and another thing i started working on ages ago

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a lovely evening! 

Firstly: DailyDragons hit 22,000 followers! Thanks everyone <3 I don’t know that I have time to do another giveaway for 25k, but I’ll brainstorm other options until then.

Secondly, some quick housekeeping (blogkeeping?) things!

  • After 2 years of promising I was going to, I have finally updated DailyDragon’s blog theme! If any of it seems broken for you, please let me know. I tried to check it in a couple browsers, so hopefully all the buttons still work.
  • I have finally started that Dragon Books page I mentioned ages ago! I have a TON more novels and series to add to it still, these were just what I got written up this evening.
  • Slightly updated the About and Tags pages
  • I’ve added a link to my Dragon Age sideblog (maythedreadwolftakeyou), where I post my DA-relarted fanfic/art/edits and reblogs, if you’re interested
  • I also put up a link to my mermaid blog (themermaidjade)

If there is anything else you’d like to see added/pages for/etc, feel free to let me know!