easier to avoid the feelings that were there for you knowing I had a safe ride” Beca finally admitted.

“I would never do that to you” Chloe hugged Beca hard. “I love you”

“I’m so sorry I put you through hell all of these years. I love you,” Beca captured Chloe’s lips with hers in a heated kiss. Like no one else was around.

“So, uh, do we get our money back from the dresses and what not?” Fat Amy called out.

But Chloe and Beca were in their own world kissing each other with such passion that they never had gotten to do up until now.

“I’ll take that as a no” Fat Amy said while CR nudged her.

Once Upon a December (Part 6)

A/N: It took so long! I know, I know. But this weeks have been insane! I have several papers to do for college and so. Also, tomorrow I’ll have an interview in the university newspaper to talk about my book!

Anyway, I’m planning something new: A Natasha/Reader fanfic, so stay tuned! As always, feel free to correct, comment and feedback would be appreciated.

If you are NEW, Part 1 starts HERE

Words: 2,234.

Warnings: Angst, maybe.

Tag list and those who might like it!: @msmarvelchick @sebastian-bucky-stan @eileenlikesyou-maybe @a-girl-who-loves-disney @whotheeffisbucky @plumfondler @totheendofthelinepal @thatawkwardtinyperson @theh3aven @themistsofmyavalon @pleasecallmecaptain @writemarvelousthings @writingbarnes @sebbytrash-old @stephvera @shaerose98 @hollycornish @marvelfanuniverse @totheendofthelinepal @just-call-me-mrs-captain @bovaria @writing-soldiers @marvelouslymarvelousimagines @mangosoldier @rchlnwtn  @goldwanderer @fourtyninekirbygamzeegirl @bvckys-doll @suvi-hearthcrow @justareader  @themortallife @perrychastain @petitelaurie9 @inlovewithmydreams @happiness-is-sebstan @marvelous-fvcks

Originally posted by in-perfectenschlag

“There we are” Steve muttered as you arrived to your compartment. It had still the remains of the golden years of the reign. The walls were made in wood and the floors were carpeted in red. 

Bucky and Steve put the suitcases on the luggage rack and you sat down near the window. Your legs were open and you were almost laying on the seat. Bucky sat by your side with a book as Steve did the same with a small bag filled with painting materials. He started to draw in the documents Tony had given to him as you started to play with your necklace. Bucky glanced at you.

“Stop playing with it. And for god’s sake, sit down properly! You are the Imperial Princess” You pouted and crossed your arms.

“Actually, that’s what you say because I have no memories of it”

“Oh, c’mon” He muttered shaking his head. “You must have proper manners”


“Because that’s what princesses do”

“And how do you know what they do or not?”

“It’s my duty to know” Bucky replied as he placed his right arm on the seat, staring at you. “Listen, I’m just trying to help you”

Steve moved his eyes from the passport he was writing in with a quill and rolled his eyes. 

“James…”You started to speak as you stood straight, interlacing your fingers. “Do you believe I’m part of the Imperial family?”

“You know I do” He said frowning.

“Then stop bossing me” You answered bitingly, sitting again in the same position and playing with your necklace. Steve started to chuckle.

“She know what’s giving orders”

“Yeah, and I hate that on a woman” Bucky said, closing his coat as Steve took a piece of paper from his own, marking another point under your name.

The journey passed and you stayed on the compartment, watching Steve as he forged the documents. On a certain moment you were alone enjoying a book about France, immersed on the story. The sliding door opened and someone came in. You didn’t raise your head from the book and the person cleared his throat.

“Y/N…”Bucky said, placing his hands on his knees. “I think we had a bad start”

“I agree with that” You replied lowering your book as he continued speaking. “And I appreciate you come to apologise”

“Wait…what?” Bucky shook his head. “Nobody talked about apologies”

“Please, stop talking. You’ll only annoy me” You closed the book and placed it by your side, your feet on the seat opposite to you.

“Well, I’ll shut up if you shut up”



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Do you know any good angsty one shots?

Ok, so @sorrynotharry has a really great one that’s called something about like… And I Forgot to Tell You I Love You or something. Really sad, and there are a few other ones around there, too. I think @two-swallows-above-a-butterfly has some on her masterlist, a does @geenalovesthelittlethings, and @stylesunchained has her All My Loving shots, which are… devastating, haha. I’m an absolute sucker for angst, honestly, but I’ve not read too many angsty Harry fics… I just haven’t really seen them around (when they aren’t like… a part of a series, I mean. I think there are some angsty series’ out there, but I don’t really read series’ for him – dunno why, I just don’t – and I feel like that’s where a lot of angst plays out in fic for him… hmm…). Anyway! There we have it. x

thehidingcat  asked:

so I started watching this anime called Speed Grapher, and the first episode's villain turned out to be voiced by Koyasu going pretty much full Dio, which made me chuckle (especially since his first line is "this isn't the real me"). anyway it made me think of this blog; the character is a ballet dancer and I wondered if you have any headcanons about how Dio dances, or if he likes stuff like ballet?

I haven’t seen that yet, I’ll check it out.  I could actually picture Dio being a really good dancer, like he could take most ridiculous moves and make them look smooth. And he’s got the sort of confidence where he could make the most self-conscious person look good as his partner on the dance floor.

That second part, I think he’d like ballet (and opera, since Araki’s got him somewhat linked to Italian culture), but only as a spectator. I can’t see him getting into ballet dancing himself, both he and Jonathan are huge by Victorian standards and I’m assuming back then he’d have looked way out of place with that linebacker-type body. Plus, that rugby chapter makes it seem like Dio’s more the competitive and team sports type.

But attending the ballet, that something I’m sure he’d enjoy, both for the artistry - in canon he enjoys refined things - and just for the social pretense of it.

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Then you tease him in the elevator by kissing him and letting him finally feel that perfect ass he's been urning for. Now he's probably so horny he can't think straight just hoping you'll give him the chance to make a move before you leave him and let him hear you getting fucked loudly by your husband. His poor blue balled cock. I really hope you're extra good to it when you finally take it. (Part 3/3)

OK, so you say this is part 3 of 3, but I only got two parts.  Not sure what’s up there.

Anyway, am I really a cock tease?  I mean, blue balls are usually associated with a guy not getting to cum, but he definitely did cum.  And I didn’t completely just run away from him; it’s just hard to get exactly how things went into a story written well after the event.

But to your last point, I’d like the opportunity to be very, very good to his cock. lol


Arashi ✿ 6D00-001F-9A13

@mayor-aby’s town Arashi is still a work in progress, but it looks absolutely beautiful! I took some screenshots of the greener parts of town but if you explore for yourself, you’ll find tons of flowers and paths and friendly villagers. The signs around town are so cool, especially the one near the train station with the map of town– I wanna do something like that in my own town. Anyway, this was a great nap!

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i like that post too, but why do people only include hunk, lance, and allura as POC?? like has everyone forgotten about my main man shirogane? Also, Keith is very likely part Korean, but since it's not confirmed yet it's understandable not to include him. Anyways, I hope this doesn't come off as mean and it's not really directed at you, but just kinda wanted to say my part. Have a good day!

Ur right I havent thought abt that . mayb tis cos tis obvious to some people that shiro and Keith are East Asian cos of their last names. bt then again ur right they should have been included too yep

Important note about الحروف

I mentioned before that there are three types of words in the Arabic language : the verb  الفعل (which is a word with a meaning that is linked with time), the noun الاسم (which is a word with a meaning that is not liked with time), and the last part is the letter الحرف (plural : letters الحروف al-huroof) which is a word that has no meaning by itself but it used to link the words together and to give context to other words.

I usually translate the word حرف (harf) to “preposition” in certain contexts to make the idea closer but the prepositions are a type of huroof, and there are other types of huroof that are not prepositions and that you will learn the more you advance. 



it’s been at least a year and I don’t feel like looking up how much longer – I had missed sessions because of travel and I was hitting a really frustrating plateau, probably in part because of missed sessions, and then renewing my pass required two in-person interactions

anyway, as happens with me, the longer I went without taking care of it the more humiliating the prospect of doing so became

BUT! sometime in that interval the rec center implemented online renewal! so I didn’t have to talk to anybody!! like… no fuckin excuse now!

and praise Swole Jesus, they replaced the dinky half-rack and one of the Smith machines with two proper power racks so you can actually have two people doing squats at the same time, what a concept

it felt really good to be back and I know that my lifts are not as embarrassing as I think they are, they’re just low compared to my PRs, which, duh

in case anyone’s curious

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anonymous asked:

Ghost is like the ex who posts cute pics on instagram of how happy and busy they are now post-relationship and Puppet Master is the bitter party that can't stand it and can't move on. They should've taken the high road and tried to become successful on their own steam if they really wanted T to sit up and take notice but now lololol T is probably in a hotel room somewhere laughing. At least I hope he is. Anyways, where did you read/hear about Omega's part in writing Zenith and Year Zero?

That is the most brilliant comparison 😂
And true…I was also the Ghost of my last breakup, won’t lie.

It’s just something I’ve heard through the grapevine, I don’t exactly know the validity of it…

The saddest part of feeling suicidal (to me, personally) is how Nobody will care, nobody will know when I leave, nobody will be affected or shaken to their core when I leave. I hate that I’m thinking about people’s reactions but I can’t describe how much it physically hurts when you realize how virtually nobody will be affected. It’s not like I have much friends who will be affected anyway since I don’t have very many, but it still makes me feel awful.

anonymous asked:

Explain Kurama's and Hiei's hair. Is Kurama wearing a ponytail or is it down? Does Hiei's hair grow up? Does he use product?

The real answer is mullet.
Beware the power of the 90s mullet

As far as my desperate attempts to understand what we’re looking at here, I tend to imagine it’s like…
Up until the ‘flip’ part, it’s all brushed back/tamed by immediately tying it into ponytail after washing/while it’s wet until dried, but then it’s layered so it pisses off the shorter parts that want to flip out, and then the rest is thick and just… lays there.
Also seeds.
Okay the real answer is probably something to do with a plant running wild in there that he just never wanted to tame.
(or that it’s suppose to represent the fox tail and he’s just… yeah I got nothing.)
Mullets, man. Mullets.

(( also Hiei’s is held up by the power of pure spite ))

It’s been so long since I’ve been here. Moved to a new part of town this time around. Got myself a bigger house which I am absolutely thrilled with. I forgot the silence and all around beauty that surrounded this town. Feels like home already. Anyway, to anyone that doesn’t remember me, I’m Louis and I had moved here about a year ago but left because of life which I’m sure a lot of people have heard about, but I’m back now and I can’t wait to reconnect with all of you and meet whoever has moved to town since the last time I was here and I’m going to assume that’s a lot of people. Don’t be afraid to say hello, I don’t bit I promise. 

anonymous asked:

[Part 1] DSP said that they wanted to cancel the TGG remake, but didn't they then release a statement saying they would continue it anyway? I-I might be wrong.. I agree with you one some things in the manga, but I think that it's primary purpose was to introduce people to the game. Idk I'm sorry. I'm just happy with the manga because we get some more Fukami content and I feel like he's so underrated. But I know that's a silly reason.

[Part 2] And the thing with Sananivlis is that DSP has to get bored of them at some point.. Right? Right now when I look at the Sunahama I see random doodles of characters. Iglis, Gyakuten, an occasional cat (still some Ivlis). I think that might mean they’re still working on the Satanivlis game. After that they’re guaranteed to continue on the other games, right?

if it was meant just for introducing people into the game…then funamusea still should have communicated that to us. they never told us exactly why the manga was made, if there was a real reason, so im thinking it was actually made for the fans. but dont get me wrong im glad fukami has more spotlight!! im gay as shit for him lmao..but this isnt a fuakmi manga, its the watgbs manga. all characters should be treated with care

with the tgg remake, i heard they either stopped working on it entirely, or its going to take a while. i honestly dont mind either way..but its still sad. theyre not obliged to make games or anything for the fandom, really. but it feels like they care more about their ships than the fandom itself

yeah, right now theyre FINALLY calming down with the satanivlis. because they suddenly released a manga for it…i just want more art of other characters..
wait, is there going to be a game about satanivlis?? oh boy :/

i sure hope they work on other stuff after this..i honestly like their game content

-mod kichi