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What is your fucking problem?! If people speculate, have fun, just let them! To be honest, no one knows if she was there, so everyone can be right or wrong. But it is only you who say this for sure like, are you Gillian's assistance or what?! It's you who calls ppl liars, idiots, snoggers, which is insulting! If you don't understand the fun, leave this place! Seriously, because you are the worst here now! You act like 55-year-old spinster who cannot stand it that others can have fun on Tumblr!

Fun stopped when people started openly hating another person for existing in Gillian’s close circle. If the prospect of Gillovny not being real makes you react with hatred and anger for an innocent and previously unknown person, snogger is quite the fitting term.

How incredibly mysogynistic of you to think a 55-year old single woman cannot have cats and be happy without a significant other.

maybe i was lucky
because he didn’t make
my body bleed
and the bruises
faded quickly;
lucky because she
finally called
my mother,
even if it was just
because i wanted her to.
because four is a lot less
than twenty, or fifty,
and intentions
are supposed
to speak louder
than actions.
but he tells me again
he isn’t yelling,
with raised voice
and clenching fists,
and i begin to wonder
if his hands really did
touch my throat
or if i
was just hurting.
—  poeticallyordinary

“Why?” he asks desperately.

“Why what?” she asks tiredly.

“You walked away,” he spits out, “I want to know why?”

His voice breaks on the last syllable.

She wraps her arms around her tightly against the cold air beating around them. After a long pause she meets his gaze head on.

“You were going to break my heart.”

He lets out a short, cruel laugh and turns is eyeline skyward, “So you broke mine instead.”

—  29/11/2015

So here are the winners from the Tumblr awards:

The ‘Booper Dooper’ award: Best url

Winner: @ameplier

Runners up: @seanmcloughlin, @rainyplier, @honeyplier

The ‘Nasa Peepo’ award: Best icon

Winner: @braonain

Runners up: @mary-plier, @captain-ass-ass, @superseptictrash

The ‘Markiplier’ award: Best theme

Winner: @antisepticdark

Runners up: @stardustphan, @briseptiplier, @sparklystingrays

The ‘Jacksepticeye’ award: Best original content

Winner: @barfiplier

Runners up: @megsiplier, @markired, @totallynormalmaggie

The ‘Shimmy Shammy’ award: Best posts

Winner: @dailyseptiplier

Runners up: @trrucee, @brithefairy, @mememcloughlin

The ‘Herb Lore’ award: Best blogger

Winner: @fandomqueen18

Runners up: @biscuitplier, @castiel-winchxster, @jacksepticeyegifs

The ‘Shut Up Nurse’ award: My favorites

Winner: @lum1natrix

Runners up: @markimooichooseyou, @d-sliceisnotonfire, @cinnamon-grump

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  • Spot in the recommendations page & spot in the Tumblr winners page (on my blog)
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Promise me you won’t forget me? My smile, my eyes, the sound of my voice singing to you on the phone in the middle of the night. Promise me you will remember me, years from now, when I’m nothing but a stain in your past, and you are in someone else’s arms, promise you’ll remember me as someone special?

I’ve said, multiple times, that I don’t think the only way to do practical work is to protest/riot/punch nazis.  I’ve done all I can to argue for other ways of helping your community and I personally think that those things are more important.  And while this doesn’t apply to everyone’s situation, for the record yeah I have an awful case of Executive Disorder and ADHD.

The issue that I and others have with the argument that “disabled people can’t protest” isn’t and hasn’t been “protest is the only way to do things”.  It’s been that people have taken that argument and turned it into “disabled people can only call their representatives and post petitions on tumblr”.  That’s why @lepetitchoucommie, another disabled person, called it a meat shield argument, because there are other ways to get involved beyond calling your representatives and petitioning, ways that are far more effective and don’t rely on a state which is killing and will kill disabled people.

That transmutation, from “some people can’t be involved in protests”, to “the only way that those people can do anything is by ineffective means”, is the issue here, and it’s patronizing and disarming.  

ITT: Someone accuses another person of reaching, immediately starts reaching.

Holy shit my guy, ITALIAN FOOD. GREEK FOOD. FRENCH FOOD good lord the french will literally kill you for talking about them like this.

Seems to me like this person has confused “being white” with “being stereotypically american.”

Also I have so much seasoning in my apartment. At least 4 or 5 different blends (in addition to staples such as garlic, salt, and pepper, and others). AND HOT SAUCE. Don’t forget the hot sauce.

And of course, “cheap” food depends on where you go. You know what isn’t cheap? Sushi. Or are japanese not PoC today?

Some food is expensive. Some food is cheap. Some food is good. Some food is bad. None of this has anything to do with country or (ugh) race of origin.


i would like to think my blog is a place where i can be no one and that would be okay, i can be no one, unidentified and express my feelings, opinions and thoughts that i don’t want to share out loud. I like the fact that people have no idea who i am, i am just another person on tumblr that someone follows because they like the posts. They like the content and not the person behind it. When i first started i wanted to be recognised but not so much anymore, i like the idea of conspiracy of silence; i could be your neighbour, best friend, or a stranger on the street but you would have no idea. We hide behind a username because that way no one can recognise you and realise what kind of person you are. I personally like people to guess what kind of person i am just to see how i’m putting myself across and to see how wrong or right they are.

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I Find it kinda awkward to send an essay on mobile and on anon at that cuz my net is slow. Hope you don't think too badly of me, especially since you recently met caramelcheese. Glad you had tons of fun. U it's are my OTP

its fine!!! ill answer it as is~ its rly no trouble. & i dont think poorly of you at all! i know that the anonymity is important to ppl (thus why i keep it on for my blog), & i get how frustrating mobile / poor internet can be

however, on the note of ppl shipping rita & i -

im actually in a relationship. plot twist! im currently lucky enough to be dating @laughis-lazulii, who has been my best friend for about 6 years & is just the absolute best. im so happy to be w her,,,,

like. im a sucker for the best friends to lovers trope & im fucking living it. life is amazing sometimes C,:

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Have you fucked @light-leaper? The idea of you destroying him makes me want to fap my brains out

Yea, every single Irish person on tumblr has fucked one another, didn’t you know?

fandoms these days...
  • Person #1: *is gay, only likes same gender, would be unhappy with another*
  • person #2: *is not that gender*
  • People on omg #1 should totally be bi or straight!!! LOOK AT THEM THEY R ENDGAME YASSS
  • Person #3: *is horrible to #4, hurts them and their friends/family, is abusive*
  • Person #4: *is intimidated of #3, hates them, defends themselves against them*
  • Person #5: *treats #6 with total respect, doesn't rush them or hurt them, is usually a minority (POC, LGBT)*
  • Person #6: *cares for #5, loves them, has chemistry with them*
  • People on totally platonic, yep. Wouldn't work as a couple, don't "look right"
Princess, please. - Soonyoung/Hoshi Imagine

Originally posted by pabospoiler

Title: Princess, please. // Holiday Collection: Christmas // Part of my 25+ days of Seventeenmas 

Member: Soonyoung/Hoshi x Reader 

Genre: Fluff hehe

Words: Between 1500-1520 

A/N: Just another FYI: I post the exact same thing on Wattpad. Tumblr: 2nd person FF and imagines; Wattpad: Imagines and 3rd person FF. 

It was up the hill and to the rickety house that you went. It was to the reindeer ranch that you were headed to.

It was a class field trip that brought you up this hill, and even though you had tried you hardest to ditch by acting ill, you were stuck.

If it were only based on free will you would be at home, hiding out in your room. But sadly, to your parents, having an impeccable school attendance record was very important.

Now, you weren’t the type to not want to go on a field trip, it just happened to be that the place you had to go to was home to one of your parents closest friend…and their son.

Most people didn’t know he existed. You see, his parents had been very adamant that he shouldn’t ever leave the perimeter of their land, and that’s how he had ended up being home schooled.

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