and anthony gets a check

Anthony “Tango” Tangredi of @omgcheckplease - I referred to Tango as the Fox Mulder of CP in my Whiskey drawing and I firmly stick to that characterisation.

For a long time, Tango’s persistent questioning of the seeming obvious was interpreted as an endearing quirk similar to Chowder’s technicolor earnestness. The Easter tweets clued fandom in on Tango’s bone-dry humor behind the Typical Tango Questions. His friendliness and sweet nature actually make this quality even more endearing than what it was assumed to be before because there is no malice or bite to the sarcasm and wit. Tango is so approachable and easy to be with that he is the first and for a long time only person on the team that mysterious Whiskey befriends. As Ngozi herself said, he’s a good kid! And it was said in passing but the fact that she gave us the insight of ‘I love Bittle, he gives me pie’ makes me think that Tango is very high up in the rankings of the Eric Bittle fan club.

The ease of liking Tango doesn’t diminish interest in knowing him better and digging deeper into his identity. We know that he’s of course a good kid, a pretty good Catholic, a New Jersey boy with a profile as Italian as a Roman coin, and a mouth like a seagull in flight depicted with a single line. In fact Tango is usually seen to be smiling, at least when he’s not making the above expression when he thinks no one is looking.