and another room full of comfy couches

                  “—–i’ll be right back, i just need to get into some comfier clothes. if i so much as lose a bead or wrinkle this dress my mom is going to kill me.” there was a tentative little smile on her face as she spoke, having led him down to the home theatre her dad had built a few years ago. dark walls, plush carpet, dim-able overhead lights, and comfy couches decorated the room, a large bookcase having been built into the wall with shelves and shelves full of films to choose from. “you can pick the movie. i’ll come back with popcorn and candy. but there should be pop in the mini fridge in the corner. beer if you want it.” she shifted nervously for a second, hovering in the doorway as though she couldn’t decide if donovan should be trusted to be left alone, or if he was actually real, or if he’d been expecting something different. after another second, she turned away, half-way up the stairs before she turned back, head peeking into the doorway. “old movies are on the top shelves, by the way,” the girl added, before disappearing upstairs for what had to have been ten minutes, and returned in pyjama shorts and a crewneck, popcorn and candy in her hands, and blonde hair loose from the low up-do it had been pinned into earlier. “so… what did you pick?” // @vndertcw