and another man

Gay men squeezing my ass, how is that okay? How is that not sexual harassment?

Why is it acceptable for guys to touch/squeeze/push another man’s ass at a gay club or any club without repercussions?

It isn’t. It’s sexual harassment and it’s a load of bullshit. Some gay men ask for equality but they treat others like pieces of meat. Where is the line drawn for gay men?

Okay. Stop saying Laurel isn’t allowed to freak out. They’ve been through hell and back for 2ish years. They spent every waking hour together, and they had moments that we, the audience, never saw. Now, she’s pregnant with his baby. They did not do Wes’s death justice. She has absolute every right to be angry, and her lashing out doesn’t make her a bitch. It makes her human. If you were in her position, you’d do the same thing. She’s fed up with everyone passing off his death as if he didn’t freakin get murdered and burned…all at the age of 23 (funeral program said he was born 1992, then died in 2015). He’s another innocent black man who was viciously killed. We should be grateful someone was woke enough to avenge his death.

So apparently

I heard the nazis are trying to “reclaim” Depeche Mode now.

Like. Depeche Mode.

Depeche “Precious and fragile things need special handling” Mode.

Depeche “So we’re different colours / And we’re different creeds / And different people have different needs” Mode.

Depeche “I can’t understand / What makes a man / Hate another man” Mode.

Depeche “The lies and deceit gained a little more power / Confidence taken in / By a suntan and a grin / The grabbing hands grab all they can / All for themselves after all” Mode.

Are you sure.

Are you really f█cking sure.

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Ok, just theorizing away here but.. What if cc has the baby, Liam "finds out" very soon after that it is not in fact his, and he "advise" Louis to take a pat test, cause like "my girlfriend for over a year had another mans baby, why would you trust a ons about F?" Idk, just end it.

two birds with one stone i’m in

B.A.P Reaction || Idol Girlfriend Filming A Kiss Scene With An Actor
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“It’s ok, I’m ok”
*He’s not ok*


“I have a staged kiss on my account, but this is unfair when she’s already taken!”


*Can’t even watch it*
“She’s got to compensate for that…”


“Ugh… I can’t watch this”
*Probably the most jealous out there*


“It’s fine. Totally”
*Does not look even if his life depended on it and acts like this never took place*


*Supports you, but is salty, because like hell will he be ok with another man kissing you*


GOT7 Reaction when you weare a too short dress


*naughty thoughts*

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*literally no words*

*looks shy away to protect his young,innocent eyes*

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*pretends to be shy,but has naughty thoughts*

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“Are you trying to seduce other man?Change quickly,because this body only belongs to me.

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“You look very pretty,but can you change your dress?”


“Because for your own good and I don’t want that another man steals my beautiful princess.”

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“Do I look pretty?”

“Of course you do,but don’t think your dress is a little too short?”

“Do you mind?”

“Yes,because there are many perverts out there,you never know.”

“I love you too-_-

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*gets nervous*


“What? Oh you mean the dress?It’s beautiful,isn’t it?” *smiles*

“Are you okay?”

“Yes…of course.”

*begins to uncontrollably lick his lips*

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Do you think Daryl was jealous of Tobin? I can't imagine Daryl being happy to see Carol with another man.

I don’t know if jealous is the right word.. let me explain this. 

I’ve actually heard people say that they didn’t think he even noticed but I doubt that that’s likely because Carol hooked up and moved in with the man after the events of The Same Boat if i’m not mistaken. So considering at that point Daryl was well aware something going on with her after her capture, cause he certainly was paying attention, he sure as hell would’ve noticed she’d moved out and started living with the guy she barely knew. 

Whether he would jealous in the conventional sense is something I really don’t know. I think he’d be more concerned than jealous. Maybe even a bit confused by it.  But I suppose he could’ve had some of that too.  I think any jealousy he would have would be more of the idea that she would turn to stranger rather than him. I just don’t Daryl is the type to walk up to a guy and punch for being with the woman he loved, especially when they are not techically in a relationship. He’s more of the protective ‘hurt her and i’ll kill you’ kind of guy IMO.  

I mean it’s possible they didn’t give us information on his reaction to it obviously. We didn’t get much of anything thanks writers..

But I think it would be interesting if there was an interaction with him and Tobin, what would that be like? Especially considering what he knows now about her mental state.  I just I don’t know, kind of want to see that before they ax that character.

But I doubt we will get that.  not with these writers.  But I can hope right? 

Maybe i’ll just write some fanfiction about it or something cause that’s kind of what it’s for :)

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What happened with your ex-girlfriend? You seem religious

Correct I am a Catholic. We were engaged for about 4 months then I found out that she was seeing another man and I ended it with her, been single ever since. But, hey at least I found out she was a bitch before I married her!

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Tbh what I find refreshing about solo Harry journey so far is Harry did not go all that dude who left and and want to distance himself so now he's cursing more and has sexy photoshoot and he drinks and smokes and ooo look at me am cool am cool can you tell am cool kinda route. He's still himself. Like he's MIA which is great but his photoshoot was so him and he's still nice and grateful to his past and I think he will be his usual charming self come promo. His solo progression feel natural

Yeah the whole shaved head, underwear commercial, sexed up first single thing (I’m not calling anyone out in particular) - it’s thrilling for a second, but it’s transparent. I was really impressed with the way Harry did his Another Man shoot, because while he did the shirtless pics, and he cut his hair, and there’s probably a good chance his lyrics on the album will be more mature… it doesn’t feel like he’s forcing it, and it doesn’t feel hyper-masculine or like he’s trying to prove something. The photos were sexy/soft… powerful and vulnerable… very Harry, and very beautiful. He did an excellent job of showing off the new direction he’s planning to take in his career without losing himself or his brand along the way.

When Jesus was praying, “Not My will, but Your will be done.” He was denying humanity’s right to live. Flesh always chooses its own life over another. Scarcely would a man die for a good man, but Christ died for us while we were yet sinners. He made us alive together with Him. When He died, we died. And as He lived, so we live. That’s why grace is a gift.