and ann's face

Oh Shit it's P5 headcanon time

Lets get this fucking show on the road alright wooo (Only the first 4 party members bc i only really have in depth headcanons for them. and i haven’t gotten much further past the second palace)

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I feel very special about you. I suspect it’s your face…but then, it’s your manner, your intuitive kindness and sensitivity. Ah that isn’t quite…You make me feel like home. You make me feel that the world is not strange. What kinder gift can someone give another one? Is all this mere eloquence…or simple humanity…simple love. Love, perhaps, should always be this simple.
—  Anne Sexton

There’s a fight soon to be underway in Nassau.
A fight that we are entitled to be a part of.
A fight to answer a cowardly crime.
A fight that’s been stolen from us by you fucking people.
So the way I see it, each one of you owes us a fight.