and annabeth's a bit jealous

irish-freak  asked:

Percy 10 and 17

10. Physical appearance headcanon

  • 6′ (He is so sure of it because Jason is 6′1 and Percy is always going to be bitter about it)
  • Diamond shaped face.
  • Thick eyebrows and really dark and long eyelashes (Annabeth might be a little bit jealous of his eyelashes)
  • He has a deep voice.
  • His hair is a little bit long, not long enough for a man bun, but long enough for Piper to make small braids on it. 
  • In the right light, his hair looks a little bit blueish.
  • When he smiles, not his troublemaker smile, but his full smile, he has dimples.
  • Gap teeth
  • His body type is not really muscular, unless he takes off his shirt you would never guess he has abs. Swimmers body.
  • V line.
  • Shoulders muscles, back muscles. The boy is a swimmer after all.
  • He is really handsome, even if he doesn’t realize it.

17. Soft spot headcanon

Lost little kids, he tries his best to help all the new kids in CHB, he is so patient with them explaining about their parents and he is their sword fighting teacher and he just take his time to help every single one of them, he learns their names and he’s always making sure they are okay in camp.

The seven of the prophecy are also a soft spot for him, not as big as Annabeth, who literally takes the crown. But he would do anything for them, and lately, his family