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Hi! I was just wondering, how does one write for Levi? I am just getting into his character, and he definitely is a complex one.

Hi, Anon! I’m actually kind of intrigued that you asked how to write Levi without any mention of a relationship behind it (as usually people reference a specific relationship when they ask me this question).

While I do think relationships are interesting and fun, and while Levi is very complex in terms of how he’s written because of his relationships to other people, it’s imperative to recall this: in order to understand a relationship and how it functions (and why it functions the way it does), you need to understand who the characters involved are—as individuals, which is, unfortunately, often ignored in favor of ye olde “shipper teehees.”

You seem to already understand that, which is great. It means you’re probably already past the first part of advice I always give when it comes to writing a character as an individual and that is to THROW AWAY YOUR SHIPPER GOGGLES (or at least temporarily crate them).

While there are some characters who may need to be written at a skewed angle to capture their own way of self-identification better (e.g., a character who has no sense of self outside of their relationship to another person), those sorts of characters are rare and rarely written believably or well. Most importantly, for the sake of this discussion, Levi is not one of them.

Rather than dump advice here that I’ve said before, I’m actually going to link you to my Guide to Writing Levi. Even though it’s been five months, I still feel the advice I gave stands solidly at this time.

However, I’d like to add a few things to it here, and I want to preface it by saying I don’t actually read a lot of fanfic in the fandom anymore. I did, however, hang around in the RP community for a while, so I’ve seen Levi’s character butchered eleven million ways, and I feel knowledgeable enough about common Levi-writing pitfalls to give advice that will hopefully steer the average person away from writing Levi poorly.

To add to the advice post linked above:

1. Keep it understated. I mentioned it in my little guide but I cannot stress this enough when it comes to Levi. His decisions may err on the side of extremes in some cases (the MP officer from the CMP HQ that he kicked around is a good example of that), but when Levi does operate in extremes it’s because he feels that he has no other choice (consider Levi’s surprise when Hange tells him that they didn’t do anything to get the cooperation of the town; contrast it with Levi trying to force answers from the CMP officer: the reason he did that was because he thought that was the only way). Remember that generally speaking, however, Levi does not operate in extremes in terms of his general mannerisms.

2. Levi is not inept. He may be awkward about love or romance or feelings, but as we’ve seen in Chapter 72, he does express the fact that he cares. He just goes about it, sometimes, in ways that may seem weird to us, but are probably justified in Levi’s mind. (For example, the way he acts in Ch72 toward Erwin makes me think he was trying to be more lighthearted about a serious topic to avoid burdening Erwin.) To continue with the understated theme, though: he’s much more likely to show that he cares in little ways instead of big shows of affection, and without actually coming out and saying exactly what he means by what he’s doing/saying. (He’s also more likely to do instead of say.)

3. HANGE IS NOT ACTUALLY HIS TRANSLATOR. LEVI IS NOT SPEAKING A FOREIGN LANGUAGE. I love levihan as much as the next shipper but please stop doing this and making it such an extreme. Levi goes on longwinded rants and takes 20 years to get to the point, which confuses his audience. While you can still view it as “translating,” what Hange is more accurately doing is telling Levi very kindly to shut up and get to the point because he’s losing his audience. (Levi is 100% that person who tries to tell a story and gives you 37 tangents he thinks you need to understand the main tale. He means well, but it’s off-putting.)

4. LEVI. IS. NOT. A. TEENAGER. I would like to underline this and bold it and italicize it and headline it and give it a custom-tailored suit. This applies to all of the veteran characters tbqh, but it applies most easily to our pal Levi. I understand that a lot of Levi’s fans are young, but he is not. He’s nearly a mid-30s man. It’s very doubtful that he struggles with his hormones. It’s also doubtful that he thinks about sex the same way a “normal” person his age does, considering the life he lives and the world he grew up in. Lastly, he’s not playing pranks on his peers, and he wouldn’t tolerate other people doing that kind of shit, either.

Look, this isn’t to say that older people are funsuckers, but someone like Levi is very unlikely to be silly or goofy, and the Survey Corps is still a MILITARY INSTITUTION, so it bothers me greatly to see it treated like it’s your typical average college movie’s depiction of Hilarious Dorm Life. It’s not. Neither is the Military Police, though people love to shit on it. There are ways for the characters to have a good time that don’t involve them shrugging off their job or pretending like their work environment means nothing to them.

5. Even though Levi probably gets furlough like everyone else: he has nowhere to go. He has no family to visit. He, like many others who probably live very far from their families or who are estranged from their families or also have no living relatives, lives and breathes the military. The military is his life. And fandom often forgets this. Fandom also conveniently forgets that for many characters, even the Survey Corps is probably a better life than they had before military training. This is a poor world, and some characters may have little or no interest in returning to their previous lives should their military experience not work out. Levi has nowhere else to go but the military. He has made the military his life. It probably was not an easy choice, but it’s the one he made, and you can’t leave it out of his characterization because it’s a big part of it.

6. Don’t use Levi’s quirks as crutches to make up for not understanding his character well. I mentioned in the other post that writers often lean on “OCD” cleaning: stop. Don’t joke about Levi’s cleaning being “OCD” as that’s offensive as hell to people who actually have OCD. If you want to write Levi with OCD take it seriously and do your research. Otherwise, accept that Levi’s mild obsession for cleanliness stems from his situation growing up and write it into his character without it actually becoming his character. (The same can be applied to his toilet humor and his combat skill: these individual things are NOT Levi: they are a part of him.)

7. Lastly, Levi is human and it’s okay for him to be human, but don’t fall into the trap of assuming he has to follow certain guidelines to actually be written as a believable human being. It’s okay for him to be weird or different than other people. It doesn’t mean his relationships mean less just because he’s unlikely to tell his partner he finds them attractive or tell his friends straight-up that he cares about them. It doesn’t mean he’s “broken” and needs to “be fixed” to live a fulfilling life. It’s okay to write Levi being Levi!

All Scream For Ice Cream - Marrish Fic

Pairings: Lydia Martin x Jordan Parrish, Mentioned - Allison Argent x Isaac Lahey, Mentioned - Brett Talbot x Mason Hewitt, Mentioned - Matt Daehler x Cora Hale
Word Count: 2737
Summary: Lydia Martin works at an Ice Cream Parlor, she doesn’t plan to fall in love with any of the customers, until a new customer walks in.

Working in the Ice Cream Parlor was funner than Lydia first thought it would be, she has made friends with the other employees and also some of the regular customers. Isaac was her favorite, no matter what the weather is, he’d be there every Monday and Wednesday to get one scoop of “Apple-A-Day”, one scoop of “Choco-Fudge” and sometimes one more scoop of “Very Cherry”, always in a waffle cone. She could see how her close friend and fellow employee, Allison, loved to flirt with Isaac, she’d always have a break so she could talk to him whilst he sat down with his ice cream and everytime he’d coyly flirt back. Another great customer was Malia, she once opted to eat every flavor in one sitting, of course they all enjoyed watching it and Malia seemed to have a strong stomach because she walked out with one of the biggest smiles covering her face. The uniforms they wore were also pretty cute but also simple, white shirt and black trousers - or a black skirt in Lydia’s case and a blue apron over the top with the bright colorful logo across the top. Allison was actually having struggles with her uniform one day, she was about to go on her break but she couldn’t undo the apron, it only made the others chuckle.

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