and anyone else i will see there

I’m high mom can’t you see?
My eyes are swollen and red
I’ve been smoking thoughts
instead of cigarettes.
My lungs are okay
but my soul is drifting away.
And I’m still the captain of my sea
the master of my fate
but I can’t really see
what the sea beholds for me.
My GPA is high too mom
and my future bright
but the only problem is
I am not alright.
I’m not on drugs
and I don’t smoke
but it’s way worse you know?
Because I work and I think more than anyone else I know.
I’m trying to hide the fact that there is no meaning
in living, dreaming or being.
—  mineibrm

binx0v0  asked:

OKAY. So In the 2nd to last page or something In chapter 207 of 19 days, if you look at Zheng's eyes when he's about to ask Jian Yi if he likes him, at first he doesn't make direct eye contact with Jian, but instead is looking down and slightly lifts his eyes upwards to meet Jian Yi's Gaze. Just thought that was a little interesting and Wanted to see if you or anyone else noticed. 😂

yesssss. when i was choosing a good pic for my shitpost i was looking at the panels and picked up on it:

i absolutely love the subtlety of this chapter – the quietness, the intensity of the facial expressions, how zhengxi’s own uncertainty is conveyed through a downwards glance; how his sudden certainty and determination is a shock of blue eyes turned grey in the dark:

there’s no time for doubt or hesitation anymore. no time for delicate sensibilities and being mindful and evasive and ‘considerate’. consideration was getting them nowhere. the lack of communication was getting them nowhere. everything about that direct glance says there’s no turning back – he’ll get an answer no matter what.

this was a shorter chapter than usual but if this is what old xian can put out – if they can capture this much wordless emotion and tension in a couple of near-identical panels – then i am so for it.

Some WoC I wanna see in outsiders, hopefully as more than cameos

Cassandra Cain

Jessica Cruz

Aquagirl (Lorena Marquez)





Artemis was created specifically for the show so don’t tell me they couldn’t have found a way to incorporate at least one these characters into the main cast. And they made Zatanna a teen why not anyone else??

I have a lot of feelings I don’t really know what to do with nowadays. I don’t want them. I wish I could store them somewhere until they were useful. The words ‘I’m okay’ seem like a foreign language when they’re together without the word not in between them. Foreign to me, anyway. I don’t feel like I can use them without feeling like a horrible liar. They’re just words to me. There’s no emotion behind them - unless you count the fear that someone will realize I’m not and ask why. It’s always been better for me to break in silence. That way, no one sees it. That way, no one breaks with me if they care enough to be moved. Seems kind of twisted when you think about it. I want to be there for everyone else, but don’t want anyone to waste even a second on me. I want to read everyone, but when it comes to me, there are days I want to be read thoroughly and days when I don’t even want people to see my cover. I’m a hypocrite, a walking contradiction, a mess. If I could, I’d fast forward into the future. Maybe there, I’m not like this.

Finally the exclusive trailer from SDCC is now uploaded on YT!  Who else is hyped for this movie??? 

If you don’t like Westallen or Iris, don’t follow me. I have no idea why anyone would choose to follow or attempt to interact with me if you have no respect for the importance of either the ship or that character. Do you know how rare it is to see multidimensional, nuanced and healthy interracial ships portrayed with as much given to them as this ship? Not often at all. They are not a typical couple. So stop with the damn falsehoods and perpetuation that it is anything else. It’s tiring and I have no patience for it.

Watch the show. Go look at canon again. Stop making out Iris to be something she isn’t when she’s one of the most selfless characters out there. And don’t mistake me as someone who has time for bigotry or a twist of the facts.

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who are your favorite players that have shown improvement throughout their time in the league vs. being miracle players? like not the matthews or mcdavids, the guys who were okay at first but put in the work to get better, if that makes sense?

JUSTIN SCHULTZ. idk about anyone else honestly like i feel like i haven’t been following hockey long enough to really see a trajectory regarding any one player but like. jultz really came thru this season and i love him

Anyone else thinks this looks like a WUB Elspeth? She’s got that enchantment creature style art behind her head and arm and this art just feels like Theros to me. Something that makes me think it’s not is the color palette. Blue, black, and purple are usually only used on Grixis or Dimir cards I just can’t see Wizards printing a new Elspeth that’s not white.

We might need the Flavorum on this one @flavoracle.

this belief that white straight people are the default and everything else is farfetched pandering is so fucking sad and i truly deep in my heart feel bad for the people who are so closeminded they cannot see a world where anyone but them is catered to

I don’t know how to put this into words, but I’ll try my best.

I haven’t been able to function properly today. I’ve been in a constant state of numbness. I’ve been in disbelief. I’ve been in denial. I’ve been in grief. Everything else just flies by me in a flash, and I haven’t been really able to think about anything else. Chester is really gone.

I’m glad I got to see LP perform, if just once. I remember the event. I remember crying tears of happiness when I saw Chester bounce around from behind the corner onto the stage. It was one of the most happiest moments of my life, and I hadn’t been able to feel like that in a long time.

I’m sorry we couldn’t help you, Chester. I’m sorry that we couldn’t save you from the feelings that you felt when you decided to end your life. I’m truly sorry. Thank you for blessing us with your music and the soul that you poured into it. I hope the place where you are now is better than the place you were in. Thank you for everything. We all love you. 

Petition to make "everyday regression" a tag!

I LOVE seeing posts from regressors just about everyday life as a little. Like, stuff that’s not very aesthetic or fancy, but still warms your heart and makes you smile 😋

Like, a new toy or a text post about a cute happening or just a happy selfie and what you did that day! Very homey and safe and calm, idk! 😅

Anyone else like this sort of thing???


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I initially wanted to do a wonho one but that kihyun selfie is my fav

you don’t have to do this but if you do tag me so I can see it and fall in love with your faces ok

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Hell Yeah <3

Just wanted to say thank you for joining my challenge

I can’t wait to see what you crazy kids come up with!! There are still spots open if anyone else wants to participate :)

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I don’t know if anyone had pointed it out yet or everyone already knew and I’m just slow but.

Assuming the little kid in the photo Lance had seen when they did the mind meld thing was him, just. Look at him.

If you look at it closely the kid was standing up straight, chest puffed out, hands behind him. Like a soldier.

He wanted to be a pilot since he was young.

cleverhologramblaze  asked:

Some students from Aisha's school (pretend she was a student once) mock her for turning into DW despite her prowess in magic. El gang's reaction?

Elsword: “If it were anyone else, I would destroy them for teasing my friends, but… Yeah, Aisha’s got this.”

Aisha: “Haha, you’re funny!  Weren’t you the asshole who dropped out?  Let me show you what space magic is!”

Rena: “Humans can be so petty and mean.  Once Aisha’s done beating them up, I’ll scold them.”

Raven: “As much as I hate to see bullying, I think Aisha has to deal with this herself.  I’ll be backing her up if she needs it.”

Eve: “Analyzing.  Tormentors are weak little pricks.  Aisha has this in the bag.”

Chung: “Ugh-!  Don’t try to tease someone as intelligent as Miss Aisha!”

Ara: “Hey!  Don’t you kids have anything better to do?  Shame on you!”

Elesis, patting Aisha on the head: “Yell if you need backup.  Break their faces.”

Add: “If I cared, I might help her out.  But I really don’t.  Genius is always mocked.”

Lu: “How rude!  Ciel, let’s teach those peasants a lesson!”

Ciel: “…. Yeah, Lu, I don’t think we need to get involved.  Aisha can take care of herself.”

Ain: “I’ll follow Elsword’s lead, which seems to be staying out of the line of fire.  So be it, then… Ouch, that looks painful.  I pity anyone who attempts to mock Miss Magician.”

nrd4lyfe  asked:

I admire your vehement support of artists and efforts to draw attention to art theft, which I wish was not an issue big enough that anyone should have to spend such effort fighting. Can I ask how you're able to see those estimated earnings on monetized videos? Is it a YouTube feature or an outside tool? Thank you.

There’s an app on google chrome called heartbeat. It’ll show how much they should be making on the video and whether they are monetised or not. It’ll also say who monetises it. Sometimes it’s a network the youtuber belongs to. Sometimes someone else has made a claim due to copyrighted music for example.

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the lyrics of the song in the pic harry liked on instagram: "You're a part-time lover and a full-time friend / The monkey on your back is the latest trend / I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else but you / You are always tryin' to keep it real / I'm in love with how you feel / I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else but you / We both have shiny, happy fits of rage / You want more fans, I want more stage / I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else but you." <3333

I’m going to listen to it right now