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ssrule427  asked:

Hey, I'm 19 and I've currently lost 50 pounds. I've kind of just stopped and I don't know how to get my motivation back! Any tips?

Motivation comes from the heart and it mainly depends on you but there are some ways to help make it constant such as:

1- have a gym partner.
2- follow motivating blogs/social media pages.
3- have a schedule and always have it in sight.
4- keep track of your progress.

Anyone else have any ideas? Please don’t be afraid to share!

- Stay Strong and Humble ;)

tumblr is one of the worst place to get the news. it can be like an echo chamber at times.

yes i say this as much as i know people follow me for stuff i write about current affairs here. don’t form your opinion just on what i or anyone else on tumblr writes. it’s fine if you read some news here but don’t take it as the be-all, end-all of news sources. please read outside of tumblr too.

the disinclination to fact-check and rampant misinformation uncritically swallowed as true is really staggering.